Price Down On Trading Up?

March 30th, 2014

Jeff Fisher’s in win-now mode and talks about trading the Rams’ No. 2 overall draft pick

Joe’s drained by speculation of what the Bucs might have to cough up in order to trade up in the 2014 NFL Draft.

What Tampa Bay actually would have to give up is pure guesswork. There are no rules. If Jeff Fisher and the Rams, at No. 2 overall, simply want to swap first round picks and get the Bucs’ second round pick, then there’s no reason that can’t happen. The market will set the price.

Yes, Joe would be pleased to see the Bucs trade up for a decent price so they could snag a top flight quarterback prospect like Johnny Football or Teddy Bridgewater.

Fisher himself spoke on the subject at the NFL Owners Meetings last week. He doesn’t see an RGIII-like ransom on the horizon, referring to the Rams’ blockbuster trade-down in 2012.

“But I think it’s highly unlikely that even if we did trade out that would we get the value that we did the first time around,” Fisher said. 

Each draft has its own personality and that one was highlighted by the presence of two elite quarterbacks in Griffin and Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Those players were highly coveted because of their position. 

This year’s draft offers no similar alternatives, though it is considered a deep draft from top to bottom. The lack of clear-cut franchise quarterbacks combined with the depth of the draft means teams are less likely to give up a bounty as the Redskins did to acquire Griffin. 

“This draft is unique in that I think you’re going to get players in the middle part of the third round that potentially could start, and start very early for you,” Fisher said. “It really depends on the positions, but there will be a lot of teams excited about who they have acquired in the first couple rounds because it’s such a deep draft.”

The alleged depth of talent in this draft makes trading up or down more intriguing than usual; It sure makes it painful to lose a high second-round pick, but it likely also lowers the total bounty to trade up.

Joe’s been keeping track of the Rams’ desires for months. Fisher has said multiple times that he’s fired up to have quarterback Sam Bradford enter the season healthy and reap the benefits of his fourth year in the same offensive system, an NFL rarity. A recent story by the Post-Dispatch pegs the Rams as most eager for a blue chip offensive lineman and secondary help, not a quarterback or a receiver.

Given that there are a few stout offensive tackles available, Joe can’t imagine how Fisher wouldn’t be eager to pull the trigger on a deal to trade down.

Joe doesn’t want to see the Bucs do anything outrageous, but when you need a quarterback who has the potential to compete with Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and Cam Newton every year, you can’t be afraid to move swiftly.

108 Responses to “Price Down On Trading Up?”

  1. Lev Says:

    Maybe we went nuts in free agency because the Bucs are planning on trading up and having less draft picks…..

  2. lurker Says:

    39 days
    06 hours
    30 minutes

    to find out

  3. phattitudes Says:

    It is exactly the statement “the lack of clear-cut franchise quarterbacks combined with the depth of the draft” which would lead one to NOT TRADE UP in this draft but rather trade down. There is no CLEAR-CUT FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK. Therefore giving up draft picks in a DEEP DRAFT is crazy. They should continue to fill out their roster with talent. Licht has implied that good QB prospects can be had later in the draft. Trading down and adding more draft picks in a deep draft makes more sense.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We went nuts in FA because we could….we had the money and Lovie was probably assured when he was hired that he could spend it.
    I think it is more likely we trade down than up.

    Sammy @ 7

  5. Firethecannons Says:

    IF ( and that’s a long shot, imo) we trade up to get anybody, it would be Clowney.. not a QB

  6. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Not gonna happen, Joe…. L&L are too interested in rebuilding this roster from top to bottom, and they’ll need every valuable draft pick. If one of those QBs falls to us I see a trade down. They’ve already said they see a franchise QB in this draft, and that it’s not one of the over hyped ESPN darlings.

  7. rayray1 Says:

    I’m hoping that at least one of the 3 major QB’s fall to the Bucs @ the 7 spot so we can entertain trading down and getting more picks in a deep draft. None of this years QB’s jumps ahead of the top 3 in our division in the next 2+ years. Although @ LEV makes a good point about a big hit @ QB if that’s what L & L believes they needs to do.

  8. RastaMon Says:

    NO…..this franchise has mortaged and refinaced it’s future tothe point of being upside down since 3years leading up to the SB Championship…if the Braintrustcan no take a player @ 7…they can not get one anywhere else. The SF 49er’s have 12 picks this year…6 of the 1st 100 players to be take….they did not get to this position of drafting from strenght by Danny Boy Snyder trading up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sammy Says:


    I will not be avaliable at 7. BOOK IT!

