Is Doug Martin Safe?

April 13th, 2014

doug martin 1005Before Bucs fans start hunting Joe with pitchforks here, know up front that the following is a reasoned take:

Joe would not wager on Doug Martin’s future in Tampa Bay.

Martin is a special talent, a guy who had a stunning rookie season followed by a rough season ended by injury. Yes, Martin was not special last year. He fumbled. His timing was off in the passing game and he dropped passes. He often struggled to find holes. And you could easily make the case that both his backups, Bobby Rainey and Mike James, outperformed him on the field. 

Joe likes and respects all things Martin, but Joe’s wondering just how highly the Bucs regard him.

General manager Jason Licht will tell you how much influence his years under Bill Belicheat had on him. And Belicheat absolutely leads the growing charge in the NFL of devaluing running backs. No backs were taken in the first round last year. Darren Sproles was had for a song this offseason. Good backs and great running backs routinely found late in the draft.

In 2011, the Patriots drafted two backs, Shane Vereen late in the second round, and Stevan Ridley late in the third.

Joe’s not saying the Bucs are eager to deal Martin, but Joe thinks the Bucs might be tempted by a team that still might value running backs more than most. Licht’s background is a factor. And Joe is confident Lovie thinks James is a special talent. Multiple times in person, Joe has witnessed Lovie’s body language when he speaks of James, and it stands out.

The Bucs could be tempted to use Martin in a move to trade up in the draft, or to trade him if they could get, say, a second- and a fourth-round pick. Maybe that trade is next month, or at the trading deadline, or next season.

Just don’t discount how NFL hierarchy collectively believes good running backs can be had on the cheap. Also remember that the new Bucs regime isn’t married to Martin, no more than they are to any other former member of the New Schiano Order.

Yes, Joe realizes James is coming off an injury, as is Martin. No movement is imminent. But don’t be surprised if the Bucs have a bold move like this on their radar. It’s clear this regime is looking at every possible angle.

112 Responses to “Is Doug Martin Safe?”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Absolute blasphemy!! How dare you Joe?!?! As if the Revis loss wasn’t enough to this franchise??? I just about had it with you!

    Oh, please. Joe didn’t call the removal of Doug Martin. –Joe

  2. RastaMon Says:

    You already have too many banner ad’s….GM’s blow smoke…scribes…gotta sell papers/web hits……I onlty read the head lines here….never any of the comments…I m only interesed in pop’n off my opinion…..

    How do you have an opinion by reading only headlines?–Joe

  3. NY Buc Says:

    Unless the Bucs know something troubling about Martin’s injury recovery I’d think parting ways with Martin going into year 3 would be very, very, very bad. Guys who know a helluva lot more than me about pro football (and get paid to spout off) seem to all say Martin is a complete skill set back and still in his prime. Plus why create yet another hole in the roster that would need addressing in the draft?

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    Seems reasonable. We’ll see what happens. I’d be ok with seeing a Martin trade to move up to late in the first round for a strong player still on the board. I was impressed with the guys we had filling in for him last year. If we have a better line and a stronger passing game I don’t see why we’d need to keep Martin

  5. Mark Says:

    Shameless ploy for attention Joe?

  6. BucFan20 Says:

    And exactly what did Rainey do that was so great? Why is he even still here??

  7. ander Says:

    @Patrick. You’re. An idiot

  8. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Not sold on James and Rainey… the duo of Charles Sims and the Dougernaut would be aight.

  9. StAugBuc Says:

    One of the weakest, made up out of nothing, “stories” I have ever read on this site.

    Dude, what exactly is troubling you? Joe writes about what he sees, thinks, feels and finds interesting. –Joe

  10. Kevin Says:

    I know EVERYONE disagrees with me on this…but I would 100% trade Martin to either Cleveland or Jacksonville for one of they’re first rounders. I said this before a couple weeks ago. They are probably the only two teams dumb enough to do it…but they both need a top shelf back and in my opinion Mike James looked better than Martin last year .And thats not to say James takes the job, I would for sure draft another back in say the third or fourth round. I LOVE Doug Martin…but from a business standpoint he can be replaced. There are plenty of guys who can fill that void outside of the first round, so if you CAN get a 1 for him why not do it???? WHY??? It’s a passing league and these guys are becoming very expendable. Unless an undeniable talent comes along like Marshawn Lynch there is no reason to turn down an opportunity that can make the team better. Anyone think Martin can move a pile like Eddie Lacy, Lynch. He’s not as fast as Charles. He’s NO Adrian Peterson. He had a good rookie year and did nothing to brag about last season. Although I will give it to him that the entire offense SUCKED…he’s a good guy. I’m not saying make a trade happen, I’m saying if we can get an early first from someone like the two teams mentioned above, that it would be a good move in the long run. And from there I’ll enjoy reading everyone else’s input on this.

