“You’ve Got To Take One”

April 16th, 2014

Yes, we could all chuckle at Mike Holmgren giving advice on drafting a quarterback, but his message is what’s important and the common mindset it reveals. General managers and head coaches — and more importantly owners — know the great value of having a face-of-the-franchise quarterback.

Sadly, the Bucs don’t have one — like 14 other NFC teams do.

Holmgren chatted about finding a franchise QB with fight-instigatingbarista-training, pedestrian-bumpingolive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chuggingcricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïvebaseball box score-reading Peter King, of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports Fame, and explained that needy teams must strike and go all-in.

Mike Holmgren has been where so many coaches and team architects are, 23 mornings before the 2014 NFL Draft. He has been wondering where his starting quarterback would come from. So it seemed logical to ask him Monday: Approaching a draft in which every quarterback is a question mark and there are better players all over the board, what do you do if you really need a quarterback?

“You’ve got to take one,” Holmgren said Monday over lunch here, a few long spirals from the Seahawks’ training facility.

“You’ve got to, unfortunately.”

You can click through the first link above and read the entire commentary by Holmgren, who explained his decision to approve a trade for Brett Favre and to stick with Favre when he floundered early while Mark Brunell was the choice of others in his organization.

Not surprising in the piece, King references five teams that could benefit from Holmgren’s wisdom: “Words to the wise—for Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Minnesota.”

Yes, Joe knows plenty of Bucs fans don’t feel the urge to draft a quarterback. But to them Joe asks, “What are you waiting for? Another 4-12 season and better drafting position?”

71 Responses to ““You’ve Got To Take One””

  1. getaclue Says:

    Chuckle why? Dude had Brunell,Farve and Hasselbeck

  2. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “What are you waiting for? ”

    – Raheem to Dominik, April 25th, 2009.

    Yeah, I can’t imagine what could go wrong.

    As the story goes, Team Glazer ordered the new regime to draft and develop a QB immediately, or secure one via other means ASAP. The Bucs were rumored in the mix for Cassel and Cutler before drafting Freeman. –Joe

  3. MadMax Says:

    What I was waiting for Joe was a HUGE improvement on the O line. We have that now, and it should improve even more after the draft if we attack it like we should. Could we use a pick on another QB? Im all for it if its Bortles….other than that, wait. Remember, this is our first year in a rebuild and we have the next 2 years to work some pieces into place…..fortify the trenches first unless that ONE guy you really want slips to you, and sorry, other than Bortles, I dont see that in this crop of QB’s….and of course I could be wrong.

    Take a chance on Connor Shaw with the 3rd (or a picked up 4th) the poor man’s version of Manziel.

  4. Mike Says:

    Joe failed to mention that Holmgren also said it’ll get you fired….. Nice no say Joe

    Look, Joe’s not getting your attitude. Joe provides a link for people to read and form their own opinions and get educated. Joe’s not here to rehash/reprint everything. Yes, failing will get you fired. Is that really a surprise, let alone interesting? –Joe

  5. Mike Says:

    I read all this yesterday on NFL. I like what the Joe’s put out a lot of the time. But when it comes to QB talk….. They leave a lot out. Sad but true

  6. Couch Fan Says:


    Of course they do. They couldn’t continue there silly anti Glennon propaganda without leaving some key things out.

    “Anti-Glennon propaganda?” Glennon proved to be a very solid backup last season. There’s no shame in that. –Joe

  7. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    What do the Cowboys, Eagles, 49’ers, Seahawks, Cardinals, Saints, and Bears (the NFC teams Joe is implying have their franchise QB) have in common with the Bucs? Answer they either got a starting QB in later rounds (like Glennon) or brought one in via free agency (McCown). Sorry but the Bucs are in good shape at QB and have far more pressing draft needs

  8. Snook Says:

    If we take Bridgewater, we’ll be crappy for another 4+ years.

