My Team

March 15th, 2014

Lovie Smith is building the Bucs in his image.

There is a famous NFL Films clip that shows Deion Sanders screaming “My house!” in his first trip back to the Georgia Dome after he left the Dixie Chicks as a free agent and signed with the 49ers. The 49ers had blitzed the Dixie Chicks 42-3 highlighted by Deion’s 93-yard pick-six that evoked the screams.

That clip buzzed through Joe’s head when he read this piece on Lovie Smith by Yahoo! Sports NFL scribe Anwar Richardson, who documented how Bucs coach Lovie Smith is molding the Bucs into his vision of an NFL squad.

In short, Lovie himself could likely be exclaiming, “My team!”

Smith’s final act of supremacy was signing former Bears backup quarterback Josh McCown on Wednesday. Mike Glennon emerged as Tampa Bay’s starter last season, but Smith informed reporters McCown was his quarterback of choice.

Smith was known for being rigid in Chicago, and that side of him has not mellowed in Tampa Bay. To be fair, Smith may not get a chance to coach another NFL team if he fails in Tampa Bay, so there is nothing wrong with assembling “your” team. In fact, it is something every first-year coach attempts to do.

Of course, few coaches have been more aggressive, or unsympathetic, as Smith so quickly into their tenure.

The biggest knock on Lovie is his inability to build a decent offense in Chicago. The one time he did have a decent offense, with bratty Jay Cutler, the Bears got to an NFC Championship game where Cutler blew out his knee in the first half and the Bears lost a close game to the eventual Super Bowl champion Packers.

And yes, Lovie did make it to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman, whose ineffectiveness was exposed badly by the Colts.

Joe is sure Lovie will have a sound defense. The offense, however, under first-year and zero-NFL-experience Jeff Tedford remains a mystery.

27 Responses to “My Team”

  1. Rob Says:

    Wasn’t “my team!” one of the first things that Raheem repeatedly muttered like a deer in the headlights during his introductory presser?

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m ultimately like the Cuba Gooding character in “Jerry McGuire”. “Show me the money!” “Show me the wins!”

    This is all fun speculation and I enjoy it. But really do we not all believe that so far so good in the Smith/Licht regime?

    I approve of all their moves. Now January 2015 you all might be able to make fun of me, or you might be forced to say they got it right.

    The record is all that really counts. But as we approach the coming season I’m really getting jacked up.

    McCown does not to be Drew Brees or Cam Newton…he doesn’t even need to be Johnny Football…he simply needs to be Rich Gannon…Brad Johnson..or Trent Dilfer. Is that really so hard to imagine?

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Actually……I like “My Team” much better than “America’s Team”……
    It’s funny though….its “My Team” too… can that be?

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Of course we are all speculating right now, that’s all we have this time of year.

    We won’t really be able to pass judgment on these moves until January next year.

    In the meantime however, I approve of all their moves. I’m excited and I’m really jacked up to kick off the 2014 season. Go Bucs!

  5. originalfloridamarlin Says:

    I remain skeptical of Lovie. Fans in Chicago grew tired and frustrated with him, just like Buc fans were toward the end of Tony Dungy’s tenure. Lovie could easily be Tony redux. Very similar m.o.

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Lovie could easily be Tony redux. Very similar m.o.

    And did we not learn from that experience? Do we want to have Lovie build a Super Bowl team here and then lose patience and send him somewhere else to win a Super Bowl?

    Do we really believe Dungy was talented enough to win an SB in Indy and not Tampa. Yeah Peyton didn’t hurt the cause but remember aside from that one SB Peyton has sucked in the post season which makes Dungy’s Lombardi that much more impressive to me.

    I simply want a competitive team free of jerks like Talib, Winslow and now Mike Williams.

    Is Jim Harbaugh a good coach? Where’s his ring?

  7. lightningbuc Says:

    Tampa Bay is already abuzz with Lovie’s new “the starting person”…..NOT!


    This is Tony Dungy / Shaun King all over again!

  8. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I get where you’re coming from guys…I was frustrated by Tony’s offenses and his horrid OC’s as well. But let’s get real here.

    Dungy was here six years. Let’s toss out his first 6-10 turnaround year.
    The remaining five years he NEVER had a losing season!!! He reached the playoffs in 4 of those 5 years. UH how many times have we been to the playoffs in the last five years? 10Years?

    We’re freaking starving and you guys are now going to argue over whether the cut of steak is filet or flank?

    It takes a certain amount of luck to win an SB in today’s competitive environment. All I ask is that we be competitive and in the hunt every year.

    I just want a shot. Does anybody think we’ve had even an outside chance the past five years? Really? Now do you honestly believe we have a shot to reach the post season in the next two years under Lovie?

    Those are the important questions. And remember McCown does not need to be Drew Brees or Cam Newton or even Johnny Football. He needs to be Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, or Trent Dilfer.

