Joe Talks Johnny & All Things Bucs

April 11th, 2014

It was a special day. Joe’s usual Wednesday “JoeBucsFan Hour” with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620, was rescheduled for today at 5 p.m.

Of course, Joe talked about all kinds of subjects. Enjoy! And don’t forget Joe’s got plenty for you on Saturday and all through the weekend.

17 Responses to “Joe Talks Johnny & All Things Bucs”

  1. BUCFAN4LIFE Says:

    Joe what are you going to do when you start losing site visitors at a fast rate because of your obessesion with Manziel ?

  2. Orca Says:

    “Joe talks Johnny”

    That’s all I had to read to make me not want to listen.

  3. Joe Says:

    Joe what are you going to do when you start losing site visitors at a fast rate because of your obessesion with Manziel ?

    So far, not the case. Just the opposite in fact. Better question for you:

    Will you have to find another team to follow if the Bucs do draft Johnny?

  4. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Yea he will lmao let Joe do he thing it’s his opinion of who he thinks we’ll draft it’s also his page. Don’t b upset lets jus hope movie takes us to the promise land have faith all his moves thus far have benefited us n the short and long term so b patient if love and licht pick manziel have faith they made the right choice if not then make Joe eat crow but until then stop whining and take you panties out if your camel toe I assume it can b uncomfortable and that’s what might cause your animosity but try to relax fellas carry on

  5. RastaMon Says:

    @ Joe…when are you gonna buy back those season tickets you and pops let go…years ago…put your banner ad’s in the expense column come April 15th…..oh you jumped off the wagon for some Buc fan pissed off’ness…comes with the territory….here comes Johnny…..

  6. SAMCRO Says:

    If I could make our pick, I would select the best player available that I knew had a chance to make the ProBowl.

    What are Clowney’s chances of making the probowl? …real possibility

    “Sammy Watkins? …yep possible

    Greg Robinson? ..yep
    Khalil Mack? … yep
    Jake Matthews? ….yep
    Taylor Lewan? ….yep
    Mike Evans? ….yep
    C.J. Mosley? …yep
    Anthony Barr? …yep

    Bortles? Bridgewater? and Manziel? …. seriously, I doubt it


  7. BUCFAN4LIFE Says:

    @ JOE

    No, once a buc fan always a buc fan. If we draft Manziel, will I highly disagree with the pick? Yes. Will I wan’t him to fail? No. If we do end up drafting him, I will hope he proves me wrong and plays well, if he does I will be the very first person to eat my words and say I was wrong all along. I just highly doubt that he will be able to play well for us, or any other team in his rookie season, even in his second season. I think he’s a huge project prospect, could take him 3-4 years to develop into a starter. I’ve just been trolling you Joe because it so god damn annoying when you have a million Johnny Manziel articles a day, I understand its your site, but you post things so US visitors can read it. We are getting sick of all the Johnny talk, but back to my first point in my paragraph, no. I will always be a buc fan even if Johnny is drafted, I will hope he proves me wrong if he becomes a buc.

  8. gatrbuc17 Says:

    um…………JOE……….the title to this article led me to not even read it due to your undying man crush on a QB with as much Upside as Tebow

  9. gatrbuc17 Says:

    And Im a Tebow Fan

  10. gatrbuc17 Says:

    I have been in the stands since 1976. I support what you just said Wholeheartedly

  11. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Funny how there was no mention of the Mike (House-Party) Williams trade????
    for anyone that missed it . Love the ” fans don’t know the story” then when it comes out like the fans say, the story becomes a gag order.

    Dude, Joe already talked about Williams endlessly. It didn’t come up yesterday. Perhaps when Joe’s back on Wednesday evening. –Joe

  12. MadMax Says:

    I said it before and will say again….if we do draft him, I hope he’s the best QB ever and plays a roll in taking us to playoff and SB games. Im not a hater of him. I just dont think he’ll translate that well to the NFL. Now I fully admit I could be wrong, and if we draft him, I hope I am wrong…..but Im just not feeling it with him as an NFL QB….especially when we have more important “ROLLS” that need to be filled…O line and WR most of all!

    If he’s still there in the 3rd, meh, why not?

  13. JWBucs Says:

    I hope Johnny Football doesn’t get drafted by the Bucs because I don’t think he’ll be an above avg pro. With that being said if he were to somehow end up in Tampa, he’s my guy.

  14. MadMax Says:

    Meant “roles”, doh, mentally and physically tired and sleepy from working all night.

  15. Mike Says:

    That whole thing was a joke! For the joe or joes that say they don’t bash Glennon…. Listen to the last 30secs. What a joke

  16. MadMax Says:

    @Mike, I didnt even waste my time listening….and thats exactly why!

  17. Thomas Says:

    @Gatrbuc17 Mr Football has much better upside than Tebow. Mr Football can throw. The only question is his coachability, which I think will be good since he actually wants to get better at his craft and realizes the NFL is a different beast.

    It’ll be interesting I think. I can’t wait for the draft… The point will probably be moot however, as he may well be off the board by the time we pick…

    I’d almost rather get Evans (or Watkins if he’s still around, but probably wont be) and then Garoppolo and another Wr in Rd 3, then load up on linemen

    But- If we take Mr Football I will be happy as well.