Psychological Standout: Johnny Manziel

May 7th, 2014

johnny footbal 0114dVery interesting pre-draft nuggets in this WDAE-AM 620 interview of longtime NFL Insider Chris Mortensen.

The ESPN talking head broke the story of Josh Freeman being drug tested, and now “Mort” explains he’s learned that potential Bucs target Johnny Football has scored extremely high marks in extensive psychological testing that NFL teams rely on heavily.

Mort dives into that subject, along with how he believes Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have strong chemistry and the Bucs surely will go offense in the first round. He also breaks down other possibilities in the top-7 for various teams.

Joe recommends the listen, via his friends at

31 Responses to “Psychological Standout: Johnny Manziel”

  1. Nick H Says:

    Repeat reports, repeat comments.

    Heisman Trophy winners in the NFL over last 25 years:

    Record: 159-203 (.439)
    Avg career length: 3.8 years
    Pro Bowls: 3 (Cam has 2, Bob Griffin has 1)
    Super Bowls: 0

  2. Nate Says:

    add a superbowl and QB russell wilson to that….lol….those stats are a bit dinosaurish like the pocket passers that used to be so hard to find and still are ……

    these days the (good reading defenses) dual threat qbs are harder to defend ..hence better results!!

  3. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Russell Wilson won a Heisman? Where was I?

  4. Nick H Says:

    ^ Far from it

  5. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I love this picture of Manziel about to pull a Michael Jackson and set his head on fire! That’s the kind of maturity I look for in a starting QB!

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    We’ll know how the Bucs really feel in 27 hours 39 minutes.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    27 HRS 29 MINUTES….

  8. Nick H Says:

    27 hours and 19 minutes from now, we’ll be free

  9. bucrightoff Says:

    “This week’s strong and completely contrasting media reports about Cleveland’s intent on drafting Manziel at No. 4 makes his ultimate destination seem a total riddle, but there is one nugget I’ve gleaned from a source that has insight into Manziel’s inner circle. From what I’ve been told, Manziel’s family is not rooting for Houston to be his NFL home, believing that staying in Texas will make his already challenging transition to professional football that much more challenging.

    Their thinking is that Manziel will find it far easier to distance himself from his “Johnny Football” persona and focus completely on football if he’s not near the circle of peers who comprised his college-era partying crowd. His family is said to be in favor of anywhere but Houston, but I’d have to think Dallas would pose the same set of complications in their view.

    I’ve also heard that Manziel himself isn’t wild about the idea of landing in Jacksonville, one of the NFL’s smaller markets, and that the Jaguars would not be his first choice of employers. It’s not a preference based on people, only location. But Manziel doesn’t get to choose his new workplace address, and quarterback-needy Jacksonville remains very much a possibility as his ultimate destination. There was a Houston Chronicle report on Wednesday morning that had momentum building for the Manziel-Jaguars marriage to unfold Thursday night.”

    Please draft him Jacksonville. I wanna see him pout on draft night.

  10. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Gotta give it up for the Joes the constant banging on the JohnnyFootball drum even has the knuckleheads on NFL Live believing the Bucs would trade up with Cleveland to get Manziel. Call Smokey the Bear ’cause the smoke has become an out of control wildfire! 27 hours to go until we find out

  11. Nick H Says:

    If Johnathon wouldn’t be happy to play in Jacksonville I’m sure he’d be equally upset about coming to Tampa.

    We were 4-12 last season after all. Don’t want a player who isn’t fully committed to the team now, do we?

  12. Nick H Says:

    Claims it’s about location and he wants a bigger market, sounds like a real tool who’s main interest isn’t in playing his best football but rather getting the best deal to leap into reality TV.

  13. ruggyup Says:

    It says L & L are intrigued by Love My Johnny as part of a new offense style. Uh, let’s believe they will also examine potential issues and management irritations week in and week out. What’s the real value?

  14. bucrightoff Says:

    Oh and Joe’s boy Mike Mayock doesn’t have Manziel going in the top 15…he probably couldn’t pull in college right Joe? He also basically says its a lock (“Throwing away the pencil; starting to write this one in with a pen.”) they take Evans. Hopefully he’s right.

  15. Patrick McV Says:

    Get out the tissues Joe no way will Manzel be a Buc . Why would a team that wants to win now pick a guy that will carry a clip board and be a big distraction ?

  16. Nick H Says:

    I still don’t buy that he’ll go outside of the top 15, but please just not here.

  17. mpmalloy Says:

    Nick H Says:

    27 hours and 19 minutes from now, we’ll be free

    I laughed.

    What happens if we do draft Johnny Flash?
    Joe may start making it mandatory to join some sort of fan-club.
    Who knows?

    I’m a little scared.

  18. Dreambig Says:

    Without trading up Bucs have no shot at Manzel. ESPN seems convinced he won’t make it past Cleveland. All the JBF love will be for not. Too bad, I would like to see what would happen with him here.

  19. iamabuc Says:

    idk, but after all the “great” quarterbacks we have drafted or acquired in free agency this past 10 years, Manziel looks like an upgrade, no matter what all these haters think…

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    If the Bucs draft this fool. He’s going to need some sort of bodyguard to keep Joe off him. Stalking charges might get filed.

