Sure Things For The Bucs’ Draft: Nos. 1 & 2

May 5th, 2014
Bucs OC Jeff Tedford is dealing the cards

Bucs OC Jeff Tedford has dealt the cards

The drama of Joe’s countdown has been intense. And now the end has come.

Here are the top two things you can take to the bank regarding the Bucs’ 2014 draft:

No. 2: Jeremy Zuttah will be replaced

Translation: Zuttah was a talented, young, versatile fast learner capable of starting at multiple positions on the offensive line. That’s why the Ravens coughed up a draft pick for him and labeled him their starting center. The Bucs absolutely must at least replace Zuttah to fortify their painfully thin O-line. They need a rookie who potentially can play either guard position immediately. Lovie Smith and Jason Licht won’t overlook this pressing need.

No. 1: Jeff Tedford will pick the Bucs’ next quarterback

Translation: Lovie Smith did not hire longtime quarterbacks guru Jeff Tedford to not trust his assessments of the huge crop of college quarterbacks in the draft. If Lovie doesn’t trust Tedford, then this Bucs regime is doomed from the start. Joe is certain Tedford’s scouting of QBs is what the Bucs will be working from to choose their next quarterback with “franchise” potential. If Tedford has blessed four names, for example, then be sure the Bucs will leave this draft with one of them. A “swift decision” is coming.

Scroll down to find Nos. 3, 4 & 5 of Joe’s draft sure things.

65 Responses to “Sure Things For The Bucs’ Draft: Nos. 1 & 2”

  1. Kevin Says:

    One thing I do feel REALLY good about is that if Tedford has his choice of QB to work with and get’s the guy he wants, whether that is a rookie or someone already on the team, then I am confident our offense will click. Even if that is JF….if Tedford picks him it’s for a reason. Offseason blows!!!!!!!

  2. Lev Says:

    Teddy or Johnny!

  3. hamilton Says:


  4. bucrightoff Says:

    But you leave out WR, the most obvious and glaring position of need? Hmmm….

  5. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I like Gabe Jackson in Round 3 to replace Zuttah. If the Bucs do take a QB, I hope they do not use the #7 pick to do so. Trade down, get an extra pick or two and grab Carr, Garrapolo , Murray or even Bridgewater in round 2-3 ( seems like Bridgewater is probably slipping a bit). I still like Glennon and I think he can be coached up and become a solid starter, but I also realize that new regimes often want “their own guy”, not the guy the previous regime chose. McCown is …well, a good backup, but he’s never been “the guy” for an entire season and he is almost 35! No matter what Lovie/Licht do I am excited for the team this year…even if they do take,….sigh….Johnny Football. I just don’t think his style of play fits this team or compliments the offensive weapons we have. I’d rather get a safe and accurate QB (i.e. game manager…see Brad Johnson)’ run the ball with Martin, James and Rainey behind a revamped and massive O-line, play great defense, get pressure on the other teams QB….and we can hang with ANY team in the league! Go Bucs!

  6. bucray1 Says:

    way to go joe obvious. what stunning insight.

    Apparently not everyone is as smart as you are. You have a charmed life. –Joe

  7. Maze Says:

    Need a WR also desperately gentleman. Joes what do you guys think about the Bucs drafting Johnny Manziel? He might even be an upgrade over Glennon hey? Me thinks so

    Scroll down. Joe addresses WR detail in the post about sure things Nos. 4 and 5. –Joe

  8. bucrightoff Says:

    Just remember, if Joe ran the Bucs Josh Freeman would be the starting QB right now. He would have gotten an extension because Joe wanted to give him one. Just imagine how unbelievably screwed the Bucs would be if they did that.

    No. That’s inaccurate. Joe wanted to give Freeman what Joe labeled a new “team-friendly” contract after the 2012 season. You can read into that however you wish. If you want to extrapolate that into Freeman being the starter now, have at it. Joe’s heard wackier. –Joe

  9. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Damn I don’t know how I didn’t see those needs coming? It is almost as unexpected as which game at the App Store I will be sent to next.

