“Something Is Wrong With Josh Freeman”

June 3rd, 2014

josh freeman 0819Tampa Bay Times beat writer Rick Stroud offered a bit of what it’s been like for him trying to get to the bottom of the Josh Freeman mystery.

Stroud talked about it on WDAE-AM 620.

Stroud insists “something is wrong with Josh Freeman” and explains that his investigation has hit a dead end.

Among Stroud’s various takes was, “I never really got the sense that Josh Freeman loved football.”

Joe doesn’t buy that at all. Freeman had success under multiple coordinators and systems. He didn’t get there on talent alone.  Love of the game and drive made that happen. But something did go wrong.

Perhaps Greg Schiano broke a fragile Freeman beyond repair? To the point where he’s content to live out his life with eight-figures in the bank. Regardless, Freeman’s life and career is his responsibility, not Schiano’s.

It is all a big mystery, and one Freeman won’t likely share until he gives up on football as a career. (You can listen to Stroud’s full audio below.)

103 Responses to ““Something Is Wrong With Josh Freeman””

  1. Lunchbag Al Says:

    Blah blah blibbiddy blah blah.

    I’d rather speculate about other things in regard to the BUCS, or even football for that matter.

    The Freeman train (as derailed as it is) has left the building.

  2. Schlomie Gentile-Mohel Says:

    “Schiano may have broken Freeman?”Wow, he would have never survived in the real world then. In my life, I’m not catered-to and I am subjected to verbal abuse on a daily basis. There are millions out there who don’t make close to what Josh Freeman has made and are subjected to things much worse, but they strap their boots on every day and go to work. It’s called character, of which “Sleepy-Leeky” has none.

  3. DontBucNH8` Says:

    I know what the hell happen to him.

  4. Mitch Says:

    You know im not one to say this stuff. But a colleague of mine and someone i respect ,went undrafted ,and played NFL ball during Freeman’s first few years. He told me Freeman’s words and actions never matched up. That they were only half hearted attempt. He thought freeman was disingenuous and a first class manipulator (I have no empirical proof and its just one persons impression). Who knows what’s going on in Freeman’s head!

  5. robert8 Says:

    Schlomie nailed it.

    I do think it’s funny. When bad stuff happens to people who deserve it I have no problem in finding joy in it.

    The only thing we can guess is substance abuse. pretty darn good guess given the clues. and NO, that’s no EXCUSE for him if its the case.

  6. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    your embarrassing yourself Joe, I guess the little puppy and all the Freemanites see what they want to see. The Truth is that any NFL coach would have “ruined” him because no coach would put up with the side show that was the Jfro-6pak experiment.

  7. Jimbo Says:

    Schiano could not have done enough damage to make Freeman an awful Minnesota Viking and an awful New York Giant. Josh Freeman is a grown man. If he is that fragile, than if it had not been Schiano breaking him, it would have been something else. Regarding his post-Bucs career, the blame lies with Josh Freeman.

  8. Back, from Davie Jones Locker Says:

    To quote Kevin O’Leary
    “Freeman is dead to me”
    It’s only a mystery, if people are anxious to see it solved.

    Can anyone possibly still be concerned?

  9. SAMCRO Says:

    Is that guy still a Buccaneer? Here is some…

    “Breaking News” …”Freeman has lost the stomach for football”.

    OK? …Let’s move on. Why pick at a scab? We have new players to talk about.
    Freeman was a good guy but was too timid and shy to handle the scrutiny that comes with the territory. He appears to think his reputation and athleticism alone will land him another leading role but on the other hand he seems easily content with his financial situation to the point where he has lost the desire to put in the time to be the best. Either way, he’s gone. Back page news. I question whether Josh ever really commanded respect.

  10. Louis Friend Says:

    Clearly it was the Michael Jackson spread. Nobody imitates the king of pop and lives to tell about it.

  11. biff barker Says:

    Joe, swing and a miss insinuating Schiano was complicit in Freeman’s demise.

    Freeman alone is responsible for his behavior.

  12. Nick Says:

    So we still have to pretend it’s not drugs?

  13. Maze Says:

    Just a quitter. Stop making excuses for this loser please. Thank god Greg at least rid us of him in his short stay as Coach

  14. Buc the Haters Says:

    Drugs. Mystery solved.