    He played terrible teams in college.
    He’s looked AVERAGE in workouts against AIR.
    He scored a low 20 Wonderlic.

    What’s there’s to like about this guy?

    His wins against Big East teams?


  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sammy @ 7

    Now, as far as QB….we don’t have to take one….we could use McCown to develop Glennon and-or, we could wait until next year….(plenty of good QBs available & most teams needing QBs will take one this year….so less competition for that position in 2015.
    If we pick a QB this year, Glennon is almost surely gone….that would mean Lovie & Licht have completely given up on Glennon. I’m not convinced of that.

  10. Mike Says:

    No doubt they have the anti Glennon thing going. But correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Eli and Matty Ice look bad last year? Guess 12 teams have “franchise QBs” in the NFC

  11. Aaron Says:

    Totally agree Joe – drafting a QB is the only position in the NFL that equates to a lottery ticket. I’m not convinced that we should draft one at 7 – I’d rather trade down to get some extra picks – see if the top guys fall or over-draft a 2nd round guy. If we can’t swing a trade draft best player available and do whatever it takes to trade back into the last part of the 1st round to get your guy. If the Bucs are 100% sold on their QB and they have to draft him at 7 so be it. It would great to grab a WR, OL, DL but how many playoff games has Calvin Johnson and N. Suh won over the years?

  12. Mike Says:

    @ Joe
    It’s not an attitude really. I did say I enjoy reading most of your stuff. You guys put out a lot for the readers and I respect that. It’s just that not every fan goes the distance in looking at things and you and many of us know that. So with that being said, you tend to leave a lot out when doing a QB article where as you supply more if we were talking about a DE. And I’m not truly downing you guys, just stating the obvious

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    Joe provides a link for people to read and form their own opinions and get educated


    To let people form there own opinions, you have to put out unbias articles. You however, absolutely do not put out unbias articles. You can try to tell us all you want that “Glennon is a nice guy and that you like him” but we have an entire off season of articles to disprove your claim.
    Lol your entitled to your views, which I’m not complaining about. But dont insult our intelligence. Just sayin.

    Look, Joe IS BIASED on many issues. Joe runs an opinion-driven website. That’s been the case since Day 1. You’d have to be a moron to think otherwise. Please don’t accuse Joe of lying. Joe has no time to babysit your comment and fabrications. Just stop already. Joe does like Glennon and thinks he did solid job in his backup role last season. He’ll likely be in the NFL a long time. –Joe

  14. Eric Says:

    Could be worse, Schiano could still be here with Glennon the anointed starter with an old Rutgers guy as OC.

    Man wouldn’t that have been fun.

  15. clafollett Says:


    To answer, yes we should take one if he is there. Only JM though. I’m not sold on TB or BB. If not JM, wait for Jimmy. Very fluid with that super fast release.

  16. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    The fact that there is no consensus on who the best QB prospect is could mean Texans will pass on TB/BB and one of those two will likely fall to us. If it is Teddy I believe we have to take him.

  17. brandonbucfan Says:

    @aaron- I would take Matthew Stafford in a HEARTBEAT. The problem with them has been in the Coaching which THEY think (I’m not so sure) has been corrected.
    @madmax- you say we have had a HUGE improvement in our OL. Name me,please our starting guards. What is the status with Nicks? We don’t know…IS Collins really an upgrade over Penn..Hope so.. Evans ..agreeably better than Zuttah WHO WAS OUT OF POSITION. Will Dotson continue to improve..Hope so…..Just,please don’t tell me that a group that has NEVER PLAYED TOGETHER and is adding a whole new offense and blocking scheme is a HUGE improvement!!

  18. Kalind Says:

    What’s the problem here? They do need a QB. Whether its this year or next. If they take the long view and would rather have Winston or Mariotta, I’m not going to kill them for it. Both of those guys are better than the slobs coming out this year. (People, stop pitching Glennon and Bridgewater. Are these really the people you want leading us for 10 yrs? Seriously?!)

