Lovie’s Backing: A Kiss Of Death?

May 9th, 2014
How to read Lovie's Mike Glennon endorsement.

How to read Lovie’s Mike Glennon endorsement?

Yes, Joe is at One Buc Palace today waiting for the arrival of new wide receiver Big Mike Evans. And the echoes of Lovie Smith’s endorsement of backup quarterback Mike Glennon as the future of the Bucs is still bouncing off the walls.

To be polite, it’s a head scratcher. One would be hard-pressed to find such a strong endorsement for a quarterback who led the Bucs to the worst offense in the NFL and was benched by Lovie.

Color Mark Cook of Pewter Report skeptical. The Bucs beat writer has heard Lovie’s endorsements of Buccaneers players, only to see those same players pack their bags and leave town days after Lovie’s verbal pat on the back.

Smith is not above bluffing like a high stakes poker player. In his initial press conference back in January, he told the media that cornerback Darrelle Revis had a place in the Buccaneers defense. Yet during the opening week of free agency in March, Revis was released by the Buccaneers in a salary cap-cutting move.

At the NFL owners meetings in Orlando in March, Smith implied to the media that troubled wide receiver Mike Williams would not be released or traded. Less than two weeks later, Williams was a member of the Buffalo Bills, after being traded for a sixth-round draft pick. …

How serious Smith is about his statement that Glennon is “our quarterback of the future” is yet to be determined, but the answer could come sooner rather than later. With five more draft picks left in the next six rounds, the Buccaneers could still take a quarterback. Carr, Garoppolo and Georgia’s Aaron Murray were all still available late Thursday evening and one could be drafted by Tampa Bay in the second round on Friday night.

That’s just it. Lovie has two years to add a quarterback. Josh McCown’s contract is but for two years.

Lovie’s words seem mixed. He brags about Glennon but loved him so much he benched him and went out and got a journeyman with scant success. McCown seems to be everything Lovie said he was. But if Glennon is really that good, why sign McCown to a two-year, $10 million pact (this season is guaranteed).

74 Responses to “Lovie’s Backing: A Kiss Of Death?”

  1. zam Says:

    and he cut McCown. No one improves THAT much at the end of his career.

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    Joe, you’re just crushed you fell hook, line and sinker for the smokescreen. I can’t even imagine what you were like at around 9pm last night, On the verge of getting what you wanted and then…poof. To top it off, the guy you desperately want to get rid of was given a strong endorsement (and it’s no smokescreen, there are no smokescreens past the first round).

    Glennon should never have played last year, but Freeman’s meltdown was too spectacular to keep him as starter. Glennon will now spend a year being groomed (you know, the way they used to develop QBs), with the massive advantage of having already gotten significant, meaningful game action, and then it’s his show whether you like it or not.

  3. finishers Says:

    so happy we passed on jf !

  4. Thegregwitul Says:

    My best guess is the Bucs have a list of QBs they like for each round of the draft. Maybe that list includes Derek Carr or Aaron Murray or Connor Shaw. Maybe it’s all three, but only Carr would be considered in rounds 2 or 3 and the other two would be rounds 5 or later. In any event, the endorsement of Lovie is high stakes poker and also a backup plan in case any QB they like is off the board. Glennon isn’t trash, but he’s likely not the long term answer. That doesn’t mean that if a QB isn’t selected that the Bucs won’t target a QB next year or down the line, but Lovie’s comments covers all corners which is the smartest thing to do.

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    I think Joe is more angry that he can’t put out any more trading Glennon articles that I’m sure he had about a couple dozen typed up and ready to go with.

    Mike “Winnin with NO chance” Glennon!!

  6. MadMax Says:

    Glennon hasnt been benched yet….lets see what transpires after preseason.

  7. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol I love how the haters hung on every word Lovie said before the draft to assure there opinion that Glennon was gone. Now they are picking apart every word he says to try to somehow rationalize getting rid of Glennon. Comical stuff. Keep it up haters. Your making this that much more enjoyable.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    Given Lovie’s recent history, I won’t believe anything until week #1. When you think about it though, QB, after signing Josh, was no longer a “position of need”. It would be fair to assume that there’s a 2 year window for him to figure it out.

