Dominik Has Little Faith In Bridgewater

April 18th, 2014

TCDominik11Given the widespread disdain for the scouting talents of former Bucs rockstar general manager Mark Dominik, Joe suspects the following will have some Bucs fans wanting to draft quarterback Teddy Bridgewater immediately.

Dominik took to the BSPN airwaves today to pour a bucket of cold water on Bridgewater’s potential. was taking notes.

“There were things you saw on tape when you watched him,” Dominik said. “Something that scouts internally, we talked about it in Tampa with Teddy Bridgewater last year. Is he really the premiere quarterback? I like the young man, I think he’s a quality individual, he’s got character and leadership and those things. But this is a quarterback, and you’re judged by what quarterback you draft, and I think Teddy Bridgewater might not have all the pieces you’re looking for.”

You can click above to read more, but Dominik, now a staff “front office” insider for BSPN, went on to say Bridgewater won’t be selected early in the first round, if at all on Day 1 of next month’s NFL Draft.

Joe can visualize Dominik and Greg Schiano sitting One Buc Palace drinking beer in a film room watching Bridgewater and marveling how they pulled a much better QB in Mike Glennon. And these guys are so QB savvy they didn’t even need a quarterback coach who could teach mechanics, or even believed in teaching mechanics!

Perhaps they studied Bridgewater just before they determined Michael Bennett wasn’t a premier pass rusher or before they saw Akeem Spence had top secret pass rushing ability?

Joe’s watched plenty of Bridgewater, and there’s plenty of talent there, and he played in a pro-style system at Louisville. Joe would have no problem with the Bucs drafting him.

Joe finds it interesting that Dominik said you’re judged by the quarterback you draft. Does that mean he thinks sleepy, leaky Josh Freeman and Mike Glennon got him fired?

71 Responses to “Dominik Has Little Faith In Bridgewater”

  1. NJBucsFan Says:

    That means he’s a slam dunk franchise QB.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    I have little faith in Dominick…..well make that lost faith…

  3. Bucfan77. Says:

    Freeman not Glennon. Linking Glennon with Freeman is simply an example of unfair journalism.

    “Unfair” really? Dominik drafted Glennon and would still be here if Glennon had more wins and, subsequently, didn’t lead the worst-ranked offense in the NFL. Wake up, please. –Joe

  4. Eric Says:

    Draft Bridgewater.

    Whatever it takes.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    “Unfair” really? Dominik drafted Glennon and would still be here if Glennon had more wins and, subsequently, didn’t lead the worst-ranked offense in the NFL. Wake up, please. –Joe


    Yesterday Joe said: “but most rookie quarterbacks need time and must be managed effectively”

    So I guess by saying “most”, Joe is saying everybody but Mike Glennon.

    You don’t have to like it, but Joe (and the Bucs hierarchy) watched enough of Mike Glennon to see he’s not going to bring the team home a championship. If he’s as good as many say, then the Bucs will be tempted by strong trade offers, which would be a win-win for Glennon and the Bucs. Meanwhile, Bucs fans should celebrate that Glennon is strong backup material. No shame in that. –Joe

  6. Luther Says:

    Ummm…I’m in agreement with Rockstar on this one. I thought maybe Bridgewater was the guy and my cousin talked me down before all of the predraft workouts. Now that I have looked at the kid, no way do I want the Bucs to draft him. I’m fine with Carr or Garoppolo.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Dominick had little faith in Bennett, Blount & Talib……had had lots of faith in Myron & Luke….what more can be said!!!

  8. stanglassman Says:

    Luther explain what changed your mind? I still on the fence about T. Bridgewater. I watched him play plenty of football and thought he was the real dea but now I’m leaning toward Carr, Bortles and Murray (and maybe Jimmy G.) in that order. I think either of those 3 would do well especially if they could learn the system under McCown for a year or two like Rogers.

  9. Drew Says:

    Schemes change and players to fit the schemes change. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Previous articles pretty much states Schiano lost the locker room. Time for everyone to move on, to the future and see how it all plays out.

  10. Patrick Says:

    HEY JOE, we had the 28th ranked offense under Glennon. 32nd is when you include Freeman’s &#*!show as well.