  15. Tye Says:

    His current satus is not a surpise or “mystery” to everyone… Why does something HAVE to be wrong with him…. The Bucs made him out to be more than what he truly is and the pressure exposed his true character… The Vikings and the Giants had to see for themselves and now they know…. Whether he has personal issues or not, is not football… IF the rumors are true, then he needs help from people who are trained to help and not the media or fans addressing it as if they know him…. Regardless, The Bucs have moved on from that debacle and hopefully will soon recover from it…. 5 years wasted!

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    He needs to get help. Before he does though, he needs to let me punch him in the face just once.

  17. stevek Says:

    Perhaps Greg Schiano broke a fragile Freeman beyond repair? To the point where he’s content to live out his life with eight-figures in the bank.

    Freeman “broke” himself. If anything, Schiano should be put in the ring of honor for recognizing that Freeman was NOT THE TRUTH at QB. Schiano is true martyr for trying to make it work with a sleepy, leaky Freeman.

    I would love for the little puppy to discuss the NFLPA investigation. Is Camp Freeman the rat? I would bet on it.

    Freeman deliberately tried to take down the team. He is gone. Tim Tebow gets a QB job in the NFL before Freeman does.


    Do you really “blame” Schiano for Freeman FAILING? Freeman failed himself, and many a season for Bucs fan. No longer are we held hostage to this big baby.

  18. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    He’s soft.

    Some people can’t handle their [REDACTED]. We all know Brett Favre could drink a case, pop some vic’s, and roll out of bed in the morning, and be ready to play. No questions asked.

    Not everybody is cut from that type of cloth. A member of North Dallas 40, he is not.

  19. ElioT Says:

    Tell it again! Tell it again! Tell it again!

    Who cares about this loser!

    Go Bucs!!!

  20. knucknbuc Says:

    Josh lost the love for the game honestly. Something happened between 2011 and 2014 he changed. I remember the e60 story he was on after the 2010 season and that’s a totally different person then the one you see today.

    Ps schiano sucks ppl need to stop defending that garbage coach like he did nothing wrong. It’s been documented his players didn’t like him and were tired of his high school antics (ie Anthony Davis,and Mike Bennett). They both sucked.

  21. DooshLaRue Says:

    Better put old JFro on suicide watch.

  22. stevek Says:

    knucknbuc says:

    Ps schiano sucks ppl need to stop defending that garbage coach like he did nothing wrong. It’s been documented his players didn’t like him and were tired of his high school antics (ie Anthony Davis,and Mike Bennett). They both sucked.


    You gotta be kidding me. Both Anthony Davis and Mike Bennett can play football at a high level… Freeman couldn’t play, bottom line. His heart wasn’t in it.

    You ask why fans get on Freeman so hard, it’s because he wasted more talent than we can imagine.

  23. unbelievable Says:

    @knuckbuc, I have to agree. I think it goes back to a game in 2011, he took a big hit. I believe his thumb was injured for the next few weeks…

    I don’t think he was ever the same after that. He completely stopped running and extending plays. He seemed like he lost his love for the game. Even in 2012, when he played okay, he didn’t have the same fire he had his first 2 years.

    Did Schiano make things better or worse? We’ll probably never know. Schiano was good at identifying talent, but he was a terrible coach. But obviously Freeman bears his own responsibility. From everything we’ve heard, I think he might be done with football for good.

  24. Louis Friend Says:

    Stevek – he was talking about Schiano and Freeman

  25. Louis Friend Says:

    Joe – any update on the status of the NFLPA investigation? Or are they sweeping this under the rug since it points back to Freeman leaking?

  26. unbelievable Says:


    Were you saying Bennet and Davis sucked? Or Freeman and Schiano?

    Cuz letting go of Bennet was a big mistake, we all know that.

  27. Bobby M. Says:

    Maybe you should ask Dominik about Freeman’s “passion” for football when he would call him up to his office and Freeman would blatantly ignore him while he scrolled through his Iphone/Blackberry…….They guy never “earned” his job, it was handed to him. His ego got to big and he became certain that if the Bucs didn’t resign him, he had enough game tape that somebody would hand him the keys to the car…….Two teams have, both cut him in less than a season…..His attitude blows.

  28. ElioT Says:

    Some people (kids no less) have scripts for adderall (aka: synthetic meth) because they need it and it helps them keep focused on singular tasks.

    Some people have scripts for adderall because it helps them stay up, study or party all night, be more “productive” and sleep less.

    Stay on that crap for a few weeks and see what happens.

    Weight loss, enlarged pupils, 1,000 yard tweaker stare, Michael Jackson photo shoot, etc… You get the point, Josh is a moron…

    Go Bucs!

