“Actually Look Like A Fairly Credible Offense”

May 22nd, 2014

josh mccown 0317The Bucs are loaded at tight end, talented and deep at running back, plus they’ve got two gifted wide receivers who, together, present huge matchup problems for defenses.

Gone are the 2008 days, when the head coach couldn’t figure out how to put his two best wide receivers on the field together. Gone are the 2009 days of banged up Antonio Bryant, Maurice Stovall and Sammie Stroughter in place for the rookie quarterback.

Preston Parker is no longer the go-to guy on third down. Kellen Winslow is no longer screaming for the ball when he’s not open.

Kevin Ogletree and Tiquan Underwood have left the building.

Tampa Bay Times beat writer Rick Stroud has taken notice and likes what he sees on the field — in May.

“They actually look like a fairly credible offense in a very short time,” trumpeted Stroud on WDAE-AM 620 yesterday. “I mean, one OTA practice, you’re going against your own guys. The defense made plays, etc. But when you look at the collection of weapons out there, I think they have guys that can make plays. And if Josh McCown protects the football, he throws the ball very well. He throws a great deep ball; you’ll see the accuracy he has on that. And it’s the type of receivers he’s used to playing with in Chicago. I think they have a chance.”

Optimism abounds. Joe’s even confident the Bucs offense will be much improved from its worst-in-the-NFL status, though Joe is concerned how long it will take for the offense to thrive.

The Bucs face two nasty, physical defenses in Weeks 1 and 2: the Panthers and Rams. Then they’ve got three consecutive road games — always tough on a team — before heading to another nasty defense in Baltimore.

That’s very tough sledding for a new offense and could lead to calls — wrongly or rightly — for the quarterback of the future during the Week 7 bye.

(Listen to the WDAE Stroud audio below)

42 Responses to ““Actually Look Like A Fairly Credible Offense””

  1. Meh Says:

    We have credible weapons. I don’t think we have a very credible quarterback or offensive line situation.

  2. pablo Says:

    Pablo thinks Douglas Maetin, and Vincent jackson are very credible. Everyone else just has potential.

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Pretty much comes down to the offensive line. Everything else is in place, even a couple of speed in space guys in Demps and Sims.

    If Carl Nicks can come back at even 80% of his old self, and just one of the prospects develops into a right guard, this line could be effective.

    What gives me the most hope is the offensive line the Bucs had in front of Doug Martin his rookie year. Remember, no Davin no Nicks, just no names up front along with Donald Penn. If that group could jell into a decent offensive line then the current crop of guys should be able to pull it off as well.

    Biggest fear on the OL…no depth!!!

  4. William Says:

    I’m assuming the Bucs up tempo offense will require McCown to release the ball fairly quickly. This will help our o-line. Having big targets as he did in Chicago can help McCown to continue playing at the level he was last year. Even if are using our tight ends to assist the o-line McCown has big targets to move the ball. Add Sims and Martin we should be able to go toe to toe with other teams.

    The real key is the defense coming together soon.

    Go Bucs!!!

  5. Tampabaybucsfan Says:

    @ Pablo

    TBBF wants to know why Pablo speaks in the third person? TBBF thinks that should be reserved for Joe.

  6. Architek Says:

    Wait – Joe,
    If an experienced QB struggles against elite level defenses, why would calls start coming for MG after week 7 when he wouldn’t fair any better and the Bucs are committed to allowing him to grow and learn.

    I have to disagree with you in that aspect.

  7. Architek Says:

    I completely agree with Stroud!

    He’s by far imo the most credible local media type and Scott Reynolds is not far behind.

  8. boob Says:

    One injury and we are back in the same boat again. Meh with beinh optimistic

  9. theDON Says:

    that is what i have always said watching the bucs offenses the last 5 years or so. They just didnt look like a consistent NFL offense, minus a few games of course. Then i would watch other games , even my wife would say she liked watching other teams better because they look like a real team. WOuld love to have a real, credible team back in TB

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Barring injury McCown should start the vast majority, and more than likely all, of this season. We probably won’t see the Ginger Cannon until next year. If we see him in 2014 it’s likely something has gone wrong.

  11. al121976 Says:

    Does anyone think pablo is credible?

  12. brandonbucfan Says:

    This article makes some very valid points. HOWEVER, I do want to disagree a bit with the points made about the schedule. Yes, Carolina and the RAMS have stout defenses, but both of these teams are going to be weak in the offense area. Both of them are at home. Two games we HAVE to win and SHOULD win. The three on the road…Falcons THurs night..tough but winnable…@ PITT…I think we can definitely play with them and our “D” is better than their “O”. The Saints game scares me…I think the Saints will give both the Seahawks and 49ers a run for their money and predict they will be in the NFC Championship game. SOO..give me the two wins at home and just one of the next three on the road and we are 3-2 coming home against BALT..which, again, at home is very winnable. So we could be 4-2 going in the bye. I realize this means having to go 3-0 at home but maybe we can use some of that Sept. and early Tampa heat to our advantage….If we can go 4-2 anything could happen!!!

  13. MadMax Says:

    Look, Jackson is declining but still has some left in his tank, especially in the redzone when he isnt doubled. Yes Evans is a rookie, and as long as he stays healthy, he’ll soon become our #1…..and Wright can still be our “go to”and hopefully Jenkins will adjust quickly as a go to also.

    While being cautiously optimistic and hoping the QB’s and Receivers jell together, we will also hopefully have two great blockers (mentioned above) to open up the wild cards with Sims and Herron! Thats what I envision in close games and trick plays.