    If LL wants to load up on talent in this years draft, I say let them. We’ll win a little w McCown and then make some trades (Ditka?) for Jameis.

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    I’d rather trade up, get some picks and try nabbing Carr for the QB later…

  20. BucFan20 Says:

    Wait. We just got the great Lovie Smith. Replaced most of the team. But now if we don’t draft a QB this year we could have a 4-12 season? Well that would show the Glazers a lot. And if we do take one that means we have no 4-12 season? We know you want Little Johnny. And Now! And yes we see you are using another expert opinion to drive your point home.

  21. bigpoppabuc Says:

    This organization has drafted two quarterbacks in the past five drafts. I really don’t like the idea of doing it two years in a row. Draft picks are too valuable to be continuously wasted on QBs. Same goes for DEs… We need to draft smater and a bit safer, to build the depth of this roster. We need O-linemen, we need receivers and some linebacker depth. We need more diverse tight ends.

    too many other needs to reach on a QB this draft. By now everyone should realize that this class is full of wildcard quarterbacks, so unless we puck up a fourth rounder or another fifth or sixth and want to take a chance on one of those wildcards still out there, I say no thanks.

  22. MadMax Says:

    @brandon, yes of course we still need to see them play together, but rebuilding that O line was in order. Ive been on record here the last 3 years about how much we needed a better O line. Its not a personal knock on Penn or Zuttah or Joseph or fans of them, but it wasnt working and the $$ wasnt working paying for it. I hope Nicks can come back and I think he’ll still play great “IF” he’s healthy. But if he cant, we’d better have someone there to fill the void!

    If we draft O line first or second, yes, Im seeing a HUGE improvement on paper, which Im confident will translate on the field to satisfy you.I know and am VERY confident in knowing O lines….but feel free to disagree all you want 😉

  23. Nate Says:

    PLEASE…..will REAL football and BUCS fans take off your blinders. Sammy Watkins will NOT be there at 7……..we need to draft a QB if they were at least 70% comp percentage (aka Parcells main ingredient) …..Glennon is a Chris Simms AT BEST……and even he took us to the playoffs…….

    Look at how many games we had to suffer thru only to pick #7 ……I do not want to sit thru ANYTHING worse as last season…….so lovie ??? if one of three are there JF ,bridge , or murray 2nd you DO IT……cause im tired of relying on mediocore college play to translate to the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “As the story goes, Team Glazer ordered the new regime to draft and develop a QB immediately, or secure one via other means ASAP. The Bucs were rumored in the mix for Cassel and Cutler before drafting Freeman. –Joe”

    thanks for the reply, but point being?

    Is the new regime under the same mandate? Just as Holmgren said, if you choose wrong, you lose your job (See: Dominik fired). If LoveLicht doesn’t think there’s a guy worth it at 7, then, why would you force it under a “what are you waiting for” mantra?

    So, I guess the answer to your question is another question: Why do you want to force a move if they don’t believe that’s the guy for them?

  25. Buccinfan Says:

    Uh oh holm green said you have to take qb. That means steer clear unless you find a Matt hassleback in the sixth round

  26. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Best player available. Period. Joe’s opinion be damned.

    Drafting for “need” is how we ended up in this ridiculous situation in the first place.

  27. bucrightoff Says:

    Yes, Joe knows plenty of Bucs fans don’t feel the urge to draft a quarterback. But to them Joe asks, “What are you waiting for? Another 4-12 season and better drafting position?”

    No Joe. But Carolina was 26th in offense last year and won the division. Football is a team game. Who cares who the QB is if the defense can’t stop anyone? If the line can’t protect the QB? If receivers can’t get open? If the kicker is shaky? You have fully acknowledged the offensive line is still a question mark and that the Bucs have VJax an a bunch of #3s/4s. Drafting a QB does not ensure anything without a good team around. Some people would rather address other needs. QB is not the be all and end all.