  10. owlykat Says:

    We will be able to get what we need without trading up or down precisely since we have what we scored in free agency. We can get a QB at seven that Tedford can mold into a Franchise QB. At the second pick we can get a MLB that can cover passes in Tampa Two but also be stout against the run up the middle and sideline to sideline. In the third round we can get a quick three technique DT with 10 sacks last year from inside who can sub for McCoy and also be used in rotation. In the fifth round we can still get the LSU Guard who will be a good backup this year. In the seventh round get the best athlete available who can excel at special teams. What else would we need with our great coaches who will be able to work wonders with the talent we already have–we are set on DL and when Foster moves to SLB we will have three great LBs and two Veteran LBs behind them, at DB we will have three Veteran CBs, not counting last years’ 2d pick. We are going to be set!

  11. BucFanForever Says:

    Last night I had a dream(nightmare) that the Rams took JF with the second overall pick.

  12. Patrick Says:

    You would think that after 38 years, Bucs fans are finally ready for a franchise quarterback.

  13. Broy3434 Says:

    Joe I will say you’ve been on the Manziel wago and I questioned it. I’m absolutely sold on moving up for him. His pro day dropped my jaw. He would easily beat out McCown in my opinion. His 50 yard dimes on the run at his pro day made me think. If this team drafts Manziel and a wideout/tight end they win 10 or more games (barring insane injuries). I really think it’s that simple in done hearing Manziel ain’t a franchise arm. My ass. The kids going to be incredible if he’s utilized right. Don’t care about his height. He WILL BE better than Wilson. Wilson has an incredibleee team around him.

  14. Tut Says:

    This years 1st and next years 1st so we would get Mack or Clowney

  15. RastaMon Says:

    “You would think that after 38 years, Bucs fans are finally ready for a franchise quarterback.”..oh we have had many…thinking just like that !…I don’t see any quarantees in the first 6 slots…we got holes to fill..before dreams to chase !

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We have just recently lost a 1st, 4th & 6th pick with nothing on our roster to show for them…..It could also be argued that we potentially squandered a 2nd with Bowers and possibly a 1st with AC (jury still out for me).
    We need all our picks badly and we need winners!!!

  17. Yar Says:

    Clowney at all cost.

  18. Orca Says:

    Joe, this is getting tired. None of the big 3 QBs are worth trading up for. This is a draft to trade down and get value. It’s also a time when the Bucs need to find multiple players at multiple positions. You’ve got your head lodged so far up your a55 with QB love, especially (and annoyingly) J-Fruityboy obsession, that you can’t see clearly. This is the draft to have extra picks. A decent haul of draft picks coupled with the excellent work in free agency and this team may actually have a full roster of competitive players for the first time in a very long time. I don’t think any of those top 3 QBs does as much good for the long term success of the team as having extra picks for OL and WR depth, and we could still pick up a QB in the 2nd round.

    And you are banking on the alleged notion that this really is a deep draft. That’s the same unknown as the quality of the any of the “Big 3” quarterbacks. Keep in mind the 2010 draft was considered the greatest in history before it happened. Don’t blame Joe for the Bucs needing a quality starting QB. –Joe

  19. Name Required Says:

    Hey… It depends on who The Bucs want. We can say what’s crazy or not, but it’s really the decision of the organization.

    If the Bucs want Johnny Football, Bortles, Bridgewater, or even Mack or Clowney… They may have to trade up.

    If this draft is so deep, it actually makes more sense to trade up to get your definite guy, then trade picks from next year’s draft to get more picks in the later rounds of this year’s draft. You get your guy, late-round gems and quality depth, and then decide later what you want to do next year in a seemingly lesser draft. Ultimately, is a cheaper route to success, and you stand more of a chance of winning faster.

    Just a thought, anyway.

  20. BucsQcCity Says:

    If we trade up it’ll be for Clowney becus one of the 3 QB will fall to #7 this year. Even watkins could be there if raiders get DJ

  21. RastaMon Says:

    Samuel Watkins is the only player worthy of trading up for…..but we can not afford to give up anymore draft picks…the cheapest most talented segment of the NFL roster as it is structured today……. TRADING UP ????

  22. Espo Says:

    Trading up for a bust of a qb isn’t the way to start a career in Tampa. The only can’t miss player imo is Clowney and therefore the only reason to trade up. Otherwise, stay put or trade down and draft some depth with the extra picks.

  23. Name Required Says:

    I forgot… This comment section is full of pro scouts.

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    Clowney at 7 or trade down not up.