  9. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    How is it that when we hear Glennon is going to be traded it’s gospel truth, Lovie didn’t come back to the NFL to have Glennon as his QB, or any of the multitude of opinions and rumors thrown out by the MG lynch mob yet these same wise sages just can’t wrap their brains around the idea that just maybe Glennon is a talented QB thrown into a sh!tstorm his rookie year and that perhaps coaches saw the same things theMG Mob saw on him?

  10. TBSwarm Says:

    I think we are fine with QB this year and next, Id rather look for future drafts to find a solid QB

  11. johnny Says:

    The Bucs averaged 11pts a game the first 3 games with Freeman ..im sure that helped bring the offensive numbers down too ….

  12. MadMax Says:

    As far as smokescreens go, and Im just saying, the Lovie endorsement of Glennon further values his worth. Dont think for a second he’s still not in play for a 2nd rounder (the draft isnt over yet)…..while I would absolutely HATE it, its in the back of my mind.

  13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Speculation, speculation, blah, blah, blah. We will only know the Bucs’ intentions after the moves take place. Not before. But nice try, folks. Now you can sit back and watch the professionals do their job.

  14. OAR Says:

    Ha, I remember Lovie saying those non-trade things about Mike Williams prior to his last two incidents. Even Licht mentioned all Mike has to do is stay out of the news. Two more 911 calls later and boom, Lovie had to change his tune.

  15. Jeagan1999 Says:

    TMZ’s got some great pics of Manziel partying into the wee hours last night at a club in NYC. He has every right to celebrate his becoming a professional NFL player, but if I was in Cleveland I’d be a little concerned that JF enjoys partying a little too much and may lack the kind of maturity you want the leader of your team to have! I’m glad we passed on him. Evans makes our offense instantly better, and tonight I’m sure the Bucs will address the O-line!

  16. Couch Fan Says:

    Whats the pick going to be in the 2nd? I’m thinking its going to be guard or TE… I’m hoping for Amaro or Jenkins.

  17. Mike10 Says:

    Bucs will surely snag a QB in one of these later rounds. This draft is full of em and they will have a nice seat on the bench being groomed behind a veteran. That’s another reason I’m glad we didn’t get JF as all remaining QBs are pocket style passers, similar to Josh. Everyone knows that in 2 years there will be an open starting QB position on this team. Throw 2 quality backs into camp fighting for that spot and one will emerge! Win win

  18. fb Says:

    The best part is that Joe can’t even console himself with JF already being gone. We had the option to take him and they said hell no. Didn’t even try to trade up for him at the end of the first. Hopefully your hangover from smoking so much Johnny Stick will ware off shortly and you can make it back to the real world, where Johnny wasn’t even loved in Jerry Land.

  19. buddha Says:

    I’m surprised at you Joe. It is totally unfair to diss Glennon by pointing out that he led the worst offense UNLESS you also point out the personnel he had with which to work and compare his performance to the other quarterbacks in his class (and historically). I’m not a Glennon fan but it should be apparent that we really don’t have a good grasp on whether he will or will not become a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL–not with that coaching staff last year and the offensive line he had protecting him. How about a little objective reporting.

    Joe’s opinion of Glennon is just that, Joe’s opinion. That’s as clear as the sun is bright. Opinion writing was the backbone of journalism years ago, and it’s coming back in a much bigger way in the past 10 years. Objective reporting is not part of the deal. There’s little objectivity with any scouting or player evaluation. Gosh, fans just witnessed countless hours of draft coverage steeped in subjectivity. –Joe

  20. Tgreg Says:

    Of all the great things about last night the attitudes of Joe, jones, and the Comish are priceless. Never heard such crying.

