“It Eats Away At Me All Night”

June 10th, 2014

Mccoy2014The leader of the Buccaneers’ defense, Gerald McCoy, addressed reports of his greatness, the playoff experience around him, his approach to the game, dethroning the Panthers and much more today at One Buc Palace.

Enjoy the quick, excellent listen below from Joe’s friends at WDAE-AM 620.

McCoy talking about his perfectionism is especially interesting.

8 Responses to ““It Eats Away At Me All Night””

  1. Macabee Says:

    Among all of the hoopla today about the depth chart, who’s taking 1st team reps, Carl Nicks’ big toe, whether a real guard will show up, if Doug Martin is still the bell cow, everyone has quietly missed the fact that, even if said in jest, Gerald McCoy is about to really, really get paid! According to Lovie, enough to make all of us a loan.

  2. Andrew 1 Says:

    Now this is what I like to hear; People who CARE. Care about winning. Care about being the best that they can be. Care about the game of football and who they are playing for. Care about being PERFECT! I’m starting to realize that it’s a rare thing to find these days, really pretty much anywhere you go, people just don’t care. Now, I am not naive, I am fully aware that he is getting paid millions, but who says you cant be paid millions AND take extreme pride in what you’re doing? Its sure looks like McCoy is doing just that.

    I also tend to be a perfectionist, and it will drive you crazy sometimes, but I find that I am only a perfectionist when it comes to things I really CARE about. And that’s why I have lot of respect of McCoy, because you know if he is trying to be perfect, it’s becasue he really cares. Mad props to you McCoy. If we had an entire roster like that, we would win the super bowl every year.

  3. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Andrew 1

    Well said Sir..Well Said

  4. DallasBuc Says:

    “Why you up on me?”
    Love it!

  5. Fowler's Bluff Says:

    Ndamukong who? Following the advice of Lovie, Joe, and Mike, Gerald McCoy will be the 2014 defensive player of the year and start to remove any doubt that he is a future Hall of Famer. Fire the Cannons!

  6. Brent Says:

    In terms of dethroning the Panthers, here’s how I see it:
    -They are a very good defensive team with a very good QB and no skill players.
    -We are (eg should be) a very good defensive team with very good skill players and no QB.

    Should be fun to see how it plays out. Joe, your view on QBs says the Panthers come out on top the vast majority of the time. Not a omen for us.

  7. Brent Says:

    Good omen*

  8. Bobby Says:

    @Brent…it’s a team game and didn’t Denver have a good QB? Better than Seattle’s? McCown has more weapons than Cam and we should have an absolutely ferocious defense. Carolina has a good D also but we have more weapons to go to quickly so I see the advantage going to our offense. I see us beating Carolina.