  29. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I don’t thinks anyone thinks Schiano did nothing wrong.

    But, I think he knows more about football than Dominik, a lot more.

    And, I think he’s more passionate about football than Freeman.

    Thus, I expect Schiano to have a much longer career in football than either of those two. But, when you combine all three on one team? You get the mess that LoveLicht is cleaning up.

  30. Couch Fan Says:

    Why does something have to be wrong with him? Isn’t it entirely possible that people like me were right all along and Freeman was just never as good as he was made out to be? There are plenty of 1 year wonders. He had one good season and never came anywhere close to it again. The 4000 yard season was not a good year… What was his TD/INT ratio that year again? Did he not have a major meltdown the last month of the season? Sorry not good.

    Comical people are still looking for reasons for his “FreeFall” but just like the whole Glennon situation, people only see what they want to see.


    And lay off the Schiano BS, Freeman was stinking it up before Schiano got here to.

  31. Louis Friend Says:

    If you want to blame any coach for setting the wrong expectations for Freeman – blame Raheem. Josh got the wrong idea of the required work ethic right off the bat. By the time Schiano arrived, he was toast.

  32. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    We all know Freeman does not have the temperament to be a backup QB. Clearly he wasn’t a quality starter material and that is all there is to this Freeman mystery. A guy who does not love the game will not lose bad weight like Freeman did after 2011. He just wasn’t good enough for Schiano and lost his job. Everything else that is brought up by the media is BS I believe. The people that always comment on his work ethic in a negative way are anonymous, but the ones that comment in a positive way are not, like former OC Olson, Penn, Trueblood and some others.

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Many athletes claim ADHD in order to obtain prescriptions for Ritilin & Adderall (PEDs)

    I am not saying that Freeman is faking his illness and I certainly am not disparaging anyone wno has it……but there is a reason why those drugs are banned by the NFL.

    My guess is that his illness coupled with posible abuse of the nedication has affeced his behavior greatly.

  34. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Many atheletes claim ADHD in order to obtain prescriptions for Ritilan and Adderall (PEDs)

    I am not saying that Josh is faking the illness and I am certainly not disparaging anyone who has it…but there is a reason why they are banned substances with the NFL.

    My suspicion is that Josh’s illness coupled with possible abuse of these medications has affected his behavior greatly.

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    “Comical people are still looking for reasons for his “FreeFall”

    Couch…There really is nothing left to be said though. Every excuse in the book has been made for this buffoon. I know this because I used about 75% of them.

  36. William Says:

    Totally agree with Joe.

    1) Freeman definitely not mature enough to handle huge rookie contract ($26 million for 5 years). *** rookies got smaller contracts the following year.
    2) Freeman definitely clash with a Schiano personality. This does not make Freeman right on his actions. I understand that!

    Freeman probably has the right people handling his cash that he has nothing to worry about money wise. I would love to see the kid mature into an adult but I don’t think is going to happen anytime soon. Party, Party, Party!!!

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    6am in HI……Good morning & thanks for your vacation advice…but everyday is a vacation for me (retired)…..

  38. chrisras Says:

    Freeman had success under multiple systems and coordinators?? DUDE, he wouldn’t have had multiple systems and coordinators if he was successful. He sucked

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…yes but I’m sure your wife agrees with me. Ask her. LOL

  40. Pierce Says:

    Maybe he got rattled when mike Glennon was drafted. Never been the same since 🙂

  41. Eric Says:

    Freeman was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental mental disorder. There is an organic component, meaning a chemical imbalance in the brain.

    His actions are consistent with it.

    Unless you suffer from it, its hard to grasp or understand. Thus, I’m not reveling in the young man’s failures.

    I find those that do to be engaging in very bad taste.

  42. Bucamania Says:

    Too bad. I liked fat, Jfro Freeman.

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    “Freeman was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental mental disorder.”

    Someone tell Rick Stroud and Joe the mystery is over. Eric has solved it!

  44. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Freeman was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental mental disorder.”


  45. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    “He thought freeman was disingenuous and a first class manipulator (I have no empirical proof and its just one persons impression).”

    Boy based on how Freeman went about going on BSPN shortly after he got benched trying to garner public sympathy towards him for having a mean coach bench him (after 3 epic disaster QB performances mind you) pretty much backs up your friend’s evaluation of the guy.

