National Beat Writers Draft Offers Hope

April 3rd, 2014
In Stroud we trust?

“You embarrassed me, son.”

Every year NFL Network goes through a wise and telling exercise. One day at a time, they talk to a beat reporter of each NFL team — in draft order — and get that insider’s pick on who his/her team will draft based on the selections made prior to his/her turn.

It’s a mock draft with credibility and insight.

Here are the first six picks of 2014, rolled out on NFL AM over the past week.

1) Texans: Blake Bortles
2) Rams: Jadeveon Clowney
3) Jaguars: Sammy Watkins
4) Browns: Derek Carr
5) Raiders: Khalil Mack
6) Falcons: Greg Robinson

And that brings us to the Buccaneers, sitting at No. 7 overall.

Tampa Bay Times writer Rick Stroud told the NFL AM crew yesterday that the Bucs would be “delighted” to select Johnny Manziel, aka Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Football. Stroud went on to talk about how Lovie Smith spent a lot of time watching college football during his off year of 2013, and that Lovie was impressed by Johnny Football and would welcome the chance to ease in Johnny Football with Josh McCown on the roster.

See, it’s not just Joe who is confident Lovie and general manager Jason Licht would pounce at the chance to upgrade the quarterback position with a major talent.

In Chicago, Lovie coughed up two first-round picks, Kyle Orton and a third-rounder to get bratty Jay Cutler. The chance to draft Johnny Football, or Teddy Bridgewater in this scenario, would have to feel like a bargain from the heavens, especially in the pressure-free Year 1 of the regime.

All that aside, Joe isn’t confident in this draft scenario. The Rams aren’t going to draft Clowney, and the new Jaguars owner is too smart not to draft a quarterback.

63 Responses to “National Beat Writers Draft Offers Hope”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    Oh, so now Stroud is credible? When he reported on Mike Williams, Joe accused Stroud of “lacking important substance” and being “malicious”.

  2. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Enough with the logic and accountability, Lightning!!

  3. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    And, I just saw Matt Stafford’s fiancee. I now hate him because I’m jealous of his pulling ability. Wait, what?

  4. lightningbuc Says:


    I think we should draft Michael Sam, cuz I know that is one player who I am NOT jealous of his pulling ability.

  5. gatrbuc17 Says:

    JOE I love your site but could we PLEASE not see another pic of JF until After the Draft.

  6. BirdDoggers Says:

    Carr at 4th overall? The Browns make some head scratching moves, but this seems like a reach, even for them.

  7. Zane Pope Says:

    Please let us get Johnny Football

  8. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:



  9. Architek Says:


    Twice or thrice a day now Joe

  10. bucrightoff Says:

    This place is gonna be so hilarious on May 8th around 9pm when the Bucs don’t draft Johnny. The hyperbole figures to be completely out of control.

  11. Eric Says:

    Lots of scenarios where Johnny would be there at seven, or we could work trade up with Rams, Browns, Jags or Raiders for less than a Kings ransom.

    Stroud has great sources, if he says Lovie likes Johnny I totally believe it.

    And, because Lovie has said it himself!

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    “National Beat Writers Draft Offers “Hope”

    “Joe totally agrees. “Hope” is a dirty four-letter word. It’s often based on a false premise, a dream, blind faith.” — Joe

  13. StAugBuc Says:

    gatrbuc17 Says:
    April 3rd, 2014 at 11:21 am

    JOE I love your site but could we PLEASE not see another pic of JF until After the Draft.
    First one I’ve seen Joe post where he was actually in a football uniform.

  14. lightningbuc Says:

    That picture is of Johnny trying to “pull” Nick Saban.

  15. b.Bruce Says:

    We will draft Blake,I got 5 on it..

  16. snook Says:

    Only an idiot would have the Rams taking Clowney. Unless they’re done with Quinn or Long.

  17. StAugBuc Says:

    I thought the same thing

  18. theDON Says:

    Michael SSSSSSSSSSssssssssaaaammm

  19. bucfanjeff Says:

    Under this scenario it appears I have the choice between Teddy or Jonny…I take Teddy.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Architek Says:
    “SMDH!!!!! … Twice or thrice a day now Joe”

    So? Are you going to tell us you don’t repeat yourself several times a day? Or repeat an opinion?

    Not picking on you. Just saying people complaining Joe is repeatedly stating his choice at 7 is a double standard. There are guys here that say they want Watkins 5-8 times a day.

    It just so happens that Joe has to do it in articles.

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I would hate taking Bridgewater. I have suspected he will be a bust all along and his pro day just proved it. Mark my words, the team that picks him will have fans blaming the HC for the pick after 3-4 years and it will cost him a job.

  22. Architek Says:

    Yes you’re right – we all do but this is boy band level crush that Joe has on a not “can’t-miss” prospect.

