Not Much Different Than Chicago

June 12th, 2014
lesllie frazier

Bucs S Major Wright talks about the differences in Lovie’s defense from Wright’s playing days for Lovie in Chicago, and discusses playing for Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

A lot of folks have already dubbed the Bucs as “Chicago South,” mostly for hiring former Bears coach Lovie Smith. Adding to the use of the nickname was the Bucs going out and getting former Bears players like quarterback Josh McCown and nickel corner D.J. Moore.

You can also add safety Major Wright to the list. Today, Joe chatted with Wright after minicamp practice ended and the players had a chance to wolf down shaved ice (a treat funded by Gerald McCoy). Write noted that despite having a different defensive coordinator, the defense hasn’t changed much.

“There’s not much of a change,” Wright said. “It’s the same stuff, but [a slight different] terminology. It is kind of a change. Everything is similar. There’s not much off. It is just like a different language.

“Probably not much change, just detail and doing your job. Everybody is accountable for doing his job in this defense. If one guy gets out of his gap, you can get gashed. I feel like everybody will buy into their job and get to it.”

Wright’s new defensive coordinator is Leslie Frazier, who Wright said reminds him a lot of Lovie.

“He is one of those coaches, he doesn’t yell at you,” Wright said of Frazier. “He doesn’t do that. He comes to you all calm and cool and tells you to get your job done. You can tell that means a lot because he doesn’t say a lot. So when he does, it means something.

“Both of them [Lovie and Frazier] are kind of alike. I was with Lovie in Chicago and Frazier now. He is doing a helluva job getting these players ready.”

4 Responses to “Not Much Different Than Chicago”

  1. Macabee Says:

    I’ve known guys like Lovie and Frazier. It’s where the term “ice water in your veins” come from. Never a shout, nothing ever done in anger, but you need to always check your shoe tops for blood. Old dudes from old school that don’t play. They’re serious people!

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Frazier and Lovie are much loved coaches throughout the NFL, especially by the players.
    Players seem to have wanted to come to Tampa, and play for us, since we got these guys.

  3. owlykat Says:

    Lovie always had good defenses in Chicago and we have the talent to continue that tradition here. Good to hear Frasier is doing well. He is another coach from the Dungy tree, just like Lovie, and they all 3 have SB rings too! They know how to bring those rings to the Bucs too.

  4. Teacherman777 Says:

    From slaves to KINGS!

    Jah bless America!

    One Love!

    E Pluribus Unum!