  11. Kevin Says:

    Not Rainey he sucked…but James looked really really…REALLY good for a sixth or seventh round pick

  12. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Its called the offseason. And it’s free content about the Bucs. Shut up.

  13. delson Says:

    Lol I like that. martin is a beast in a passing offense imagine if the colts got him. Mike james is no joke tho lovie watched the game tape last year n that’s how he made his cuts n additions

  14. GlenninGrad Says:

    Well, my take is this. If we lose Doug Martin we lose a weapon. We will have lost all of our weapons except for VJAX. If Lovie Smith really loves James, then he can line up some two back sets or set up a good rotation, but Doug Martin deserves a real second season, in a playcalling system that doesn’t consist solely of run run pass, and with an offensive line that can give him a sporting chance. I will be a very sad camper if we lose a guy like martin who goes off and takes a team to the playoffs.

  15. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Well it’s not going to happen because I bought a Martin jersey last year and that would really suck. So there you have it not happening

  16. Patrick Says:

    Nothing would surprise me; the Bucs have a history of ridding themselves of talent

  17. 1bucfan88 Says:

    Meh. It’s like saying the world could end soon. It could happen tomorrow, or it could happen later, but it COULD happen. I don’t normally give you flak for fluff articles, lord knows we all gotta eat, but this is just nonsense talk meant to get clicks and views from where I’m sitting.

    Your take has credence only if Dougie is on a fat contract which does not match his value. The TOTAL max value of his deal is something like $6.8 mil – and that’s WITH the 5th year team option I believe. That’s peanuts for a complete back, and it’s not as if we’re strapped for cash. Why create another hole and more depth problems at another skill position?

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If this happens, I’m seriously never buying another jersey again.

  19. StAugBuc Says:

    I have a great message for BucsfaninChina if it would only escape moderation

  20. delson Says:

    Belicheat has a qb tho so he can devalue any position that he wants

  21. tmaxcon Says:


    well said… Having a true franchise qb makes a lot of decisions very easy.

  22. nate Says:

    No chance he gets traded…joe me and u know he will not be traded…..He and gerald modled the new uniforms….. they could of asked revis or willliams but chose not 2…….its as simple as that……

    And LeGarrette Blount was the chosen Bucs model when they switched from Reebok to Nike and made subtle tweaks to the uniform two years ago. –Joe

  23. Patrick in VA Says:

    @ander – I love that not only did you throw out a baseless, nothing comment that is nothing but you being a dick, you also botched the sentence itself and it was only three words. Don’t ever change.

  24. Dan Says:

    Its not just about if he is overvalued ir not in his contract, its jow much might another team overvalue him. Anyone is up for trade at the right price. Are you tellin me if someone traded 1 pick per round for gmc we wouldnt take it? Everyone is available…if another team is stupid enough.

    Well said. This is about how the Bucs might value Martin versus another team’s valuation. –Joe

  25. GO BUCS Says:

    I like the depth at RB, it’s the one if only good thing about our offense right now. It would have to be a very good deal to part ways with him IMO.

  26. Keith Says:

    Amazing how people bash Joe for putting a reasonable thought out here.

    Martin has value. There’s no reason to think Lovie and Light aren’t exploring it. These are the same guys that dumped Revis and Mike Williams and Glennon and Adrian Clayborn.

    Everything is on the table whether you like it or not. RBs aren’t worth much in this league. The Bucs should pounce if they could get a second-rounder for him.

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe, you’re not fooling me. You’re sitting there seeing the odds of Johnny falling to us and realizing the only real trade value we have is GMC, David or Martin, and you know Lovie won’t cripple the defense.

    Are you feeling desperate?

    I feel for you. I could wrap my head around Manziel as a Buc, but I don’t believe he fits the style Tedford wants.