    You don’t find it weird Joe posts three articles a day for JF?

  23. Jordan Says:

    Don’t sleep on the Rams. 9 straight losing seasons, Fisher didn’t select Bradford, Bradford’s guaranteed money is nearly all paid off, they save around 22 million in cap space if they cut him, and he has missed 15 games through just 4 years from injury.

    I think the Rams are in better position than the Texans, Jags, and Raiders because the Rams still have the 13th overall pick to fill that OL or WR need.

  24. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Joe’s Love of JF is nauseating but where else can you read 10 Bucs articles a day

  25. biff barker Says:

    I’d take Manziel if he’s the right fit for the new offense.

    Just…. dunno.

    Actually, I am elated about any possible scenario under center for the Bucs this season because I don’t have to watch Freeman take one singular snap here.

    BTW, where are the Freepologists now? Well?

  26. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Joe does this every year….picks one guy and puts up 10 articles a day on him. I remember Dre Kirkpatrick (until the Revis trade), Morris Claiborne, etc etc etc.

    Probably generates a lot of clicks

  27. lightningbuc Says:

    BTW, where are the Freepologists now? Well?


    A lot of them are pining for “the puller”!

  28. bucrightoff Says:

    biff barker Says:
    April 3rd, 2014 at 12:14 pm
    BTW, where are the Freepologists now? Well?

    They’re the Glennon bashers and/or Manziel lovers. Lest we forget Joe wanted to give Freeman an extension, which a) would prevent drafting a QB now because Freeman would be locked in b) would have set the franchise back severely.

    That’s all Mark Dominik has to say in any future job interviews: When his flaws and mistakes are pointed out, he can always say “Yeah, but I didn’t give Josh Freeman an extension”

  29. biff barker Says:

    Lot’s of peeps here were clamoring for the JF5 extension….. that’s why you should never mistake passion for ignorance.

  30. c-spann Says:

    Bridgewater wont be a bust. He is the most pro ready QB in the draft. Folks put to much stock in pro days! look at the tape!

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    c-spann…look at the tape of Bridgewater up against inferior college opponents?…OK.

  32. Eric Says:

    Looking at the latest mocks the majority have Bridgewater falling below seven.

    Interesting, as he was the consensus pick for number one a few weeks ago.

  33. biff barker Says:

    I think it was Chris Landry who was saying the Bridgewater was the most ready NFL but that also meant he might has a lower ceiling. Others have cited durability concerns.

    I’d rather have Garapollo in the 2nd or Murray in the 4th.

  34. c-spann Says:


    JF played in a spread offense, which does not usually translate to the NFL. I think JF is more of a product of that system. I bet his replacement next year will have similar numbers. Bridgewater has pocket presence, accuracy, and can read defenses. When I watch JF, all I see is alot of running around and improv. JF can ball but Teddy is the better QB imo

  35. lurker Says:

    it is amusing how most of the “glennon is a starter” mob retirees are on in the am and the “glennon is a backup” people are on in the pm. most people here are pro-glennon, just that half say he is not starter material.

  36. BFFL Says:

    Browns take Derek Carr??? WTF…is this reporter in Cleveland just trying to get attention. If the Brown take Carr, then they will be on every future NFL network show that counts down the 10 worst NFL draft day blunders. Taking Carr over Manziel is a sure fire way for a GM to get his ass terminated from this league.

  37. passthebuc Says:

    its all hyperbole

  38. Celly Says:

    at first, i wanted Johnny here because of his play making ability, ability to lead a team and his will to win as well as his bravado.

    NOW, i want him here hoping the dunder-heads that peruse the comments sections might finally leave.

    for everyone that is tired of see what JOE posts on his site, you can easily purchase a web domain for ~12/year, purchase some hosting (or host it yourself) and write whatever the HELL you so choose. all you every do is complain on EVERY.SINGLE.ARTICLE.

    maybe or is available.

  39. mpmalloy Says:

    @ bucrightoff

    This place is gonna be so hilarious on May 8th around 9pm when the Bucs don’t draft Johnny. The hyperbole figures to be completely out of control.

    Imagine if Johnny is there at 7 and the Bucs pass?
    Oh, the irony. Joe would shut the site down in protest
    …and probably lock himself in his bedroom.

  40. runtodaylight Says:

    I wouldn’t get your hopes up to high, Joe. In the same “on the beat” mock last year, two weeks before the draft, the Browns’ beat writer took Geno Smith at #6, and the Bills’ beat writer took Cordarrelle Patterson at #8.

  41. Eric Says:

    Cleveland didn’t attend JF’s pro day, and brought in Bortles for a workout.

    All of which likely means zero.

  42. Warrenfb12 Says:

    No way the Jags take Watkins at 3.