    Funny, Joe didn’t label any of this as “needs.” Reading comprehension is always a challenge for some. –Joe

  10. Hawk Says:

    For all we know, Tedford likes Glennon and/or Kafka. Another scenario is that Tedford doesn’t see ‘his’ QB in this draft, but sees potential in 2015. McCown/Glennon can hold the fort for another year.
    I’m curious where you’re banking. Are they heavily insured?

  11. Eric Says:

    Yep, makes sense to me for all those reasons, along with the depth in this draft at WR and OL.

    Only thing that might change it is if Watkins happened to be there, but that’s doubtful.

    QB at seven is most likely scenario.

  12. finishers Says:

    don’t cry if they don’t draft a QB!

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….I agree that Tedford will pick our next QB…..but when?
    And, has he already done that?….So Lovie trusts Tedford so much that he forced McCown on him?….I don’t think so. I think Tedford wanted McCown also.

  14. RealityCheck Says:

    Bucrightoff you are sooo knowledgeable…why do you even come to this site? You clearly know it all. You would think you’d have your own site reporting on your unique perspective of all things Buccaneers. I’m sure it would be very successful. Maybe..and I’m just guessing here…but maybe they didn’t talk about WR because it’s not a sure thing what direction the Bucs are going to go at that position, especially with this deep draft. Try using your brain once in a while instead of just being a troll that complains on every single article that what was written was not up to your high standards. Still talking about Josh Freeman…get a life dude.

  15. StAugBuc Says:

    I’m noticing an increase in vitriol as we get closer to the draft. Hope the draft calms everyone down.

  16. Eric Says:

    What makes all these other non QB’s such sure fire winners?

    Clowney has motivation issues
    Mack played at lowly Buffalo, heck of a jump to NFL
    Robinson played in basic offense and totally unknown if he can handle a nfl rush.
    Watkins was suspended for drugs, so who knows where his head is at.
    Evans lacks speed.

    No sure things anywhere, so when you need a QB….take one.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St. Aug Buc

    I think they need a few Osteen’s Shrimp to calm them down!!!

  18. StAugBuc Says:


    Ha! I hope so! We’re all Buc fans, but fight like rival teams. Seems o have gotten really ugly the last few days, especially against the Joes.

  19. bucrightoff Says:

    Thanks for that RealityCheck. Always nice getting an internet tough guy beatdown. My feelings are crushed.

  20. StAugBuc Says:

    I woke up this morning thoroughly convinced we are going OT 1st round. Not my preference, just a hunch.

  21. RealityCheck Says:

    Damn dude, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings…cheer up…you shouldn’t be so sensitive! Share more of your unique knowledge with us. I’m sure that will cheer you up.

  22. JonBuc Says:

    I stake my shaky reputation on that QB being Derek Carr. I don’t like it but that’s my prediction.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I predict we will draft either an Offensive or Defensive player Thursday. I also predict many Buc fans will be unhappy with the pick. And many will be happy.
    I am going out on a limb here…but I believe that the pick will be agreed upon between Lovie & Licht.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    And…unless we trade out of the first round (highly unlikely)….my predictions….you can bank on!!!

  25. brandonbucfan Says:

    Obviously right now everyone has their opinions..and none of them are right or wrong (because it really doesn’t matter) about the draft. I’m just glad there is a site like this for us to be able to voice our opinions (good or stupid) Whatever the BUCS do in the draft let’s back them and give L&L our support that they (hopefully) know a Heck of a lot more than we do!. Last thought..sorry Joe it won’t be JF with the #7 pick

  26. StAugBuc Says:


    You are a classic!

  27. BFFL Says:

    If you guys haven’t figured out yet well here goes. The Bucs are using Joe to help spread the smoke.

  28. StAugBuc Says:

    That qualifies as ridiculous.

