“A Lot Of Guys Had Their Own Issues With Coach Schiano”

July 8th, 2014

greg schiano 0803Just how toxic, rancid and dysfunctional was the Buccaneers’ house last year?

One prominent Tampa Bay player painted a picture that made Joe want to vomit.

Speaking recently on CBS Sports Radio, safety Dashon Goldson was asked about the rough 2013 season and, specifically, “did guys buy in last year?”

Goldson’s reply is likely to sicken those Bucs fans who invested their hard earned money for tickets.

“It’s hard to say. I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t say 100 percent. It was just, a lot of guys had their own issues with Coach Schiano,” Goldson said. “And it kind of handicapped us a little bit, man. Which is a little personal, things that was going on with players and coaches. I don’t think we all was in for the right reason.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Goldson was asked whether players brought issues with coaches to the field on gameday.

“Some players. I think so,” Goldson said. “You know, A lot of guys players look up to coaches. You know what I’m saying, they look at those guys, I don’t want to say father figures, but at the same time, role models and stuff like that.

“I think we did a good job of trying to leave the negative things off the football field when we played on Sundays and just go out there and play the games, but it was a little rough.”

The good news is hearing stuff likes this gives Joe more confidence that the Bucs will make a dramatic turnaround. It also makes Joe wonder how long it will take Lovie Smith to weed out all the bad apples from the infected Schiano crop.

As Derrick Brooks astutely explained, “If there are some weeds in the roses, they’re not going to come up on Day 1.”

36 Responses to ““A Lot Of Guys Had Their Own Issues With Coach Schiano””

  1. pablo Says:

    Pablo just realized how much he misses the old jerseys looking at that picture… Our jerseys were classic kinda like the packers, bears, steelers smh. .. pablo doesn’t know why the change was made?

  2. DallasBuc Says:

    If we win early and often it is gonna smell like roses. If we don’t it won’t. If schiano brought some winning football with his ways there would have been all kinds of talk of buy in. It always boils down to winning. A tough thing to do with a stable of back up QBs.

  3. Mumbles Says:

    A lot of fans had their own issues with Schiano! Like the ones in the stands with signs that said “Fire Schiano”!

  4. knucknbuc Says:

    Schiano sucked worst coaching hire the last decade or so. Maybe top 5 worse hire in the history of the league he wasn’t qualified at all to be a coach in the nfl. Never even won the big least. Dumb dumb dumb hire . Embarrassing. glad we’re no longer going to be a laughing stock in the league with lovie in charge.

  5. Joseph Mamma Says:

    He was pretty abrasive, we get it. But hey the player’s he cut, at least most of them, are out of the league entirely. The piss poor schemes, no game day adjustments, and the micromanaging of the coordinators did him in, not his prick like coaching style. Add in the MRSA and it was all down the commode. Look, I liked the way, the owner’s swung for the fences with the Schiano hire. I thought it was a unconventional move that might pay off big rewards. It was a big whiff. With all that said, I like our solid, get on base hire of Lovie.

  6. Louis Friend Says:

    Schiano just didn’t get it, and it’s over. He’s gone and it’s 2 years of life we as fans won’t get back. That said, the man missed his true calling in the pros. I think he’d have made a much better director of college scouting.

  7. Louis Friend Says:


    Not sure how old you are, but Leeman Bennett and Richard Williamson were by far much worse hires as Bucs head coaches. As bad as Schiano was, those two made him look brilliant in comparison. Ray Perkins was worse as well. 3 a day practices in July, players were too tired to play well by October.

    That sucks thinking about it, Schiano isn’t really in the top 3 worst coaches in Bucs history. Says a lot about the sad past of this franchise. Glad things are looking up this year.

  8. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Thanks Joe!

    Unfortunately, we will pay his 3 mil a year since he will not get offers that pay that amount of money or more. He will do a Clayton and laugh all the way to the bank. He will never be a NFL HC.

    “Goldson’s reply is likely to sicken those Bucs fans who invested their hard earned money for tickets.” Joe says

    Agreed! Not to mention they paid to watch half a game!

    Some people need to see his true colors. The nightmare is over!

  9. Architek Says:

    This had to be arguably the lowest point of the franchise outside of amazingly long losing streak in the 70s.

  10. lightningbuc Says:

    This is getting old with all these players spouting off about Schiano. Did your checks cash last year, Goldson? If they did, these players just need to shut the F up. We get it, you didn’t like him. But to blame only Schiano is ludicrous – the team just wasn’t that good and even Vince Lombardi would have struggled to get 8 wins out of that motley crew.

  11. Jimbo Says:

    @Joseph_Mamma hit the nail on the head

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So what? They quite? On a coach they didn’t like?

    No wonder Lovie cleaned house.

  13. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Funny how players said they loved Rah too until after he was gone and then they were singing the Schiano praises. Nothing more than the cycle of new boss vs old boss. I’m sure if God forbid Lovie doesn’t get the job done in Tampa then there will be players crowing about how playing under Lovie wasn’t as much fun as it’s been under (insert next coach).

  14. Joe Says:

    Funny how players said they loved Rah too until after he was gone and then they were singing the Schiano praises.

    Rarely, short of Bill Callahan with the Raiders, will you find open revolts from players toward their coaches, no matter how dismal they may be.

