Round 3: Bucs Pick RB Charles Sims

May 9th, 2014


The Bucs just snagged a running back in the third round, Charles Sims, the pride of the West Virginia Mountaineers. Huh?

Well, that seals the end of former captain of the inactive list Michael Smith, but what about Bobby Rainey?

And where will Sims get his touches? This sure is puzzling, and it almost fuels Joe’s speculation in April that Doug Martin’s future in Tampa Bay isn’t as rock solid as it appears. Nowadays, taking a running back at the top of the third round is a huge investment at the position.

This pick is especially surprising given how much Lovie Smith has raved repeatedly about Mike James, Rainey and Martin, three guys who each had 100-yard rushing games last season.

Sims stands 6-0 and weighs 215 pounds. He’s known for his great hands. He caught 70 balls as a freshman. He’s great speed, but not overly special.

Does this mean Jeff Demps is toast? The Bucs really tossed a bizarre curveball here.


124 Responses to “Round 3: Bucs Pick RB Charles Sims”

  1. Gusjackson Says:

    Interesting. One of those running backs are gone. Bet that

  2. Nybucsfan Says:

    Unreal I can not believe this is really happing

  3. Jacko101 Says:

    Joe Please explain the logic behind this pick? I do not like it. Why does Smith hate lineman so much?

  4. Gusjackson Says:

    Cut it out. Martin isn’t going ANYWHERE!

  5. Rrsrq Says:

    WTF, good back but got a much greater need… Who the HE!!, going to block for these guys

  6. NJBucsFan Says:

    Slot WR?

  7. Jerry Says:

    The line .. the O line .. what about the O line ???

  8. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I wonder if he competes as a slot WR on this team? He is 6’0 tall and has great hands.

  9. blackmagic00 Says:

    We can have a running back auction. Who the hell has a backfield like this? Hell………who in history has one? I guess Rainey is gone?

  10. Andrew 1 Says:

    What? They must have all ditched the war room and the card weenie had to make the pick. Really? a RB?

  11. unbelievable Says:

    This one really confuses me. I agree Joe, either they’re trading Martin or James, or they don’t think Demps has ‘it’. But this kid is pretty similar to Martin, and, he is excellent at catching the ball. Maybe he represents some of that speed in space..

  12. Nybucsfan Says:

    Happening dumb iPhone

  13. Alex2013 Says:

    Now we need 3 qbs on the roster, because with no o-line our qbs are done! Glennon is a statue anyways…

  14. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Shocking because Rainey lit the world on fire last year. Right?

  15. Mark Says:

    That one caught me off guard. Return man?

  16. FloridaGirl Says:

    Trade bait

  17. Kev Says:

    Wtf is happening? RB is the deepest position on our roster.

  18. Steve from Oregon Says:

    Trade Dougie for 3rd

  19. Captain Stagger Says:

    Love is still trying to figure out how this whole offense thing works.

  20. RastaMon Says:

    Or perhaps Joe is not so cock sure….”my ball…my bat…www”…go with the flow Joe…perspective…don’t go Danny Snyder on your following…

    C’mon, man. You folks who think Joe should just sit around and take abuse so he doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings are so silly. –Joe

  21. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Just got the best pss catching RB in the class. Should be no surprise.

  22. Max Says:

    what an awful pick, we need o-line

  23. Walter Says:

    Two words: SLOT RECEIVER

    Martin isn’t going anywhere.

  24. Blastoise Says:

    Fuck this draft. I’m dont watching L&L clowning around. Guess we’ll have to watch the bucs start some training equipment at right guard.

  25. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Oh yeah, Dominick was an idiot. Looking less dumb by the minute.

  26. blackmagic00 Says:

    Wait a minute. ………I see it. Duh! Injuries. Yes. Has to be they plan on killing all of our backs like last year. Haha

  27. Bucsdumbdraft 2014 Says:

    What in the hell are they doing??? They have many needs and holes to fill. Very dumb pick.

