Here Comes The Stench Of Cheese

May 31st, 2014


Joe’s been around these parts long enough to remember how the massive “Packer Backers” fan club used to pack the now defunct Turtle Club in Clearwater (what a fun place that was) wearing goofy gear to cheer their favorite team and share memories of all the beautiful women they knew on cheese farms outside of Green Bay.

The Packers would come to play their annual division game in the Old Sombrero, and these fans and their friends would gobble up tens of thousands of Bucs tickets and turn the Bucs’ beloved home into a cauldron of cheese.

It seems that atmosphere is returning to Tampa.

The Bucs-Packers game in Tampa on Dec. 21 is now sold out of single-game tickets, per A special home-page message says only those prepared to become season ticket holders can get a hold of a seat through traditional channels.

The last time the Packers were in town was in 2009, when some rookie quarterback spread passes around to Kellen Winslow, Maurice Stovall, Sammie Stroughter and Derrick Ward en route to his first win — what weapons he had! — overcoming an 11-point, fourth-quarter deficit against a playoff-bound Packers team.

What a great memory! Scoring in the second half of games is so cool.

Joe’s got mixed feelings about the “sold out” announcements. Joe’s happy for the tourism these Cheeseheads will bring the Tampa Bay area before Christmas, and Joe loves to see a full stadium. There’s no better way to score a victory for the good guys. But a sea of drunken Packers fans is always annoying and downright dreadful.

Man, Joe sure hopes the Bucs sell out opening day against Carolina with nothing but red in the crowd and a scant handful of blue Tiquan Underwood jerseys.

38 Responses to “Here Comes The Stench Of Cheese”

  1. JT Says:

    The only Packers I root for are the Largo Packers.

  2. unbelievable Says:

    I remember that game Joe. Was watching with my buddy who is a die-hard Packers fan. He was livid after that game. We all thought Freeman had a bright future…

    Ah, memories..

  3. Orca Says:

    Mmmmm, cheese boobs.

  4. TopDoggie Says:

    I was at that game with a cheese head friend of mine. He was talking to some Greenbay girls. one of which had a cheese bra. I am normally quite and polite. Out of no where I hear my self ask the girl if I could squeeze her cheese. Good thing she had a sense of humor annnd I did get to squeeze some good old packer cheese.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    Back in the Ole Sombrero days the Clacker Fans had a huge area in the South Parking lot….on the way up to the game I stopped at a West Marine and bought a Orange Smoke cannister….checked out the wind and popped the tab upwind of the gathering…that said…Packer fans in general are the most tolerable visiting fans I have encountered….. Detroit Lion low lifes on the other hand….

  6. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    I think the Saint’s fans are about the worst. Packers and Bear fans always come to party and have a good time.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I just hope the game on 12/21 is meaningful for the Bucs….Green Bay always has pretty good teams…other than that, its an awful place to live compared to Tampa….
    I wonder what Charles Barkley would have to say about the Cows that live there?

  8. Bucfan#37 Says:

    As a teenager in the mid to late 60’s, the packers were the team to root for because they were in their glory years. Also there were no teams in the south to follow. Most people here were Packers or Baltimore Colts fans, along with the Giants and Browns fans. Today’s Bucs-GB games bring out the transplanted Wisconsinites and their pasty white friends to broil in the summertime sun. Cheezy indeed.

  9. PanthersSuck! Says:

    NY and Chicago fans were always the biggest bunch of aholes that I encountered at the old and new sombrero. Panther fans were just fearweather fans that don’t know much about football.

  10. WobbleBuc Says:

    Saints fans are the worst, having to hear “who dat” over and over. I remember all of the packer hate I had in the “battle of the bays” days, Sapp vs Favre etc. I’ve lost that since the division switch but that game from 2009 is where the freemanites were born.

  11. That Guy Says:

    Those Wisconsin women are freaks tho! Can’t wait for them to come to town.

  12. Mumbles Says:

    Ahh,the smell of cheese and ammonia in the morning! Smells like victory to me! Lol

  13. Back, from Davie Jones Locker Says:

    Yeah- ussually Packer fans are fun to party with.
    But a made a few swings thru Wisconsin.
    I thought their ” hot chick per capita” rate was low.
    Florida has way more hot women. Especially if you count the smoking hot Spanish contengent!

    Missouri- for no reason we could figure, was the hottie hotbed. Amazing!
    Must be the Corn fed thang.

    Yes- the stadium needs to be a sea of Red- not cheese,not blue, and especially devoid of Saint colors!
    Man, can’t wait til our defensive line comes around- and I get to see McCoy knock that lil midget Brees around like a chew toy.