    I would love to see whoever our next quarterback is throw 19 TD, 9 INT and complete 60% of their passes in their rookie season.

    What’s alarming is how you think Mark Dominik was still a good GM. I bet you couldn’t wait to post this article regarding Dom’s input on Bridgewater.

  11. Dick2111 Says:

    @LightningBuc … Bingo!

    Given a chance to work with Coaches Tedford and Arroyo, and to be mentored by Josh McCown, I fully expect that Mike Glennon will become an excellent QB for the Bucs.

    Looking at how well he performed last year under some ridiculous circumstances, I have to believe that he’ll do much better in Lovie’s system. Folks just need to give him a chance.

  12. the_ether Says:

    Bridgewater all day.

    I never had a problem with Dom’s picks, just the “small” stacked coach he was stuck with. (Even LVD admitted recently that guys werent buying what Schiano was selling)

    As far as Dom’s assessment? Either he’s trying to get headlines, or the Glazers are cashing in on a solid from Dom, and he’s trying to drop TB’s stock.

  13. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Sorry, but I have to agree with the “Rockstar” here, not that I want to.

  14. Destinjohnny Says:

    Yep he is our guy it sounds like!! That is a great endorsement!

  15. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning

    Lol, Don’t do it brotha

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…are you still being bitter over the Bennett deal? lol

  17. Patrick Says:

    Even though I’ve been in support of drafting Manziel or Murray, I support Glennon if the battle is between him and McCown. Funny how people (outside of JBF) like this guy, but not most of the people on here think he’s god awful.

  18. lightningbuc Says:

    “but Joe (and the Bucs hierarchy) watched enough of Mike Glennon to see he’s not going to bring the team home a championship.”


    Too bad the Bucs didn’t sign Freeman to a “team friendly” contract like Joe wanted them too – then we’d be on our way to that championship.


  19. Luther Says:

    @stanglassman I changed my mind because I realized that he had gaudy stats against weak competition. While there are other QBs that have gaudy stats like Garoppolo, what finally turned me off of Bridgewater was the workouts. Depending on gloves to throw halfway decent (and failing) and not performing well in a fully scripted workout that you were supposed to be prepared for just scares me. He may turn out to be a good player but the QB position is already a crapshoot, so why gamble on a guy with that many question marks coming from so many scouts.

  20. Drew Says:

    The article stating Schiano didn’t believe he needed a QB coach to teach a Rookie and Joe is quick to classify MG as a good backup. Maybe the issue with MG was due to not having a QB coach and a strong Mentor. He’ll, let’s all get on board and throw MG under the bus. It was written, we’re all naive adults, so it must be true.

  21. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    Draft Bridgewater. Dominik’s negative take on TB tells us he is going to be the opposite. According to Doug Williams, Dominik actually wanted to draft Sanchez which would have been worse. That is Dominik for you.

  22. Drew Says:


  23. Tony Says:

    Pass…pass…and pass. Like the kid, don’t see franchise and that’s what we need. Don’t think he’s that much better than Glennon if at all. Did I mention ‘pass’?

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    Patrick yesterday you were bragging it about 8 leading the 27th greatest offense now it’s 28th. creative mathematics.

    I’d rather take a shot at Murray or Shaw later rounds than Bridgewater.

    Carr scares me too

    it all comes down to risk versus reward that is easy:

    Johnny @ 7

  25. mike Says:

    with all due respect fellow with regards to Glennon, how many development third round or later qbs make it in the NFL? It is a crap shoot at best and not a judgment to hang someone on. but to be honest, I think bridgewater is a second round qb too. andy Dalton part II. Not that this is bad, if used right, he could help a team to the playoffs. but not a Super Bowl qb

  26. lurker Says:

    I too want to know where Patrick’s numbers come from. he is not the only glue-pad lover spouting this nonsense. others said it was #29. where does this come from and why does it keep changing?

    also, other “experts” that like gumshoe-glennon obviously didn’t watch the full games of him player. youtube highlights are not film.

