“A Linebacker-Mentality Coach”

May 20th, 2014

Lovie Smith, Marc AnthonySo who taught manbeast Gerald McCoy how to tackle at a Pro Bowl level? Greg Schiano, of course.

Please don’t tell you Joe forgot that critical nugget of Bucs history. Ask Mason Foster and Johnthan Banks about their tackling skills, and they’ll talk about their Schiano transformation, too.

For those unaware, Schiano, in every darn practice, ran players through what he called his “tackling circuit,” a major cog in his routine fundamental work. Ronde Barber, Darrelle Revis, there were no exceptions.

In a league that regulates the length of practice, those drills took their share of time from the Bucs defense.

Under Lovie Smith, that drilling is gone. So what are the Bucs defenders doing with the extra time? Jonathan Casillas explained.

“It’s different technique stuff we’re working on. As linebackers, we get a little extra time just doing linebacker specific things, reads, run fits, pass fits and fewer things general to the overall defense,” Casillas told Joe.

Casillas went on to say “there was no problem with the tackling circuits because football is about blocking and tackling.” But he emphasized there’s now loads of nuanced coaching going on, especially by the head coach.

“Lovie spends some time with [the linebackers], especially during individual stuff, and during key drills, just different run fits with that. He’s the quarterback then, giving us dummy looks sometimes,” Casillas said. “He’s a linebacker-mentality coach. You can tell by the way he talks and the way he addresses the unit and the entire defense.”

Yes, Lovie is a quiet, direct teacher of defense. That’s his DNA. Joe remembers Matt Forte telling Joe at this year’s Pro Bowl that Lovie is “hands-off” when it comes to the offense.

Joe can’t really wrap words around it, but there’s such a quiet calm aura around Lovie’s new Bucs defense. Confidence. Coaching. Joe can’t wait to see it.

29 Responses to ““A Linebacker-Mentality Coach””

  1. pablo Says:

    I still think Rheem Morris is the best African American coach in this league.

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    You and me both, Joe!

  3. Dougy balls Says:

    Pablo. So off subject

  4. Dougy balls Says:

    What’s the point of that comment ???

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    To get attention.

  6. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Pablo. Your weed must be better than mine. However I think Raheem just made young mistakes and will probably get another shot sometime

  7. gatrbuc17 Says:

    And I smoke Medical Marijuana

  8. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Rheem Morris? Sounds like a porn star name or one of the dancers names from the Mons. How long has the Mons been there on Dale Mabry? 40 years? Why not do a story on the Mons this summer while there is dead time between OTAs and Training Camp Joe…;)

    Here’s hoping we can get thru the Summer without any arrests, suspensions, etc.

  9. rayjay1122 Says:

    @couch fan regarding Pablo. ..Exactly right about him being negative to get attention.

  10. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Bucs signed a QB today.

    Brett Smiths arm must have noodlitis.

  11. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Also… Adam Schefter on Mike Glennon: “Has truly impressed” & “opened up some eyes.” Will “certainly” compete for #Bucs starting job. — Evan Silva (@evansilva) May 20, 2014

  12. owlykat Says:

    Good information Joe. Good to hear Lovie is directly teaching defense to our players. One thing I know Schiano taught that was a benefit was carrying the ball high to avoid fumbling. Hope those who learned that will pass that on to Sims and our Wyoming speedster.

  13. passthebuc Says:

    If he taught Banks how to tackle, what happened on game day

  14. Jim Walker Says:

    The defense better be good since there are no guards on the roster that can play at an NFL level. Ask any coach, guards are important. I’ll end my sarcasm here.

  15. Patrick Says:

    You must be high Pablo; Lovie Smith is a better African American coach than Raheem!

  16. b.Bruce Says:

    you’re a racist bastard, let’s just never comment after someone leave such a stupid stupid comment.this is the last time I will.Tampa Bay wins the Superbowl this year.you heard it here first B buco Bruce.

  17. b.Bruce Says:

    by the way I forgot to mention Mike Glennon is the next Tom Brady.he will come in for her Josh and never look back after winning the Superbowl.don’t get me wrong I don’t wish to injury on anybody.

  18. Harry Says:

    I always found it interesting that Schiano would do drills for basic tackling – which are fundamentals – and I totally agree with. But his coaches did not believe in reinforcing basic QB footwork and fundamental motion throwing drills

  19. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Also… Adam Schefter on Mike Glennon: “Has truly impressed” & “opened up some eyes.” Will “certainly” compete for #Bucs starting job. — Evan Silva (@evansilva) May 20, 2014


    Lol @being impressed by mini camp workouts in shorts.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    feelthepewterpower ….”I Love Mike Glennon” – Lovie Smith

  21. cmurda Says:

    The best scenario as an organization is for Glennon to win the job and never relinquish it. Is it likely? Nope. Sorry Glennon mobsters. I just don’t feel that “it” factor from Glennon and as a long time Bucs fan, I’ve learned to temper enthusiasm when it comes to Bucs quarterbacks. In fairness, he only had a year and certainly wasn’t bad. The last time we had a franchise QB was ummmm, never, unless you count the very short Steve Young experiment.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lovie looks good too, in shape and healthy. Schiano didn’t lift, just ran his mouth.

    Lovie pumps iron!

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    Glennon was horrible last year. Now much of that could be attributed to poor coaching and a sieve for an offensive line.

  24. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Hands off with the offense? Kind of the opposite as the gruden days where Monte was the leader of our defense. This means there’s a lit more control, and therefore pressure, on Tedford. I’m pretty convinced now that the choice of Qb really belongs to Tedford. We should care less what Lovie has to say about Glennon or McCown. Need to be asking Tedford who’s. Been the most impressive thus far.
    I have faith that Lovie can turn this defense into a great one (maybe if given a little more depth), but can Tedford coach his guys up? We’ve left the days of the Schiano dictatorship, and are back to rolling the dice on two guys to get the job done. We’ve seen it work before.

  25. gatrbuc17 Says:


  26. SeattleBucsFan Says:

    Mason Foster will have a monster year, he will have Brian Urlacher’s numbers!!

  27. teacherman777 Says:

    Lovie Smith is married to a white woman. His kids are mixed.

    Vincent Jackson is half and half.

    Mike Evans’ mother is a white woman.

    I LOVE to see a team that represents racial unity and tolerance!

    One love! No more racism!

    Go Bucs!

    PS- Jesus is the opposite of a racist.

    PS2- Make sure to vote YES in November for medical marijuana!

    “herb is the healing of the nation!”-Bob Marley

    Go watch- CNN’s documentary “Weed” and “Weed 2” by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

    And Run from the Cure, Hemp for Victory, and PBS-The Science of Cannabis

  28. Mike J Says:

    I think Lovie will be coaching the ‘backers a lot, & Frazier the DB’s.

  29. BoJim Says:

    cmurda Said:

    The best scenario as an organization is for Glennon to win the job and never relinquish it. Is it likely? Nope. Sorry Glennon mobsters. I just don’t feel that “it” factor from Glennon.

    Well, I guess that’s it for Glennon. cmurda say’s that Mike doesn’t have the “it” factor. Maybe cmurda should explain that to L&L.