  28. finishers Says:

    lovie said do you have to be under 5″11 to be in the running back meetings!

  29. Harry Says:

    WTF???? Ok, Hawaiian, where are you? Please explain this one to the uneducated. We need a 3rd WR, a OG or TWO, etc. But a RB? I would have put this position as one of the teams strengths. I don’t get it…

  30. wolf4bucs Says:

    Wierd pick, don’t really get it. Have read a couple places that teams considered moving him to reciever since he has grat hands, could be a possibility

  31. Eric Says:

    Isn’t this the guy they brought in for a workout ?

    Good out of backfield?

    Like Forte?

  32. mike419 Says:

    I agree with everyone with a brain on this one… WHY DO WE NEED ANOTHER BACK

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Slot WR…..and or, We have a RB or 2 on the trade block…..

    Martin not tall enough?

  34. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    We really, really need OL help.

  35. bgoldoc Says:

    Horrible pick. So many other needs. Each pick gets worse from L&L. Where is the OL help!

  36. mike419 Says:

    we have 4 rbs already that can do this shit… Martin, Rainey, James… and Demps like wtf..

  37. nate Says:

    Joe please explain does this mean doug martin is gone?

    No. He’s not gone, but Joe has written about how Martin is no lock for a long Bucs career. Reality of the NFL and regime change. –Joe

  38. Shawnbucfan Says:

    Can he play gaurd?

  39. Harry Says:

    Yea, for all you “Rockstar” haters, is he looking a little better now?

  40. BucNasty!!! Says:

    It means sadly that Martin is shipped off for a 1st round next year or something that gets them more trade ammunition for jemies Winston next year this smells like they’re setting themselves up for a qb in ext years draft IMO

  41. Harry Says:

    @Shawnbucfan Says:
    “Can he play gaurd?”

    Best response of the crazy night!

  42. BrandonBucsFan Says:

    This one really has me scratching my head as RB is the Bucs deepest talent. Maybe Sims is the speedster the Bucs want as a return guy? Perhaps use him in the slot as a third WR? Does this give us some hints about Jeff Tedford’s offense? Is it because the WRs of starting quality were depleted? Why didn’t the Bucs take one of the three starting quality OGs left? More questions than answers here for sure. Now, this kid is explosive and has a great speed burst for short distances and gets out to the edge well–so my hunch is this is the young Devin Hester that we hoped Lovie would bring in from Chicago, but couldn’t get him. But I agree with Joe, Demps is done, as is Michael Smith. Doug Martin and Mike James will be mainstays I think; no way will they deal Doug Martin this early.

  43. Andrew 1 Says:

    wait wait wait. I know this isnt what we had in mind, but this guy could be our new slot receiver. He is 6 feet tall and caught 70 passes his freshmen year.

  44. dee Says:

    Hate this pick we need oline u idiots

  45. Bucs fan in Chicago Says:

    Hope he is like Matte Forte. Now get some o-line help, and Aaron Murray in the 6th.

  46. OB Says:

    Joe, I agree with those that say slot receiver and possible return man. What say you?

    You don’t draft a “convert” project in the third round. Not with slot guys still on the board.–Joe

  47. kevin Says:

    Slot receiver convert

  48. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    He’s got the great hands out of the backfield and speed in space that Tedford wants. It’s obvious that the offseason plan was to address the defense in free agency and focus on improving the ability to score points on offense through the draft. Gotta respect that they had a plan and are sticking to it.

    But my one question is…what are they planning for the guard position? We have no 4th round pick and no ammo to trade up to the bottom of the 3rd. So you can scratch Gabe Jackson or David Yankey.

    Maybe they see something in Omameh, Meredith and they’re sure Nicks is coming back…??? Otherwise I’m stumped as to what the plan is for the position.

  49. Bob Says:

    Just remember all the past drafts when are grades were A’s and it has gotten us nowhere. Trust these guys, they have a plan.