  27. lurker Says:

    we need a playmaker at #7. watkins or manziel, please.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Mike Glennon is exactly what he was drafted to be…a potential quality backup.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Dominick is right about Bridgewater. There are several QBs I like in this draft and Bridgewater is not one of them.

    Bortles reminds me of Jake Plummer (sp). He’ll throw a lot of picks, but he’ll score a lot of points too.

    Manziel reminds me of Brett Favre. He’ll take a lot of risks, throw pick at the worse moments, but he’ll get better over a 2-3 year span. If he sits his first year, it would help him immensely.

    Carr will get rattled at times, maybe throw some picks as a result, but this will be lessened if he gets to sit amd learn a year and has a patient OC.

    AJ McCarron will try to be a game manager. He’ll throw the ball away a lot so his ratio will be skewed. He will need a strong offensive team to succeed. He’s not the type to make players better around him.

    Garoppolo underthrows a lot of passes, making it hard for him to fit the ball into tight places. He’s more touch than power. But he is smart and a great leader. He could evolve into a game managing QB, but it will take time. He also has that pesky three-quarter delivery that defenses will smack down.

    Mettenberger is nearly a Mike Glennon clone except he can go deep better. He has the same lengthy delivery as Glennon, which means he will need a really strong oline. He is not mobile at all. A sstatue in the pocket.

    Aaron Murray’s release is too low and he pretends at being mobile. He can move around in the pocket, but if he decides to run he starts slow. In the nfl that equals sacks. Also had an acl infury. Might make a good late round pick.

    And BTW, Lovie already stated they might carry 3-4 QBs into the season. I doubt it will be 4, but cause McCown is so old they’ll have three. So all this talk of trading Glennon? Not gonna happen even if we draft a future starter. The Bucs still need a backup.

  29. BamBamBuc Says:

    Patrick, the team was 30th in points scored on offense, and (averaging Glennon’s #s over 16 games instead of 13) may have move up to 28th. However, we were 32nd in yards gained on offense and (again, averaging Glennon’s #s over 16 games) actually would have had fewer yards (can’t be worse than 32nd though).

  30. Jon Says:

    Glennon was the best of last years class. I hope my Bucs don’t draft bridgewater. Hoping they go in another direction. Two things come to mind. Bill B. Wanted revis worse than Talib and didn’t offer Blount. Lovie and Jason could have signed Bennett for less than Johnson (Bennett has better numbers) but they didn’t. Those two items remind me we are fans and not in the NFL

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai…where is this fantasy land that you live in that first round QB’s are going to sit a year? That was not a jab at you either. I get you’re point they might be fine if they sit a year. It just hardly NEVER happens anymore and we all know why Rodgers rode the bench in Green Bay.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    Yah Bonzai I do agree with you on the Glennon thing of course, I don’t think he’s going anywhere but standing behind McCown in 2014. Whether or not he ever becomes starting material is a different matter, I don’t think he will.
    Like I said many times before I’m not part of the MGM. I’m part of the McCown, Glennon, Kafka Mob.

    Not because that’s what I want to see either, but strangely because that’s what I think L&L is going to do. I say strangely, because who the hell knows what these guys are thinking yet? It’s so tough to gauge, but he’s not gone yet and so many players have been let go.

  33. BamBamBuc Says:

    Times are changing Buc1987. With the new rookie cap structure, it is becoming easier to sit a QB if need be. Before, when paying $10M+ to a rookie, he had to start. The only reason a rookie doesn’t sit a year now is because the team thinks he’s better than anyone else they have. Also, there is the roster size limit to consider. But it’s easier to sit a guy now than ever before. (except that fans see a 1st round pick and scream and yell if he doesn’t play right away)

  34. BamBamBuc Says:

    Also, there is recent history of QBs sitting in their first year (although some started later in the first year). Eli Manning sat behind Warner to start the season. Phillip Rivers sat for 2 years. Aaron Rodgers sat. Jay Cutler sat the first 11 games. Freeman sat until Leftwich and JJ proved they were worthless. Tebow sat. Gabbert sat behind Luke McCown the first two weeks, again it was not a push to get the 1st round pick in the game, it was that McCown wasn’t very good. Ponder didn’t start until week 6. Jake Locker basically sat the first year.

