Massage > Draft

April 29th, 2014

Right now most of the football world is in a draft frenzy. With so many mocks it has become digital pollution. Joe is mocked out; has been for a couple of weeks.

Joe is so weary from the mocks that he is actually looking more forward to the return of Jack Bauer and 24 a week from tonight more than the draft. Really. Joe’s brain can only take so much teasing and s(p)it-against-the-wall analysis.

Well, one guy who has zero interest in the draft is Bucs left tackle Anthony Collins. Partially from the bad experience he had when he was drafted and partially because he has an ulterior motive next weekend, Collins, talking to the Tampa Bay pen and mic club today at One Buc Palace, said he won’t be breathlessly monitoring who the Bucs pick in what round next week.

“I was at home, at my dad’s house at Port Arthur, Tex.,” Collins said of when he was drafted. “Had a houseful of people, family and friends all around me. First day went. It was kind of sad. Ever since then I had a chip on my shoulder.”

The waiting game Collins played seven years ago left a bad taste in his mouth. He admitted he would advise draft eligible players not to even turn on the TV next weekend.

“I wouldn’t even look at the TV,” Collins said. “But get with your family and friends and enjoy the moment. Turn your TV off and wait for the call. Relax. Get some food. Get some drinks and cool out.”

Collins stated he has zero interest in next week’s draft and won’t pay any attention until the Bucs tell him who his new teammates are.

“I’m not watching [any] draft,” Collins said. “I will find out the next day. I will probably be getting a massage, chilling and cooling out.”

5 Responses to “Massage > Draft”

  1. Nick H Says:

    Love it, that’s how everyone is feeling about this bastard late draft.

  2. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Joe…gotta continue to disagree with you on the Bucs drafting Manziel, but I agree with you completely on being stoked about the return of 24! Jack is Back, baby!

  3. lurker Says:

    snore, 24!

    i watched 2 seasons, and maybe a half more. seriously, this guy has something major happen every hour in a 24 hour period…but never time to eat or leave a crap. what a day…go watch bob’s burgers. much better program and more realistic.

  4. Rob Says:

    Who is the girl Joe? She is gorgeous!

  5. BoJim Says:

    She’s the girl you see in every ad about an Asian massage parlor.

    Myself. I will be getting a massage while I watch the draft.