  21. MadMax Says:

    @Couch, we should trade up for Sua Filo…hes probably off the board in the next 3 picks….Martavis Bryant (WR Clemson) would make me happy too. Jordan Matthews for our 3rd if we dont go WR with our 2nd…and if Max Bullough is still there in the 5th, pounce on him (but he’ll be gone, probably in the 3rd round)

  22. Jordan Says:

    Two things – the article states that Lovie smith “implied” Mike Williams wouldn’t be traded or cut. Here is Lovie’s actual words on Mike Williams:

    “There’s a pattern here and it’s disturbing. No one is bigger than this football team. He has to understand that,” Smith said. “Have I been disappointed in Mike Williams? Of course. There’s a standard. We’re just not going to put up with it, no matter who it is. You have to be good on the field and off the field. Simple as that. And if you’re not doing what you need to do one or the other, you have problems and that’s where Mike has to take care of a few things.”

    Next, Lovie Smith said Darrelle Revis has a spot on this defense prior to the Bucs hiring a GM. I’m positive they wanted Revis on the team, they just weren’t going to lock themselves onto the 16 million dollar price that the previous regime gave him.

    Actually, Joe was at the breakfast table, two bodies down from Lovie. Not sure where your quote transcription comes from, but Lovie made it clear to Joe and all there that Lovie was supporting Mike Williams on that late-March morning. –Joe

  23. Snook Says:

    Joe…. we don’t need a QB. Only good teams have those…

    Afterall, WRs make QBs anyways.

  24. Snook Says:

    Glennon lovers take:

    Lovie lied about all that other stuff. But the Glennon stuff is real.

    Give me a break.

    He’s the 2nd coming of Chris Simms.

  25. Eric Says:

    Well one can only hope that a guy with 13 td’s and one ints last year, with Jackson, Evans, muscle hammer and Wright can make some good things happen offensively.

    Might work out.

  26. BBFFC Says:

    If people believe anything a coach or team says, they’re crazy. The draft just started, it’s 1/7th done! Of course smoke screens go on all draft long! The draft being multiple days encourages smoke.

    Why should Lovie be honest? What should he say?–
    “MG8 is our qb unless someone better comes along. He’s ok as our backup plan, but we’re keeping options open, trade ahead of us if you want Carr! Also, if we don’t get another QB, I really hope Mike isn’t mad at me for being honest that we only wanted to get a better qb for the team’s sake! I mean, we still would need him as our backup qb2, so it would be AWKWARD!”

  27. Tom Says:

    While I don’t think Glennon is the savior of mankind, Joe’s treatment of him seems a little lopsided.
    Yes he lead the “worst offense in the NFL,” but we are ignoring the fact that the playcalling in the second half of just about every game was atrocious, not to mention a porous O-line

  28. Ramon Says:

    HAHAHAHA. I love it…I love it. Joe’s head is literally about to explode.

  29. Joe Says:


    I’m surprised at you Joe. It is totally unfair to diss Glennon by pointing out that he led the worst offense UNLESS you also point out the personnel he had with which to work and compare his performance to the other quarterbacks in his class (and historically).

    Joe can tell you don’t watch Bucs games. Or just don’t watch football.

  30. Couch Fan Says:

    @MadMax, I would love Jordan Mathews to. Lots of good options and they will probably take somebody were not even talking about. Casserly just mocked Carr to us in round 2…. Who knows..

  31. JFat Says:

    I love how so many give Glennon NO CHANCE at being a starter. Like he was that bad. Nice TD:INT ratio for a rookie that got tossed in, my main gripe with him is he was too cautious but I think that might have been a product of the system. Terrible, just plain terrible and predictable play calling last year on offense, regardless of talent on the team, same thing when Freeman was QB.

    Glennon looked a lot better in the no huddle. Granted, he isn’t going to beat people with his legs but he seemed to have decent pocket awareness, just held the ball too long. Maybe Lovie and Licht want to see what they really have with him before they blow a draft pick on a replacement.

  32. Nick H Says:

    I don’t think he really sweats it as much as we would like to think, but it’s all in good fun.

    Fans have biases, we all do, but he does bring up a good point about Lovie saying one thing and doing another.

  33. BucFan20 Says:

    Go on Google. Pull up
    An In Depth Look At Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Glennon.
    He was not as bad as you think.

  34. Nick H Says:

    Yes, worst ranked offense in the league. Glennon did the best he could with a bad situation and I feel like he was pretty shackled by the dictator that Schiano was.