    Thank you GS for taking one for the team and getting Josh out of here before Dom signed him to a fat contract that truly would have put the Bucs back for at least 3 years more

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    ODB…We do know he is or was in the NFL drug program though. I can link you to that.

  47. knucknbuc Says:

    @unbelievable in my response up top I meant to put schiano and Josh sucked not Anthony Davis and Mike Bennett

  48. Eric Says:

    ADHD…….which he was given medication for.
    Google the symptoms, fits Josh Freeman exactly.

  49. Eric Says:


  50. Ghost Says:

    If only the Giants has consulted Duemig he could have assured them on what a great QB he is.

  51. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Wait, you are just going off his word?

    That could easily be an excuse. Sorry, but players are known to use the fact that the collective bargaining agreement can’t identify what they tested positive for, to their advantage.

    It could be ADHD drugs. Or could just as easily be a drug of abuse. Keep in mind, in normal circumstances, ADHD positive drug tests fall under performance enhancing and that triggers and automatic 4 game ban, and drugs of abuse poz tests put you into the program. He went into the program.

  52. lightningbuc Says:

    In your quest to find out what is wrong with JFro, whatever you do, don’t ask Boomer Esiason. He’s bat crap nutty and knows nothing and likes to make up stories!

  53. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Also, he lost all that weight in early 2012, right around the time of the positive test.

    Could be weight loss from soccer, and no taco bell, and/or…it could be something else.

    Let me ask you this. Tampa has had a lot of players over the years, QBs and other. How many had the hard partying rep that he has gotten?

    Why would people just make up that for no reason? No one accused Robo Johnson of that. Or Caddy Williams. Or ?…

    So, poor, poor Josh gets the rep, and just happens to be in the program also??

    C’mon man!

  54. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    That is what Freeman’s says, which his credibility is zero to a lot of people. He says he never failed a test but how did anyone knew he took the wrong drug???

    all I will say is that you can “voluntarily” go to jail after you commit a crime.

  55. Eric Says:

    You can’t get the medication he was on unless a licensed mental health professional diagnosed him.

    And to get the diagnosis it had to manifest before age 12. That means he had symptoms effecting at least two domains.

    I would be surprised if the NFl does not allow ADHD medications, when properly prescribed.

    Anyhow, there is at least a substantial likelihood that he has it, and I believe it is in very poor taste to revile in his failures.

    But for the Grace of God go I.

  56. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    I don’t understand the evident lack of reading ability by these posters who claim Joe is trying to blame Schiano for the demise of Freeman’s career.

    The second-to-last paragraph clearly states, “Regardless, Freeman’s life and career is his responsibility, not Schiano’s.” How, exactly, is that misconstrued to mean The Schiano Man is to blame for Freeman’s current unemployment?

  57. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “You can’t get the medication he was on ”

    Are you still, solely, going off his word?

  58. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Both Schiano and Coughlin are strict, no nonsense coaches. The ties that bind.


    @Eric, I couldn’t have put it better myself !! CLASS ACT SIR !!!!!!!!!!!! Hats off to you !!!!!!! GO BUCS !!!!!!!!!!

  60. Mumbles Says:

    You kiddin’ me!

  61. Tnew Says:

    A bit incongruous to me. Schiano was the reason for jf5’s demise. Not work ethic, talent etc. I’m sure he was responsible for his 59% completion in college and the 44-34 td to int ratio at Kansas state.

    Yet for Glennon, Glennon alone is responsible for 4-12 and the worst offense in the league. Not the injuries, not coaching not being a rookie.

    Jf5 has always had the label here as franchise or at worst potential franchise, while mg8 has never had anything but adequate backup here. That was until now when he is tongue in cheek refered to as “the future”.

    Look, I’ll be the first to say JF5 had a tough pull. Drafted high largely due to his relationship with coach, expectations of first round pick, youngry staff, Back up to josh Johnson, (really?) R

  62. Orca Says:

    You people are taking far too much pleasure in seeing Freeman’s demise. The bashing is unnecessary. If Freeman is struggling with some kind of addiction, that’s nothing to celebrate. I hope he gets some help. Or if it’s simply a matter of not loving football, then I hope he admits it to himself and just gets out. There’s no shame in giving up the game if he doesn’t love it.

    There’s no need to be all hardass about it and pile on, as if nobody here has any weaknesses or failings. Like everyone, I was angry and disappointed with that guy, but at some point you need to let it go.

