Flashback Night For Mike Evans

August 18th, 2014

When you’re a 20-year-old rookie (yes, 20), the NFL is a wildly new experience. And when you’re as football raw as first-round pick Mike Evans, that means you’re almost always learning and adjusting.

Evans learned a hell of a lesson Saturday when he was stripped a few inches shy of the end zone, but there was more education in store.

Evans told Joe after the game the almost hurry-up tempo the Bucs were using, not seen against Jacksonville, was a welcome vibe for him and helped him feel comfortable. Evans, Johnny Football and the gang at Texas A&M, of course, played all kinds of up-tempo offense.

“Very more comfortable, I had a better feel for the offense,” Evans said after the Bucs-Dolphins game. “You know we did a lot of tempo tonight, as you all could see. I just felt good, playing no tempo at Texas A&M, I just felt good. Practice, we had a good game plan coming in.”

The Jeff Tedford offense remains mysterious, but media and fans have been told to expect “up-tempo” action. Perhaps Evans’ comfort level is one more reason why? But maybe not. Evans is a fast learner. He’s already having no trouble adjusting to his new Jimmy Graham lifestyle.

Speaking of flashbacks, Evans is looking forward to being free tonight to watch his close friend on Monday Night Football.

3 Responses to “Flashback Night For Mike Evans”

  1. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    I can only image the heart ache for Joe on draft night when the Bucs picked Evans over Johnny Football. I think L&L made the right choice.

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Evans is certainly a raw talent. 20 years old and that size, playing NFL football as a 1st round pick, wow, the sky is the limit for this guy. I look for constant improvement from him throughout this season.

  3. TheShaz Says:

    I liked how that safety bounced off of him. The fumble at the end zone was a classic rookie error. Ball should have been put in the other hand.

    Nice route. Nice catch. Nice run. Oopsie on the fumble.