“Very, Very Effective”

May 27th, 2014

Rookie Bucs manbeast tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins

A prominent NFL voice is a Seattle local who watched plenty of new Bucs rookie tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins at the University of Washintgon.

And in this case, familiarity has bred extreme optimism for manbeast Seferian-Jenkins’ future.

BSPN “Professor” John Clayton said the Bucs’ new blocking-receiving threat was “always consistently the guy making the catches in the middle of the field” in college and “he’s got that knack” of getting open.

Clayton believes Seferian-Jenkins will be “very, very effective” and was a true first-round talent who dropped in the draft because of an off-field “mistake” (DUI arrest and guilty plea last year) and a stress fracture in his foot that knocked him out of the NFL Scouting Combine in February.

Joe thinks Seferian-Jenkins can become a phenomenal pick, but Jeff Tedford needs to know how to use him. That’s no given.

It made Joe sick that sleazy Jerramy Stevens was on the Bucs roster — another gargantuan Washington tight end with excellent hands — but Joe still wanted him to help the Bucs win. The problem was Chucky and Greg Olson never figured out how to work the guy into the offense consistently before drugs drove Stevens from the game in 2010.

Listen to Clayton’s full WDAE-AM 620 interview below with Tom Krasniqi. Among many topics, Clayton explains why he believes Carolina has “taken too many hits” this offseason to repeat its stunning 2013 season.

16 Responses to ““Very, Very Effective””

  1. Kalind Says:

    See I’m not buying this one: how to use him? Simple. Throw the ball up real high and let him catch it.

    What is that guy talking about Joe? He’s a monster. Have him run a route and throw it to him when he’s open. Rub routes, crossing patterns..gimme 20 minutes and ill have half a dozen plays for him an Evans all ready to go.

  2. pablo Says:

    Pablo thought ASJ was our best value pick. This guy reminds Pablo of Jeremy Stevens one of the best tight ends we ever had. Hopefully we don’t let his talent go to waste like we did with Jeremy Stevens.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I remember watching Austin Seferian-Jenkins when he played at the University of Washintgon.
    He has awesome hands, and was a good blocker too.
    I think Tampa got us a steal when we selected him, If he can stay away from Ybor City.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How to use him?…..Let him block….let him catch….let him rebound & dunk!!!

  5. Buccanole Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How to use him?…..Let him block….let him catch….let him rebound & dunk!!!

    The No Fun League no longer allows dunking but overall I agree

  6. Mumbles Says:

    Give’m the dang ball! Lol

  7. brandonbucfan Says:

    HOW to use him??!! You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!
    Watch film of GRONK AND GRAHAM AND PAST FILM OF GONZALEZ!!! Clear out the zone and let him go right down the middle. Check down to Sims or MArtin in the flat with ME blocking. TO me this isn’t rocket science!

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Pablo

    Agree….value pick….disagree…best tight end….Jimmy Giles (probably before Pablo’s time)

  9. Architek Says:

    This was a terrific interview and professor Clayton is a great media head! I really liked the feedback that he provided about our Bucs and just listening it seems that at least 8-8 is a achievable goal.

    If we get some bounces and catch a break with minimal injuries we can really make some noise in the South! I know people are saying qb competition and it should be but this is McCown job to lose and sitting Glennon for a year is a good thing.

    And then next year you re-eval what you have at qb until you truly have your franchise qb. Basically you manage the situation.

  10. pick6 Says:

    nobody deserves the character comparison to jerramy stevens until they well and truly earn it, but from a career\skills perspective there are enough parallels to make me nervous. everyone thinks if you are 6’6″ or taller and can catch balls you are destined for NFL greatness and 10+ TDs a year in the red zone, but folks like stevens and marcedes lewis prove you could just as easily be average or worse. i do hope this highly-rated Washington TE turns out better than the last one we had in town. even putting those parallels inside i’ve seen too many highly-drafted TEs be profoundly average in recent years. vernon davis’ late blooming aside, i’m not sure i can think of one that has met expectations in a very long time

  11. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Simply put: He is a TE. He won’t get 1,000 yds or 75 catches because he is a TE competing with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, plus our RBs.

    We most likely won’t have an offense like San Diego with Gates or San Francisco with Vernon Davis where the TE is dang near the center piece of the offense.

    So if he were to put up 30-50 catches and 500-750 yds, you have to consider that good… or if he were to get 7-10 TDs, with less stats, that would be good too.

    The average fan doesn’t understand NFL TEs and what makes them successful contributors to NFL offenses. All the avg fan can understand are concrete stats.

    I remember when we had Dallas Clarke a few years back… man that guy was very successful in our offense that year. But the avg fan couldn’t see it because he wasn’t putting up Vernon Davis stats. But Clarke saved Josh Freeman on many occasions. For those of you who watched the actual game , sober, know what I am talking about.

  12. Mike J Says:

    S-J better be good; the Bucs passed over a 1st-round talent at WR, or a chance to deal down offered by the Jets, in order to pick him.

  13. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I don’t believe Carolina will match last year’s success either. The NFC south is close to parity and I look for all four teams to beat up on each other this year.

  14. Orca Says:


    Jerramy Stevens is so far from being one of the best TEs the Bucs ever had, that he doesn’t even deserve mention on the list. He was an inconsistent, underachieving, edge-of-the-roster body, and had some serious character questions including a rape charge at UW that was somehow squashed. All that aside, where was his production to justify such a lofty evaluation?

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It would be nice to get a few mainstays on offense like we have on defense. Defense has GMC, David, Baron and such. Offense has no one to build off of yet.

    I think that is what prevents a team from building an offense. You have to have a couple guys that are really good to build off of.

    And no, Glennon does not count…not yet. When he does, we’ll all give him props. To me he had to do very well for two seasons to show consistency.

  16. PRBucFan Says:

    Tedford knows what he’s doing on offense lol.