    If for some dumb ass reason he falls to them at 7. There is still a chance anything can happen. Not a highly likely chance, but still a chance.

    So basically just trade down and gather picks. Even if Johnny (IR waiting to happen)Football is still on the board.

  25. Jordan Says:

    Licht and Lovie talked about “value”. There is no value in a 5 million dollar backup QB. Either McCown is a bad value signing, or he was singed with the intention of being the starting QB from day one. This would also mean that the Bucs think Josh McCown has a better chance of leading the Bucs to winning than any other QB in the draft. They think McCown > Manziel and McCown > Bridgewater. The McCown signing is a “value” signing should he become our starting QB. If we take a QB with our 1st pick, the McCown signing immediately becomes a “bad value” signing.

  26. Orca Says:

    Joe Says:

    And you are banking on the alleged notion that this really is a deep draft. That’s the same unknown as the quality of the any of the “Big 3″ quarterbacks. Keep in mind the 2010 draft was considered the greatest in history before it happened. Don’t blame Joe for the Bucs needing a quality starting QB. –Joe

    Yes, I am banking on it. I’ll take the expertise of the NFL personnel people over Joe’s PBR-educated opinions every day of the week. I’ll trust the knowledge and experience of Jason Licht and Lovie Smith over the windbaggery and blowholery on this site every.f* If they stay at #7 and pick Fruityball, I’ll trust that they know what they’re doing, but I’m not buying into the hype from Joe. Add in the fact that there is no consensus on the big 3 QBs. This isn’t a strong class of QBs at the top. All 3 are waaaay overhyped. This is undeniable. Andrew Luck was worth trading up for. None of these guys are Andrew Luck.

    And, regarding the 2010 draft, if the Bucs have nothing to show for it, it’s because of your buddy the **rockstar**, not because it’s evidence of a bad draft overall. I’m putting my faith in the new regime to draft well.

    You’re missing the point, the 2010 draft, with all the juniors piling in to make more money pre-lockout, was billed by the experts you tout as the greatest draft in NFL history. Did that pan out? Joe’s not talking about the Bucs’ picks. –Joe

  27. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Brees may have a few declining years left, Newton has name recognition but his actual play does not live up to the hype, and Ryan was exposed this past season as being somewhat overrated and unable to carry a team like a great QB is able to do.

    Yet Joe keeps mentioning these guys as if they are the best three QB’s in the NFL. Nothing could be further from the truth. These guys may impress Joe, but they don’t strike fear into opposing NFL teams. Brees somewhat, still, but even that is starting to wane.

    I’m still not buying Joe’s mantra of “fourth best QB in the NFC South” every time he talks about the Bucs. It’s overblown, overstated and exaggerated.

    The Bucs definitely don’t NEED to draft a QB in the first round this year. In fact it won’t change their 2014 performance by even one single win. Period. Licht has stated clearly and emphatically that the moves they made in free agency this year have been for one main reason: so they are free to draft the best player available without regard to position. And that is a perfect strategy.

    @FLBoyinDallas – If Joe is overblowing the 4th best QB in the division line, then please tell Joe when the last time a fourth-best QB in the division led his team to the promised land. It just doesn’t happen in the new-age NFL. –Joe

  28. Bucfever40 Says:

    If we trade up, it will NOT be for a QB, Licht has already said you can get a very similar QB in rounds 2 and on, Clowney would be the only one I’d consider giving up a high draft pick for, with the right coaching, we have yet to see what this kids ceiling is like, if we can bring a strong rush with just 4 linemen, then this will be a top 5 defense!

    Licht never said anything about “a very similar QB.”–Joe

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    FLBoyInDallas Says:

    “I’m still not buying Joe’s mantra of “fourth best QB in the NFC South” every time he talks about the Bucs. It’s overblown, overstated and exaggerated.”

    I 2nd that.

  30. Price Down On Trading Up? FEATURED NEWS ARTICLE | Buccaneers - NFC South Daily | Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blog Says:

    […] The rest of the article can be found here: […]

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    “please tell Joe when the last time a fourth-best QB in the division led his team to the promised land.”

    Shawn King almost did.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    I think Shaun King’s best days were when he played arena football for the Las Vegas Gladiators. He threw for 10 touchdowns against the Grand Rapids Rampage.

  33. finishers Says:

    we are not moving up for the worst QB in the division!!! we already have that! how dumb would that be?!get real.