  50. Harry Says:

    I feel like I am in the “….TWILIGHT ZONE…”

    Do not attempt to turn off your television…

  51. Chris Says:

    I agree withNJ.Possible slot receiver???

  52. csidedave Says:

    It could be that Tedford’s system utilizes 3 receivers, 4 tight ends, 3 running backs and a QB. No line needed.

  53. kevin Says:

    With our weapons on offense the up tempo that tedford brings and McCown being able to recognize blitzes it will be hard for defenses to bring more than four. Thats why McCown is here. To win NOW!!!

  54. Scoobs Says:

    Simms was one of last visits to One Buc. Thought rb was the position with depth. Lovefest must see something special. Hope we trade someone for a pick.

  55. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Mike James and Michael Smith are candidates to be toast. Not Rainey.

  56. Macabee Says:

    I tried to tell you guys a couple of weeks ago that the Sims visit seemed odd. It came right after Joe’s piece on Doug Martin.

  57. The Real Drew Says:

    If they are going to trade Doug Martin, then it would be for a lower pick this year and a higher conditional pick next year.

  58. ForgotAboutDre Says:

    I’m waiting a season before I start judging our picks. But yeah, not excited.

  59. nate_tweetz Says:

    Completely puzzling with this pick. I was with L&L up to this point. They just spent a 3rd round pick on our deepest position on the team. With so many other needs (OL and slot WR) I cannot rationalize this pick. There has to be some trades coming or something. Next pick isn’t until the 5th rd. smh.

  60. Get Real Says:

    great Slot guy

  61. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Harry


  62. ColiBUC Says:

    LOL @ Harry… me too man. This draft just went waaay south. And for those talking about “Trade Bait…” Why on earth would ANYONE draft someone just to trade them. It would be like trading premium picks and spending 16Mil on a free agent just to let them walk away… wait…

  63. MadMax Says:

    Damnn, I fell asleep and just woke up…we drafted a wha? RB? Are you $hitting me? Wth?

  64. Jacko101 Says:

    LOL @can he play guard

  65. Eric Says:

    Guess they like the line we got as well as the qbs….

  66. bucu Says:

    Could be a slot wr for us. Good hands

  67. Patrick Says:

    If they get rid of Doug Martin, I’m no longer a Bucs fan.

  68. Veen in My Pants Says:

    Amazing pick. This is one happy bucs fan!

  69. kevin Says:

    Fl boy are you on crack? Keeping rainey over James? I could not disagree more

  70. BrandonBucsFan Says:

    Joe, you said “You don’t draft a “convert” project in the third round. Not with slot guys still on the board.” I didn’t see any WRs left with good draft grades or any that have the speed the Bucs need in a third WR. I’d not call him a convert because technically he’s a pass catcher and return man. Remember, one of Lovie’s points is if you have good D and special teams, you can win 10 games (something like that). So think of him as return man, slot receiver, trade bait in that order. Heck, if the Bucs do well by second down, you don’t need the third WR for 3rd and long. Well, that’s all I can think about this.

  71. ManzielMadness Says:

    Doesn’t tedford utilizes screens in his offense? Kinda makes sense in a way lol

  72. Bk Says:

    This just tells me nicks toe injury is better than what has been reported. I think some of you over react or think too hard. We’re not building rockets.

  73. rayjay1122 Says:

    They will convert him back to WR and he will compete for the slot WR. Lindy’s wrote this “Former WR presents inviting target and runs precise routes with excellent hand eye coordination.”

  74. Jbyrd Says:

    Loving this draft

  75. Back, from Davie Jones Locker Says:

    I was pretty happy with the first two picks. Great talent . Good value at the spot we drafted them. Filled an obvious need.

    A sensible, professional draft

    Then the insanity moment.
    A f+*^ing RB? Of the many needs we have- RB is not one of the!!!
    Plus, he is a fifth or Sixth round talent.
    We reached for a player we have no use for!

