Worst Contract

July 1st, 2014
The bean counters at OverTheCap.com hate Bucs S Dashon Goldson's pact, but totally whiff on the main reason why Goldson's contract may hurt the Bucs.

The bean counters at OverTheCap.com hate safety Dashon Goldson’s pact, but totally whiff on the main reason why Goldson’s contract may hurt the Bucs.

Joe has never been a salary cap guy. The subject not only always bored Joe, but in Joe’s eyes, the salary cap was white noise. When someone can prove to Joe that spending X-amount produces Super Bowls, then Joe will listen and begin paying attention.

In fact, recent history showed spending to the max (Danny Snyder, Jerry Jones) often was a precursor for average to below average teams.

Football is all about blocking and tackling, not scribbling a signature on a check.

Now there is a site out there Joe respects, OverTheCap.com, even though Joe rarely visits. It was interesting that the salary-focused crowd there decided to highlight what they deem the best and worst contract for each team. In the “worst” file for the Bucs is safety Dashon Goldson.

When we mention how the Buccaneers salary structure often leads to over-paying and over-guaranteeing contracts there is no better example to point to than the $8.25 million a year contract signed by Dashon Goldson in 2013. The Goldson contract was a shining example of everything that was wrong with the Buccaneers and the way the front office misread their team potential, opting to throw money at anyone that had a resume.

Goldson received $22 million in guarantees, all of the no offset variety, meaning they could not release him to find any relief in the event he did not play well. It made no sense given Goldson’s age (29) at the time and the fact that he was a primary beneficiary of the 49ers defensive schemes. At the time of signing the gold mark for the position was Eric Weddle of the Chargers who was an all around world class player who was just 26 years old when extended. Goldson surpassed that contract to earn his spot at the top of the market.

The best comparison I could come up with for Goldson was LaRon Landry of the Colts. Landry was also an older player when he signed with Indianapolis and also a big reputation player. Landry ended up earning $6 million a season with $11 million guaranteed on a contract that many thought was too high for what he brought to the game. Goldson’s salary is in a complete different class than Landry’s.

One reason Joe doesn’t pay much attention to salary cap analysis is represented by the glaring omission in this article. The main reason why Goldson’s contract may be a dragging weight to the Bucs is fact Goldson missed three games last year due to a combination of suspensions for blatantly ignoring the new NFL rules and for being hurt.

Joe excuses injury. There isn’t one player Joe can think of that actually wants to be hurt. What frosted Joe was Goldson’s flagrant disregard for new NFL rules. Like them, hate them or love them, the rules are the rules and virtually every NFL player adjusted or learned to adjust to the new touch football except Goldson.

As Joe’s old man used to say, it’s one thing to be stubborn but quite another to be stubborn and dumb.

By Goldson flipping a one-figured salute to NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell, he not only cost himself hundreds of thousands of dollars but let his team down, a team that desperately needed his services.

And none of that has anything to do with the salary cap.

Joe likes Goldson as a person. Good guy. And you should see all the extra time Goldson took last year to help out younger teammates after practices. And that’s just what Joe saw with his own eyes. Those actions were beyond admirable.

What was anything but admirable was how Goldson let down his team by virtually spitting on the NFL rule book. Joe’s going to guess Bucs coach Lovie Smith won’t tolerate that for a second.

25 Responses to “Worst Contract”

  1. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Well so far not a great FA signing, but at least the Bucs have gotten something for their money (unlike Nicks). I’m thinking this may be Gholdston’s last year in Tampa (salary plus improved play of Tandy and Barron), he can go back to the Bay Area (the west coast one) and don the silver and black of Raider nation?

  2. Joe Says:


    Folks sure love to add an “h” to people’s last names for no apparent reason.


  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It all comes down to how well a player plays…..to me it is just as damaging to have players on the roster like Luke & Myron….taking up slots regardless of salary….not performing…..while there are other players who deserve a chance.
    Goldson isn’t worth the money but at least he plays…lets hope he starts playing well!!!

  4. Louis Friend Says:

    At least Goldson mostly makes it on the field, in spite of himself. Poor Carl has the actualized worst contract, I’ve zero doubt the Bucs would’ve cut bait and run if they’d had a chance this offseason.

    I believe if you went back and calculated dollars paid per play, Nicks absolutely smokes all QB contracts (or any position) in the NFL right now. Not faulting Nicks at all, but it’s a lot of money for a non-factor.

  5. BucFan20 Says:

    Blame him as much as you want. Yes he was wrong to a point. BUT, alot of the calls were BS. He came across the field in the proper position only to have the receiver dip his head and shoulder because he knew he was going to get pounded. And out comes the flag.

  6. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I feel like Joe is so close to figuring out that the Rockstar was a horrible GM.

  7. BucFanForever Says:

    Someone’s has to be the worst. I would probably say Bower’s – only because there is a contract there(for now).

  8. Jon Says:

    I think ill trust Jason and his praise for the cap and how Dominik worked it. Ill trust that Jacksonville has now copied the Bucs and even St. Louis. See the beauty of his contract is that next the Bucs can walk away if, if they want to. So you pay a little more up front. It’s not money, I just like that out team can move on whenever they want. That’s awesome. Never heard of overthe cap.com. Sure they have all had real nfl experience. They keep the same style of contract with all the new Bucs.

  9. Brandon Says:

    Highest paid safety in the game… not a good thing for running the T-2 defense.

    Getting a half million for every game, there is no way Goldson could ever live up to his salary.