  34. Harry Says:

    I hope L&L deem one of the big 3 QB prospects worthy of trading up. If not, fine. But I want the bucs to have a Drew Bress, Payton, or even a Russell Wilson at QB. I am sick of holding my breath every time the Bucs QB drops back to pass – I want to be EXCITED our QB is dropping back to pass, not expecting an INT or dump off of 5 yds when we need 8.

  35. Jordan Says:

    Harry, only one of those three QBs you mentioned was drafted in the 1st round. It is also important to note that there were 5 QBs drafted before Russell Wilson in his draft.

  36. Buc the Haters Says:

    The chances are pretty high that McCown or Glennon will give us a better chance to win this year than any QB in this draft because of their intelligence and wisdom, combined with adequate physical abilities…. Therefore, get them weapons and protection early in the draft instead of more competition. We can get competition/future potential in the 3rd round and beyond in this draft.

  37. Jordan Says:

    Drafting a QB in the 1st round guarantees just one thing, you selected a QB in the 1st round.

  38. Burg Says:

    The only QB worth trading up for is Florida’s own Blake motha F-ing Bortles….

    You cant run from the truth green cows!!!

  39. Macabee Says:

    MOCK DRAFT 1.0

    My mock drafts are based on the confluence of all mocks as the draft approaches, rumors from local websites, meetings and planned visits to by potential draftees, and the supreme belief that my wild a$$ guess is just as good as yours. Lol. An alternate pick is provided.

    Theory: The Bucs will trade down in Round 1, not lower than 13 or before Chicago picks. They get a 4th round pick. If they can panic the Vikings into trading down one place to ensure the Vikings get their choice at QB, they will trade down twice!

    RD1 – DT Aaron Donald/Pitt
    DE Dee Ford/Auburn

    Theory: The Bucs will trade down in round 2, not lower than pick #40. They get a 5th round pick.

    RD2 –OG Xavier Su’a Filo/UCLA
    OG Gabe Jackson/Miss State

    RD3 – WR Paul Richardson/Colorado
    WR Martavis Byrant/Clemson

    RD4 – ILB Lamin Barrow/LSU
    ILB Telvin Smith/FSU

    RD5 – QB Connor Shaw/So Carolina
    QB Brett Smith/Wyoming

    RD5 – TE Crockett Gillmore/Colorado State
    TE Richard Rodgers/Cal

    RD7 – DE Larry Webster/Bloomsburg
    OT Kadeem Williams/Albany

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Buc 1987

    You had to mention Shawn King!!!

    ***Note*** Buccaneer Bonzai, dont read below.

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  41. Bucfan#37 Says:

    NO to trading picks or spots. Keep the picks you got, take the best available player on each pick.

  42. zam Says:

    L/L built a team they think can compete as if there were no draft at all. It seems very much a best player available approach. I can’t see a trade up unless you are going after need. We’ll see!

  43. BucsQcCity Says:

    We’ll see if we have still the 4th qb now that cam has Underwood as its #1 WR

    Our division rivals lost on offense: Sproles, Moore, gonzalez, ted ginn, steve smith.

    The NFC south landscape is changing

  44. Harry Says:

    Interesting – the year the Bucs went to the SB, we had the #1 QB in our division, Shuan King was on the bench, and the division finished in the same order as the QBs:

    2002 NFC South QB rankings:
    Bucs – Brad Johnson 92.9
    Falcons- Michael Vick 81.6
    Saints – Aaron Brooks 80.1
    Panthers- Rodney Peete 77.4

    2002 NFC South Standings:
    Bucs: 12-4
    Falcons: 9-6-1
    Saints: 9-7
    Panthers: 7-9

  45. zam Says:

    Didn’t Lovie, our very coach, go to the super bowl with Grossman? He was 4th best in that division (and they won the division by like 5 games too).

  46. Harry Says:

    @Jordan Says:
    “…only one of those three QBs you mentioned was drafted in the 1st round…”

    Very good point Jordan, I snoozed on using those QBs. However, please tell me of another QB drafted in the 6th rd (such as Brady) who has been to the SB in the past 10 years? Point is, finding a Brady is an extreme rarity.

  47. Macabee Says:

    You guys want a mock that gets Clowney for you, here it is! Posted on the Bucs Network. This mock is probably an outlier, but you can find a mock that says anything!

  48. Harry Says:

    @Jordan Says:
    “…Drafting a QB in the 1st round guarantees just one thing, you selected a QB in the 1st round…”

    Also, statistically, it guarantees your chances of drafting a successful QB are more then doubled.

  49. Andrew 1 Says:

    The experts were actually right, the 2010 draft WAS a deep draft. Just take a look at some of these star players that could have been had in the 3rd and later rounds.