    Whaaaaa ?

  76. Matt B Says:

    Dominik’s drafts always seemed to get an “A’ grade immediately following the draft. Most of us were very happy the following Sunday. However, we know how those drafts played out over time. So, here’s hoping that this turd of a draft turns into a shiney diamond two or three years down the road.

  77. Phillip Says:

    Lovie only changed what side of the ball he is drafting but he never had a good O-line in Chicago and mediocre QB play because of it… Welcome to the Bay boys all potential with no time to get open or blocking for the run game…

  78. Marques Sousa Says:

    When you can get Lamichael james for a 5th or 6th why would one waste a 3rd on Sims?

  79. Stimpdog Says:

    WTF is this staff thinking we have 3 RB’s, we need OL, LB, and could use another WR……….. Lovie did you bang your head against the wall….

  80. K_bassuka Says:

    This draft sucks…. Booooooooo!!!!!!

  81. kevin Says:

    Lovie never ran this offense…..EVER

  82. Bucyou Says:

    A wasted pick. It’s like Leeman Bennett is in charge again.

  83. AF Buc Says:

    Lovie may be looking to pair him with Demps on return duty? Special teams is high on his list… Maybe they also plan to put Wright in the slot… Doesn’t make sense need a lot more speed there

  84. SteveK Says:

    Another BPA for the Bucs! Great pick.

    Glennon is the QB of the future.

  85. jdogg99 Says:

    they should get joseph back before new England picks him up

  86. mark2001 Says:

    Guys do some research…he will be used as running back, but more a slot receiver. 4.45 speed, power, size, soft hands.

  87. Scoobs Says:

    I found out what happened! Schiano called and recommended a WV guy he couldn’t slow down!

  88. mark2001 Says:

    One scout said he could be the ultimate slot receiver…Licht “out side of the box”.

  89. Mord Says:

    I’m pretty sure we do have a 4th rounder, FLBoyInDallas.

    And … yeah … what?!!

    If the idea is to trade-away someone from the existing RB squad, isn’t the order of events backwards? If the trade partner knows you already have too many RBs (or TEs, for that matter) and *need* to deal one, wouldn’t that seem to undermine that tradee’s value?

  90. Luther Says:

    Sorry, I’m not happy that we could not pick a quality QB when we had one sitting in our lap. I hate the Patriots with a passion and now they have the QB that I really wanted.

  91. Bucyou Says:

    Great OG Jackson just taken. He should have been ours….

  92. BBFFC Says:

    Pretty crazy! BUT… let’s apply the last place offense/Glennon debate to the RB position. If Rainey and James are so good, why were last place offense? THe offense was VANILLA due to Glennon being a rookie AND RB’s not being scary!!!!!! Plus, James is coming off a nasty injury, Rainey is a marginal talent at best, CUT by the Browns who had nobody else! Fact is, if you hand the ball off to somebody enough, they will make yards and plays. BUT a few 100 yard games doesn’t mean anything…. not to Lovie & Tedford appearently!

    What does this say about the new offense? TE’s and RB’s are the new slot WR’s? Big WR’s outside to stretch defense vertically. 2 TE’s short routes mixed with threatening deep down the seam. RB’s catching lots of passes, motioning out to the slot a lot too. Maybe a lot of pre-snap motion for all? Maybe even playing 2 RB’s together a lot!

    Roster crunch: Martin,Sims,Demps plus winner of James and Rainey= 4 RB (maybe we keep 5 and no FB?)

    OL will be added later, I guess!

  93. NuckIfYouBuc Says:

    Everyone’s complaining but here’s the deal. What are the bucs biggest needs? WR#2, Tight End, Slot WR, and O-line…in that order with hope Nicks comes back but either way those are the needs. We got Evans, Sjenk, and now a slot WR not a rb. L&L are geniuses for seeing the value in a 6’1 player with rb skills. Just like an OT to G, DE to LB, or a basketball forward to TE the transition can and will happen

  94. Bobby Says:

    Obviously they plan to convert him to receiver or rotate him in with Martin and make a dangerous run/receiver threat. He’s a weapon and they’ll find a way to use him.