  9. ClassieFreddieBlassie Says:

    One thing I know, the Bucs are a much better team than they were a week ago. Looking forward to see what Lovie and Licht can do for us in the Draft!

  10. Harry Says:

    Licht years ahead of the past two regimes. BUT, Lovies’ failings in CHI were due to bad offense, as you said Joe, specifically a bad O-line. So I certainly hope Collins pans out and is reliable like de-PENN-dable Penn. And who are our starting guards? Also, still no slot receiver. Does this offense not use a slot, like last year’s offense did not incorporate a TE? We have no need to be concerned about the D, but is Tedford an NFL level OC?

  11. Tye Says:

    If building a prosperous offense is still Smith’s weakness, the “my team” probably has a 2 year window…. Hopefully OC Jeff Tedford and GM Jason Licht are better at it than Smith for the fans sake!

  12. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I’m interested to see the end result on the offensive line. I also wonder who Lovie is counting on at RDE. Bowers? Gholston?

    I don’t mind the McCown signing, just don’t like the idea of no QB competition in TC. Glennon has at least earned the right to battle for the job, and for Lovie and co. to basically crown McCown in March…just doesn’t seem right to me.

  13. stevek (MGM) Says:

    The moves we have made this offseason have all represented great “value”. I am very pleased that we were able to fill so many holes for the price.

    Mike Johnson- 8.5mm per. 2.5mm pay cut from last year

    Alteraun Verner- 4 years, and at an extremely better rate than Shields, Talib, or Vontae Davis.

    Collins- cheaper, younger, better than Penn

    EDS- Top 25% of all NFL Centers.

    Give me some pseed at WR.

  14. eric Says:

    Please give us that Dungy frustration.

    Such as repeated playoff appearances and one of the best defenses ever fielded.


  15. Mumbles Says:


    I’m with you. Let’s go back to Schiano. Just when I was getting accustomed to losing, they cut him. What’s up wit dat?

  16. eric Says:

    While your at it Movie coach up a couple of guys to be first ballot Hall of Famers.

    Oh that horrible Dungy era.


  17. bucs4lyfe Says:

    so were putting lovie in greg schiano category….if he fails in tampa a winning head coach wont get a chance again? you mean all this talk of lack of talent with the draft still over a month away were already talking about what will happens if he fails…..really joe it it feels like were buiding a losing team haha….that dungy tree is just full of bums or you just got to tampa

  18. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Dallas was always “America’s team”, at least according to TV and media. That assertion dried up and blew away a long time ago. The Cowboys, the team I want the Bucs to smash in a meaningful game. The Bucs owe them big time.

  19. StAugBuc Says:

    @ StPeteBucsFan:
    This is what I’m saying! Worrying about running before we walk is wasted oxygen. I’m starving just to play meaningful games in December.

  20. mpmalloy Says:

    Casual fans are bagging on Dungy? Really?

    Dungy’s team that turned around the entire Bucs
    organization from losers to winners?
    Dungy’s team that made the Tampa 2 defense legendary?
    The one that forged Brooks and Sapp?

    Lol……I sure hope we don’t have a repeat of that.

  21. owlykat Says:

    Lovie has promised the right side to Johnson. Our 1st round DE will begin as SDE but I believe Gholston will take over there and our 1st rounder will sub for both sides. I have faith our DL Coach can turn Bowers around and then we will be dangerous! With McCoy and McDonald inside wreaking havoc too, our Big Mac Attack Defensive Line will be awesome!!!
    I hope Michigan State’s huge 6’8″ MLB will be there third round (if we can’t get Najee Goode back) because he can cover passes and is scary good at stopping RBs too. We need to move Foster to SLB, his natural position from college, where he can star like David.

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Agree completely with your takes, especially on the linebacker position.

  23. david Says:

    originalFloridaMarlin… you do realize after bucs fans got tired of tony dungy he went on to win a superbowl right… and yes I know we dont not have a Peyton Manning.. was just sayn

  24. lurker Says:

    and we beat philly and won our superbowl when dungy left…so what.

    philly was dungy’s Achilles and a major reason he got da boot.

  25. Niko Says:

    “Dungy and Shawn king all over again” ….took them to the NFC championship game!

  26. BoJim Says:

    Why are so many people ragging on Lovie already? We haven’t even hit the draft yet. When he says “my team” He’s is taking full responsibility for the Bucs. Good on him. At the least he will lead us to relevance again. I kinda like that. Good signings so far.

  27. louden Says:

    Isn´t it just about “to get to the final dance” – from there on, everythings possible, and Dungy + Lovie were pretty successfull reaching the big dance.

    And it should be about the current regime, don´t forget the FO has changed too (mainly Stokes(?) Licht, Quarles)