  10. Kevin Says:

    He is not worth the money. Maybe Lovie can get the most out of him and it was exciting when they brought him in…but his contract is way to high and you know Lovie will replace him at some point. In his defense on the penalties….MANY not all but MANY of those calls were a load of crap. This got brought up the other day how the bucs were targeted by the officials and most pretty much came to the same conclusion that it started with Schiano. Yes he had a couple bad hits but the majority of his penalties came on plays you see on every prime time game every week and no flags. It’s the truth and everyone saw it happen season long. Hopefully they can get the most out of him this year but at some point probably by 2015 he will be replaced I’d imagine.

  11. SAMCRO Says:

    Hey JOE. Do you guys actually agree on everything? Is it because there are two of you, you can stand on either side of an argument. Like saying, I personally like Goldson one minute, and then ripping Goldson a new one in another? Is it like having two faces? Or talking out of both sides of your mouth. Is there compromise? ..and how do you settle differences? Even listening to you two on the radio is uncanny how you both can finish each others sentences without a drop off in thought. If I were a betting man, I’d swear you two were married, but of course I know your not. LMAO (just kidding) All in fun.

    Seriously though, there is no-way the JOE can agree on everything.

  12. Suq Maddiq Says:

    Goldson doesn’t do anything but give concussions. Leading with the helmet is a great way to repeatedly forget contact rules.

  13. Mumbles Says:


    Overpaid, but not highest paid. Was Jairus Byrd/Saints, now Earl Thomas/Seahawks. Both appear to be worth it. Goldson has work to do!

  14. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Great evaluation of what management thought of the team at the time. There was a legitimate feeling that they were one or two players from being a real contender and no price was too high for getting a few leaders on the team. The badness of Goldson’s contract is only secondary to the whole Revis deal. I am still stunned with how badly that thing got botched.

  15. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Gholson – Goldson…one of them will have to go since this gets too darn confusing correctly typing their names all the 🙂


  16. Jim Walker Says:

    Goldson will adapt. He has been working on this all of the off season. He knows he has to take out their knees now. I feel sorry for the receivers/backs who are going to need ACL surgeries after Goldson lays the wood on their legs.

  17. kevin Says:

    Yeah then he will be blamed for trying to end someones career like they guy that took out dustin keller for the season last year. There is a 44 inch box that they can legally drill without penalty running at full speed. If they get any worse on protecting these players more by creating rules it literally will ruin the game and its getting pretty close. I dont see the pbra switching profesional bull riders to mechanical bulls. Give the players hockey masks or the old leather caps and see how much they lead with the crown them. Oh well bitching about the rules will get me nothing. Heres a toast to good luck with the refs for lovie and the hawk this season….

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    BucFan20 Says
    “Blame him as much as you want. Yes he was wrong to a point. BUT, alot of the calls were BS.”

    He STILL gets the blame. Why? Because he constantly open his mouth saying he refuses to change. He did it in San Fran and he’s done it here. Early in every off season, we hear how he works hard at fixing it, then jusst before a season starts he makes the same comments, painting a target on his back.

    The savings will be there after this season if they cut him. He won’t change. They couldn’t cut him this year for money reasons.

    But the commish will announce a 4 game suspension within the first game or so. He made a couple bad hits toward the end of the season and the appeal got him through the last game. So he’ll get punished at the start of the season.

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    He lost the appeal.

  20. owlykat Says:

    In fairness Goldson was a Strong Safety forced to play free safety last year, and it wasted his skill set. I think he channeled his anger to the opposing team and overdid it to the detriment of the Buc’s. And he was experienced enough to know Sheridan was as much of a dumbo as Schiano, which may explain why he felt the need to help train the DBs last year. With Byrd and Lovie he doesn’t have to do that now. He will like T-2 because the Safeties are interchangeable and this defense will better showcase his talents. He spent his own money to train to adapt to the rules this year. He should have a breakout season. I am pulling for he and Barron to be the best Safety Tandem in Buc’s History. It took three years for Lynch to be lethal at Safety.

  21. Joe Says:

    Hey JOE. Do you guys actually agree on everything? Is it because there are two of you, you can stand on either side of an argument. Like saying, I personally like Goldson one minute, and then ripping Goldson a new one in another? Is it like having two faces? Or talking out of both sides of your mouth. Is there compromise? ..and how do you settle differences?

    We take baseball bats to each other and the first one to draw blood wins.

  22. Jerry Says:

    The Bucs had to overpay guys because the team was horribly bad.

    That’s just the reality. You are not going to attract top talent in the league unless you are a winning franchise, your coach is well-liked, or you overpay.

  23. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @owlykat: No you’re ignorant. Goldson is and always was a free safety, even with the 9ers. Donte Whitner was their SS.

  24. Chris Says:

    I thought goldson was overrated in San Fransisco. I laughed when I saw him get burnt multiple times at 2012 seasons end and the entire post season and Super Bowl. Then I wanted to pound sand when we signed him. He’s a SS like Barron. I liked Tamdy’s potential who flat out outplayed goldson last year 7 mm less per year contract wise.

    The only reason goldson is still on the roster is bc 8 mm is still guaranteed. One more year.

  25. Chris Says:

    Jonny 2.3 Says:
    July 2nd, 2014 at 4:42 am
    @owlykat: No you’re ignorant. Goldson is and always was a free safety, even with the 9ers. Donte Whitner was their SS.

    His style of play is more frequent of a SS and is better suited there. He’s not a very good FS. Heck he graded out as the worst safety or one of the worst in football last year.