    I can see Glennon playing a little more loosely with some experience and confidence but he does have to break out a bit to lead us where we want to go.

  35. Jim Says:

    Evans will help the Bucs more this year than a qb. However if Lovie actually believes Glennon is the qb of the future, then unfortunately Lovie’s future with the Bucs will be short. Glennon is not mobile and can not complete the long ball -which are two very important qualities in today’s NFL. Better get a qb tonight.

  36. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    MG8 looks like he added some muscle, hope he works out wth Vjax and Evans the rest of the summer. If MG8 were allowed to call the plays in no huddle, we would have 7 or 8 wins. Of course then we would have NSO still as coach. Everything works out for a reason.

  37. bucrightoff Says:

    Joe Says:
    Joe can tell you don’t watch Bucs games. Or just don’t watch football.

    Just a thought Joe, but not the best idea to insult your own readers. Makes you look small and petty. Your boy is gone, so I figured I’d post the Kubler Ross model of grief

    1. Denial
    2. Anger
    3. Bargaining
    4. Depression
    5. Acceptance

    Don’t worry Joe, you’ll get there eventually.

    Joe’s not insulting. There are lots of Bucs fans who don’t watch games and offer passionate commentary. These are the people from the “Vacation Man” school of analysis. –Joe

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What Lovie says doesn’t mean much….what he does….does!!!

    Unfortunately for some….who were/are sure we absolutely were drafting a QB in this year’s draft (including Joe)….you may just be wrong.
    And if you are wrong about that….you could be wrong about McCown…you could be wrong about Glennon.
    Let’s agree that Mike Evans was the best non QB for us at 7.
    I would have liked a trade down and extra picks but…perhaps the deals presented weren’t that good….

  39. Broy3434 Says:

    I’m curious as to why people r dissing Joe. Oh joe u cryer. Did u seek the Cleveland draft party when his name was called. Idc who it is but Glennon mob he who laughs last laughs best. Mike Glennon will not start for Lovie it’s a promise

  40. TDG Says:

    Nothing would surprise me at this point. Lovie’s a regular Corleone – “You broke my heart, {insert player name]”

    Lovie has been throwing a lot of praise at Mike Evans — do you think we trade him tonight?

    But I kid! lol

  41. Nick H Says:

    Haha well said Broy

  42. JerseyBucsFan Says:

    Smoke screen. Look for the bucs to Garoppolo

  43. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Aaron Murray 🙂

  44. Bill Byrne Says:

    Thank “Heaven” day one of the draft is over and I won’t have to listen to JOE’S love affair with Johnny Football anymore. Evans is the right choice and today and tomorrow we can address the needs of the offensive line and be thankful for the Cleveland Browns at pick 22!!!

  45. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The draft ain’t over yet, people. There has only been one pick. Let’s see how the MGM talks when all is said and done.

  46. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    Joe insults his readers, we insult Joe, Joe doesn’t care what his readers think, we don’t care what Joe thinks, many of Joe’s readers are challenged, Joe isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box. It’s a match made in heaven.

    Reasonably fair, balanced and not malicious. Joe approves this message.–Joe

  47. Couch Fan Says:

    Stevie Johnson to the 9ers…

  48. bucrightoff Says:

    The Bucs picked last night based off their biggest need. Now they’ll do what smart teams do and address their other needs, such as OLine, pass rush, corners. If a QB is drafted, it’ll be 5th round or later. Bucs have bigger fish to fry right now. The Bucs have their starter locked in in McCown, and a guy many acknowledge here as being a good backup (though some think he’s not even that). So why waste a pick?

    And oh yeah remember Tyler Wilson? 4th round pick last year? Beaten out by a UDFA? Glennon is almost certainly going to be better than any QB from here on out. Why waste a pick hoping one might be better when odds are it won’t? I know, I know anti-Glennon folk, any QB drafted is a 100% lock to be better than Glennon, because, well, ummm, well, he won’t be Glennon.

  49. BFFL Says:

    Glennon has the 5th best rookie passer rating in the past 21 years. Ahead of Payton Manning, Andrew Luck Carson Palmer, Eli Manning and Philip Rivers. Even with Matt Ryan. He is 3rd on this list for TD to INT ratio. Many respected national pundits believe he has potential to be a great QB.