    3- NaVarro Bowman
    3- Jimmy Grammy
    4- Alterraun Verner
    4- Geno Atkins
    5- Kam Chancellor
    6- Greg Hardy
    6- Antonio Brown

    Pretty damn good list right there. And just to show that you cant necessarily find these amount of good players in the later rounds for every draft, lets take a look at a draft that was not considered to be as deep as the 2010 draft, and that is the 2009 draft.

    3- Michael Johnson
    3- Mike Wallace
    4- Henry Milton

    Yea… not nearly as many great players in the later rounds, unlike the 2010 draft. Point proven.

  50. Patrick Says:

    I don’t care much for Bridgewater or Bortles; I want Manziel! Agree that there’s some risk involved with taking JF, but do we really have anything to lose at this point? We’ve been in the cellar of the division for 5 years now. Time to take a chance!

  51. My Buc-O's Says:

    Joe, Bridgewater is not a QB in the top 5. He’s garbage. Get over it.

  52. RastaMon Says:

    Clowny….winners never quit & quiters never win……

    “Those who act tough and proud will vacate a situation when it becomes difficult lest they be proven not as tough as they appear to be.”

    or put another way…

    Clowny is a quitter

  53. gcarr74 Says:

    We need more picks not less. It would be stupid to trade up and lose picks, especially if it’s for white mike vick Johnny.

  54. Andrew 1 Says:

    Oh, and you can also put Mike Williams and Dennis Pitta in that 2010 draft, depending on what you think of them. I happen to think they are good players for the rounds the were drafted in.

  55. Rob Says:

    The ONLY guy I’d consider trading up to the second spot for is Clowney.

    And if the Bucs don’t, I think the Falcons will.

  56. Harry Says:

    @Jordan Says:
    “…Harry, only one of those three QBs you mentioned was drafted in the 1st round.”

    btw, Good point Jordan. I snoozed using those as an example. However, please tell me the last QB drafted in the 6th rd that took their team to the SB? Conf. Championship Game? Playoffs? My point being, B_rady is a RARITY.

  57. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Yeah, and Fisher also gave Clowney some love the other day. Imagine Clowney paired with Quinn. They trade back with the Bucs no way they get him. Same goes for Sammy. Bradford needs better receivers when he comes back and Sammy probably won’t make it to 7 either. If they stay put at No. 2 they will get one of those guys guaranteed. There are no other Clowney’s in this draft, and the only other 1st round WR is Mike Evans.

    The Bucs have a shot at getting at least one of the following: Clowney, Watkins, Mancrush, Teddy, Bortles, Matthews, or Mack. Like I said Clowney and Watkins will likely be off the board @7 along with at least 1 or 2 of the “Big 3”.

    So @7 the Bucs will probably have the best chance at Mack, Matthews, or one of the QB’s. Considering they could also trade down and take Mike Evans or Anthony Barr or whoever and still grab a QB or WR in the later rounds, trading the farm just doesn’t seem attractive IMO.

  58. unbelievable Says:

    Bortles is actually the best prospect. Biggest of them all, strongest arm, still very fast, elusive, hard to bring down, and has a good head on his shoulders. Needs some mechanics work and a slightly quicker release, but isn’t Teford the man for that?

    Perfect scenario would be to have him sit for a year behind McCown / Glennon, and then take the reigns next year. Too bad we have no chance to draft him.

  59. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    If we pick at seven it will be one of:

    Robinson, Mack, Watkins,
    Mathews, Clowney, Lewan or Donald

  60. Celly Says:

    Its hilarious to hear some of you say, “This draft is so deep. Nobody is going to trade up” and then in the next sentence/breath state “we’re just going to trade down.” You do understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE to trade down if no one wants to trade up, right?

    I almost forgot why I hate sports message boards around this time of year. Everyone knows more about personell than the coaches, has more football knowledge than the GM and can budget better than the owners. Smh.

  61. Jordan Says:

    @Harry – 2013 playoffs featured 12 QBs – just 5 were selected in the 1st round.

  62. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Zam

    EXACTLY! that’s why I liked their approach to free agency. Now they wont be forced to pick for need and can take the BPA. The only exception is guard, but we wont be taking one in the first round.

    @ Celly

    lol Pretty ironic isn’t it. I caught that too.

  63. Jordan Says:

    The likelihood of QB success is correlated to their draft round (chance of success goes down the later the pick). Don’t get me wrong. However, the QB position is statistically the worst option in the 1st round. The so-called “bust” percentage of a QB is higher in the 1st round than any other position. In the end, isn’t the goal to have more hits than misses in the draft?