    I think people have totally convinced themselves QB means everything between winning and losing. It just isn’t the case. People love to knock Romo, and believe me I have, but he had a very very good year last yea. Not his fault the defense was DFL. Likewise in 2012, the Bucs had a top 10 offense…so what? Didn’t matter did it? It’s not all about the QB. Not even close.

  28. knucknbuc Says:

    Glennon is average at best. I’ve never seen so many fans accept and cling to mediocre qb as quickly as they have to glennon.

    It’s astonishing really.

  29. Mike Says:

    Freeman anyone???

  30. Bobby M. Says:

    I think A. Murray is the “guy”, he’s mobile with good size. Comes from Georgia that runs a “pro style” offense and plays against quality competition. He’s also the local boy that can be snagged in the 3rd round. His QB rating ranked 4th behind Joe’s beloved Johnny, yet A. Murray doesn’t come with all the baggage and was a 4 yr starter with a much broader resume to look at.

    He also didn’t have the luxuryof having a WR that is likely to go “top 10” in the draft by throwing hail marys off his back foot to a 6ft 5in man beast.

    Tedford is looking for a good pupil to groom not babysit, Licht is looking to trade down and acquire more picks which targeting Murray makes that much more possible than Manziel.

    Lastly, look at the media circus Tebow brought along with division with the fans. You can add RG3 for that matter. Licht/Lovie are not going to hang their careers on the “hype” of J. Football. The guy is a media machine that will distract and possibly divide leaving the coach hung out to dry. This is year one of their rebuilding and they dont want any player that is bigger than the team (D. Revis), especially an unproven commodity that is all ready copyrighting his name/statements, signed with NIKE and loves the ladies (Mons Venus, Odyssey 2001, etc). The team just got rid of the circus with Freeman and Schiano.

  31. William Says:

    The QB is as important to our offense as McCoy is to the defense. We can’t rely on backups to win a Super Bowl. No one really knows were is the next franchise QB. To ignore the position is to ignore the fans who pay for this professional sport to stay alive…

    …Connor Shaw is coming to Tampa.

  32. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I don’t care about the QB argument. It’s moot.

    Best damn player available! Period!

  33. Mike Says:

    Bucrightoff is dead on the $ there. It’s a team sport and not a one man army. I’m just tired of the whole we need a “franchise QB” at this point!

  34. Aaron Says:

    @bucrightoff, if winning the division and losing in the first round of the playoffs is our goal I agree with you – skip QB. But if you want a chance to compete year in and year out you have to have a QB. It takes to long to build a defense that can carry a team to a superbowl without a good QB…then try to keep that team together with a salary cap.

    Seattle is going to go through that…they are trying to make a run before Wilson’s contract is due and their other great players on defense contracts come due. But watch Seattle let those players go while they keep Wilson.

  35. Orca Says:

    They don’t have to take one.


  36. William Says:

    Yes we are the Super Bowl winners Baltimore Ravens and McCown is Trent Dilfer. Who needs a QB. We are just fine Baby! Go Ravens???

    …Connor Shaw is coming to Tampa.

  37. Harry Says:

    @Mike Says:
    “…Joe failed to mention that Holmgren also said it’ll get you fired…”

    True, and failing to acquire and groom a playoff caliber or above average QB will also get you fired. See Gruden, Dom, Schiano, Fisher, etc. The list is endless. Granted, the Bucs have needs at many positions, but NOTHING limits a team like a mediocre or bad QB.

  38. Harry Says:

    @knucknbuc Says:
    “…Glennon is average at best. I’ve never seen so many fans accept and cling to mediocre qb as quickly as they have to glennon.

    It’s astonishing really…”

    It really is amazing. Not only accept him, but make endless excuses for his poor play. It makes one wonder what on earth they are thinking.