    It happens. Typically, it’s the fans screaming for the rookie to play. Denver even had billboards up for Tebow to start. A team that get’s a top QB prospect in the draft has the fans to deal with. If the team can be patient, the QB can sit if need be. Some QBs are better suited to sit the first year and adjust to the speed of the game. A team that’s willing to give him that time is a team that will have a successful QB when the time comes. Just don’t cave to the fans that think they know better.

  35. Barry Says:

    Glennon is the future. As he should be.

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    BamBam..very true all the way around. Especially the fans part, I also think some meddling owners might demand it as well. For ticket sales and all.

    I think if you’re going to go QB in the first 10 picks, he better be an Andrew Luck slam dunk. I know they are rare though. In other words what I’m trying to say is he better be NFL ready right out of the box and not a project.

    Which leads me to this point. From what I can tell every QB in this draft is a project. Especially Joe’s mancrush. (Now I’m stealing the mancrush thing from others, damn it I strive to be original)

  37. Buc1987 Says:

    Barry’s last name is Glennon.

  38. Chef Paul Says:

    “Joe can visualize Dominik and Greg Schiano sitting One Buc Palace drinking beer in a film room watching Bridgewater and marveling how they pulled a much better QB in Mike Glennon.”

    Really? 37 comments in, and no “pull” jokes?

    lightning? You out there?

  39. Phillip Says:

    Does saying Glennon lead the 27th-32nd ranked offense really matter when you are that low?? I mean is 27th something we should be aiming for? Lol

    Ya I know Mike Williams got hurt but remember he wasn’t that good to begin with according to some people on here(not me and still don’t like the trade)… Doug and Mike got hurt as well… The offensive line stunk(same line as 2012 mostly)… Coaching sucked but didn’t in 2012 apparently? Seems like alot of excuses to me…

  40. JT Says:

    Is anyone else tired of tampa bay being the biggest joke in sports. Like seriously.

  41. Phillip Says:

    The thing with Teddy is real simple…

    He’s been talked up as the 1st pick since last year’s draft and that means you study more and more tape of him and want to find problems with them… Too much time and tape on him it happened to a few different QB’s before him(Lienart Geno Clausen and Brady Quinn)

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Phillip…I don’t think we will ever understand the Glennon Mob’s thinking or what they saw they we didn’t.

    I get all the circumstances the kid went through though. I take that into consideration when others refuse to and only see them as excuses for him. I can tell you one thing they are not excuses when it comes from me. All of that really did happen. He did have a lousy OC and HC. He did lose his #2 WR for the season and never really had a #3. He did have no real threat in the backfield. His O-line did suck.

    These things did happen to a rookie QB.

    Some of those things also happened to Matt Ryan as well and he looked like shyte out there on game days. Do you not agree with that?

    I’m with Joe on this one. I think Glennon will become a very serviceable back up. I emphasize the word very too.

  43. BamBamBuc Says:

    Phillip – too true. And despite the injuries to O-line and RB, 5 or our 6 100+ yards rushing games came with Glennon as the starter. Another stat that helped Glennon look better was the defense actually got more turnovers. During the stretch of the Seahawks loss to the Bills win (6 games) we had 3+ turnovers on defense in 4 of those 6 (4-2 record during that span). The only other 3+ TO game was the Cardinals (Glennon’s first game. Think about that, that typically means better field position, a shorter field to score. It helps a QB score more points (27th or 28th ranked offense) yet not get many yards (32nd ranked offense). Also, punt returns nearly doubled in yards per return the last half of the season (again, shorter field). Was it Glennon? or was it the rest of the team holding him up?

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    JT Says:
    April 18th, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    “Is anyone else tired of tampa bay being the biggest joke in sports. Like seriously.”

    First of all that would be the Jags. Second of all I’m an old timer and if you think this team is the biggest joke in sports, you should have been there back when they really sucked. I mean really really sucked.

    Third of all, there are still a few teams out there that have never won a Super Bowl. Hell the Lions have never even been to one I think.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    BamBam…I’m still going to argue that the rookie record for TD’s in a season is 26 held by Manning and Wilson. Glennon did not start the whole season and had 19 TD’s. Had he started the whole season, he might have been close to the rookie record. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, but maybe.