    I can see the interview now…. Joe constantly wiping the drool from his mouth while trying to ask him questions.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Dreambig Says:

    “All the JBF love will be for not.”

    WOW golly gee where have you been? That has probably been the main point of why everyone gives Joe so much flack for all the Manziel articles. Because most of us think and have thought Manziel won’t make it to 7. So why bother with all the Manziel love? But Joe continued his daily love for the kid.

    As a matter of fact on one of Joe’s first few articles about him. I said it all the time back then. He’s going to Cleveland, so why bother Joe? He chose to bother and bother and more bother with it. It’s his site.

  22. White Tiger Says:

    Like the man said, every team wants to trade down this year.

    Having said that, Jeff Fisher wants Manziel, and Cleveland and Oakland want QB’s and aren’t too proud to take one of the top 3 guys – even if we wanted him and knew he was the real deal, Manziel will be long gone by the 7th pick.

    The more interesting thing to me is if the Bucs are actually trying to move up…Clowney is definitely not getting past #2, but if he goes number one – would be pretty cool to see what might happen with the # 2 pick.

    In reality, this after Clowney and Manziel, it’s not a real sexy draft. I don’t really expect this group to trade up. I think Lovie will play more like Dungy,

  23. White Tiger Says:

    He’ll sit back and see what falls to him at #7

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    The deepest draft in YEARS and White Tiger says “In reality, this after Clowney and Manziel, it’s not a real sexy draft.”

    This draft is jammed packed with dynamite to the ceiling. I guess dynamite is not all that sexy.

  25. owlykat Says:

    I am not for trading up. We need all the picks we have in this deep draft. My top hopes for a QB at 7 is Carr or Bortles, but Lovie needs to first ask Tedford which QBs can he make into a Franchise QB and if one of those is still there at 7 we need to take him. The Can’t Miss QBs only come once a decade and with L & L there is no way we will ever be able to get a 1st pick, so if we are to get a Franchise QB we will need to take a QB with some traits that are going to need to be fixed first. If you gamble on a late round pick the odds are against you. Take Glennon for instance. There is no way that Tedford can make Glennon more mobile, which Coaches now realize is the best way to make a running game work because if you have 4.3 receivers (and we already have five of them) they need to keep their safeties back to keep from getting beat on a go route or be able to stop a running QB who has turned the corner. That then opens up running lanes, like we want to do. So Glennon will never be our Franchise QB. But footwork can be fixed, accuracy can be improved, you can teach looking off the defense. A rap against Carr is he does not hold up well under pressure and they mention the USC game. Well, USC was able to dominate Carr’s team with great defense and were on top of Carr and blocking his escape routes. I don’t care if you are Peyton Manning or any NFL QB if your offense is dominated that badly the QB will have an off day. But that is why we have rebuilt our Offensive Line! And with Tedford he can adjust his Offense to find weaknesses in almost any defense and exploit it. Using up tempo offense you wear down the Defense and a good running game keeps them from pinning their ears back and if they can’t get their relief players in the game, you have them where you want them. Carr has a rocket arm and can make all the throws, is almost as fast as Johnny Manziel, and is high character, and mature. He is highly mobile, and smart, and has a very quick release to get the ball off before the blitzers get there, so makes quick reads and works hard to study film. Tedford can make him the Buc’s first Franchise QB.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    owlykat Says:

    “but Lovie needs to first ask Tedford which QBs can he make into a Franchise QB”

    Is that the same guy that made Akili Smith, Trent Dilfer, David Carr, Kyle Boller and Joey Harrington into “Franchise QB’s”? Yup that’s him. Yeah let’s ask that guy who he can turn into the next Kyle Boller for us. Exciting!

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Mayock claims no QBs will be taken within the first ten picks?

    Here are my predictions for picks 1-6 (sorry, going past six would reveal my Bucs pick…something I’m not doing until mid Thursday):

    PICK NO. 1 TEXANS – QB Blake Bortles
    PICK NO. 2 RAMS – OT Jake Matthews
    PICK NO. 3 JAGS – QB Johnny Manziel
    PICK NO. 4 BROWNS – QB Teddy Bridgewater
    PICK NO. 5 RAIDERS – DE Jadeveon Clowney
    PICK NO. 6 FALCONS – OLB Khalil Mack

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On the topic of QBs, Bortles has ties to Texans, Jags want a version of Tebow that can actually pass, and the Browns thank their lucky stars that Bridgewater fell to them.

  29. Jim Walker Says:

    Once again, there are too many holes in this team to fill. This draft will not be enough. Trading up to get the player you want makes sense because all of the pieces are not in place to win next year. It will take another off season and another draft to get the Bucs into a wildcard slot.

  30. Nick H Says:

    Trading up also takes away next year’s draft picks, which is not something a team with a lot of holes should be doing.

  31. SKIPPER Says:

    Patrick McV,
    Checkout NFL.COM, They have odds on who will draft Manziel. They have the Bucs at 30% with the Browns next at 25%. The reason you draft a QB in the first round is that you are looking to stabilize your teams future. There is no sure thing in the draft, all picks are a gamble. If you hit on a QB then the reward was worth the risk. last I looked the Bucs will have a 35 year old QB under center next year. Tedford has gone on record saying he wants an athletic, mobile QB. Drafting Manziel makes perfect sense, it is a need position, the veteran can man the position while the rookie is groomed.