A Few Photos From Tuesday’s OTA

May 21st, 2014

practice 2b

There is a bit, well, a lot more access given to the Tampa Bay pen and mic club than in recent years past. Of course, the tradeoff is no Twittering during practice. It’s a fair scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours swap.

Joe is happy with the open society that has enveloped One Buc Palace.

As a result, Joe was able to roam the practice fields and allowed to snap some photos with his smartphone. So here are some of the photos, and Joe’s pretty surprised at the quality, given that, yes, it’s a Samsung Galaxy 4 (no, Joe’s not getting a kickback for typing this but if someone from Verizon Wireless would contact Joe, he is sure he can work something out).

Joe is actually used to working an SLR camera, where Joe can actually see the subjects and focus, unlike a smartphone in the sun where Joe can’t see a damned thing due to glare, and basically has to point and shoot and pray for a decent shot.

practice 1

Skill position players work on fighting off defenders while running pass routes.

practice 3

Running backs listen intently to details.

practice 4

Running backs in a drill to catch passes while doing agility drills with tackling dummies.

practice 5

Fullback Lonnie Pryor navigates the tackling dummies during an agility drill.

practice 6

Linemen, both offensive and defensive, practice their footwork.

practice 7

More footwork for the linemen.

24 Responses to “A Few Photos From Tuesday’s OTA”

  1. You Go Joe Says:

    Joe – http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Camera-including-Telephoto-Microfiber/dp/B00DUQGJ7E

    I highly recommend this !!! helps out a lot and also portable. Dunno if the Bucs picky on what type of cameras to use, but this may come in handy. Also max the screen brightness, that also helps out.

    great pictures, always like to see some type of pics from the practices.

  2. pablo Says:

    Can’t someone explain to me why Lovie Smith is in love with Jeff Demps ??? This guy is a scrub.. every time Joe attends practice he says Demps is either fumbling or dropping wide open passes… unless this is a smokescreen.. hmmm

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    pablo…because Lovie said so and you have 2 choices. Believe him or not believe him. Something tells me you are going to choose the latter.

  4. Joe Says:


    To be honest, the only people Lovie has spoken ill of are no longer with the team.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ pablo…

    Because Demps speaks in the third person….Jeff this & Jeff that.

    I know…Pablo wants to also know why Joe does….and it will probably remain a mystery.

    Think it would be hilarious if Lovie spoke in the third person.

  6. Geno714 Says:

    Are the numbers on the jerseys looking any better after seeing them more?

    I love the new helmets, and don’t mind the color scheme, but those numbers just bother me.

  7. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    It would be even funnier if Mike Glennon spoke in the third person and referred to himself as “The Cannon”.

  8. Joe Says:

    Are the numbers on the jerseys looking any better after seeing them more?

    Those are practice jerseys in the photos. Game jerseys are night and day different.

    Joe was NOT a fan of the new jerseys. But when he saw them in person with lights shining on them, those things absolutely popped. Should be interesting to see them in the sun, or at night in HD with the lights on them.

  9. owlykat Says:

    Thanks for the photos Joe. Helps to see the drills they are doing. As they always say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

  10. Geno714 Says:

    Joe: I understand those are practice jerseys, but the number font is still the same. And still looks bad. Like an old alarm clock.

  11. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Any practice notes today joe?

  12. Tony Says:

    Helmets look fantastic!!

  13. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Tampa bay fans beware, a lot of players on this team will not be there next off-season. is it a coincidence that another runningback was drafted with you guys already having 4 guys? If the fans think that a player is a scrub but plays hard for lovie then he will be there, believe that. Gerald McCoy better be a stud or he is gone, lovie would rather coach scrubs that will play hard for him than popular names. lovie sees something in that askew kid so the other linebackers better beware. lovie took a runningback and turned him into a DT (h. melton), a 5″10 CB who was a scrub and turned him into a pro bowler (t. jennings). I could go on and on but I won’t, he’s a great coach but your players better play hard or else

  14. DallasBuc Says:

    The “big dog” has a great Tshirt idea that he shared on the air during the weekly jbf I-hate-Glennon hour: “He has a cannon for an arm. Really?”
    I am no fan of Glennon either but this poor talk show host is really sounding desperate and classless. Someone close to him should maybe let him know that he is starting to embarrass himself.

  15. Orlampa Turd in Nicaragua Says:

    Surprisingly fast shutter speed for a phone camera

  16. PRBucFan Says:


  17. PRBucFan Says:

    Who actually listens to the pup? lol

  18. biff barker Says:

    Lovie is infatuated with Demps because as former DC he knows how difficult it is to contain that kind of speed,
    I’m unsure what Demps will do but am intrigued by how Tedford might use him.

  19. Joe Says:


    If there was practice today, it waa closed.

  20. Andres Says:

    The Cannon will be starting opening day.

    ~The Cannon.

  21. Piratic Says:

    @DallasBuc: Desperate and classless are two fundamental characteristics of SD. He isn’t STARTING to embarrass himself, he’s CONTINUING his decades-long train wreck of embarrassing behavior.

  22. PGW Says:

    DallasBuc Says:
    May 21st, 2014 at 5:35 pm

    Someone close to him should maybe let him know that he is starting to embarrass himself.

    I agree with DallasBuc but honestly he is on air for a reason. People must listen to him, God knows why. Hopefully TB fans will get it together and just stop listening and if he has crap rating he will get canned. Maybe Joe can step out and do his own radio show. Probably still be a pessimistic style show. But waaay better that this “Big Dog” dillweed!

  23. Captain Buc Says:

    The Cannon says. The big dogg hates the Bucs. He never has anything good to say about our beloved team.#the struggle is real.

  24. Tristan Berry Says:

    I’m still flummoxed by the new jersey number font. I love the new helmets, though, and I’m even okay with the new jersey’s even though it isn’t my preference. But those LED numbers just make me lose my lunch. What on earth was the thinking on that? I know they started development back when Freeman was sleeping in, so maybe they figured Joshie5 would be immune to the painful sight of them and finally have an edge on the defense?