Charles Sims Digging The Competition

July 27th, 2014
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Charles Sims talks about stiff competition at running back.

Joe has never seen the Bucs backfield this stacked and loaded. Doug Martin, Bobby Rainey, Charles Sims, Mike James, Jeff Demps. And that’s just the tailbacks. Joe hasn’t even looked at the fullbacks. (Ok. Of course, Joe has.)

There are several teams out there that would love to just have one of those guys. It really is a stocked stable.

This is not intimidating rookie Sims, the pride of West Virginia. Weed-friendly former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms, now a talking head for college football, called Charles Sims the best wide receiver on the Mountaineers, even though he is a running back.

“No [laughs],” Sims told Joe yesterday. “I’m a running back. I came here to play running back.”

Sims acknowledged just how loaded the Bucs are at running back, and he welcomes the challenges of trying to make the team with such competition.

“I feel very comfortable,” Sims said. “I am still learning as I go on but this is going to be a great offense. [Competition] is actually a good thing. You want as many good backs as you can so you can push each other. If you push each other, you make each other better. So that’s a good thing.

“We can be real dangerous.”

The cool thing about this is that each running back has his own skill set. Thus, it gives Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford all sorts of different toys. In football terms, what would be a “diversified offense.”

The more things an offense can throw at a defense, the more the defense must guess and stretch the field to prepare for anything. Stretching the defense means you can get guys in space to make plays.

11 Responses to “Charles Sims Digging The Competition”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Love to see two back sets with Sims recieving the ball….all sorts of options with him on the field….

  2. RastaMon Says:

    caution…just a year ago…the Bucs had the same stories about it’s OL……

  3. Bucarama1 Says:

    I smell a trade for the O line

  4. getaclue Says:

    same things new england has been doing lately

  5. The Real Drew Says:

    Damn your Google ads, about blew out my speakers.

  6. louden Says:

    “The more things an offense can throw at a defense, the more the defense must guess and stretch the field to prepare for anything. Stretching the defense means you can get guys in space to make plays.”

    Nice ‘n Easy X´s and O´s Joe – well done. This strategy works best when having very good Guards+Center.
    When the defense trys to contain those Receiver, run inside. If they load the middle, a Receiver must be able to get open one-on-one.
    Thats why i dont understand why Bucs got themselves an RB in the 3rd.

    There were dangerous WR left (which in other years could have been 2nd rounders easily) same goes for O-lineman and D..

    And everyone should know by now it starts up front.
    By that you dont need the best playmakers at the skill positions – outside QB..

    Thats how a great franchise stays great in long term.. Think about it:
    Dont re-sign for example an aging WR with very good reputition (compensatory picks that you get + open up cap)
    then you draft a speedy WR and boom you got the NO Saints way..

    Stretch the field with burners + have maulers on o-line and you dont need the very best QB or skill position players.. so you can concentrate cap resources on Defense (LB´s for example need a wide variety of skill sets – opposite to a Burnin playmaker on offense).
    and so on and on, GoBucs!!

  7. louden Says:

    With SanFran and Seattle takin the exact same approach on offense to a even higher level, because of their QB´s with running ability..

    3 way guessing for Defense: run or pass and if its pass and they drop to cover, they give the QB room to run.. thats deadly.
    Ask any defensive player, i am pretty sure, thats what they hate most.
    especially when their DT´s are overmatched against the inside blockers of the O..

  8. Beeric Says:

    This is not a complaint department. Joe wouldn’t have such a popular site if there were issues for more than a tiny percentage of readers. Joe doesn’t like the issues some have, but Joe assures you load times are monitored and checked at several sources daily. Joe’s even gone into various public libraries personally to check, and hasn’t had problems there. even ranks Joe’s page load times as average among Internet sites. Again, Joe knows some computers have some problems, but that’s to be expected among a group of 20,000 to 25,000 visits daily. –Joe

  9. Danati74 Says:

    You go Joe!

  10. PRBucFan Says:

    So full of yourself lol

  11. phil Says:

    Maybe the Bucs could trade one or two of them for draft picks for next year.