Expecting Success From Lovie Smith

July 7th, 2014
NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest is a big believer in Bucs coach Lovie Smith.

NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest is a big believer in Bucs coach Lovie Smith.

Yes, it is NFL siesta season. It is 18 days until the beginning of Bucs training camp, and those involved with the Bucs are in virtual hiding, even going so far as to hanging in Nicaragua, doing anything to get away and enjoy and decompress while they have the chance.

Once July 25 hits, it’s full-bore, non-stop football for at least the next five months.

Already, in part as filler, Joe is seeing season previews from various sources. Once such source is the NFL Network, the Man’s Channel.

In speaking about the NFC South, a division which has never had a team win consecutive titles, NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest believes the this fall is the turn for the Pewter Pirates to reign in the division, largely because of Bucs coach Lovie Smith.

“I have to go with the Bucs,” McGinest said. “I know that may be a surprise but I like what Lovie Smith is doing down there. He is a leader of men. Players love to play for him. One thing we know about Lovie Smith’s teams, they are going to play great defense. They are going to be aggressive. They are going to take the football away.”

McGinest has more to say about the Bucs, but a word of friendly advice for fellow NFL Network analyst, Jamie Dukes. Dude, Doug Martin’s nickname is not “Muscle Rat.”

Joe will have more to write about his guess for what the 2014 season has in store. At this point, Joe isn’t quite that optimistic the Bucs will win the division. Joe’s not there. Yet.

20 Responses to “Expecting Success From Lovie Smith”

  1. Chef Paul Says:

    How has Jamie Dukes not been fired yet. When he is on, the best TV station ever created becomes unwatchable.

  2. SAMCRO Says:

    The casual Buc fan may blindly believe and then expect the Bucs to win the division, but anyone who is really plugged in knows that, that is some mighty lofty expectations for a first year regime. I’m all about being rah rah, but I need to see this team in action first. Even so, after preseason, I will still grant them some leeway and temper my expectations down a click. We wouldn’t want to fire L & L after one season, “would we”?

  3. Harry Says:

    I think Doug Martin might like Muscle Rat over Muscle Hampster (which he doesn’t like). It sounds more macho, lol

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    Another example of the respect for Lovie around the NFL.

    I don’t think we were reading these kind of endorsements about Greg Schiano at any point of his miserable tenure.

  5. mark Says:

    Jamie Pukes is a Ex-Alanta player (correct ?) and fan, likes Cam Newton and believes in the Saints this year to take the division. I can’t remember him ever saying anything good about the bucs. However he had a lot to say negative about the Bucs over the last 10 years.

    So if he get’s a players name or nick name incorrect, It’s a shot across the bow at the Bucs.

    Thanks MR PUKES, my shot fired back at you.

  6. Buc the Haters Says:

    Myself, Herm Edwards, Gil Brandt, Willie McGinest, & Randy Moss are true visionaries. #footballgeniuses

  7. Ghost Says:

    I wish I had whatever the glazers were smoking when they hired Shiano.

  8. Louis Friend Says:

    5 months from now, we’ll all most likely be left with a feeling of wanting just a little more football from our Bucs, hopefully. Whether or not they win the division, I don’t think we’ll need to hang our heads low on Monday mornings this year. It’s going to be a fun season, with or without a title. Let’s get this thing started!!!

  9. Louis Friend Says:

    I believe if you find some mushrooms in the forest that, when eaten, make you see things that aren’t there – you’re officially taking what the Glazers did when they considered Schiano.

  10. Louis Friend Says:

    Last comment was @Ghost

  11. tickrdr Says:

    I snuck a peek at one of the football mags at the store, and was shocked to see the Bucs picked LAST in the NFC South, with a record of …………….. 3 – 13!?!


  12. Cody Says:

    @ Mark

    I agree Mark, Jamie Dukes sucks big time…He constantly takes shots a the Bucs… I can’t wait to shut his fat mouth…the Bucs Franchise is on the way up and his beloved Falcons are on the way down…

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    40-1(odds) hmmmmmm..Yep gotta take to the window

  14. stratobuc Says:

    Pukes is not the only Falcon homer at NFL Network. Funky Finger Brian Baldinger is a blatant Bucs-hater. Screw them.

  15. Brandon Says:

    Harry Says:
    July 7th, 2014 at 6:31 pm
    I think Doug Martin might like Muscle Rat over Muscle Hampster (which he doesn’t like). It sounds more macho, lol


    It’s a “H-A-M-S-T-E-R”… what the hell is a “hampster”, Hairy?

  16. dmatt Says:

    Dukes, Baldinger, Wilcolt, Dion, Faulk, and other commentators have nothing positive to say about the BUCS. Dion and crew tend to make jokes about us during NFL Game Day Highlights. We have become the laughing stock of the NFL, literally!! I face the same thing with friends and family members (they have no respect for the Bucs) who can’t seem to stick with one team…depending on who’s winning. It’s time for the Bucs to retreat, take back our division crown, and get back to Bucs football. Since Boomer Esiason seems to think he has the answer to our offense, lets bring him in out of retirement. Plz… let’s punch Cam Newton where it hurts…he really take our defense as a joke. His intent was to make a mockery of our defense last year with his so called superman leap for a touchdown. He gave a stare down in our own stadium during pre game entrance of the Bucs. No respect. Contrary to rumors, he’ll feel the “Mac Attack” from our two interior lineman this year.” Fire in the hole”

  17. stratobuc Says:

    Faulks is still sore about Sapp body slamming his ass on National TV for all to see.

  18. Buc the Haters Says:

    I’m definitely throwin at least $100 down on the Bucs to win the Superbowl… 40-1 odds is pretty solid risk vs reward

  19. Drew Says:

    Bought my ticket at 60 to 1 they win the SB.

  20. Lovie_Me_Some_Bucs Says:

    So the odds went up from 60-1 to 40-1? Someone is buying in big time!