“Buyer’s Remorse?”

August 20th, 2014

RTampa Bay will shovel $9 million into the vault of safety Dashon “Hawk” Goldson this season.

Joe’s raising a late-morning cold one in hopes Hawk has a phenomenal year, because that’s likely what it will take for him to wear Bucs colors next season.

There’s no more guaranteed money after this season in Hawk’s big contract he signed during the 2013 free agency frenzy. Next year, the Bucs could pay him the $8 million or so in his contract or wave goodbye, which would free up more cash for 2015 spring shopping.

Prickly Pete Prisco, senior NFL writer for CBSSports.com, believes the Bucs may already regret Goldson’s price tag. Prisco included Goldson, who turns 30 next month, on his “All-Declining” team of 2014.

SS — Dashon Goldson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: He can still pack a punch in the run game — too much sometimes — but I think he showed some issues in coverage last season. Do the Bucs have buyer’s remorse?

Joe’s not sure of exactly what to make of Goldson. He was banged up for a chunk of last season and not just from whopping fines and lost time courtesy of Roger Goodell.

Lovie Smith has raved repeatedly about Goldson’s intelligence and how he’s another coach on the sidelines. That’s very nice, but not even Lovie earns $8 million a year.

Goldson will need a big season to keep in earning top dollar in Lovie’s defense. General manager Jason Licht has said he’s all about “value,” and a safety at Goldson’s pay simply isn’t worth it unless he’s a flat out superstar.

29 Responses to ““Buyer’s Remorse?””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Goldson will be spectacular this year…..he has some pretty big money on the line next year…..either here or on the open market.

  2. ruggyup Says:

    The whole deal is in Joe’s last paragraph. Now let’s just play some BadassBuc football.

  3. robert9 Says:

    best of luck to the guy. he was wrongfully singled out by the league last year.

    feel bad for him…they wanna play flag football. his hits were not out of line IMO…he was made an example of on some borderline hits.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m just waiting for Goldson to have any positive impact on the field. Buyer’s remorse? Exactly!

  5. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    You are wrong! Lovie and The Hawk make almost the same. You just forgot to calculate the 3 million dollars in fines this year!!!


    He’d better have a hell of a season or his ass is out of here!

  7. chicomark Says:

    Sometimes I think we forget this is a brand new coaching staff. Two years ago he was what everyone wanted at safety. It’s hard for me to he fell off that much regardless of his age.I think he going to have a great season.Let’s not forget how long John Lynch played.And let’s be honest if the rules were same when Lynch played he would have been one of the most fined players in the league. There the same player in a since and I want him on the team.

  8. mpmalloy Says:


  9. Mac Says:

    I’m more remorseful that we selected M. Barron instead of L. Keuchly…

    To think we could of had L. David playing next to L. Kuehly…wow…

    Dominik you suck….

  10. Tom Edrington Says:

    Yep, certainly not enough bang for the buck there…..unless the fines he accumulated went to reimburse the Bucs for that ridiculous contract. Sadly that is not the case.

  11. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    The good news is that after this year, they will be able to get out of this albatross of a contract. The crazy thing is that there is still a couple of local media people that still think that Dominick was a good GM.

  12. DallasBuc Says:

    With all the new FAs that are average at best (Johnson, EDS, Jenkins, Wright, Murphy) or backup caliber (McCown, Collins, Meredith), having a starting caliber player like Goldson is least of my worries. Quantity over quality approach this offseason made most of giddy but EDS and Verner were the only good calls for the money this offseason. Could have used more like Goldson, VJax, Nicks…at least these guys were proven starting talent.

  13. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    “I’m more remorseful that we selected M. Barron instead of L. Keuchly…”

    I agree with that one 1,000%

    Never has a safety drafted high been worth the pick… Barron, that one stud who played for Dallas… when was the last time you saw a top 6 (or 7) pick at the safety position get drafted?

    L. Keuchly should have been that pick.

  14. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    @bucs fan #237

    2010 eric berry 5th overall pick.

  15. Mike Says:

    And if we chose LK we would’ve LD! I’d rather have David any day of the week!

  16. Jon Says:

    Jason light is about value??? What? He overpaid mcclown, Michael Johnson, Collins and he’s about value? That was just code to let go of revis. The way deals are done in tampa I hope Michael Johnson can be let go next yearr

  17. DallasBuc Says:

    Licht lives value…he gets paid like a real GM but Lovie makes all the decisions!

  18. Jon Says:

    Quantity over quality. I’ll take quality. Not sure what L&L believe.

  19. Jon Says:

    Ha. Buc realist. You are great. He didn’t win games no debate on that. But he did draft almost this entire defensive unit. Signed a stud on VJax, drafted out QB of future as well as Doug Martin. W-L yeah not good but he could see talent. IMHO

  20. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Funny, he could not see “talent” until Coach Schiano walked thru the door and started barking orders at dominick.

  21. mike n Says:

    He won’t be around next year bc he is making elite money and plays average. Hopefuly, Lovie and Leslie can put him in the right spots and he will have a good year. Lots of safetys would look elite playing the back end of some of those 49ers D.

  22. Jon Says:

    It’s not like he didn’t draft anyone prior to Schiano. Foster, Clayborn, Williams. Watson, lorig, miller, biggers, McCoy etc. Schiano even said back in ’12 he wasn’t ready for the draft. Maybe he got better at his job. Is that possible for people to do? WL record bad but if you can’t see it then it’s too personal for some reason. Hello, my name is Jon and I was a fan of Dominik. I feel ok saying that. I just don’t think so far licht is better, but like Dominik give him time. Maybe he will get better

  23. Mac Says:

    @ Jon

    Miller = below average
    Willaims = traded for being an idiot
    Biggers = below average
    Foster = very average
    Lorig = who cares
    Clayborn = below average
    Watson = average special teams player
    GMC = third overall pick and Suh was already gone…

    Wow, that’s just a wonderful list to hang your hat on…


  24. Jon Says:

    Guys that play in the NFL for 5 or more years aren’t below average.
    Let’s see how mike Williams plays too

  25. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    Mike Williams was a 4th round pick because of character issues. And look what happened?

    Clayborn dropped in round 1 and would have dropped further because of the arm issue… and look, he isn’t really a 1st round type of player, impact-wise.

    Bowers was drafted late because of a knee problem… STILL is babying that knee.

    Oh but the Bucs KNEW knees.

  26. Brandon Says:

    Another terrible deal by Dominik. $1 million a game and a 1st and 3rd for a CB with a bum wheel, and then more than half a mil per game for a strong safety to come play free safety. Goldson will restructure or be gone, I don’t care how well he plays.

  27. Matt B Says:

    The Monday morning quarterbacking is ridiculous. Nobody complained about the Goldson signing when it took place so don’t do it now. In fact, the Bucs offseason moves were getting high praise nationwide.

    I also have a feeling that people complaining about the front office overpaying for free agents are the same ones who were moaning that the Glazers were cheap when the team wasn’t signing free agents during the Raheem era.

    What do you care what a guy makes when we’re not up against the cap and it hasn’t prevented the team from signing anybody. It’s not your money.

  28. Matt B Says:


    All the players Jon listed and you blasted are still in the league. That’s actually remarkable! Especially since a lot of late round picks don’t even play a single snap in the league.

    You seem to expect 7th round picks to be Pro Bowlers or at least starters, otherwise they are “below average.”…Of course they are! That’s why they went in a late round. The fact that guys like Watson, Lorig and Biggers are still in the NFL only shows how good those picks were.

  29. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    The fact that 5 out of the 8 are no longer Buccaneers shows how poorly the union of Morris and Dominick was at building a franchise through the draft.