  63. THETRUTH Says:

    How come when lovie comes in he gets a green light to change QB cause that wasn’t his pick??? But schiano get blamed for wanting the same. Freeman has always been the same since college people !!! If schiano yelled at him and her him and now he can’t play again y didn’t Bennett suck it up? Cause e has his head on straight

  64. SteveBucsFan Says:


    Are you really naive to think you can only get adderall with a prescription? If you are, then where did Talib and Wright get it? (Seriously who was handing it out)

    Also, he said he was prescribed Ritalin, not adderall (his own words), hence being put on the drug program “willingly.”

    I do take pleasure in his demise too, BTW. He deserves it after thinking he can screw over the whole Tampa Bay community last year. He had me fooled. He can take his 25million and go f#@k himself!

  65. BigMacAttack Says:

    According to Eric’s calculations, I’m completely ate up with bad taste.

    Everybody has a dang excuse. It’s always something or someone else’s fault. Does anyone take responsibility for anything anymore? Side effects include incessant whining and complaining.

  66. Couch Fan Says:

    Freeman is a quitter. He quit on his team, the fans, and the community. Whether it be drug induced or just plain stupidity, I could careless. That is why I am enjoying every bit of this “Freefall”. If you want to label it as low class then be my guest, again I could careless. But let’s just be clear, its about him quitting, has nothing to do with drugs.

  67. robert8 Says:

    I’m singing the song from Frozen right now….

    “let it go, let it go….”

    ah ta hell with it. who am I kidding. RFLMAO…….

    and he has the sympathy of his fans… RFLMAO…

    that bout sums it up. jfro 6pack Jackson…lol

  68. stevek Says:

    To add onto Couch,

    If quitting on your team wasn’t enough, why did Freeman leak information and torpedo last year’s team.

    Schiano caught a lot of flack for that, and it is most likely sleepy, leaky, rat-like Josh Freeman is the culprit.

    I pity the fool.

  69. stephen Says:

    Drugs are bad mcay………..I’m sure i wasn’t the only one that heard/seen him out and about indulging if you will.

  70. Reality TV Says:

    “Eric Says:
    June 3rd, 2014 at 12:50 pm
    You can’t get the medication he was on unless a licensed mental health professional diagnosed him.

    And to get the diagnosis it had to manifest before age 12. That means he had symptoms effecting at least two domains.”

    If you’re talking about ADHD meds, it’s often as easy as talking to your primary care physician for it. No need to see a mental health specialist, although some doctors prefer that you do.

  71. Jim Walker Says:

    I think Freeman and Schiano never saw eye to eye, their disagreements got out of hand, and they began trying to hurt each other. In the end, they both lost.

  72. Honestly speaking Says:

    [Nope, accusing someone of criminal activity without clear evidence is not going to make it on this site, sorry. Joe’s not going to take the hit on a seven-figure lawsuit. For all the rumors about Freeman, there is not one picture of him doing anything untoward. Not one. If there were photos of Freeman doing anything illegal (or even stupid), those could be sold to TMZ for thousands. Yet not one photo has ever surfaced. And yes, even dive bars have security cameras. Shoot, Joe has received photos of Mike Glennon in a bar, but never Freeman. Odd, huh? If anyone has incriminating photos of Freeman, you can e-mail Joe at Joe (at) JoeBucsFan (dot) com. We’ll talk turkey. — Joe]

  73. Eric Says:

    I doubt Josh Freeman pulled out ADHD out of thin air, and its a developmental disorder, meaning it manifested in childhood.

    Maybe a physician could give meds but somewhere along the line that diagnosis had to have been made by a mental health professional. Probably through the school system.

    Sure I’m engaging in conjecture, but enough there for me to think this is a sad story of the symptoms of a mental disorder, out of his control, not necessarily bad character or laziness.

    I wish the kid well. He’s not on our team anymore, or even in the league. What’s the point in piling on if we don’t know the real story?

  74. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “I doubt Josh Freeman pulled out ADHD out of thin air, ”

    I don’t doubt in the slightest his agent or he came up with that excuse. It was his contract year.

    What would you rather tell the public, ADHD drug or failed a drug of abuse pee test?

    It could 100% just as easily been a drug of abuse. You believe what you choose to, and so will everyone else.

  75. Vincente Says:

    Maybe he just needs to sit down and get stuff off his chest. There are way more important things then just football. I’ll always believe in the guy for what he did in his first couple years as a buc. I just hope he can figure things out.

  76. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Can anyone name any other current or former Bucs wrongly accused of being partiers?

