“Still Searching” Outside And Inside One Buc

March 24th, 2014

lovie 0322It’s the kind of attention the Bucs absolutely don’t want. News crews outside One Buc Palace this morning reporting live on the stabbing of Mike Williams and his allegedly rogue brother, who is on the run from police.

Local authorities, as of 7:30 a.m., say they’re “still searching” for Eric Baylor, working to execute a warrant for his arrest as Williams’ attacker. This has to have Lovie Smith still searching for his own answers regarding Williams.

On one hand, Lovie and the Bucs can’t blame Williams for getting stabbed in his own house on a Sunday during typical waking hours. There are no reports of Williams being drunk or high. But on another hand, the Bucs easily can wag a finger of blame at Williams. Surely, Williams was told by the Bucs to stay out of any kind of trouble following the reports of his bad-neighbor status at his old house, and his order to appear in court on misdemeanor trespassing and criminal mischief charges. Williams, gashed thigh and all, is due back in court this week.   

Yeah, it’s darn harsh to give a guy a black mark for getting stabbed, but that’s how the real world works when your employer feels the fallout and gets its reputation tarnished. It doesn’t help your job status.

Joe believes Williams is lucky to be dealing with a fair, deeply religious man and an experienced head coach in Lovie. He’s more likely to not be reactionary and not evaluate this situation based on emotion.

Also, it’s important to note that Williams likely torpedoed his trade/market value with this recent incident. Fair or unfair, again, that’s reality — a reality that likely will make the Bucs even more patient with Williams.

10 Responses to ““Still Searching” Outside And Inside One Buc”

  1. Hawk Says:

    Lovie doesn’t know Williams, nor does he have any tie to him. We saw what happened to Revis, Penn, etc, and they didn’t even embarrass the Bucs on network news. I’m sure Lovie has the patience of Job, but he is also a HC responsible for the ‘team’. He didn’t mind getting nothing for the rest of the waivers, I doubt that he’ll lose a lot of sleep over Williams.
    It may be that he’s waiting for the outcome of Williams’ misdemeanor charges before he makes a move. It would also be wise to wait until after the draft so as not to tip his hand at a ‘new’ position need. Trading down works better if the other teams ‘think’ you might take their player.

  2. biff barker Says:

    It’s obvious there are no escape clause in the Williams contract or he’d be long gone by now.

  3. Architek Says:

    Counting down.

  4. BirdDoggers Says:

    Lovie and Licht are making it clear that players they think are overpriced and underperforming will be replaced. Williams seems to be a prime candidate for the chopping block with the latest news headlines. He’s a capable reciever but the off field issues might be too much for Lovies liking and he’s making a hefty salary for a perceived trouble maker.

  5. Dooley Says:

    @Big Doggers how does being stabbed qualify Williams as a trobulemaker in this instance? I get what you’re saying in regards to his pay, but let’s not act like Mike Williams hasn’t been one of the few players to show he can perform in a Bucs offense at a high level and that being part of the reason he was paid the was he is. Being a knuckledhead, and/or being surrounded by knuckleheads seems to be Williams’ problem and I just hope he can grow out of it while he’s still a Buc and a talented player.

  6. BucTrooper Says:

    You know what’s ironic? Guys like Pac-Man Jones who get into so much legal trouble when they go to bars and strip clubs. Mike Williams has had all of his problems simply by staying home!

  7. sho-nuff Says:

    I saw the news scroll about this watching a soccer err “football” game on NBCSN last night….the day we unload every low eared rock the pop star picked up or drafted on this team the IQ will be enhanced 10 fold…..have you ever seen a collection of some of the stupidest, gutless and thin charactered players Dom brought to this team?…Blount, Aqib, Freeman and Williams…..

    **note to Lovie/Licht if the scouting report about “troubled players” or the eye test of poor accuracy or the reaction of a sucker puncher is on paper ….BELIVE IT AND CARRY ON!

  8. Patrick in VA Says:

    Does this affect any monies that would be owed to him if he were cut?

  9. flmike Says:

    Just remember, Lovie is the same guy who signed and then was later burned by Sam “International Drug Kingpin” Hurd …so, whoever gets into any trouble is probably on an incredibly short leash.

  10. BirdDoggers Says:

    @Dooley, I didn’t say Williams was a trouble maker. I said he is a perceived trouble maker. There is a difference. I don’t necessarily have a problem with Williams. I think his contract extension was deserved and he’s proven to be a good player. However, Lovie and the front office probably have a problem with a player making unwanted headlines. The unwanted headlines could prompt the new regime to cut ties with a player they deem to be a distraction, regardless of fault. Lovie has no ties to the previous regime’s roster or Williams, which makes it easier to move on if he chooses to.