  14. Mort Says:

    PanthrrsSuck!: that is the exact perception of bucs fans too from a more national perspective as well. A bunch of fair weather fans that don’t know or care much about football. It’s hard to say they’re wrong about the fair weather part too given that so many opposing team fans get into Raymond James.

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    What a great memory! Scoring in the second half of games is so cool.
    Yea but not scoring in the 1st half was awful… I remember you writing lots of articles about it. But hey, let’s not go there.

  16. Andrew 1 Says:

    I’d say Philly fans and Atlanta fans are the biggest bunch of douche bags at the games. Especially Atlanta fans, not to mention they don’t know squat about football.

  17. Captain Stagger Says:

    What a great memory! Scoring in the second half of games is so cool.


    Let’s hope Lovie believes in half time adjustments….

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    RachelWatson’sthong Says
    “I think the Saint’s fans are about the worst.”

    My vote is on the Falcons fans. They like it when their team plays dirty and they act like their crap doesn’t stink. Lowest class fans on the planet. And the dumbest.

  19. Espo Says:

    Jags fans (all 5 of them) are by far the worst. I guess living with filth all around you makes you cranky.

  20. Espo Says:

    I hope Lovie doesn’t need halftime adjustments. Play our game, execute to perfection.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Well….I’ll throw my vote in for worst fans……Eagles….especially up there!!!

  22. Ghost Says:

    I remember a drunken packer fan tears ago telling me the Bucs have no business being in the NFC central and how bad they sucked. My response was that a there is in Green Bay is a bunch of whores and football players. His response was “hey careful my wife’s from Green Bay” my response was “really what position does she play?”

  23. Bucnjim Says:

    Anything Philly is by far the worst in sports. Won’t even take my kids to an Eagles game.

  24. Kaptain Morgan Says:

    Remember having to sit next to a few of those Packer fans in the Old Sombrero. They used to comment, “Damn your team sucks, but you have some fine women in your city compared to back home.” Guess living on a dairy farm and having to wake up at 4am to get milk from their old lady “Clarabelle the cow” will drive a cheesehead a Feta crazy after a while…I think the Packer fans said they were going to Mons after the game too so at least when they come down they are helping our local community and our single moms too! 😉

  25. Mort Says:

    Stay classy, Bucs fans.

  26. DallasBuc Says:

    Division with the worst fans is a toss up between NFC north and NFC south. Eagles and Giants fans are about as awful as it gets. However, I am almost guaranteed to get into some altercation at any one our games with the fans in this division…home or away. That being said I expect to be making a trip to Tampa for the season opener against those stinking Panthers!

  27. Piratic Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    May 31st, 2014 at 2:26 pm
    What a great memory! Scoring in the second half of games is so cool.
    Yea but not scoring in the 1st half was awful… I remember you writing lots of articles about it. But hey, let’s not go there.


    Well played, CF.

  28. Firethecannons Says:

    Saints and falcon fans drive me crazy.

  29. DallasBuc Says:

    …correction, NFC East I mean not NFC north

  30. Shawnbucfan Says:

    Worst fans i remember were the 98 Viking fans they thought they were unbeatable. Before the game they wouldn’t shut up. Funny how that story ended.

  31. Destinjohnny Says:

    I think I actually miss the old nfc Norris division.

  32. tickrdr Says:

    Does anyone else have Game Rewind to actually go back and WATCH that game against the Packers in 2009?? Freeman DID throw for three TD’s that game, but look at the rest of the facts before trying to tell me he demonstrated the “it” factor everyone was clamoring for! Some have said they were at that game, but their memories may not be so good.


  33. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Looks like a pair of cottage cheese asses to go with the hats.

  34. Says:

    At least the packers saints falcons etc have a fan base that will sell out an away game…we can’t even sell out our own house.

  35. holymoly Says:

    If they are not Buc fans, they all suck !!!

  36. Pete 422 Says:

    Spending $$ at our hotels, restaurants, strip joints etc? I have no problem with that.

  37. Robert7 Says:

    Love that cheese on the right!!!! MMMMMMMMM

  38. BoJim Says:

    Guess I’ll chime in. The worst for me was when the Creamsicle Bucs played the Bills in the Sombrero. We were up high with a large contingent of Bills fans in front of us. They were all drunk and yelling profanities all game at the Bucs and our fans. We almost won the game till Kelly threw a last minute TD pass. Then this one really drunk chick started yelling at us with stuff like F You and the Bucs are a bunch of MF’ers. I never so hard wanted to throw her boney, drunk ass down the stairs. But I settled for throwing ice at her. Those were some bad day’s.