    Dear lord if that had happened, the mob would have been able to use that as ammo.

  46. BamBamBuc Says:

    1987 – I think you factored that as 24 on the season for Glennon if it were 16 games. Could have been more, could have been less. But for arguments sake, let’s say 24 is the number. That doesn’t set any record. Anyone remember who had the 2nd best completion % as a rookie? 2nd best TD/INT ratio as a rookie? 2nd best ever QBR as a rookie?

    What I’m getting at is that it doesn’t matter. He didn’t set any record except for TDs in consecutive games to start a career. Caddy set the record for rushing yards in the first 4 games, if I remember correctly. Silly things, breaking seasons down into games for the sake of creating new records because the old ones are so hard to break.

  47. Brian Says:

    He’s gonna bust.

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    BamBamBuc…yes that would put him 2 short of Peyton freaking Manning’s rookie record. I didn’t say he would have tied it or beat it. He might have came close and in my mind that means he doesn’t suck as much as some of the people on here think.

  49. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I don’t care what they do in the draft as long as they draft logan thomas in the 4th or 5th

  50. Phillip Says:


    See why can’t you respond like that instead of bashing someone? If you don’t agree with me or what anyone else says responding in that manner as opposed to the way you have before doesn’t get you anywhere? No I totally agree and have said he did do a good job for the crap position he was thrown into.. Even though I honestly believe Schiano wanted to trade or release Freeman once he got Glennon and prepared him to be a starter during training camp and pre season(couldn’t get the blessing from Dom and/or the glazers I’m thinking)… But we still forced a ton of turnovers and couldn’t convert them into points…

    But with Matt Ryan he lost his top two receivers(got Roddy back towards the end of the season) and didn’t have Tony Gonzalez till basically the season started and also lost his rb and was with a horrible offensive line but still put up numbers and the Falcons defense was terrible as well… The team also went into tank mode this year too as it was obvious they weren’t making the playoffs…

    I honestly believe stats can mask how a player truly plays.. But I also believe that there is a reason more than half of the successful starting QB’s in the NFL currently were drafted in the 1st round and if you want to count the top of the 2nd then it’s damn near 95 percent..

  51. MTM Says:

    ESPN must be desperate to hire this f*&tard. His opinion means next to nothing with his track record. Matt Millen thinks Dominick is an idiot.

  52. Phillip Says:

    Logan Thomas is literally Freeman 2.0 aside from being able to play tight end.. To think this kid was talked up as being the 1st pick overall after his first season of starting is crazy… Big arm big body has mobility but has accuracy issues… I was a big Freeman supporter and still think the Bucs organization ruined him(Freeman had his share of the problem too) by not giving him continuity in coaching and the proper coach.. But like Freeman if you draft Logan Thomas you gotta stick with the kid and make sure your QB coach and offensive coordinator don’t leave after a year or two if you want this kid to succeed

  53. JonBuc Says:

    In unrelated news, I have even less faith in Dominik. But boy will he provide ” big talk ” on ESPN.

  54. Macabee Says:


    The Bucs have voluntary mini-camp for three days next week. All 3 days are open to the media, so you guys should have some good insights on players after the first few practices. I have proof that Lovie said they would take 4 QBs to camp. Would you try and find out how many QBs the Bucs plan to carry on the 53 man roster?

    If the answer is two and they draft a QB in the early rounds, I believe that Mike Glennon is odd man out or it’s a wasted valuable draft pick. If the answer is three, then Glennon is in a battle for the third roster spot. From the comments posted here tonight, there are JBF posters that obviously disagree with that premise.

    My belief is that one or two of those QBs will be cut or traded. Remember you have to cut a player first and he has to clear waivers to get him on the practice squad. If that player has any trade value at all, he will not clear waivers. If the 3rd or 4th QB has trade value, then I would expect a trade before the start of the regular season.