  64. BucsQcCity Says:

    Up, down or at #7 we’ll get a good starting rookie.

    Up= clowney
    7= watkins, JF, bortles, bridgewater, robinson, matthews,Mack
    Down=evans, ebron, donald

    Can’t go wrong

  65. Patrick Says:

    @unbelievable………rookie QB’s drafted in the 1st round don’t sit anymore, every year we see them start on opening day, or at worst, a few games into the season.

  66. RastaMon Says:

    I actually saw Jeff Fisher play live every time he suited up in the the Ole Sombrero…..

  67. WalkdaPlank Says:

    If we are going to draft a QB it should be Aaron Murray IMO. For a 4th or 5th rounder that guy would be an absolute steal. The only reason he will fall that low is because of his torn ACL. But he said he should be ready for Georgia’s pro day next month and I’m sure lots of teams will be watching to see how his recovery is going.

    He wouldn’t start right off the bat and would sit behind McCown and be groomed by the franchise for a year or two and would come in with the new regime where everyone is learning the new offense. Worst-case scenario is the Bucs missed on a 4th or likely 5th rounder, which is a helluva lot better than striking out on a 1st or 2nd rounder.

    I mean, that’s the whole reason we got McCown, right? To give us a few qualty seasons while the franchise grooms a young QB into a potential franchise QB. Lovie didn’t bring him in to be some rookies backup, we already have a “quality backup” in Mike Glennon who has proven he can win games when dealt a crap hand. Not all great QB’s start their rookie years. I mean, hell Kurt Warner wasn’t even drafted!

    If L&L pick a QB in the 1st so be it. But there are bigger holes to fill and good QB’s later like Jimmy, Carr, Mettenberger, McCarron, and Murray. I think it would be better to use the high first rounder on another problem area and use a late round pick on a potential low risk, high reward prospect like Murray.

    But again, that’s just IMHO.

  68. unbelievable Says:

    @Patick, I’m aware.

    Which is why I said ” ‘Perfect scenario’ would be to have him sit for a year..”

    But since Lovie is pretty well respected, him and Licht could just lay the hammer down and probclaim that he was drafted with the intention to sit for a year and learn and be qb of the future. Of course that could only be possible if our offense was consistently effective w/ McCown/Glennon and we were winning games.

    But it doesn’t matter, b/c I don’t think he will be there at #7. We will take BPA or trade down. The only possibility this regime trades up is for Clowney, but I don’t think that will happen either.

  69. unbelievable Says:

    @WalkdaPlank I agree, they are much more likely to draft a qb in rounds 2 or later.

    FWIW, I actually think Bortles is really 2nd round talent at this point (I think all the big 3 are). But since they are qbs, they will go in the 1st. And I see him with the most potential if drafted and coached by the right people.

  70. eric Says:

    are you serious if the buds was to do something so stupid it would not be for QB’s with question marks! The buds will not draft a QB in the first round unless they trade down period!

  71. eric Says:

    if the buds

  72. eric Says:

    if the bucs

  73. Patrick Says:

    Lovie Smith was one of only 8 NFL head coaches to attend Johnny Manziel’s pro day. I think that’s a sign that they may be considering him!

  74. RastaMon Says:

    “Lovie Smith was one of only 8 NFL head coaches to attend Johnny Manziel’s”…….or posturing for a trade…

  75. Tut Says:

    Harry Says:
    March 30th, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    @Jordan Says:
    “…only one of those three QBs you mentioned was drafted in the 1st round…”

    Very good point Jordan, I snoozed on using those QBs. However, please tell me of another QB drafted in the 6th rd (such as Brady) who has been to the SB in the past 10 years? Point is, finding a Brady is an extreme rarity.

    ****** (excluding Brady’s 5 SB starts)****
    Jake Delhomme undrafted started in the SB
    Kurt Warner undrafted started in multiple SB’s
    Matt Hasselbeck 6th round started in the SB
    Brad Johnson 9th round started in the SB

  76. FuNkyYxMuNkEy Says:

    OR…we could try to trade down in the mid teens, pick up an extra pick or two, and draft Derek Carr. I would prefer this route versus trading away our 2nd round pick in such a great draft.

    To get Manziel for only a 2nd rounder would be a steal though. I enjoy being able to have options for a change though. I know these statements are very contradicting but we are in a position were we could do either one this year and still improve our team. The extra picks added and still getting Carr would help us out the most IMO.