    Bortles or Carr.

  28. Bubashep Says:

    If this were a subscription site, I’d ask for my money back.

  29. gotbbucs Says:

    First few gams of his rookie year he wasn’t patient enough to let plays develop so they delayed the handoffs by a split second and it worked for a few games and then he regressed again.

    Last year he had the dreaded sophmore slump, got injured, and his replacements looked better than him.

    I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than a mid 2nd round pick, but he’s not untouchable for the right price. I want to see him behind something that I would consider a good O-Line before I pass final judgement.

  30. SAMCRO Says:


    Right On!!!!

  31. BucsQcCity Says:

    I would be ok with that but anyone thinking to get a 1st round for him is not realist.. Maybe 2-3 rnd pick at best. Guy comes from big injury and was below average last year while James put up good results with the same OL

  32. Destinjohnny Says:

    Nobody will trade for Doug. No story here. I wouldnt mind them drafting Wilder Jr in the late rounds. That kid is tuff and has heaps of tread from lights use.

  33. buchead407 Says:

    How dare you Joe….never disagreed with you more….ever. Martin is our key to a successful season offensively. He’s a game changer.

  34. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Joe, if the Bucs are going to devalue the RB position don’t you think they first should find a great QB? I just can’t see any way the Buvs trade Martin with McCown and Glennon at QB. They both will need a solid backfield.

  35. THETRUTH Says:

    Not long before they try to throw more you know what on wall and see if it sticks. Let me guess lavonte D is not safe and McCoy is on the block. Let’s get rid off all good players so we can write about lack of talent

  36. Tackleblockwin Says:


  37. RastaMon Says:

    How do you have an opinion by reading only headlines?–Joe”…I’ve already played all these options through my mind….headlines merely trigger a programed response..

  38. Alex2013 Says:

    Wasn’t Doug Martin hand-picked to showcase the new jerseys at the packed to capacity event last month? GMC and Verner were present too…I hope Dougie sticks around, seeing as how we was damn near #1 back in 2012.

  39. Rex Says:

    Please be wrong about this potential trade! The only two jerseys I had for this season just got traded and released! Don’t do it again to me! I got a sure winner this time, 54 David. He’s not going anywhere… I hope!

  40. Dan Says:

    You guys are silly. Martin is a commodity. A running back that lost none of his hype after a surgery and injured reserve. The smart gamble is on letting a desperate team over-trade for him and pick up a replacement and more young value in the draft.

  41. johnny Says:

    yea , Lets trade away all our proven pro bowl players to draft unproven college players ..Lavonte, Mccoy heck lets get rid of em all .

  42. Couch Fan Says:

    If we trade Martin. We are without a doubt looking at a 3 or 4 win season… again.

  43. Mumbles Says:

    Sucka born every minute!

  44. Buc the Haters Says:

    Whenever you think about getting rid of Martin, just think about that raiders game… Wow. That was the greatest rushing performance I’ve ever watched live.

  45. Kevin Says:

    @ Dan you hit it on the head. If another team wants to give up a low 1st round pick like Cleveland who THINKS they missed on Richardson who will tear it up for Indy next year by the way, or Jacksonville who just parted with Jones Drew…you never know. If it helps the team get better do it. And rookie running backs tend to catch on pretty quick compared to other positions. I would do it.

  46. Kevin Says:

    Yeah and it was against the Raiders………….

  47. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Keep the internet hits coming with all this stuff Joe. Most can’s see your drive. I can. I don’t agree with it but I see it.

  48. Barry Says:


  49. tmaxcon Says:

    with the shortage of pics and the need for multiple position upgrades in my opinion only LVD and GMC should be off limits. It a business an entertainment business at that I guess it’s difficult for some people to look at players more personally than as a commodity. It’s not diminishing the person nor the fans appreciation for that player. Not sure who said but everything and everyone has a price. If someone is dumb enough to over pay… take it.

  50. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Once again we see the dreaded “Chaos Fans” coming from their shells.

    The theory that everyone is expendable breeds a lack of continuity for true fans.

    These same fans? If the Bucs lose games in the first quarter of the season they will be the same guys screaming for the head of Lovie Smith.

  51. tonyBuc Says:

    The only way I would do this, is if we immediately grabbed Chris Johnson that way we could have a replacement, plus some draft picks on top of it, that would be a great way to rebuild imo, don’t bash Joe for expressing his opinion on his website, go buc’s!