  39. Left_Coast_Bucs_Fan Says:


    You are correct, without quality defense, OL and kicking game it won’t matter, the team will more than often fall short regardless of the QB position. But let’s forget that there is only one position that can will a team to victory in spite of those shortcomings, that’s the QB. Without a top-shelf QB the defense is not read properly and the proper check down is missed, or the pass is a little behind the receiver rather than leading him toward open space.

    Pulling victory out of the jaws of defeat takes a special kind of QB, one that measures Goliath standing in the way and picks up the right size of rock. That takes a certain kind of mentality that Glennon doesn’t show, as much as I or anyone else may like or dislike him.

    Of this year’s college QB’s no one exemplifies that character more than Manziel. It’s a no-brainer, this kid will be a winner in the NFL and would bring a buzz to Tampa that has never been heard, even during the glory years of a decade ago. He has the “let’s go guys, we have them right where we want them, climb on board and let’s-go!” attitude that few leaders have in any sport.

    Ahoy mates, Joe is right, the Bucs must draft Manziel. And if necessary, he’s worth trading this year’s whole draft to Houston. Do that, and it will be the dawning of a Buccaneer Dynasty for the Ages.

  40. stevek Says:

    Harry Says:
    April 16th, 2014 at 11:29 am
    @knucknbuc Says:
    “…Glennon is average at best. I’ve never seen so many fans accept and cling to mediocre qb as quickly as they have to glennon.

    It’s astonishing really…”

    It really is amazing. Not only accept him, but make endless excuses for his poor play. It makes one wonder what on earth they are thinking.


    What is down right “amazing” is that Freeman got 61 starts to do nada.

    Why can’t Glennon be given an opportunity? Funny that the Freemanites refuse to accept that Big Bird is a Better QB from Day 1, then was Freeman.

    Why does Freeman get so much love, patience, and EXCUSES, but Glennon doesn’t even get a chance.

    “The 32nd offense” is with Freeman included.

    Take our Freeman, then our offens is the 27th or 28th best.. Still not good enough, but 5 spots better with a ROOKIE at QB then with Freeman BUSTING out of Tampa.

  41. Left_Coast_Bucs_Fan Says:

    Ok, not the “whole draft”, a little too much caffeine this morning. But certainly a package so tempting they couldn’t turn it down.

  42. gatrbuc17 Says:

    LOL Joe is very defensive today

  43. Couch Fan Says:

    Trading the whole draft for Manziel will do nothing but guarantee a new coaching regime in 2 or 3 years.

    Insane stuff. But funny.

  44. Aaron Says:

    The thing that bothers me the most about the Glennon thing is our fans not trusting Lovie. He doesn’t want to HAVE to get a QB – wouldn’t he love to be able to come in here with an established QB and fix other areas of the team?

    There are professional people that do this for a living and they have watched film over and over to assess if Glennon can be the guy.

    1) Were there receivers open and he didn’t see them? Did he make the right reads? What is the speed of his release? Was he able to make throws on move? What were his stats on 1st, 2nd , and 3rd down. What were his stats when blitzed etc…
    2) Giving what we know in #1 does his abilities translate to our new offense?

    I have no hate for Glennon – I’m just going to trust Lovie (and the people around him) on this one.

  45. lightningbuc Says:


    I’d love to trust Lovie too. Except several years back he cut the player that he has now brought in as Glennon’s replacement. So now he’s good enough to be your starter, but he wasn’t even good enough to hold a clipboard back then? Not exactly a testament to being a good evaluator of QB talent, is it?

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    “PLEASE…..will REAL football and BUCS fans take off your blinders. Sammy Watkins will NOT be there at 7”

    Perhaps not likely but Sammy could be there for us at seven.

    There are 5 teams that need QBs..Houston, Jax, Cleve, Oak, Minn & Tenn….Minn & Tenn could trade up.

    If 3 Qbs go above us then there would need to be 3 positiom players picked…..like Clowney, Mack & Matthews or Robinson.