  14. biff barker Says:

    William, good post. I’ve been preaching a quick release, misdirection and using speed to the outside given we’ve got some big guys who can block.
    The OL is going to need time to gel and the play calling will be critical early on.

  15. Netwalker Says:

    If McCown remains consistent in his accuracy, these tall, good hands receivers will make some plays.

  16. BucFan20 Says:

    @William & biff
    In the same interview when Glennon told the press l and l told him he was staying, he also said they are working on getting the ball out of their of their hands quick.

  17. Michael D. Says:

    “Kellen Winslow is no longer screaming for the ball when he’s not open.”

    I LOL’d

  18. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    what is the over/under until MG8 takes over this year??? I have McCown playing 6 games until he gets benched or hurt.

    The “Future” is near!!!

  19. MadMax Says:

    3rd or 4th game…..

  20. lightningbuc Says:

    won’t see the Ginger Cannon until next year


    The Ginger Cannon! Love it. Now that’s a t-shirt slogan.

  21. Bucsfanman Says:

    I totally agree that the key will be the O-line. You can “quick-release” all you want but eventually, it’s going to catch up with you. More time in the pocket will mean more receivers getting open. Mix in a solid ground game and you’ve got something going.
    I’m not worried about our defense at all. If they can keep us in games like the ones at Carolina and St. Louis and allow the offense to come together, we’ll be straight.
    I’m stoked! I can’t wait to see it.

  22. stanglassman Says:

    If McCown plays this season as well as he did last year and the offense is getting progressively better I see no reason why he wouldn’t be back next year and into the future. The average QB retirement is 38 and he has less wear and tear on his body than most his age so why not. I do understand why as a coach you would tell the former QB you just benched that they are the future but like Shroud said “he is the future until he’s not”. We will see but I do believe Glennon is a much better back up QB than the Bucs have had in a long while.
    With that list of receivers at the beginning of the article from the 2010 season makes you wonder how the Bucs won 10 games especially with all the injuries the team had that year.

  23. Couch Fan Says:


    You already know my prediction. Game 1, we’ll see Glennon!


  24. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Don’t raise any Red Glennon Flags, but fire the Glennon Cannon! 😉

  25. biff barker Says:

    Bucsfanman Says:

    I totally agree that the key will be the O-line. You can “quick-release” all you want but eventually, it’s going to catch up with you. More time in the pocket will mean more receivers getting open. Mix in a solid ground game and you’ve got something going.

    I don’t think anyone in their right mind would argue that the O-line is our single biggest issue.
    My comments were based on finding ways to help them while they are learning to play together. A good ground game and play action will set up the deeper routes.

  26. "Skyline" Says:

    We have the 19th toughest schedule last I looked. It won’t be a cake walk by any means. I’m hoping we can get 2nd in the division and a wildcard. If we win the division I would be stoked. However, I don’t think we are there yet.

  27. phil Says:

    Here’s hoping Greg Hardy is suspended the first game of the season.

  28. Bear the Bucs Says:

    I’ve got it ! Just throw screen passes all game. That way our offensive line doesn’t have to block and the defensive line will be all worn out by chasing down the tiny backs. Brillant !

  29. biff barker Says:

    Bear, sarcasm aside, we do need to be running screens too. Anything we can do to keep a defense off balance……

  30. Bear the Bucs Says:

    Hopefully, the Bucs offense will be better than the Ray’s offense. Yuccck !

  31. Destinjohnny Says:

    Imagine the option on 3rd and 8 ? Man defenses will be stressed trying to stop us. Now the o line??……

  32. Bucamania Says:

    Excited to see an offense with some speed and weapons for a freakin’ change! Welcome to the modern NFL Bucs fans. Tired of that plodding, zero separation, run-run-pass, 14 play drive offense of years past. Show some creativity, play with fast tempo, and get the heck open!!

  33. Orca Says:

    @pablo speaks in 3rd person because pablo is a boob. Ditto for Joe.

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Of course McCown looks good. There isn’t a defensive line trying to take his head off.

  35. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Biff- I totally agree. We’ll probably catch a few teams off guard at first but once they key on what we’re doing, all bets are off. The screen game will play into that as well, especially if we’re able to run effectively.

  36. Jim Walker Says:

    Best case scenario for the Bucs offensive line is that Carl Nicks returns 100% (9 games in 3 seasons) and a competent backup for him is brought in. Plus, we need to find a healthy and NFL caliber RG and backup that are released by other teams. That is at least 3-4 NFL starting lineman that MUST be here opening day.

    Where are they coming from? Without them no one has any right to be optimistic.

  37. Discount08 Says:


  38. Buchead407 Says:

    Joe don’t forget we will have a nasty physical defense too!!! Gholston and Barron will me better and I believe Lvd and gmc will have more help this year from our other linebackers and dlineman Tough first half we will see what our new bucs are made of I’m excited. Panthers should be the ones scared

  39. Jim Walker Says:

    McCown wont last 2 games with our current O-Line.

  40. Tristan Berry Says:

    3-3 after 6 games seems more likely to me. If that’s how the first six weeks play out, I’ll be positively giddy. If we can manage that, I think we could wind up 9-5 heading into week 16 and be part of the post-season drama. That would make me extremely happy.

  41. Tristan Berry Says:

    Hey, Jim… you should go buy a hazmat suit. I think it’s going to rain.

  42. Bobby Says:

    Yes, the Bucs face two tough defenses in Carolina and the Rams but I think our defense will be just as nasty so it’s just a matter of who has the better offense and I like the way ours matches up with huge receivers and running backs who can catch also.