  52. Couch Fan Says:

    Yes we can definately improve our team by trading away all our good players for unproven rookies. This is a sure way to win in the NFL. Lol

  53. Queen B Says:

    I already had to burn my 24 and 19 bikinis!! All I have left is 22!! Summer is coming, what will I do if Dougie is traded?

  54. THETRUTH Says:

    Martin was a #1 pick who has proven himself why would you ask for less not like his injury is career ending. Poor guy they should have never sent him 30 yards down field at his height to catch a ball and they did it twice , the second time he got injured. If for a stupid reason they trade him better be for top 10 pick.

  55. William Says:

    O.K. I get it. SMOKESCREEN by Joe. Joe you are hilarious! LOL

  56. tmaxcon Says:

    queen b….

    Someone a few weeks ago I believe it was during the Zuttah trade meltdown; suggested jerseys with Velcro numbers. I am sure Velcro would work well on bikinis as well.

  57. Harry Says:

    @Patrick in VA Says:
    “…I love that not only did you throw out a baseless, nothing comment that is nothing but you being a dick, you also botched the sentence itself and it was only three words…”

    Yes he did, I love your comebacks. As you say “Don’t ever change.”

  58. Bigbucs1 Says:

    You guys give joe so much flak for this article but the reality is that it could happe- no regime attachment, no high salary, decent combined stats, all around guy with no off field issues, that could be attractive to many teams- Doug is a really good rb but tedford need SPEED- jahavid best SPEED, desean Jackson SPEED, Sammy Watkins SPEED, Deanthony Thomas SPEED!!!!! Those guys are previous tedford guys and guys that we can draft to fill the needs!

    JOE good job for bringing up some of my thoughts, I’ve thought of this scenario and talked about it at work. But probably won’t happen.

  59. Danati74 Says:

    This is the worst story I’ve read on this site Joe. Doug is a serious threat running the ball as he showed his rookie year. Last year was a bullish*t year for all the players. It was like a year off except for Mccoy, David and a few others. It was probably one of the Rock stars best moves in the draft picking up Doug and then David. Doug Is one of the best players on the offensive side of the ball. The Bucs would make a bad move trading him. After that move I would lose all faith in the new regime. Period

  60. Harry Says:

    People, if trading Martin, same as trading Revis which so many of you endorsers, improves our team, why would you even question it? I have to agree, I thought James and Rainey did a very good job filling in at times. Maybe the O-line was not as bad as the MGMers like to think…

  61. Eric Says:

    The way these guys have shredded this team it certainly is not out of the question.

    Draft day may be full of surprises.

  62. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I thought Mike James looked good in his limited snaps. Maybe couldv’e ran for 1,000 had he been gifted with a starting job. But we don’t know that for sure. What we do know is Doug Martin was the 3rd best RB in the NFL in 2012 (and the best in the NFC South 😉 ). I would not trade Martin without at least seeing how he comes along in Tedford’s offense and not unless it was a really good deal. As many have said, RB’s are a dime a dozen, so I don’t think they will find too many suitors.

    Needless to say, if Licht trades Martin for a 2015 6th rounder I’ll be pissed.

  63. Queen B Says:


    That’s a good idea!! I should get Velcro #s 54 and 93. Lovefest is gonna turn over the roster something fierce next month!!

  64. tmaxcon Says:

    queen b

    glad I could help. always looking out for fellow buc fans… LOL… I agree it’s going to a wild ride from now until about 2 weeks after the drive. I’m ready. It’s been 12 long years.

  65. Mr. Magoo Says:

    Sure. Why not trade Martin maybe we could get a 5th round draft pick for him. After all got a 6th round draft pick for a first round talent in Mike Williams. God I hope you are wrong Joe but your analysis is so often spot on. I can see the Bucs giving up a proven player for one that is nothing but wishful thinking. Why do we do that?

  66. Taren28 Says:

    I know it’s a small thing, but I don’t feel like you would have a guy be the face of the team in all the new jersey picture shoots if you were going to trade him. They could have easily picked Vincent Jackson or someone well else if they were thinking about putting Doug on the trade block.