    Thank God our front office has made the moves so far to allow such flexibility. GO BUCS!!

  77. TB2014Bucs Says:

    f we draft Johnny, we’ll be in the running for Hackinburg in two years.

  78. williethewonder Says:

    ordan Says:
    March 30th, 2014 at 4:01 pm
    @Harry – 2013 playoffs featured 12 QBs – just 5 were selected in the 1st round.

    Such a small number to work with and you can’t even get this right. Half were selected in the 1st round, 4 with #1 overall: Manning, Luck, Newton & Smith; then Rivers and Rogers. In the 2nd round, Brees w/1st, Dalton w/3rd & Kap w/4th. Two in 3rd round, Foles and Wilson. Brady, the anomaly in the 6th.

  79. Jordan Says:

    Patrick – most teams “consider” every player. The Seahawks are most likely considering Manziel, and have already rated him. It is not so much yes or no, it is a matter of when.

  80. Jordan Says:

    williethewonder – you are right, just half of the QBs in the 2013 playoffs were selected in the 1st round. Thanks for replying so that even more people can see that half of the playoff QBs were drafted after the 1st round.

  81. Barry Says:

    Joe you have the NFL rookie QB of the year on your team. You people ought to be proud of that and excited. Hell we could have the next Tom Brady. Use our pick on another position besides QB. Some of you people are too enamored withe a running QB. RG3,Cam,EJ,Geno suck or won’t last long in this league.

  82. williethewonder Says:

    Funny how whenever a glennon mopper ever suggests the possibility of taking a QB, it’s invariably in the 3rd round or later. Of course… that way they feel their boy Mike (I think my feet may be stuck in some quicksand) Glennon has a better shot in a competition.

    I’ll tell you what the Glazers see when looking at the prospect of drafting Manziel in the 1st round, no matter what the cost: Butts In Seats. Yes, they come out to see an exciting brand of football never before witnessed in these parts… and then stay for the beer and dogs and jerseys and beer. Yes, cha-ching is what they see (okay, hear, while seeing the butts in those previously vacated seats).

  83. Manzielski Says:

    They should offer the Rams their 1st, 3rd and next year’s 5th and select Clowney.

    If the Texans pick JC, they should grab Manziel.


  84. Jordan Says:

    I hope the Glazers aren’t involved in the draft process. Certainly a player like Manziel would sell loads of merch, but if the wins don’t follow, then the profits will be short lived.

  85. DontBucNH8 Says:

    Maybe swap and a 3rd. If we really wanted Watkins or Clowney, but I’d be fine at #7 taking Evans, Mack, Donald, or Ebron. I still like the trading down part better.

  86. Patrick Says:

    Off topic again, but to the people out there who question Manziel’s character, he’s never ONCE been in a problem inside the locker room. Ask his teammates and coaches at A&M: they rave about how hard of a worker he is and the leadership he brings to the table.

    As for his off the field issues, he really only got into trouble one time. He tried to break up a fight in College Station and the officer happened to find his fake ID on him. He got arrested for fake identification and “disorderly conduct.” Ok, so he made a mistake (2 years ago btw).

    He likes to drink alcohol. Gee…..sounds like a normal college kid to me! He likes to party with hot women…..good for him!

    I don’t see anything truly alarming about his character that should keep the Bucs from drafting him next month. Our starting quarterback doesn’t have to exactly be an angel anyway.

  87. MR.T Says:

    Us trading up, highly unlikely. With only 5 picks we need more not less. We’ll stay at 7 or trade down.

  88. Buc1987 Says:

    If Manziel ever needs a good lawyer, he just needs to come to JBF and look up Patrick.

  89. williethewonder Says:

    Jordan Says:
    March 30th, 2014 at 6:12 pm
    Certainly a player like Manziel would sell loads of merch, but if the wins don’t follow, then the profits will be short lived.

    Absolutely. That’s why the big-time capitalizing on Johnny is feasible only if Tedford sees the Robo-QB he can turn him into. And boy, oh boy, oh boy, if Tedford sees it and we get him, look out NFC South (and the rest of the league, too)

  90. Jordan Says:

    I’m almost more curious about Tedford’s offense than I am about who our QB will be.

  91. BucsQcCity Says:

    No to trade up for watkins. Stick to the QB or pass rusher in early 1st round. WR are dimes a dozen plus they it’s a position where offensive scheme can really play a big part of their success.