  95. gulfcoast Says:

    What ive read is he catches lots of passes out the backfield and the slot. Sims will play a “sproles” type role for us.. There’s speed in space. Pair up two big receivers, big TE, and a shifty quick Sims catching passes.

  96. Harry Says:

    “…Could be a slot wr for us. Good hands…”

    Yea, lets not draft a player who plays the slot, or a regular WR, lets draft a RB and convert him. OMG!

    He will play the slot on passing downs and guard on running downs. Thats it!

  97. Warthog Says:

    Pretty obvious looking at the first three picks that the Bucs are going BPA according to their board rather than drafting for need.

    Funny thing is, everyone talks about how BPA is the smart strategy but if a team actually does it, everyone starts freaking out.

  98. blackmagic00 Says:

    Hmmmm. Maybe best player?

  99. Martinii Says:

    When Lovie first came to town we emphasized his defensive skill while cautioning that he was not an offensive guy. I of course loved the Evans pick and was puzzled at first by the TE pick at 38, until I reasoned that Tim Wright just became a WR. The Sims pick blew me away, but the guy has great hands. I think it is safe to say whether we agree or not we just picked up three offensive playmakers which is totally contrary to Lovie’s defensive pedigree. I always say be careful what you ask for and we all asked for help on the offensive side of the ball. I am not too concerned about the OL. Delmar Dotson and ex-Buc Donald Penn most recently were UDFA’s. There are still several lineman around. Yes my friends Lovie and Tedrow are giving us offense.

  100. ESPO IS MY B!#CH Says:

    Think the Bucs will use him the way Minn. used Percy Harvin, same type of player.

  101. Bucyou Says:

    The hell with Aaron Murray. I’d pick his girlfriend. Great jugs!

  102. mark2001 Says:

    Harry..he was a WR is HS and was converted to a RB…I heard he has played out of the slot in situations in College. If he is bright, he has the tools and some experience. It isn’t nearly the stretch that turning a QB into a WR or TE would be, and obviously Licht thinks he can get what he needs later in the draft or in further Free Agency.

  103. Harry Says:

    I can honestly say I have never seen a worse draft by the Bucs in the first 3 rounds.

    You ppl who think this guy is to be converted to slot are crazy. WHY would a team use a 3rd rd pick on a convert project? There are plenty of WR on the board, and what about a freaking GUARD!? Or maybe Lovie could scratch hsi itch and draft another DL, but a RB is f**king nuts

  104. mark2001 Says:

    Espo…now some of you are starting to get it. This wasn’t as much a RB pick as it was a slot receiver pick.

  105. mark2001 Says:

    Harry…Licht knows exactly what he is looking for and “the conversion process” isn’t a stretch for this guy. I won’t say it definitely will work, but obviously Licht, Tedford, and Smith must think so.

  106. Nybucsfan Says:

    Everyone is giving this pick a F. Pick is some kind of joke is clear this guy is not a gm I would fire him now and try to save what is left of the draft

  107. mark2001 Says:

    gulfcoast…well said…I think that is the plan.

  108. Harry Says:

    @mark2001 Says:
    “…Harry..he was a WR is HS and was converted to a RB…”

    This is one of the deepest drafts ever for WR. Why would you spend a 3rd rd pick on a project – no matter if he played the position in HS? We needed a 3rd WR or a Guard in the worst way. And in the 2nd rd we draft a TE? – in the 3rd a RB/convert to slot? WHY? Marquis Lee, who had a 1st rd grade, got picked by MIN right behind our TE pick, these picks make no sense.