  67. Brooks Higginson Says:

    Wow! Just realized how much time I’m wasting by reading this BS. Maybe, I’ll tune back around Draft time when there’s actually news to report.

  68. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Since the start of free agency, the Bucs have given out $74.3 million in guaranteed money.

    Jason Licht is killing this team. You all just do not see it yet. You will when they can’t aford to resign GMC or franchise him.

    Incredible hoe blind people are.

  69. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If a deal is good enough…trade him….Martin is one of the few players we have of value that we have capable backups to replace him.
    I’m not in favor of a trade…but, like boats….everything is for sale at the right price.

  70. Couch Fan Says:

    If a deal is good enough then we might as well trade LVD and McCoy and V-jax as well. Let’s just load up this draft since all these rookies are going to be hall of famers and take us to the super bowl. I really dont get what some of you are thinking.

  71. Cannuckbuc Says:

    Hey Hawaiian
    Your not alone I have 5 jerseys of guys no longer here,and last time I spent big bucks for the sewn on numbers just to find out the guy has been a problem for awhile .He left in such disgrace I can’t give the thing away lol

  72. Couch Fan Says:

    Without Martin we could have a defense that gives up an average of 3 points a game and we would still only manage 3 wins. Can’t win, if you can’t score.

  73. Patrick Says:

    NO DUH, of course we can get something for Martin. He’s a GOOD player!! I hope this team isn’t reverting back to their penny pitching ways.

  74. tmaxcon Says:


    They won 4 games without Martin last year if I’m not mistaken.

  75. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Couch

    We don’t have the backups for LVD, GMC & VJAX….so that argument is apples to oranges.

    So you wouldn’t trade Martin to Jacksonville for pick # 3 or Cleveland for #4?…..pretty tempting to me with James & Rainey on the roster.

  76. Couch Fan Says:

    Tampa, James and Rainey played well in a handful of games, and all of the sudden they are capable of replacing Martin? You are insane if thats what you think.


    Exactly. 3 or 4 wins is all we can look forward to without Martin.

  77. Couch Fan Says:

    And no Tampa, I wouldn’t take that trade. We are already extremely limited on offense as is, why would you trade a known good player for a unknown rookie? No thanks. Keep Martin, stay at 7 and add to the offense. Not subtract.

  78. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m just saying…if the deal is good enough……how about Jax’s 1st, 2nd & 3rd round picks?…..not likely….but I also said I’m not really in favor of trading Martin…but its prudent to at least look at offers if they are bonafide.

  79. Couch Fan Says:

    If they were to give us that type of crazy trade then yea you would have to think about it. But yea I seriously doubt that would happen.

  80. tmaxcon Says:


    Well I see it this way,

    With Teams having zero film on Tedford offense could result in the stealing of 2 to 3 wins in first 8 games

    Having a real NFL coaching staff is good for another 2 to 3 wins

    Lovie’s defense and free agent upgrades 2 to 3 wins

    So with or without Martin I’m guess 7 to 8 wins.

    If bucs draft a starting qb so McCown can take his right full place as backup mentor another 2 wins…

    Obviously any predictions prior to final rosters are set are totally useless so these are wishful opinions on my part but I’d be ecstatic with 9 or 10 wins this year and playoffs next year of Lovie tenure.

  81. Thomas Says:

    They aren’t going to get a number 1 for him. At best it would be a 2 and something lower. If they don’t draft em in the first round anymore they sure as heck aren’t gonna give you any 1st rounders for one in trade.

    They brought in James Wilder Jr for a look see so its only natural that Joe bring sup this possibility. If they can get a 2 and a 4 for Martin, draft JW Jr and get another good Wr or Lb it’ll be worth it. I would hate to see Martin go though.

  82. Couch Fan Says:

    I hope so Tmaxcon. I’m going to wait though until I see this team on the field before i get my hopes up. The offense right now is scary thin and the idea that we are going to be counting on a few rookies to contribute heavily is equally scary. Then throw in the fact the O-Coordinator has 0 NFL experience… this offense can easily be worse than last year.

    Thats why I would hate to get rid of the only young stud we have on offense.

  83. nate Says:

    This is insane… dont trade ur best offensive weapon his salary is low not many players are as good as doug and u make ur system to his strenghts hes to good….

  84. lurker Says:

    i’d be all for this because I think dougie is overhyped here. only problem is, licht can’t get spit for a trade…we lose value in his trades.