    Joe..please explain to me why you disagree. Do not use “eye-test” as your evaluation criteria.

    Don’t use the “eye-test?” You must be kidding. When you’re sitting at the game, do you use the eye test, or do you check the stats on your smartphone? –Joe

  50. Vorblaw Says:


    Joe gets cranky when you confront him about Glennon stats or why the Evans pick was a great one. Throws out the “you don’t what you’re talking about” cracks (I know I’m paraphrasing) He did it with me last night on Twitter. “You never heard of Tim Wright”? Come on Joe. You got to do better than apparently you never watch Bucs games. Based on what exactly? Based on the fact that if Manziel had identical stats as Glennon in his rookie year everybody would be saying how good that was and just wait til next year? You and all the rest of the Glennon hater have never really articulated why this kid can’t improve and there fore we should cast him aside after only one year playing in the dysfunction of what was the New Schiano Order: Bad coaching, bad playcalling, horrendous playcalling and injuries to every offensive playmaker not named Jackson.

    It doesn’t have to be “articulated.” Lovie Smith himself replaced Glennon, not Joe. Joe doesn’t see it on the field with Glennon. Just like Lovie didn’t see it from Clayborn, even though he had more sacks than Michael Johnson. –Joe

  51. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    FLBoyInDallas Says:
    May 9th, 2014 at 3:04 pm


    Joe insults his readers, we insult Joe, Joe doesn’t care what his readers think, we don’t care what Joe thinks, many of Joe’s readers are challenged, Joe isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box. It’s a match made in heaven.

    Reasonably fair, balanced and not malicious. Joe approves this message.–Joe

    Finally something we can all agree upon!! LOL.

  52. Shawnbucfan Says:

    This is like a nascar race . Just round and round . Props joe

  53. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    If they would have drafted Manziel, I would have supported him.

    If they draft another QB, I will support him. I simply wanted Glennon to have a shot. And, even if they trade/d him, I will still support them.

    Bottom line, this regime is brand new, and hasn’t lost a game. I’m not going to bash them until it shows in the record dept. And even then, not immediately.

    When did you stop supporting Dominik? Year 5? 4? 3? 2? 1? Because whether you approved Dominik’s moves or not, it never equated to a successful franchise. 28-52

  54. mpmalloy Says:

    Joe mad.

    Not at all. –Joe

  55. Erick Says:

    2nd round pick has to be Su’a-Filo or Kouandjio if either are available. Time to shore up that offensive line.

  56. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ bucrightoff


    Almost everybody “needed” a QB for the Bucs….especially Joe.

    Everybody but the ones that count….Glazers (assume)….Lovie & Licht…..had their choice of every QB in the draft except Bortles…..passed….could have traded down for more ammo to trade back up for a QB…..passed….and I think they will pass tonight and tomorrow.
    Notice…I said, “I think”…..others have staked been more certain…but just may be WRONG!!!

  57. lurker Says:

    can’t trade glennon when no other team wants him…

  58. eric Says:

    Joe is the founding president of the JFM LOL hey man let it go it make you seem bitter!

  59. Dave Says:

    Jimmy Garoppolo is the QB they draft. McCown goes this year though

  60. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is the question….
    Is the Buc Offense better?

    McCown vs Freeman/Glennon
    Evans vs Williams
    Healthy Doug Martin
    Experienced Tim Wright
    Backup WRs?

    Oline….work in progress vs what everyone claimed a disaster last year
    Tedford vs Sully?
    Lovie influence/non-influence vs Schiano

    And….more draft picks pending

    I think we have a better offense….

  61. rhenry Says:


  62. Gusjackson Says:

    @ joe Jordan got his transcript straight from pro football talk

  63. lurker Says:

    really didn’t need to waste pick on evans if we had mike williams. a team woulda traded up for him, so lost extra picks and a hole filled.

    lovie didn’t need to create holes to fill. especially, since they didn’t receive equal value.