    Then…Sammy would be there for us……this is not that far-fetched….

  47. Jim Says:

    Any chance the decline of the O-line was due in part to having a rookie QB that was slow to get rid and was NOT mobile?

  48. Mike Says:

    @ Harry…. Schiano didn’t get to groom one. He got a season of s(p)it and topped off with poor coaching. So in my eyes, leave that name out. Gruden’s had a winning season and got canned.Dom drafted Freeman, much like he drafted many other fails. So don’t include him either

  49. Mike Says:


  50. Mike Says:

    @ Jim
    The OL sucked when Freeman was there as well

  51. delson Says:

    Idk about manziel.. I get the kid is an unusual talent. But to me he seems very raw. Seeing what russel wilson does gives me hope but just remembering that lsu game manziel did his 5 step drop n looked for an escape immediately. The pocket wasn’t collapsing his receivers were still running routes. I think if the bucs draft a qb it will be tedfords own derek carr.

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    Jim Says:
    April 16th, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    “Any chance the decline of the O-line was due in part to having a rookie QB that was slow to get rid and was NOT mobile?”

    No they sucked with or without Glennon. For most of the season (when healthy) Martin was running into a brick wall, holoes were not opening. It pissed my wife off quite a bit and I got tired of explaining why Dougie kept getting snuffed at the line.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    “You’ve Got To Take One”

    As for that headline and statement I say, no they don’t have to take one and no they won’t take one. McCown, Glennon, and Kafka.

    MGK Mob.

  54. BamBamBuc Says:

    If I thought Glennon could improve every year for the next 3 years as a starting QB in the NFL, I’d still be skeptical of his ability. Our last QB, Freeman, improved enough in year 2 to have most people thinking he was the next “franchise” guy. Funny enough, even with the horrible team in his 3rd year, he improved on yards and completion %. His 4th year, he set team records, even though his completion % dropped. If I could see that kind of improvement in Glennon, I’m just not sure I can believe he’s the guy either. What I saw in Glennon was no desire to take shots down the field when we were losing games and needed to score points to have a chance to win. Not even looking at yards per attempt… looking at yards per pass completed, Glennon was 34th in the league and only won 4 of 13 starts. That means he’s behind a lot and should be taking shots down the field. We need to score points, not just move the chains in those scenarios. Only 15 plays of 25 yards or more in 13 games is also poor when playing from behind. I’d rather see a QB that either wins the game by pushing the ball downfield or loses because he was intercepted pushing the ball downfield than a guy that throws a 4, 8, 12 yard pass when there’s 2 minutes to go and we’re down 6 with 80 yards to move the ball.

    Glennon did fine for a rookie last year as far as basic stats are concerned, but watch the games. He rarely pushed for the win. It was almost like he knew that some people never watch the games and if he just puts up good #s the media will talk about him. They did, he got rookie of the month

  55. lightningbuc Says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to imagine last season that Glennon didn’t throw deep more with the likes of Tiquan Underwood, Chris Owusu, Eric Page, and Skye Dawson running free and wide open all over the field.

  56. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Only on Buccaneers fan sites do people think Glennon is mediocre. In fact most National football analysts seem to feel the guy has a lot of potential to be a very good starting QB in the NFL. That is probably why some of us can accept the current Bucs QB situation as not being a position of need

  57. chipbuc Says:

    Its as simple as passing the eye ball test ,Glennon falls short in that regard. Tell me what game did Glennon bring us from behind to win, i cant recall one. My point is why should we settle for a average, or below average QB. Grow a pair and put all in on a QB like Manziel or Bridgewater, because we wont get a great QB by talking ourselves out of picking one ,because he has some red flags. Just my opinion a 25 year season ticket holder.

  58. pick6 Says:

    why is it that there are QB Gurus and expert QB talent evaluators, but other than bill walsh they never seem to be the same guy?

  59. Sweets Willie Says:

    MG8 looked good running no huddle. OC was the problem.