  85. delson Says:

    Everyone needs to calm their tits about losing martin. I don’t know if u guys remember me saying (probably not) that mike james is better than doug. But the running styles are what sets them apart watch their college highlights u can see it. Schiano was a dumb professional coach but he knew how to draft.

  86. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Doug Martin is the best player on our offense. I get joe’s theory behind this article, but Lovie has said that he’s still a bellcow kind of guy. Martin may be in “prove it” mode, more so than any of his first two seasons, but to trade him would tell me that this staff doesn’t think Doug is a player that can help the team win; and any fantasy football numbskull out there knows better.

  87. Jerry Says:

    How the hell are we going to score any points? You need to score something to win.

  88. tampatwostep Says:

    i was thinking this earlier this past nfl year before dougie got hurt and the season was already in shambles. the muscle hamster is a good back but running backs can be had later in the draft. drafting a running back in the first round is like trying to order a plan hamburger at burns. if we could replace that burger and have the option of going for the steak i.e ( another WR, Qb, oline help) we would be a much better off team. Mike James is a beast.

  89. chris Says:

    this is so dumb

  90. brandonbucfan Says:

    Joe- Thanks for the article. While I don’t always agree with you, as a football junkie it is nice to know that several times a day,we can go here and read about things about the Bucs. Yours is really the only site like this. In the other sites they are basically rehashing the news that comes across the wire. About the possible trade, can’t see it happening until teams see how he responds from the injury. One thing to consider, even the Bucs brass doesn’t know how effective he will be under the new system. We are going from a man scheme to a zone scheme. Our O line may be better but our new guys are known more for their pass blocking than run blocking. It will be interesting.

  91. Max Says:

    I bought a Martin jersey!! Don’t do this to me Joe!! I can’t take it!! lol

  92. Bird Says:

    April fools day was weeks ago. Tedford s offense requires a rb stud and Martin is that guy and James will get carries.

  93. flmike Says:

    Yeah, we’re gonna trade Martin and then draft Manziel and then Joe is gonna spunk all over his keyboard…seriously, do you just make this crap up or what? Of everything I’ve heard this off season, this is the wildest and has no basis in reality, one name Matt Forte, Lovie may not know offense and might highly discount it’s value, but he does know the value of a good RB.

  94. Mike g. Says:

    I agree joe.last year he was the worst of the three backs .

  95. biff barker Says:

    Every single player on this roster has a price tag on him. Most all have been shopped around too, outside of LVD and GMC.
    But I also believe that Lovie values depth because both Martin and James suffered season ending injuries.
    Joe, I get the point that a RB’s value is diminished in today’s NFL but Sproles situation is different. He’s been in the league longer than Martin and is more of a change of pace option than a bellcow 3 down guy.

  96. Bucfan#37 Says:

    If running backs are so easy to come by later in the draft, why would any team trade away a high pick to acquire one? If the Bucs trade or package Martin in a deal, they won’t get much for him.

  97. mike n Says:

    if some idiot like the colt did wit richardson want to give up a 1st, then you must deal him.

  98. gianluca pesole Says:

    In the name of johnny football you trade everyone joe,Manziel is a bust in waiting stop with this stupid articles.

  99. Oingo Boingo Says:

    Only the cretin who pens this column and
    a couple of dopes agree Martin should be
    Trade bait.

  100. DontBucNH8 Says:

    Last year showed me something. James is a better 3rd down back than Martin. Without good play from the O-line Martin is below average. Rainey did just as good as Martin(which isn’t saying much). Never should have took Martin in the 1st when we had Blount imo. Another wasted draft year with the exception of David.

  101. Buc1987 Says:

    @Keith… when did they dump Clayborn?

  102. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucfan#37 Says:
    April 14th, 2014 at 8:44 am

    “If running backs are so easy to come by later in the draft, why would any team trade away a high pick to acquire one? If the Bucs trade or package Martin in a deal, they won’t get much for him.”

    This should be the end all be all of this discussion. Joe writes out this long article on the possibility of Martin getting traded and Bucfan #37 just smashed Joe’s theory over the head with a sledge hammer!

  103. Couch Fan Says:

    Without good play from the O-line Martin is below average


    Lol. WIthout good O-line play, EVERYBODY is below average. Martin is no exception. James had 295 yards last year in I think 8 games?

