Joe Talks Worst-Players List & The 2014 Season

July 18th, 2014

joemugshotIn case you missed it, Joe was peppered yesterday with all kinds of Bucs questions during an appearance on the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620.

The topic of projecting the 2014 season came up, and Joe dove into the miracles fans and coaches are seeking from starting QB Josh McCown, among many other subjects.

Joe also chatted about The Countdown: Worst 20 Buccaneers Of The Past 10 years. Enjoy the audio below.

3 Responses to “Joe Talks Worst-Players List & The 2014 Season”

  1. BritBucsince92 Says:

    @Joe: On the Josh McCown theme there is a good article on him on Cover 32 by Tim Weaver titled “Watch the Josh McCown Show”. Weaver (a bears fan) says “As a Bears fan I had a front row seat for Josh McCown’s amazing run in 2013. He outplayed Jay Cutler in every aspect of the game and I was livid when they benched him, and later let him walk and handed that smug smoker a ludicrous contract. Anyway, McCown finished with the third highest passer rating in the NFL last season, behind only Nick Foles and Peyton Manning.

    McCown has a rocket of an arm and his pocket presence speaks to his nine years of experience in the league. If you haven’t seen what he did last year take a look at this highlight reel and try not to get excited about the Bucs in 2014. I dare you.”
    Here is a link to the highlight real :

    Only 7 days and we will start to find out if he can do the same for the Bucs ….. exciting times!

  2. Stanglassman Says:

    It’s asking for a ‘Miracle’ to have a QB play at or close to the level He played lasted year?

  3. D-Rome Says:

    I actually agreed with “Steve” yesterday in regards to the expectations for the upcoming season. Some people are predicting 10 wins. I think that’s crazy. I predict 7-9. I think this excitement for Josh McCown is a bit over the top. Let’s not forget that he’s still the lowest ranked QB in the division.