    Joe has already written that Lovie expects to carry two QBs on the 53-man roster. Also, when coaches say they’re coming to “camp” with four quarterbacks, that typically means training camp or post-draft. –Joe

  55. knucknbuc Says:

    Haha this dude was one of the worst cms in franchise history maybe league history the 5 years and the best draft pick is Gerald McCoy to show for it. How can this former gm bust a whole entire drafts from 2009-11. I’ll not take his word on any players this coming from a dude that drafted great names like Freeman Brent Bowden Brian price Myron Lewis Luke stocker and many more. I’ll give Dom credit he was good at picking future cfl’ers. Lucky the little general came along and saved his ass and drafted lavonte Barron Martin.

    Too bad he sucked as a coach too and that was just one of his shifty coaching hires.Mark dominik might have been one of the worst gms in this franchises history. Take his opinion with a grain of salt


  56. Buc1987 Says:

    Phillip.. I grew up in Massachusetts. They don’t call us Massholes for no reason. I can run hot and then run cold real quick. A person can despise me for one day and then the next day they think of me as their best friend. I can be a di*k for one minute and then the next minute have you cracking up with laughter. I can’t help it either. It’s just my nature. When you first started posting on here (I don’t know if you were here before me or not)you lumped me together with a few people as if we were one and the same. That rubbed me the wrong way and I do hold grudges. Even if we are both Buc fans. When I first found JBF I thought it was just a sad shame that all these Buc fans were fighting amongst each other. Some may say it was debating last summer, but there’s no way in hell that’s what it was at times.

    It’s all fine and dandy though man. I’m sure I can handle you and you can handle me.

    I just wonder if Joe’s site will survive if our team starts winning. If there’s no more drama within the team and they are winning, what the hell does Joe write about?

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    and holy crap it’s 1:45 a.m. good night Joe.

    Yes Phillip I started a sentence with and.

  58. Dr J Says:


    LovED your site, used to frequently view your page via my phone when I had some free time. Your pop up ads for iPhone app make viewing your page unbearable. I can’t read what you type with out having to click back only to have my app switch out to try and get me to download another app.

    Dr J:

    Joe has responded to these issues upteen times. Joe gets the same problems too, and no, Joe does not run the pop-up ads. It’s an intermittent glitch for some mobile-only readers. Appreciate your understanding and thanks for your support. Appreciate the kind words.–Joe

  59. Joe Says:

    Dr J:

    Joe has responded to these issues upteen times. Nothing has changed and the solution is the same.

    Joe gets the same problems too, and no, Joe does not run pop-up ads.

    Appreciate your understanding and thanks for your support. Appreciate the kind words.

  60. Kevin Says:

    Gotta be honest with ya Joe. If my phone is going to be hijacked by a website advertising games, I’ll just discontinue coming to your site.

    Intermittent problem for only some mobile-only users. –Joe

  61. QB or burst Bucfan Says:

    Wonderlick test don’t Lie.
    Bridgewater has talent and skills, but he won’t be able to adjust to the high speed decision making at the NFL level.
    He’ll be another deer in the headlights

  62. BucPuck Says:

    @ joe do you not own this website? If you do you control the ads. Or is this a template website that you use? If this site was built by you, you can 100% control the ads

    Not sure the obsession with this. These intermittent redirects for a small percentage of mobile-only users are a glitch in Joe’s system, not a revenue stream for Joe. It is nothing more than that. Please don’t accuse Joe of lying or being an idiot. –Joe

  63. rush Says:

    Nailed it….

    Dick2111 Says: 
    April 18th, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    @LightningBuc … Bingo!

    Given a chance to work with Coaches Tedford and Arroyo, and to be mentored by Josh McCown, I fully expect that Mike Glennon will become an excellent QB for the Bucs.

    Looking at how well he performed last year under some ridiculous circumstances, I have to believe that he’ll do much better in Lovie’s system. Folks just need to give him a chance

  64. RustyRhino Says:

    Drew “It was written, we’re all naive adults, so it must be true.” The sad reality of the state of the adult population of America today.

  65. Brandon Says:

    Dominik isn’t high on Manziel either…but he loved him some Freeman…who apparently had all the things Bridgewater doesn’t. smh

  66. BamBamBuc Says:

    Let’s take a little walk down memory lane… Because the talk is constantly how “Glennon had to deal with so much” due to injuries to his starting supporting cast, I figured this might paint a clearer picture of what a good QB can do with very little.