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    I think Schiano and Sully coddled him. Another point to add, it’s not a big one either is the NFL rookie record for TD’s in a season is 26 held by Manning and Wilson. Glennon only started 12 games and had 19 TD’s. Giving him the benefit of the doubt if he would have started the full season, he might have had around 23-24 TD’s. Which would have not been that far off from the NFL rookie record.

  61. Buc1987 Says:

    Glennon basically threw 19 TD’s with just VJax as a legit threat, nobody in the backfield, an O-line Lovie just got rid of and Sully/Schiano running the offense.

    He was not that far away from an NFL rookie record for TD passes.

    That’s why I say don’t throw the kid away. Maybe L&L see what I see. So far they haven’t thrown him away. If he survives the draft, then he stays.

  62. Gt40bear Says:

    Quick, tell me the last underclassman QB to be worth a damn in the NFL…especially a red-shirt sophomore! Never, ever, EVER draft a non-senior QB. Just begging for trouble. Didn’t we just learn our lesson from that with JF5? Please, please, PLEASE BPA @7. If you feel the need to get a QB, do it in rounds 2-4.

  63. Ryan Rich Says:

    I am confident that we are going to Draft Derek Carr. I believe he fits as a Tedford quarterback because of the amazing upside he has. He can make Carr a Franchise quarterback!

  64. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    Somebody out there loves some Connor Shaw!! 🙂 Killing me each time I see that!! HAHA

  65. BoJim Says:

    Harry Said:

    @knucknbuc Says:
    “…Glennon is average at best. I’ve never seen so many fans accept and cling to mediocre qb as quickly as they have to glennon.

    It’s astonishing really…”

    It really is amazing. Not only accept him, but make endless excuses for his poor play. It makes one wonder what on earth they are thinking.”

    And what is it again that makes you so knowledgeable? Oh yeah. You watched the games. Hey. Buy yourself a new TV. Apparently you’re still using a 13 inch B&W. Yeah I know. You have a 50″ flat screen with half the pixels missing.

  66. Eric Says:

    I think that IS Conner Shaw.

  67. Mr. T Says:


    When I hear that argument “the QB can will there team on to win” I laugh. If that were true then Matt Ryan should have willed the Falcons to the division title last year according to your logic, obviously he didn’t which shows how silly that argument is. It’s a team effort, P. Manning couldn’t have taken the injury plagued Bucs to the playoffs last year let alone anyone else.

  68. lurker Says:

    “In a best-case scenario, we’re looking at Ben Roethlisberger (Bortles), Drew Brees (Bridgewater) and Fran Tarkenton (Manziel), but we could also be looking at Jason Campbell, Christian Ponder and Doug Flutie.

    Regardless, I think all three are better than any QB prospects taken in the 2013 draft.”

    todd mcshay 4/15/14

    even glue-pad.

  69. Mr Magoo Says:

    I would rather gamble on hitting the lottery at #7 with a QB pick than draft a WR there in a year when every top analyst is saying the draft is deep into the 3rd round with guys who can start in the NFL. Go with a smart QB as football IQ is more important than height. Decyphering defenses in a millisecond is more important than how tall he is or whether they can “throw the deep ball”. I will take throwing to the right guy every time over arm strength or any of those other “measurables”.

  70. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Aaron Murray looked good at his pro day today. I’d be more interested in him in Round 3-4 and address the lack of WR and OLB in rounds 1 and 2!

  71. Left_Coast_Bucs_Fan Says:

    @Mr. T

    Respectfully, I have to disagree with you. WIll or WIlt, Inspire or Perspire. When under the pressure to “Be the Man”, whether it be in sports, the business world or in the military, some inspire and can “will” others to perform better, some perspire and “wilt” under pressure. That’s known across the board as leadership.

    As examples, Josh Freeman never had it and it’s clear Manziel rolled out of the crib with it.