“Creative” And “Comfortable”

August 14th, 2014

ClaybornAfter watching Tampa Bay perform standard and hybrid versions of the Rumba, Cha Cha Slide and Tango along the Tampa Bay defensive line last year, Joe did a double take hearing one current Bucs defensive end recently say he feels he can be more creative this season.

How could this be?

What could be more creative than bizarre defensive line stunts, ones that made old Bucs like Warren Sapp bang their heads against walls in disbelief?

Joe doesn’t have an exact answer. But perhaps the freedom to use one’s own pass rush move in a man-on-man attack, versus choreographed maneuvers, has something to do with it.

Regardless, Adrian Clayborn is the one who says he feels more “creative” this season. And Clayborn even says he’s more comfortable now on the left side versus the right, where he played in college and through the majority of his NFL snaps.

It would be stunning if Clayborn could resurrect his career that started so strong in 2011. A Michael Bennett-like season from Clayborn likely would put the Bucs’ pass rush in elite company.

You can watch Clayborn chat about this stuff in the SportsTalkFlorida.com video below.

16 Responses to ““Creative” And “Comfortable””

  1. Brandon Says:

    He’s more creative on the left side because he was too slow for the right side. His best move on the right was a bull-rush. Now that he is on the left, he’s going against a slower, less athletic OT, now he can bull-rush, perhaps less effective against the usually stronger of the two OTs, but now he can use what speed he has to hopefully run the edge.

  2. cmurda Says:

    I still don’t understand the AC hate from Fridays preseason game. He actually was very involved and made plays. I see a good opportunity from him to get back to form. Nevertheless, it’s not the defense that concerns me. It’s the 5 fat guys up front and the guy throwing the ball. All 6 of them looked awful regardless of first team or second team.

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Your right cmurda

    adrian slowborn just needs the center of other teams to hike the football 10 yards over the head of the QB 8-10 times to make his stats look good. As far as the “creativity”. Maybe he will be creative that when he is getting stuffed at the line he will keep jumping and getting his hands in the air.

    Adrian slowborn is a 3rd to 4th round talent that will be replaced next year. ( L&L will not pay him) So the more time he is in the game the more time we are wasting for someone that might play the following years.

  4. Zam Says:

    cmurda gets an A+ in Commenting

  5. dick2111 Says:

    One thing that I really admire about Lovie is that he and his coaches provide Bucs players with plenty of different opportunities to be successful, and yet in the end it’s all about performance … just as it should be. Fans don’t appreciate mediocrity … nor should they.

    AC’s been given a different opportunity this year (as has Bowers and a number of others) and he seems to be making the most of it. He’s growing into a different position & role, and I for one really hopes that it works out. We need him to step up big time.

  6. Discount08 Says:

    I think clayborn is a stud, and he needs to prove himself this season. But, at least we will be able to give him the chance this year. I still can’t believe how stupid that was last year with all those stunts. But, with the best defensive lineman in the NFL and maybe of all time, GMC and our newest addition in Johnson. I think clayborn will have a nice 8-10 sack season and at least 15 tackles for loss.

  7. Joseph Mamma Says:

    All the dancing and stunts on the D-line were to create pressure with guys who couldn’t beat their man one on one right? I didn’t care for the 3-4 alignments that Schaino/Sheridan used interchangeably though, But I think it was stated a lot: we used the stunts because our line isn’t good enough to rush straight ahead.

  8. SGT Mike Says:

    Jo Mamma, I for one think thats a piss poor coach rational for doing things his way. GMC for one always caused pressure when rushing straight ahead.

  9. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Sgt mike. that is not true, Other teams were able to contain GMC. For all the people that thought that Schiano schemes were so bad, why were the Bucs Sacs and QB pressures the best its been in the last 5 years. Schiano also stated that “they would rush 4 if they could”.

    That is why Lovie got the 2 best D-lineman he could find in free agency.

  10. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    Damn Bucs fans have already given up one AC too?! Everyone loved his motor and disruptiveness his rookie year then he gets hurt and it’s all over? We have the worst fans in the league @joe this is what I referenced in an previous comment

  11. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    @legarrettes Blunt

    majority of those “sacs” he was not the first one there, if you watch any highlight more than half the QB is getting tackled and adrian slowborn is jumping on the pile. #inflated_numbers!!!

    and 1 late hit on drew brees does not make a Defensive End a “beast”

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    At what point does it get old? How many articles are you going to do this for? We all know how you feel. You’re upset he won’t sleep with you, we get it. Try to move on.

  13. pick6 Says:

    Clayborn will make splash plays every sunday. i think he is more than capable of having a bennett type season, he actually wasn’t far off last year in spite of the coaching staff, incomprehensible scheme, and recovery from major injury. nobody will confuse him with simeon rice but he has the strength, motor, and attitude to be dangerous in a lovie smith defense

  14. The Ether Says:

    lmao @Hawaiian… For real… Ive been reading dudes comments for 2 something years now… And Im convinced he’s one of those bubble boys, stuck in the basement… mad at the world….. Hey Realist… It was The Moops!!!

  15. Uncle Albert Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc,

    Lol…… Well said.

  16. Matt B Says:

    I have not given up on Clayborn but, as even he knows, he’s got to prove himself this year.

    Lovie’s defense is predicated on pressing the QB but it’s still worth noting that Clayborn and Johnson are real solid against the run. Barring injuries, I expect our run D to be suffocating.