    2012: Andrew Luck starts his rookie campaign for the Colts in the wake of Peyton Manning being traded to the Broncos. During the season, the Colts have the 6th most injuries to starters in the NFL (losing 66 total combined games by starters), including OL, RB, and WR. Luck finds a young rookie to connect with in TY Hilton and the Colts win 11 games and make the playoffs. That’s what a good QB does when the media spotlight is on and the injury bug hits.

    2012: RGIII is all the talk, all the rage in Washington. The Skins have the 2nd most injuries in the NFL (losing 75 total combined games by starters), have 4 players on IR, lose Jamaal Brown (OT) for the season. They take a flyer on a later round pick in RB Alfred Morris that pays off nicely. Josh Morgan (journeyman 6th round WR) is a starting WR, plays the most games, has the most catches of any WR on the team with 48 for 510 yards and 2 TDs. Santana Moss led the team in TDs, but only started one game. The other spot was split between Garcon and Hankerson. Yet, the Redskins find a way to the playoffs while Griffin struggles with injuries of his own (eventually to go down for good in the playoffs and struggle the following season).

    You see, Glennon isn’t the only rookie QB to have a media circus (which he really didn’t have, there is no such thing in Tampa, not like in Washington and Indy). Glennon isn’t the only rookie QB to deal with injuries to teammates or have unknown players (Tim Wright for Glennon, Hilton and Morris for Luck and RGIII) step up in support. Two main differences. Glennon only won 4 games, the other two made the playoffs and Glennon was a 3rd round pick, the others were high 1st round picks. There is a reason Glennon wasn’t as successful as the others and why he was drafted 3rd round in a horrible draft class for QBs… he’s not very good and doesn’t have a very high ceiling based on physical skillset (not mental, we know the guy is smart, just doesn’t have all the physical tools to put it together on the field).

  67. Eric Says:

    The guy behind Rock Star looks like Son of Sam.

  68. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe says
    “Joe has already written that Lovie expects to carry two QBs on the 53-man roster…”

    I honestly do not see how they can keep less than 3. Think about it. Josh McCown is ancient. As a starter the likelihood of him getting injured is exremely high. As a backup that was not a problem. He rarely played.

    And if he gets injured the new starter will need a backup, whoever he is. I don’t see them cutting Glennon if they draft another QB.

  69. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    And even if you were informed that they would keep only two, it could have been a lie in order to prevent teams from guessing they plan to pick on in the draft.

    Because no one will believe they plan to keep Kafka.

  70. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    i don’t care what the bucs do in the first three rounds, just as long as they pick up logan thomas/ 6″6 coleman and another linebacker in the later rounds. I don’t think a tight end or qb is necessary in this draft except fore the a fore mentioned logan thomas.

    If they could trade down and go cb, O-line, DE (from stanford preferably) in the first three rounds I would be cool with that. As a new fan I can say that I am not sold on your starting runningback and would trade him, glennon, and vincent jackson for future high draft picks along with picks this year. let the team learn the systems and build a solid foundation and next years class will just fall in line with the seasoned group. NO window is closed, ATL will be a joke (bad o-line and no defense/running game), and carolina will have fired their coach cut their runningbacks leaving tampa bay to own the division for 3 to 4 years.

  71. ToesOnTheLine Says:


    I guess I am a MGM’er based on the MG8 hater’s criteria, but I can appreciate your argument. While I believe MG8 is capable of being a very good starting QB in the NFL I will concede I do not envision him ever being Andrew Luck’s caliber (but in truth I doubt any of the QB’s in this draft will either, Luck is a freak combination of brains, physical talent, and leadership that rarely comes along). So on to RG3 he has (or perhaps had?) more mobility than Glennon…that can’t be argued. However I think RG3 (and any QB that relies on mobility to make plays) becomes rather average once they lose that and become one dimensional. I may be a homer here, but I really believe Glennon will become a guy somewhere between Matt Shaub (the good years) and Matt Ryan, and that would be a pretty good QB (hopefully for the Bucs)