    This… is proof that James is better ? Sillyness.

  104. Kevin Says:

    @Couch Fan – Martin had 456 yards on 127 carries in 2013 – 3.6 yards per carry. James had 295 yards on 60 carries, 4.9 yards per carry. In 2012 Martin averaged 4.3 yards per carry. Honestly I’m glad you brought this up because I was just going off of what I remember seeing when I watched the two backs running last year and the stats just support it. James ran much much harder than Martin. He is 10 lbs heavier, faster and an inch taller than Martin. I will admit that Martin is more elusive and has more agility than James, but James saw the holes better and committed to hard running and yards after contact. Rainey just sucked I don’t understand what they see in him…hopefully just a camp body. Martin is a good back and more than likely we will not be offered a high first rounder for him….but if we were it would be a GREAT move to make. Another potential team would be the Titans along with the browns and Jags.

  105. delson Says:

    U can say he played in 8 but that ain’t spit if u didn’t start. He started 3 games. Against panthers seahawks and hurt vs the dolphins. His first start vs the panthers 10 carries for 39 that’s a 3.9 avg. 2nd game seahawks 28 for 158 that’s a 5.8 per carry. In the dolphins game he had 5 carries for 41 that’s a 8.2. That’s 43 carries for 238 5.5 per carry. He ended with 60 for 297 4.9 pc.

  106. Couch Fan Says:

    Ok so you are basing your opinion off of 3 games? Martin is a 1000 yard back. Get back to me when James hits that mark or even has a good season with more than 3 games started. Until then it’s just nonsense to try to say he is a capable replacement.

  107. BirdDoggers Says:

    Ok, here is my theory on this article and it may have been mentioned in another comment above, I didn’t read through all of them. Doug Martin isn’t going anywhere. Why? He was one of the players used to model the new uniform. The Glazers spent two years consulting with Nike to unveil the first big uniform change in years. I don’t think they would use a player to model the new threads that was on the trading block or even close to being dealt to another team. I would think the coaching staff had some input on who would be used for the photo shoots and uniform unveiling party at the stadium.

  108. delson Says:

    I agree rainey played well last year but I don’t know if that was the reall rainey. I wanna see michael smith get into his comfort zone also demps but mike james I believe is worth starting. Martin will not be traded for a high first nor a mid first. I see a low first maybe even a high 2nd straight up. But like somebody said before licht couldnt trade his soul to the devil. We’ll be LUCKY to get a 3rd round pick. Or we could package him with a pick to move up. Preferrably our 3rd n get a high second plus a 4th or 5th. Olb shazier would be nice to have our defense would be just about set!!!

  109. delson Says:

    238 in 3 games schiano thot he had to throw vs the panthers. So that ain’t even a full game. He was hurt vs the dolphins after the first drive but managed to get a fourth of his yards he had the previous week before he left for good.

  110. Kevin Says:

    The fact that Mike James averaged 5.5 yards per carry against the Seahawks, the Panthers, and dolphins. Dolphins not so much but the other two teams were extremely good defenses. That dolphin game he got hurt in the first quarter I believe. At the rate he started that would have been a 200 yard game for him without breaking his ankle. I think a lot of people are thinking the article suggests it’s a good idea to put Martin strait up on the trade block. It’s not that they would WANT to trade him….it that it would be worth it to at least SEE if any teams like ?Cleveland, , Jacksonville or Tennessee MIGHT be dumb enough to do it. I included Tennessee in there being that they just released Chris Johnson.

    @ Couch Fan I would gladly get back to you after Mike James has a 1000 yard season. He needs to get more than 60 carries for that to happen though……

  111. Chris Says:

    Late to the ball game here but I do see what joe is saying. RBs in round 1 are devalued. You can find a back and use a rotation of 2-3 back system. I like James and I like Martin. But Martin isn’t going to be the workhorse. He’s not going to have a 2 Nd contract. It’s the beast of the business.

  112. BoJim Says:

    L&L might be thinking he’s worth more now than waiting to see if he has a good year. He might not, then he would be worth nothing. Don’t want to see him leave. James has yet to prove himself and that ankle is still iffy to me. Another thing. I don’t think the Glazers or L&L are going to make a decision based on who modeled the the uni’s. Just sayin.