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Lightningbuc, Toes- Well said fellas! For whatever reason, people want to stick their head in the sand and blame all of our woes on Schiano. Maybe he wasn’t ready for the pros, maybe he was abrasive. How well did he tackle? Throw? Run? Kick? That’s right, he’s the coach. Players get paid to play whether they like their boss or not. I think what Goldson said was telling. He almost infers that it did have an effect. What’s worse, abrasive coach or quitting players?
    Architek- Josh Freeman last year was arguably the lowest point for me. I guess we’ll blame that on the coach too!
    We watched some BAD football last year guys. There is plenty of blame to pass around.

  16. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    I heard One Buc Palace went from eggshells to padded carpet.
    Touchdown! Tampa Bay! We are celebrating the Right Call!

  17. Tom Edrington Says:

    Welcome to the slowest three weeks in the NFL, witnessed by this post.

    Wow, they didn’t like Schiano…..stop the presses!! Remake page one!

  18. Schlomie Gentile-Mohel Says:

    But, but I guess that at every company the world over, people don’t have issues with their bosses. Must be nice because even the issues that I have with my boss do not allow for not executing my workload competently. So, because they didn’t like Schiano that is an excuse. I thought professional athletes were always professional and didn’t need extra motivation. This just goes to show that pro athletes are spoiled and out of touch with normal people. Pathetic.

  19. Ghost Says:

    Over paid mediocre players that cry and complain make me sick but having said that it doesn’t undermine the fact that Shiano was inept. Williams and
    Bennett were before my time but least Perkins was a accomplished college coach
    Unlike Rutgers.

  20. Mohak T Says:

    Exactly why I’m selling my tickets this season. Schiano and these Buncha whiners n quitters took the die hard go to games fan outta me. Will be glad to cheer them on from home on tv (if they sell enough tix) for the first time in 15 years. Refuse to give them a dime of ticket money anymore. Losers.

  21. Barry Says:

    Could it be black players didn’t like a white coach whipping them into shape? Which is what GS was hired to do. GS wasn’t a players coach,,,, wasn’t a black coach. GS wasn’t afforded 4 years like Morris, I think he would have turned Bucs around. Smith will get time even if he has 4 losing seasons.

    Pretty ludicrous take, plus Morris only had three seasons. –Joe

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    I respect Schiano for taking 1 for the team. He wasn’t a good coach but a lot of the things that happened last year wasn’t his fault and the fact he isn’t blasting people or players like some of these other idiots are doing to him is admirable. Hope nothing but the best for the guy.

  23. Lucifer Says:

    Barry, white coaches all over the league have respect from their black players. Schiano was a dud when it came to tactical deployment of those players (AC is not a cornerback). Those players look bad by extension, therefore they cannot respect the guy who is by design ruining their careers; white, black whatever color you like.

  24. stevek Says:

    Dominick was worse than Schiano.

    At least Schiano could identify talent, while weeding out the mental midgets.

  25. Mumbles Says:

    Barry, when you are corrected by Lucifer himself, you must have said some spit that makes no sense at all!

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    There it is! We almost made it through a Schiano piece without mentioning Dominick. Good job stevek!

  27. stevek Says:


    You can’t forget about the guy that hired Schiano?

    I guess the rock star had nothing to do with our recent failures, and it is all on Schiano.

    LOL 🙂

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    ALL on Schiano! LOL

  29. Kevin Says:

    Pablo I saw the jerseys in Sports Authority the other day…the new ones and they are SICK!!!!! Huge upgrade they look MUCH different and better when you are looking at it up close in person.

  30. D-Rome Says:

    Could it be black players didn’t like a white coach whipping them into shape?

    Really Joe? I’ve seen you delete posts far less ridiculous than this. Admittedly during the off season I visit 2 – 3 times a week but during the season I visit several times a day and have been doing so for years. Barry’s post is by far the most ridiculous post I’ve seen in five years I’ve been visiting.

  31. PRBucFan Says:

    Schiano who?

    Lovie sure is an awesome coach.

  32. PRBucFan Says:

    D-Rome, your absolutely right lol

  33. CLW JB Says:

    Barry – this isn’t the 1950’s, you are not allowed to be a racist anymore – keep your racism to yourself please, none of us want to hear that bullspit!

  34. stratobuc Says:

    There is a lot of crap in the rear view mirror of the Bucs. Isn’t it time now to let it go and look to the future? Here’s to no more stories about Greg Schiano. Go Bucs!

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Barry, Barry, Barry. You’ve seriously got some issues that are clearly bothering you. Might I suggest you follow hockey, or maybe even swimming?

    I did want to point out that Morris didn’t coach for 4 years, as you claim. He was here for 3. His second year he was 10-6 and finished second in NFL coach of the year. Pretty hard to fire a guy after that, I don’t care what color he is. He was fired after his third year, and justifiably. How you see color in that is beyond me, and I’m grateful that it is.

    Lovie will not be here if he has 4 losing season. Perhaps you forgot that he was fired in Chicago after a 10-6 season? Hell, we fired Dungy after losing in the playoffs! Coaches get fired after not meeting expectations, period. You can create some sort of racial bias all you want, but it’s all hogwash. You constantly pull the same crap over and over, and it’s getting a little old.

  36. Swaggy64 Says:

    Hey, Barry, unlike one of the earlier posters who responded to you and said that you were no longer allowed to be racist, I would like to point out that this is technically not true. It is only illegal to use racism as a basis for exclusion in the workplace or from public venues of all sorts. However, if you do publicly express your racism you risk being called a jerk (or worse) by those of us who are not. Personally, to discriminate on the basis of race or creed is what slow-witted people do. I’ve met or heard of hundreds of people who are of a different race or creed than me, and found only a few not in some way likable. It’s not that I don’t judge, I just judge by the merits or faults that are actually relevant to their character.