Your New Bucs Quarterback

May 21st, 2014

alex tanney

Yes, the Bucs have a quarterback. No, he’s not Josh McCown. No, he’s not the future. He’s not even Mike Kafka nor is he linguine-armed Brett Smith. He is Alex Tanney, pride of Monmouth College, a small school located in west-central Illinois, surrounded by cornfields, as virtually everything in Illinois is south of Chicago.

While Tanney, who has spent time on the rosters of the Chiefs, Cowboys and Browns the past three years, may never make the Bucs roster, accuracy should never be an issue with him as evidenced by this trick shot video he did three years ago while in college.

16 Responses to “Your New Bucs Quarterback”

  1. Harry Says:

    Damn, that’s pretty impressive. But I am sure The Cannon can do that…

  2. RastaMon Says:

    They are considering getting rid of the Extra Point after a TD….perhaps trick shots instead

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Coming to a Bucs halftime show soon!!!

    Freeman could use some tudoring from Tanney….
    This guy is accurate but he’s like one of those long drive champions…none of them ever make the tour….lots more to it than accuracy….like having JD Clowney bearing down on your chest!!!

  4. al121976 Says:

    I’m sure it took him a couple hundred tries to hit some of those shots, the misses were just kept off film. 3 teams in 3 years doesnt give me a lot of hope, especially if he could’nt make it in Cleveland.

  5. BamBamBuc Says:

    Reports from Cleveland last year said he was more accurate than Caleb Hanie. Woohoo. Apparently there was talk that he might even play in a game when Wheeden was struggling with turnovers again, but the coach apparently squashed that theory. He was on the active roster instead of the practice squad because they plucked him from the Cowboys practice squad, which requires that player to be on the roster.

  6. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Take 72…and action!

  7. mark2001 Says:

    Good description of Monmouth, except you could have put another “small small town after small school”…”Monmouth is a small school located in a small small town surrounded by corn fields”. Honestly, don’t remember much of anything that was memorable about the town or school…..Western, Eastern, and Illinois State on the other hand…yes, some memorable ladies.

  8. Vico Says:

    That was actually fun to watch. I was watching highlights from bucs’ last season. I actually enjoyed this one more. Must have taken a lot of takes to put it together though. He could be a starter if hitting the posts was awarded with points. Actually… can Evans jump that high? He might.

  9. johnnybrowni Says:

    As of right now, Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel is the team’s third-string quarterback

  10. Vico Says:

    johnnynrowni it is still Cleveland, “where QBs go to die”.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    At least this one has/had a good arm. Anyone know his faults that were revealed with the other NFL teams?

  12. TopDoggie Says:

    He tore up every record they had. Too bad he chose to go to a small school so he could play basketball too. He reminds me of a young Kurt Warner who everyone said didn’t have what it takes. There are alot of guys who could of had hall of fame stats and never got a chance on the field. Coaches are afraid to develope a QB any more.

  13. Surf Buc Says:

    Would be killer to see him play. Could be a game changer. Have a feeling he’ll never see the lime light.

    In other news, just posted that Glennon is the long term future of the Bucs.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    “In other news, just posted that Glennon is the long term future of the Bucs.”

    That info has been known for weeks. Many are still in disbelief.

  15. Surf Buc Says:

    I being one of them. Just seems funny to me thats being portrayed currently in the main stream.

  16. Owlykat Says:

    Join the Kafka Mob.