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    The Bucs don’t need Joe to spread smoke….they are very capable of spreading it themselves…..I place into evidence….nobody, and I mean nobody knows who they will pick and when they will pick…..Why?….because they don’t even know themselves….at this point. The Draft is a very fluid process and even the person with pick number one isn’t certain if they will pick there.

  30. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    I predict the Bucs will draft a punter with the #7 pick. I can also give you the winning lottery numbers too if you send me $9.95 and a bottle of Captain Morgan private stock

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Do you take Paypal?

  32. StAugBuc Says:

    The Captain and $9.95? Damn!

  33. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    No but I have $1,000,000 in a Nigerian bank account and will give you $100,000 of it for a few cold PBR’s. Oh yeah and with our new first round punter Koenen is destined to be a career backup in Tampa if Lovie can’t trade him for a 7th round pick and a plate of Daytona wings

  34. Eric Says:

    Joe you better get rid of your cite, you scoundrel.

    Leading discussions of uncertainties in football and all………..


  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    How about Schlitz?……A punter would be a great pick….saving cap space by cutting Koenen…..but do we need a punter?…..Isn’t our new Tedford led offense going to score at will?
    How ’bout we trade our number 1 pick to NE for Revis….we would get him for $4 mil less.

  36. StAugBuc Says:

    Used to sneak a sip of my Dad’s Schlitz while he was mowing the lawn!

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mowin’ that St. Augustine Grass can be a bitch….need the Schlitz!!!

  38. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Schlitz or Black Label are adequate substitutes, but as for fleecing NE for Revis I think the Bucs would have to throw in next year’s 3rd round pick too. Maybe Licht can work it so if he’s not on the roster it’s only this year’s 1st and next years 4th?

  39. StAugBuc Says:

    Nah…I was in Philly when Pop was mowing grass.

  40. StAugBuc Says:

    ToesOnTheLine Says:
    May 5th, 2014 at 7:27 pm
    Schlitz or Black Label are adequate substitutes, but as for fleecing NE for Revis I think the Bucs would have to throw in next year’s 3rd round pick too. Maybe Licht can work it so if he’s not on the roster it’s only this year’s 1st and next years 4th?

    Ummm ….. What? Explain the Revis thing since he is gone.

  41. Phillip Says:

    Schiano is on the NFL Network right now… Seeing him makes me laugh and want to vomit at the same time…

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Mike Evans is coming to Tampa.

  43. finishers Says:

    let’s trade down a few picks get a 4th and take Anthony Barr! then go get your WR and G ! GO DEFENSE!!!!!!!

  44. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    Tedford will want to work with guys he know. Derek and David Carr. That’s why Glennon’s on the market. Derek will sit behind and learn from Josh and David. Can you say a first round trade down?

  45. Buc the Haters Says:

    Johnny is the most talented & has the most ‘it’ factor, but I think Derek Carr would be our pick over Johnny & he may end up having the more productive nfl career. He’s just a hair behind JF in talent & a fingernail behind him in passion.

  46. blind melon Says:

    Well, Johnny Flag Football is of the list.

  47. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    Tedford trained Derek last season. The same Jeff Tedford who watched collage game tapes with Lovie Smith. And I’m sure Lovie would listen to Tedford.

  48. Theodore Says:

    Lovie brought in OC guru to coach veteran QBs, not 1st round rookies. Look for a later round QB selection that O guru can mold while McCown keeps the seat warm.

  49. Thomas Says:

    They just dont have enough pics. They were able to pick up one, but they need 2-3 more. Let’s wait and see. Maybe they can get one for Glennon for this year’s draft. He should be more attractive to other teams than guys with no pro experience. You know what you are getting so far with him.

  50. passthebuc Says:

    If we draft JF, we don’t need a punter because we will always be in the end zone. Then we could cut K and give the money to McCoy. However if we draft JF, we will need to double the size of our cheer leading squad. JF will need lots of options for his party life.

  51. NY Buc Says:

    @ Phillip

    I was thinking Schiano sounded pretty natural as a talking head on NFL Network and thought he could make a career out of it until he gets another shot at coaching.