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    Johnny Manziel…YOU SUCK!

  44. Espo Says:

    Rams will take Clowney if they truly go bpa. Having 2 stud DEs won’t stop them they’ll get creative with playing time

  45. Phillip Says:


    If you actually READ Joe’s articles then you would have know he said to a TEAM FRIENDLY contract…

    I seem to remember a certain team signing Matt Flynn to a starters money and a TEAM FRIENDLY contract and still went out and drafted their QB and started him over the QB they had just signed…That contract with Flynn really set the Franchise back didn’t it? SMDH


    He’s also wrote plenty of times about Jake Matthews, Watkins, Mack, Clowney… Mike Evans as of late, a couple about Derek Carr, and others….

    But basically what your saying is that you want someone who RUNS THEIR OWN SITE to write about players YOU want? You also want him to write about prospects that are in the 3rd-7th round where anyone’s projection is a total crap shoot? Do YOU pay the bills for this website? If not go spend the money and make yourself a blog site and write about Glennon Watkins or whomever you want as many times you want… Or go make a fan post on BucsNation about whomever you want… The dude writes about the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION IN FOOTBALL because there is still a NEED at QB (McCown contract is only 2 years and clearly they don’t think Glennon is the guy) and we are actually in a position to draft a high QB prospect and probably won’t be again for numerous years (fingers crossed)..

    I can’t believe all this negativity on the comments lately… The people that hate Manziel(MOSTLY MGM) constantly come onto the comments section on a Manziel article and complain about the articles about him… Simple solution don’t read them? I wasn’t excited about Lovie becoming our HC because I wanted an Offensive minded HC for once but the moves Lovie and Licht have made so far(Tedford, FA) have made me optimistic and excited about the future of the Bucs…

    I think the general consensus is that MOST have liked what Lovie and Licht have done this off season so if they do draft a QB in the 1st round are you all going to turn on them and want them fired for it? Are you willing to eat crow if that same QB ends up being the FRANCHISE QB we have all been waiting for? Just curious

  46. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    If Manziel amounts to anything close to the savior that Joe has slobbered on about, I will 1000% eat crow.

    As far as covering other prospects, I would wager if you combined all the others and compared them to the Manziel articles, it would still be a 10:1 Manziel ratio. Of course, he can write what he wants to write about. And, I will comment how I choose to. If he doesn’t like how I comment, he can ban me. And that’s ok too.

    If you don’t like the comments, don’t read them. It works both ways.

  47. bucrightoff Says:

    Phillip, you realize “team friendly”, based of the market rate, is something like 5 years $55-60 million right ($12 million a year; currently QBs are getting $17-20 million per)? That would be a horrific albatross right now, $12 million a year for a guy who might be out of the league soon.

  48. Tristan Berry Says:

    I’m starting to get the idea that JBF publishes Manziel articles just to watch you guys lose your minds over it. *ROFL*

  49. Phillip Says:


    It can be a Mike Vick kind of contract that the Eagles shelled out (6-7 yr 100 million with team options every year essentially) We also just did one with some guy named Revis… Just because there is a big final number the ONLY number that matters is the GUARANTEED money… And the way the Bucs have been dealing out contracts they are usually 2 years of guaranteed money…

    Just thinking with how up and down his 2012 season was I’m 100% POSITIVE they would have made it EXACTLY Vick and Manning deal (not as much money obviously per year) but where if he did great he would continue with his contract and if he didn’t he’d be gone with no cap hit.


    Okay once again the QB position is the most important position in football and we still have a question mark there because currently we have a band aid and a back up that clearly the front office doesn’t believe in… So why wouldn’t you write about that position? Do you want him to write about players that we are pretty sure we won’t draft?

    With the banning thing I’m not sure how he would go about that other than blocking an IP address(which can still be gotten around) since we are not registered users on this site(like others)…

    I read comments to hopefully see some optimism in fans about this coming season and upgrading at certain positions and all I see are hate comments on Manziel(on EVERY article) because Joe likes him or because of the MGM..

  50. Patrick Says:

    lmao why would anyone not want Manziel? I remember years ago when Bucs fans all over wanted us to draft Tebow. Unlike him, Johnny can actually throw the damn ball! If he was a Gator or a Cane you guys would be all for him being drafted.

  51. Phillip Says:

    You guys want articles on Brett Smith Tom Savage Guyton Fales(He should write more about him) Logan Thomas(JF5 clone to me) AJ McCarron(wrote a few even in 2012) Mettenberger Murray(Written Plenty)… Just doesn’t make sense to write about QB’s that you don’t think will be worth anything in the NFL…

    Fact is there isn’t a more polarizing prospect than Manziel. You either think he’s going to be great or you think he will flame out… So TONS of experts have differentiating opinions on him and why its cool to see so many different opinions on him as a prospect.