    Was A-Train every called the King of South Tampa? Did Trent Dilfer ever have ugly rumors of the same variety associated with his name?

    Why would anyone just randomly choose Freeman? Of all the Bucs, he just randomly gets that labe for no reason? What are the odds??

  77. Vincente Says:

    And one other thing for everyone saying stop bringing up Freeman, well I’m sure this story was read but way more people than others. Just look at the the number of comments this feed has…hope you can figure it out Josh.

  78. SteveBucsFan Says:


    There are many people who party and do whatever it is they want to do. But they still get up every morning and do what they have to do. That is why Freeman is lazy and brought this all on himself…

    If you want to hoot with the owls at night, you better soar like an eagle in the morning. Or at least wake up to your alarm clock…

  79. Ladyfan Says:

    I don’t think Schiano did Josh wrong in any sense. Josh has been struggling with his demons from the beginning. Maybe he was overrated and had to struggle to prove his worth. As a person familiar with various mal-brain wiring ( mental issues ) he strikes me as one of us. He is overly laid back for the kind of job he had. I believe he has ADHD with depression. Thus the Allderall. And whoever said after a week you looked crazed with Allderall has no idea what he is speaking about. Josh needed a sports shrink a long long time ago. I think he found himself overwhelmed by his circumstances, tried to cope and finally gave up….and I think he could use some compassion.

  80. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Josh Freeman used to be praised by everyone in the locker room for an incredible work ethic. First one in, last one out. He even organized practices during the lockout.

    Obviously Freeman and Schiano were not on the same page on the field and especially off it. Which is hard to fathom since Freeman had nice successes under Schiano in year 1. With the additions of Doug Martin, VJax, and Dallas Clark, Freeman set franchise records in yards and TD’s. He and the Bucs melted down at the end on the cusp of a playoff berth. Then the 2013 season was a complete train wreck.

    The rise and fall of Josh Freeman is a mystery indeed. Missing meetings, apparently late to the Jets game (?), the problems after his benching, and the leaking of his medical info made the Bucs look like clowns.

  81. Ladyfan Says:

    One additional comment: As soon as we got Josh we immediately tried to train him out of his running instead of throwing. I am totally against trying to train someone out of their effective instincts….he hardly ever run again and was lousy from that point on….

  82. White Tiger Says:

    I appreciate the follow up on Freeman – just because the Glennon-mob hates him and cannot see that he is simply a lesser version of Josh Freeman – it does not minimize the records Josh set, the incredible start to his career, and the fact that he was a Buccaneer once.

    I like the kid, his issues are of his own making, I hope he’s able to correct them, and I know of several other Buccaneer fans in my group who also feel the same way and look forward to updates.

    I am happy Doctor Stroud is concerned – but I don’t buy his analysis about being fragile. I do think that pizza-eating, garlic-breathing, slob of a pretend head coach did everything he could to de-motivate him in order to start the college heart-throb that got away (that’s your boy Glennonites)…but whatever Freeman did to cope with the disease that is Greg Schiano – is on Josh Freeman.

  83. Honestly speaking Says:


    No problem joe I understand completely. So I’ll be careful what I say. But you have to know just cause there are camera’s in a place doesn’t mean everything is brought to light. If you’ve partied with nfl’ers you know club owners who value their clubs name and business promises these guys nothing will get out. And usually never does. That’s why the TMZ’s of the world always have footage outside these high end clubs. They are not allowed inside.

    But all I want is you to be honest. If you’ve spoken to the right people you know what’s wrong with the kid.

    I do apologize for that post a d I’m glad you caught it quickly. I’ll be more careful.

  84. Phillip Says:

    To see how terrible some of you are towards another human being is troubling(accusing him of drug abuse, saying you HATE him, hoping he never plays again remember this is his CAREER to name a few)… Go root for another team because I can guarantee you no one from front office down to personal trainers would want you as a fan… I understand there are passionate fans but some of you seriously cross the line… You want to dislike him because he would tease us with greatness then follow that up with a 3 INT game or a lazy/passionate attitude about the game that’s fine… You want to dislike him because he didn’t turn out to be our “franchise” QB fine or when he did the MJ photo shoot in the middle of the 2010 season great… But damn you guys are ready to crucify him because management and coaches saw what we ALL saw in 2010 with his potential and again with a solid season in 2012…

    At the end of the day it’s a game…

  85. chidog Says:

    everybody missed what happened to freeman,not sure what game,i believe it was a home game somewhere around the 4th or 5th game in 2012,freeman got hit in the mouth that almost knocked his 2 front upper teeth out,you could see him holding a towel to his mouth and also spitting blood, I assume they had to epoxy his teeth together so they wouldn’t move,that is why he sounded a little funny when he talked, anyway after that happened he went down hill looked like he lost all interest in football and everything else for that matter

  86. OAR Says:

    Since there’s an abundance of medical statements and medical evaluations being thrown around this post, I’d like to give mine about the situation: There’s medicine for depressed lesbians, its’ called Trycoxagan.