  109. Rrsrq Says:

    There will be RB and TE competition. Maybe they convert Maneki (the tight end back to lineman)

  110. Harry Says:

    I think L&L are conferring with the homeless draft expert from CLE

  111. Evan Says:

    Hope we still get James wilder jr. Could use him as a fullback and goal line

  112. anotherbucsfan Says:

    Dont we have a TE that can play OL? Manieri?

  113. Drew Says:

    This pick is Lovies pick. Lovie says we win 8 with defense and 2 with special teams. He is our Devin Hester, punt returner. He has the best burst in the draft with best cutting ability, plus he is the best receiving rb to come out in years. He is our Darren Sproles. 3rd down back, plus reciever, plus punt returner. HE IS SO VALUABLE PEOPLE WILLIAM BE GOING WHY DID WE PASS HIM UP. WE GOT THE STEAL OF THE DRAFT PEOPLE.

  114. Harry Says:

    I think many of you are rationalizing that these last two picks must be good bc L&L are brilliant and not to be questioned. Sheep…

  115. JonBuc Says:

    The Dungy Lite & Licht Show was a bit crummy tonite…

  116. buccinfan Says:

    Sounds like a lot of band wagons on this page. Calling for lichts job already. Can we at least wait and see how the season plays out. I mean everybody wants to win free agency and the draft. We was always winning those with the last regime look where were at now. Calm down peep go bucs

  117. Nybucfan31 Says:

    I was scratching my head on this pick due the depth at rb. but looks like this kid is going to be slot wr. Watching film on him reminds of a guy by the giants name of victor Cruz. Our offense is complete. We have a complete te. Two big wrs. And a good slot wr with rb skills. The rest of the draft is going to be online. Free agents was defense and draft is offense. I’m like my chances with the Bucs this year.

  118. deminion Says:

    He looks like a good player tho

  119. passthebuc Says:

    if they are projecting him as a slot receiver it makes perfect sense. twin towers and interchangeable speed merchants with sims and demps.

  120. Chris Kamelaris Says:

    Rainey and James are good at what they do. Problem for this team is that Doug Martin does it better than those guys. This is Lovie’s and Tedfords team, not Shianno’s… These guys just drafted the best available player and he happens to fill a need for the 2014 Bucs, not the 2013 Bucs. So using that thought process this team drafted a need in their offense. A 3rd down,Sproles type (hopefully half as good) kinda back.. Relax everyone! Not one of us is an NFL coach or G.M.! Let the real pro’s do their jobs..

  121. DallasBuc Says:

    Maybe they trade Martin but perhaps they are so effin reliant on a rushing attack that one explosive rusher is not enough. Truth is no one has seen new OC run his system in the nfl. Tedford and Lovie were both out of work last year like mad scientists devising what they would do in a system together. Remember when Carolina would plow through our D with zero mercy and the saints gashing our O with abandon. I think Lovie may have let Tedford have first crack at his kinda NFLer in the first 3 rounds. Maybe we get to put some offense on these fools for once!

  122. MadMax Says:

    Na, its all good after looking deeper into it…this is our Watkins!

  123. Chris Says:

    Harry Says:
    May 9th, 2014 at 9:59 pm
    Yea, for all you “Rockstar” haters, is he looking a little better now?

    No. Licht is going BPA. Sims is actually an upgrade over mike James. I love mike James but he and Martin are similar to each other. A compliment back like sims gives you an explosive playmaker every time he touches the ball he can make people miss and score. Remember how badly we couldn’t stand facing sproles? Sims adds that dimension to our offense.

    And Dom would have went need instead of sticking with the board.

  124. BoJim Says:

    Harry Said:

    “You ppl who think this guy is to be converted to slot are crazy. WHY would a team use a 3rd rd pick on a convert project? There are plenty of WR on the board”

    I think Joe said it first.

    “You don’t draft a “convert” project in the third round. Not with slot guys still on the board.–Joe”

    Which RB on our team can catch pass’s?