Hawk Shared His Soles

May 19th, 2014

hawkPoor high school kid with a rough life tried to reach his dreams training on a football field, but he didn’t have a pair of cleats for proper training.

Bucs safety Dashon “Hawk” Goldson ran into that kid years ago and, with a little help from Hawk, now they’re teammates.

Tampa Bay Times writer Matt Baker told the heart-warming tale last night. The youngster chasing the NFL was Bucs rookie sixth-round pick Robert Herron, the wide receiver out of Wyoming.

Growing up in gang-ridden south central Los Angeles, Herron didn’t have much.

His dad was in jail. Herron played pee wee flag football because his mom couldn’t afford tackle leagues. He never had to sleep on the streets, but he didn’t always have his own home.

Soon after he got to high school, his mom couldn’t care for him anymore. Herron connected with a cousin through MySpace and showed up at the door of a pseudo-aunt he had never really met.

He had nothing but a backpack of clothes and pair of shoes.

Click through above for the full story. (Boy, Joe sure hopes Roger Goodell doesn’t find a way to fine Goldson for this good deed.)

Hawk is recovering from surgery and may not be in Tampa next season given his massive salary, but he’s definitely already a team leader in Lovie Smith’s locker room. It was even music pounding from Goldson’s locker leading players when they returned in April.

Congrats to Hawk for his kindness.

11 Responses to “Hawk Shared His Soles”

  1. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Good karma, hopefully Heron can make a splash in camp and stick around

  2. voice of reason Says:

    very cool!

  3. brandonbucfan Says:

    Good story..shame we always hear more about the bad than the good, isn’t it?

  4. Don Says:

    is he a receiver or a guard?

  5. biff barker Says:

    Glad to see a player hungry for success get his shot. The WR competition is far more interesting with him in the mix.

  6. Harry Says:

    Cool story Joe

  7. BoJim Says:

    Good for the Hawk.

  8. OB Says:

    Joe big difference between the Hawk story and the Mike Williams story, we need to keep these kind of guys.

    Look at what VJAX, GMC, and others do in the community and not for themselves, what a difference.

  9. $acbuc$ Says:

    I just watch Herron’s interview video on Buccaneers.com and he looks like he could be Goldson lil bro. They resemble each other! I’ll be the first to say it fudge it. I like this kid he will be great in this league.

    Joe this guy will make us forget about the Brandon Cooks pick by the Saints. I will go out on a limb and say with the same amount of touches Herron will have a more productive year.

    Question? Was Anthony Collins sweating that hard in his interviews because he may not be able to Protect the Blindside? We our unsure of him what happens if he get hurts who fills the spot? Huh Joe? Another question mark player.

    Better Question? Who takes over if Decon Smith goes down. That’s the CENTER know it alls. Got my own nicknames for most buc players so keep the names you JBFrrrrr got. Haters!!!!!! I try to come thru hur dropping knowledge on your college Joe but these homers, untalented talent evaluators, trolls, nerds, and the Grammar police keep attacking my humorless jokes. Although COUCH FAN called me one of his favorites posters. Thanks Bro!

    Wouldn’t it suck to have the Tallest and maybe the Fastest offense in history and Our QB is going DOWN SET SACK. LOL.

    I laughed at myself…..Down Set Sack…hahaha…Go ahead and Bite My Shhhh.

    LONG LIVE “BASKETBALL ON GRASS”….rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    That was coined by Mike Mayock.

  10. PRBucFan Says:

    OMG what if everyone gets hurt!!!!!!!!! GASP!!!!!

    Quit the drama lol 😉

  11. $acbuc$ Says:

    Punk Rock Buc Fan. I was waiting on ya! You got all the answers!