    I think we would be a better team with a dline with Johnson, McCoy, McDonald, clowney than with an offense with Manziel, Bridgewater or Bortles

  92. BucsQcCity Says:

    You’d have your 4 startibg dline for 4 years with McCoy extensio

  93. lurker Says:

    Licht and Lovie talked about “value”.

    yes, and people say “i love you” to get some action.

    lip service by a gm.

  94. lurker Says:


    it is also amusing how those same people probably clamor for desean jackson, where his on- and off-field behavior is more worrisome/troublesome.

  95. Aaron Says:

    Seems that Licht and Lovie have a plan…I’ll just sit back and watch what happens. Who am I to be critical of people that do this a 100hrs a week.

    I think the Bucs grabbed McCown to allow whoever we draft to sit for a season or two…with the money they are paying McCown that makes me believe its not a first round pick QB but who knows…I don’t see glennon here past draft weekend…but if the Bucs are not getting any value they may keep him through the preseason to see if anyone gets hurt.

  96. Harry Says:


    Great input man, thank you for that.

  97. Bucfan#37 Says:

    On whether the Bucs will make a move for Manziel, I consulted my two trusted advisers, the ouija board and the magic 8 ball . They both said no.

  98. Harry Says:

    @Tut Says:
    Harry Says: “…please tell me of another QB drafted in the 6th rd (such as Brady) who has been to the SB in the past 10 years? Point is, finding a Brady is an extreme rarity.”

    ****** (excluding Brady’s 5 SB starts)****
    Jake Delhomme undrafted started in the SB
    Kurt Warner undrafted started in multiple SB’s
    Matt Hasselbeck 6th round started in the SB
    Brad Johnson 9th round started in the SB
    Great work Tut. Those are all very impressive success stories. But I think you made my point for me. I said finding a B_rady or a Warner is a rarity. Warner and Johnson go back to 1994, Delholme ’97, Hasselbeck ’98 – I only asked about the past 10 years, but these are all worthy. So what you are saying is that in going back to ’94, that past 20 years, there are a total of 5 QBs drafted very late or not at all who became stars, right?

    I think that proves my point my friend – 5 in 20 freaking years!

  99. Kalind Says:

    No. Do. Not. Trade. Up.

  100. Mr Magoo Says:

    Can’t wait to see all these GM’s who post idiot comments say two years from now how they knew the Bucs should have traded up down, sideways for Manziel. Of course if he is available at 7 the Bucs will blow the pick as we always do. Manziel is going to make a lot of teams regret not taking him if Houston is stupid enough to pass him by. As he said the combine cant measure his heart. Hearts and Smarts is what makes a great QB. Not height or how many skirts are chased in college. This guy wants to be great and he will do whatever it takes. I hope the Bucs can be along for the ride.

  101. Buc1987 Says:

    Mr Magoo …many rookie QB’s have been talked about their hearst and smarts for the game for the last 30 years prior to this draft. So I guess your here to continue that tradition. Welcome aboard new screen name.

  102. Harry Says:

    Mr Magoo,


  103. Jordan Says:

    Harry – 6th round and later picks + undrafted QBs account for 1/3 of Super Bowl starts since year 2000.

  104. Barry Says:

    Just think MG8, if you were NFL QB Rookie of the year-Set NFL and team records as a rookie- and were Black you would unquestionably be the starter on this team and afforded at minimum 3 years to develop. Media in this town would be like crickets and wouldn’t have the courage to try and run you out of town for fear of being labeled or accused of being a racist. But you being White…. You’re screwed here. #ReverseRacism

  105. Bucfan#37 Says:

    @ Barry… I agree, it seems Glennon was’nt good enough from the start, “an excellent backup” is all the credit he has built. I am curious what Glennon’s take is on the QB competition. I have’nt heard anything from his voice in months.

  106. lurker Says:

    funny, there is much of regular racism here, so they would let you know here. also, glennon just sucks. he is immobile, slow, inaccurate, and weak-armed. that does not make a good qb in my mind.

  107. JoeMan(Ziel)CrushFan Says:

    I’d take Bortles, dude is supposed to be a top 10 pick like the others but he wasn’t afraid to throw the ball at the combine and he threw it well. He has the look and he has the college stats to match. Then he killed his pro day. Kid has grown on me.

  108. BoJim Says:


    Just say no to drafting a player coming off an injury. especially at QB. Lovie said he would like keep 2 QB’s. What if McCown goes down or sucks? Draft a QB (healthy) in the later rounds who can play now if need be. Or keep Glennon. I think he will be much better this year. I like Derrick Carr in maybe the second but I think he will be gone before we pick. JMO.