  87. BoJim Says:

    Eric Said:

    “Freeman was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental mental disorder. There is an organic component, meaning a chemical imbalance in the brain.

    His actions are consistent with it.

    Unless you suffer from it, its hard to grasp or understand. Thus, I’m not reveling in the young man’s failures.

    I find those that do to be engaging in very bad tast”

    Eric is correct.

    Those are also signs of depression. You don’t always see it in people, but it’s hell for them. Unless you experience real depression then you don’t know and don’t/won’t understand. You can’t just man-up or ignore it. Maybe he overslept all the time because he didn’t want to get out of bed. Been there done that. Adderall can make you depressed too and it’s very easy to abuse. You don’t even know until its too late. Anyway. Keep speculating and going after him and all the hate and name calling but you don’t fricken know. Leave him alone.

  88. stevek Says:


    No ill will towards Freeman for failing, or whatever is going on personally.

    The beef remains that HE and his AGENT leaked information last year to try and wreck the ship.

    Can’t wait for the conclusion to the NFLPA invesitigation, and if guilty, Freeman and his agent should hold a live press conference apologizing to Schiano and the Buccaneer organization.

    One thing to oversleep meetings, not be able to audible, or cite “miscommunications” as to why you continue to inconsistently throw the football, but never ever give pity to him for attempting to torpedo the entire organization all because he is a BIG BABY.

    Move over Glenn Davis, “Big Baby” belongs to Freemadonna.

  89. Joe Says:

    I do apologize for that post a d I’m glad you caught it quickly. I’ll be more careful.

    We’re cool. Just can’t have that on the site. Joe’s ultimately responsible for everything on here.

  90. Barry Says:

    GAAG is a serious condition. Without erectafying it has been known to thrust careers deep deep into the abyss. #GerbilToAssAssToGerbil

  91. BigMacAttack Says:

    OAR, you’re killing me. Good stuff.

    SteveBucsFan, you’re right on point and I agree. Drag your butt out of bed and hit the shower. Rest when you’re dead.

  92. cody Says:

    Imo god given ability can only get you so far; to sustain any type of success you’ve achieved u have to willing to put in the hard work to keep getting better…

    I persoanally think that Freeman isnt a true competitor…He was GiVeN the starting QB position at K-state as a Freshman, GiVeN the starting QB job here in Tampa as a rookie (I dont consider Byron Leftwich real competition)…When he was asked to EaRN It he shut down…

    Some want to blame Schiano for “breaking” Freemans will but, All Schiano really did was make Freeman earn it; Basically, Prove to me that you’r the guy going forward, and he couldnt…

    Imho Mental toughness is the most important attribute of a NFL QB and Freeman comes up short in the area…Honestly I tip my hat to Schiano for that; imagine if we would have paid this guy 100 million…Thanks Schiano there was some good that came out of his short stay…

  93. bucs4lyfe Says:

    “Something Is Wrong With Josh Freeman”

    is that not obvious….people can make excuses for the quarterback of the future leading the worst offense in the league last year, which is something no one could even say about tebow. regardless to say freeman’s career has derailed is an understatement but all the poor broke and lonely haters want to be mad at the millionaire but for some reason this is one story on one wants to know about….just take schiano’s word for it and all the speculatory comments from media when he was cut by the bucs but freeman probably could have lit into the bucs front office and like michael bennett and others did. schiano never treated freeman like anything close to how he treated glennon. freeman’s a better player than schiano is a coach which isnt saying much but there was alot of shady business going on when schiano got here, mrsa, leaking freeman’s medical records and yea im sure he did some idiotic things but who the hell has a team photo shoot on a holiday at 6am, and it was said that there were others that missed the team photo but no one cares because it wasnt the quarterback. no one would hold that against brady or peyton if they had an idiot coach like we did. no one wants to know the real story just wanna make jokes. no one accepts the excuses of murders and drug dealers…people he’s a football player and glennon hasnt shown all the much toughness me yet and freeman isnt the only talented players to lose his way…dont hate because your poor broke and lonely