  64. Matthew Says:

    Point is NO ONE KNOWS squat till we finish the draft. The bucs have put out so much smokescreen & nonsense that anything said publically can’t be taken seriously. If you believe the reports we apparently have been shopping Glennon which flies in the face of “he’s our guy”. Lovie & co. could be trying to drive the price up or bait a team into taking Mike for our asking price or protecting our intent to draft a QB so someone doesn’t trade up in front of us…OR he may actually be our guy of the future; which would be a big 180 from our actions this offseason. To the guys comparing all-time greats rookie years vs Glennon’s its’ apples and oranges. The game was entirely different during Manning/Brady’s rookie years, passing and offense are far more the focus for the league/the rules allow for it. The fact that’s indisputable is that we were the last ranked passing offense in the NFL last year; people will blame who they want for that stat but it’s still a fact. At the end of the day no one knows our plans for Glennon but Lovie/Licht and until the draft is over we won’t likely know either.

  65. IMiss#40 Says:

    I’ve been on the Aaron Murray bandwagon…
    1. Trade down in the second and pick up an extra 3rd.
    2. Use lower second on Seferian-Jenkins (gives 3 6’5″ targets)
    3. Use 1st 3rd on Aaron Murray (slight reach but you get your guy)
    4. Use additional pick on Guard/speed slot type wideout.
    5.Trade Glennon if possible, use remaining picks for depth at Oline, Corner, and LB

  66. d-money Says:

    I came on here yesterday and today for the first time in months just to see how butt hurt Joe was going to be.

  67. bucrightoff Says:

    I like Mike Williams, and with Stevie now gone from Buffalo he’ll be a perfect #2 to Sammy, but that’s the point: He’s a number 2 guy, one of the best number 2 guys, but a number 2 guy nonetheless. Evans is a number 1 guy, unquestionably. Bucs still need some more speed outside but having two legit number 1 guys is not a bad thing at all.

  68. IMiss#40 Says:

    Sorry, meant extra 4th not 3rd.

  69. lurker Says:

    well, if lovlic was any good they coulda kept mike will, traded for stevie johnson, and still had their 1 to use for a great player or trade down.

  70. Bill T Says:

    This has been a comedy show watching Joe the last few months. Lovie wasn’t here listening to the local bashers of Glennon. He was listening to national media talk highly of Glennon during the season. When he got the call to come to Tampa, he had an open mind but I betcha he was shocked when from day 1 after he got here the local media’s disdain for Glennon.

    So of course he will be diplomatic on answering questions about him. Anyone looking objectively could see Glennon had a damn good year after being pushed in after Freeman’s fiasco. He did what he was asked and was supposed to do. Limit turnovers and play it safe, especially with all the injuries.

    Someone else above said it right. Glennon wasn’t supposed to play last year. So now they have Tedford and bring in McCown to continue his improvement. Quite logical really. If they don’t take Carr or Garrapolo, then Glennon is Lovie’s future. I’m good with it

  71. Thunder Sack Says:


    Well said. Logic dictates looking at all of the factors involved in the last season as opposed to just holding on to one statistic to prove a point.

    This website, while overflowing with great information, is a fan site and can’t really be considered objective. Which is why it is nice to peruse the comment sections of the articles. A lot of really intelligent commentary. Some not so much!

    Although you did kind of go way overboard with Manziel, Joe.

  72. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I still would not be surprised if Glennon is traded or if a QB is taken or signed during the remainder of or after the draft is over. Like Bush butchered the the lines, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, we won’t get fooled again”.

  73. buccanAy Says:

    Poor..poor..Joe’s! Are people being mean to you? AAAWWW. It’s called being accountable for what you write. You have no problem spewing your “subjective” opinion, but cant deal when other’s spew their “subjective” opinion. (Ludicrous, Joe has hundreds of comments daily, many of which are critical of Joe. Don’t be ridiculous.) –Joe.

    You did this to yourself…deal with it and quit whining about people being mean to you. Hopefully, you’ll learn something from this, although I doubt it. Maybe you can ask Mike Glennon how to deal with ‘unjust’ criticism.

  74. BoJim Says:

    Hey! Glennons still here. Yeah!