  52. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    – I don’t know whether they think answer at QB is on the team or not. Neither do you. Neither does Joe. We’ll know after the draft. Right now, OBP (really all front offices) has cloaked their true intentions. And rightly so.

    – They have banned people before. It’s possible.

    – Again, people will comment how they choose (just as you do). It’s not up to any one person, besides the owner to administer how people should comment. Apparently, it’s ok with them (I’m still here). As far as venom goes, I don’t think it’s really about the prospect per se. When the admin chooses to write about one guy at a ridiculous ratio over all others, and especially to call people jealous and so on (making it personal) of course people are going to respond. (and that’s good business, though they will NEVER admit as such)

    I’m optimistic most about the GM. The lines are being rebuilt. The payroll is being remolded to how they are more comfortable. I’m happy with many things.

    People disagree. To each their own. I don’t bash people unless they specifically call me out, and are rude in doing it (call me an idiot, etc.) Live, er, comment and let comment.

  53. AmbushBuc Says:

    I’ve been a Buc fan since the team’s first game in 1976. But I had Johnny Manziel with such a burning passion that I would not be able to cheer for him in any way, shape, or form. I am completely repulsed by his smug, entitled arrogance. That puts me in the very unenviable position of refusing to follow the team for as long as he is QB.

  54. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Hey Phillip….relax bro

    I don’t care if someone writes about the draft or the position or needs or whatever. What I don’t like is when someone becomes obsessed with one prospect and beats the drum non stop and then acts like anyone who disagrees with them knows as much about the game as Betty White knows about twerking. The Claiborne and Kirkpatrick obsessions show that Joe knows as much about drafting college kids as everyone else.

    Just to show that I’m not just picking out the misses (bc everyone misses) Joe was also beating the drum for Lavonte David. I just feel like the draft is a crap shoot and rather than incessant drum beating for Manziel, I wouldn’t mind seeing incessant drum beating for a QB accompanied by analysis of all the QB’s available

  55. rayjay1122 Says:

    I just am on the stay away from Clowney band wagon…he is going to be a bust in the NFL like Gaines Adams R.I.P. But Gaines had a better attitude and work ethic at least. I see Clowney as a physically gifted but lazy and selfish. Imagine how lazy he will be after getting paid. I say QB or WR at #7 on offense or Mack if he is still on the board on defense. I just am on the fence with Manziel. He will be boom or bust. I do not see him being average. He could be the nest Brett Favre or Steve Young or maybe even a little lower and more of a Jeff Garcia type or he could be another Tebow who used a college system and drive to win to excel in college. It is just hard to say. I hear good things about Bridgewater but he may be another Byron Leftwich type QB. I am glad it is not my job to make the pick and get to just sit back and watch. We have to hit homeruns in the first 3 rounds though since we have limited picks.

  56. lurker Says:

    love me some celly
    short and to the point.

    lotsa spite by commenters here. and yet they keep clicking and commenting …lol

  57. Sapp, STFU Says:

    lightning Buc, who keeps pissing in your Cheerios?

  58. Dave Says:

    If Clowney is there: take him

    If he falls out of the top 3. move up to get him.

    He is a dominant HOF type player who should have 100 sacks within 10 years.
    He makes the BUCS a dominant Defense again.
    He is what they have been missing since Simeon Rice.

    None of these QBs are worthy of taking over him.

  59. David Williams Says:


    Maybe this is already here but Draftek has Johnny Football going to the Bucs at #7:

    “We’ve had Derek Carr mocked to the Bucs a number of times in recent weeks, but Carr has been more of a Plan F selection as a result of some better fits having already been drafted, namely Clowney, Mack, Watkins, Robinson, and Matthews. Much has been written about OC Jeff Tedford’s familial connection with the Carrs, which dates back to 1997 when Tedford coached Derek’s brother David at Fresno State. But football is more about winning than nepotism, and Johnny Football gives your team more of a chance to do that. Manziel’s Pro Day showed, among other things, that he’s amenable to being coached. Manziel, already the consummate gamer, can really excel under the tutelage of proven quarterback developer Tedford. Here’s a summary of John Gruden’s recent interview/workout with Manziel. Bucs fans may be a harder sell, but Gruden came away impressed.”

  60. nate Says:

    I just got some insider information that dallas cowboys are trading up for jonny football.. you heard it here first!

  61. P'cola Buc Says:

    Imagine if we would have lost just ONE MORE GAME and we were picking third right now…….(sigh)!

  62. Maze Says:

    Manziel Madness would be a welcome sight to open and knowledgeable football fans

  63. PrepDog Says:

    The Jaguars selecting Watkins is a horrible selection. No way they do that.