  94. bucs4lyfe Says:

    nothing but speculation in that video, i dont know this and i dont know that….look what happened to kobe the last two years with a coach that ran a scheme that had an old team running a high paced offense, didnt fit the roster and look what happened with lebron…he doesnt compare to any of those players but jordan was a winner in his own right but not throughout the league until he got phil jackson. he was a decent qb with nothing but below average coaches and a nobody front office if we can make excuses about glennons performance we can agree on that…..if it was belicheck or bruce arians or john harbaugh that cut him and did it during training camp thats one thing but this was you were insurance in case our qb couldnt come back type of cut. you can argue it was because he sucked or cost cuttnig cut during offseason workout but….you can have your own opinions but not your own facts.

  95. Swaggy64 Says:

    The guy is only 26-years old. A few years in therapy and who knows? Big comeback in 2017.

  96. ToesOnTheLine Says:


    “freeman’s a better player than schiano is a coach which isnt saying much…”

    I guess we’ll have to wait a little and see about that, but that’s a friendly wager I’d take you up on because in the next couple years I believe Schiano will be back in the NFL (kid graduating HS, Glazer $$ ending) and Freeman will be out of it.

  97. kevin Says:

    I gotta say I think a combination of everything that happened in tampa didnt help but I think that monday night game against ny was such a humiliation it put him over the edge. Put that with some bad decisions in his personal life and you have a recipe for disaster for some people who cant handle it

  98. drew Says:

    That situation with freeman is in the past..to sit here and continue to beat a dead horse is stupid…hes a human being and he is not perfect like all of the beings on earth..so bashing freeman makes absolutely no sense …lets just say it didnt work in tampa and be done with it

  99. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I never thought Freeman was any good to begin with, a huge blunder of a reach in the first round. Raheem was in love with him. When Freeman lost all the weight something was wrong. He could’nt handle competition and folded. Another dumb pick by the Bucs.

  100. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I wish Freeman the best. I believe Schiano will get another shot in the NFL, both as an assistant and as a head coach.

  101. buc4lyfe Says:


    Lol of take that bet all day son. Being Back in the wouldn’T mean anything for either these guys, Freeman hasn’t given anyone a reason to think he’d ever start in the nfl again even if a starter got hurt so don’t know how to judge that but SchianO is easy win a big game….hell coach a meaningful game with playoff implications even. But well he get hired again before having a winning season? Probably but get Freeman had one what second year as full starter……

    Don’t want your money though I want you wearing a Schiano tattoo if you live in the bay area because I want that bet to haunt you until you die or the ink fades

  102. buc4lyfe Says:

    Gotta love the scouting talent of bucs fans. Half of you that watch college ball didn’t know him but I’m sure you listened to talking heads break down the draft talk about him so it’s gotta be true right. Question the football skills but please stop pretending to be the zen master and you knew that this collaspe was coming… Schiano will never have 4th quarter comebacks on his resume, freeman had a bunch but how do I know this? Schiano had made a halftime adjustments in his entire coaching career

  103. Thomas Says:

    He came here initially, and without taking a snap was crowned the ‘franchise quarterback’ by Raheem Morris. He never had a guy around that could push him, and when Glennon arrived he couldn’t take it in one way or another.

    Schiano didn’t break Freeman, Freeman broke Freeman. Freeman knew he was Raheem’s guy, not Schiano’s and that it wasn’t going to be given to him anymore the moment Schiano took exception to Freeman’s being consistently late for everything, including missing his own youth football camp.

    Freeman was supposed to lead the team and be a guy the bay area youth can look up to. Be a Buc man. If you can’t even make your own football camp, what does that say about your priorities? Again, had to earn it. Had he took it seriously to begin with he would still be here because Schiano would not have benched him.

    This will rub some people the wrong way, but time after time Greg had his back- refusing to talk about it in the media. Then a bit later what happens? All of a sudden there is a ‘leak’ which came from Freeman;s camp- BUT for some reason everyone looks at Schiano. He didn’t do it.

    Joe has said time after time on this website that Josh Freeman was the leak. You know what they say, right? If you can’t take the heat- get out of the kitchen.” Freeman was just shown the door by his second post Buc team because he cannot learn the offense.

    He has an issue that needs to be taken care of. I think Coach Schiano actually was able to see it and would have tried to get him some help if it didn’t go getting childish.

    In a few years though, it’ll all be forgotten.