  52. chickster Says:

    Schiano is a moron and he will never get another nfl shot and I wish he would of taken his dorkey qb with him

  53. BucTheTrend Says:

    According to a scout in the organization (who gives me my Bucs draft info), the Bucs will select either a QB or WR at #7 or they will trade down to the highest bidder for more picks.

    Also, he said Schiano had a button installed in his office to open the door so when he was inside only he could let people in.

  54. Joe Says:

    Also, he said Schiano had a button installed in his office to open the door so when he was inside only he could let people in.

    Joe doesn’t find this odd at all. Last thing you want is for people to keep barging in all the time and interrupting you. Chucky said one reason he always came to the office by 4:30 a.m. was for that very reason, he could get a lot of work done and not be bothered.

  55. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Joe…..Im still awake cause I live in Montana
    Me to you. I dont like JF mostly cause of his attitude of entitlement and his off the field antics. I would rather have Derrick Carr. Im for Carr even though I would rather go Marriotta next yr.

  56. gatrbuc17 Says:

    and YES JF has MASSIVE upside but downside is almost as scary as the upside is tempting.

  57. gatrbuc17 Says:

    And what are these rumors of Aaron Murray having private convos with the Bucs?

  58. gatrbuc17 Says:

    My bad. It’s 11 here and Im on Vacation so I might be a shade torqued..
    Keep on keepin on Joe.

  59. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I really, really hate to bring this up, but I think if Tedford is picking a QB in the first round, it might end up being Bortles. He is the only QB that Tedford bothered to go see at a pro day.

  60. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    BFFL Says
    “If you guys haven’t figured out yet well here goes. The Bucs are using Joe to help spread the smoke.”

    That’s just dumb…everyone knows the Bucs don’t spread smoke…they spread MRSA.

  61. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    chickster Says
    “Schiano is a moron and he will never get another nfl shot…”

    Schiano is not a moron. He just came from college coaching and without the experience he handled some things wrong.

    A year off and he could get back in the nfl as a DC, have a winning season or so and then get another head ccoaching job. At that point he would probably do very well.

    Say what you will about the man, but he sure can spot talent.

    Maybe he would be better served to go the GM route.

  62. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Comparing Manziel & Carr:

    Johnny Manziel has the bigget risk, but if he does well he has the bigger potential.

    Derek Carr is less risky and has strong potential.

    If Johnny does what many suspect he could be a first ballot HoFer some day. The problem is its not a slam dunk. He is all risk, but huge payoff if gold is struck.

    Carr is a rare combo of accuracy and mobility…sort of like Big Ben was, but clearly not as tough. Derek is super smart though, and a rapid thinker.

    Both are hard workers. Carr is a more grounded player. He is married and I think he has a child. He is humble, but he also takes command AND has a teaching/planning mentality.

    Johnny is a gun slinging runner. Not as accurate as Carr, but still pretty accurate. His completion percentae is higher I think, but there are reasons for that.

    Carr threw for over 12,000 yards in just over 3 seasons. The mockers are saying he played 4 seasons, but that isn’t entirely true. He also passed for more that 5,000 yards in his last year…think about that. How many games are in the college season as compared the the nfl?

  63. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Carr threw for more than 350 yards in 9 of 12 games he played last year, and averaged 4 touchdowns per game.

    We draft him, he would not be the 4th beest QB in our division. Give him a couple years and he might be the best. Brees won’t be playing much longer, Matt Ryan is bettr than last year made him look, but Carr could be much better in the long run. Newton has skill, but his head gets in the way.

  64. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Of his 12,626 college career yards, Carr had only 112 yard in his first year. That means he had 12,514 yards in his final 3 years…for an average of 4,171 yards PER YEAR.

    And, of course, only 23 picks in his career (only 7 last year).

  65. Bucsfanman Says:

    I too predict that the Bucs will go with either Offense or Defense with the #7 pick overall.
    Write it down, signed, sealed and delivered!