Bucs Sign A Leslie Frazier Cornerback

July 30th, 2014

Pro Bowl cornerback Alterraun Verner has a tweaked hamstring, and rising Tampa Bay corner Rashan Melvin has been walking around practice in street clothes with a bad wheel.

So the Bucs signed back Anthony Gaitor on Monday, and there’s another addition today.

He is second-year man Kip Edwards. Signed as an undrafted free agent by the Bills last year, he found his way to the practice squads of the Browns and Vikings, where Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, a former stud cornerback himself, was the head coach.

Yes, Edwards is likely just a training camp body, but his connection to Frazier is worth noting. Hopefully, the Bucs’ secondary can stay healthy to avoid repeating the days of “E.J., Leonard, Danny and LeQuan.”

12 Responses to “Bucs Sign A Leslie Frazier Cornerback”

  1. GBuc Says:

    Verner+Melvin+Gaitor+Edwards < Revis

  2. Espo Says:

    Verner + McDonald + McNown + Johnson + DiedrichSmith + Collins + Wright + whoever else we got with that money is worth more than one player no matter what caliber.

  3. biff barker Says:

    Evans, VJax during OTA’s and now Verner during camp with tweaked hammy’s?
    Are we stretching and warming io properly?

  4. Pawel Says:

    Revis $16 million/yr

    Verner, McDonald, and Johnson equal to Revis $16mil

    Buying a season ticket $3k

    Sitting at home watching a game and not give a damn…. PRICELESS!

  5. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    “Sitting at home watching a game and not give a damn…. PRICELESS!”


  6. Espo Says:

    Pawel, I hope every last game is blacked out.

  7. ApolloXI Says:

    @biff barker

    It happens to every team each and every training camp. This is nothing new. There are is always gonna be tweaks, pulls, pains, etc. This is what training camp is for. Just as long as all of our starters are ready to go by week 1 and are mentally and physically ready for the regular season, it doesn’t matter to me.

  8. buc'd Up Says:

    Honestly, what did Revis do that was so great for us last season? Besides proving he can let receivers run past him on an NFL level. We are better off without him and we need to trust that Lovie will have this “D” running on all cylinders come opening day.

  9. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    I agree 100% Espo. I don’t have season tickets and I won’t miss a game that I want to attend this year. Guaranteed. This includes the Battle of the Bays game. It’s time for Buc fans to reclaim home field advantage.

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    None of the games should be blacked out. We the people are the rightful owners of the airwaves, not just the monied interests who can never get enough profit. It’s all twisted around ass backwards.

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    Revis sucked last season. He was horrible and grossly overpaid for his half assed services. He was not the same player he was before. He may be better this season after another year to recover but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The NFL also said officials will be watching for illegal contact much more closely because of Seattle.

  12. Pawel Says:

    Honestly, I do attend atleast one game per season.