Hurt By Free Agency

March 20th, 2014
mike glenon

Can backup QB Mike Glennon recover?

Just like in your kitchen grocery pantry. Or better, your clothes closet in the bedroom.

When you shop and buy new stuff, older stuff in storage tends to get pushed around, or in the case of clothes, gets pushed aside and in some cases, the old threads won’t see the light of day until they are dropped off at a Salvation Army thrift store.

Such is the case for NFL players when teams go free agent shopping. Just look at the Bucs’ offensive line, for example. Two rocks of that line, Davin Joseph and Donald Penn, quickly found themselves unemployed (though Penn found another team).

Yes, while free agency may help some teams, it does hurt some players both in the wallet and in playing time, and, perhaps, their egos. Indefatigable Gregg Rosenthall of takes a look at what players have suffered most. At the top of the list is Bucs backup quarterback Mike Glennon.

Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback: Glennon was the best rookie quarterback in the NFL last year. He showed a lot of positive traits from surprising accuracy to calm in the pocket.

If Greg Schiano had kept his job, Glennon had a shot to become a franchise quarterback. Now he’s a backup behind Lovie Smith-approved Josh McCown. Glennon being named a backup was one of the biggest surprises in all of free agency thus far. Perhaps new offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford could help Glennon’s career, but it’s more likely that Glennon is stuck with an organization that doesn’t love his skill set.

This is not a knock on Glennon in any way, shape or form; this wasn’t really surprising. The ugly truth is Glennon led the NFL’s No. 32 offense. That’s dead last, folks. Even Father Dungy hid his eyes when reading that. How many times did Lovie say he wanted to bring in other quarterbacks? That’s code for he wasn’t won over by Glennon. Lovie’s actions last week reinforced that notion.

Yes, Rosenthal is right, had former Bucs commander Greg Schiano survived, there is no question that Glennon would have kept his gig. But when Team Glazer hired general manager Jason Licht and Lovie, whenever the two spoke about specific players (sans Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Darrelle Revis, Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin), they would almost always qualify their statements with the closing comment, “But we were 4-12.” The new Bucs regime all but promised sweeping changes.

Glennon was not drafted by Lovie and Licht. He was not promoted to the starting gig by Lovie and Licht. Lovie and Licht have zero invested in him. And if you believe helmet-hair Mel Kiper, the duo will take offers for Glennon from potential suitors.

As Joseph famously said when he was released by the new Bucs regime, “Their house; their rules.”

52 Responses to “Hurt By Free Agency”

  1. flmike Says:

    The problem lies with Lovie, he has never been a good evaluator of offensive talent, just look at the list of QBs he drafted, he ultimately had to trade for Cutler, a QB someone else evaluated as a first rounder. I wasn’t happy with the Lovie hiring, I’m still not, but I’ll reserve my “I told you so’s” for when McCown hits his good game ceiling at game 5 or 6 of the season, IF big IF he’s even able to beat out Glennon for the job, IF again big IF it’s a fair camp competition.

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    A. ) joch McCown has never, Never played a 16 game season, for whatever the reason.

    B.) Glennon led the 32 offense, But the Oline gets shipped out and Glennon is still on the roster???

    C.) Saying Glennon can be traded for on draft day is classic ploy to trade down, let other teams think that you are taking QB #7 and hopefully another team falls for it, and trades up. So the Bucs still get there guy and a pick later in the draft.

  3. Mr. T Says:

    We’ll see what happens, with his smarts and work ethic Glennon I’m sure will use this “setback” as a catalyst to get better. I’ll believe the trade talk when it happens. As far as McCown, I hope he does well but as Lovie said it’s his job to lose, so if doesn’t produce he won’t be the starter long. I hope we keep Glennon I think he will be a good NFL QB but the regime will do whatever it wants whether we agree or not.

  4. lightningbuc Says:

    It’s obvious Lovie Smith is jealous of Glennon’s ability to “pull” in college!

  5. biff barker Says:

    Hope they trade Glennon instead of letting him rot behind McCown. I’d like to see him get a fair shot to start somewhere.

  6. Eric Says:

    1. There is no camp competition. McCown is the guy.

    2. Whoever they draft at QB, whether at 7 or later, will also be in front of Glennon on the depth chart and will have the great advantage of having been drafted by Lovie.

    So, the answer is no he can’t recover.

  7. bucrightoff Says:

    Eric, you realize Lovie doesn’t want a competition right? He’s chosen McCown and that is that. Drafting a 1st round QB = instant controversy, and Lovie wants no part of that either.

    If a QB is being drafted, it’s round 3 or later. Lovie has never chosen one in 9 years earlier than the 4th round. And that was with Rex Grossman as his annointed starter many years.

  8. Eric Says:


    You may be correct on that. Although it is possible this is one area where Lovie meditated during his year off and wishes to modify.

    And, although he didn’t draft one, he traded for Cutler.

    But you make a good point.

  9. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Glennon is still OK if the Bucs do not draft a QB at #7.

    IF the Bucs draft a QB at #7 then McCown and Glennon are both toast. McCown may get a year to groom the kid but don’t expect any more.

    When you draft a Q.B. in the 1st round he MUST start whether he deserves to or not. This is another reason I”m not that jacked about drafting a Q.B. in the 1st round. The draft pick and the money mean that the guy is going to start regardless of his play. Can you say Josh Freeman?

    Neither McCown nor Glennon is going to “win” games for us. But neither is going to “lose” them either. And that is the rub. Lovie wants to see just how good his defense can become.

    SB winning Q.B.s Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Joe Flacco…do these guys impress you as world beaters? No just talented guys who also had brains and played within their limitations backed by a great defense.

    Is it really so hard to imagine either McCown or Glennon doing that?

  10. mpmalloy Says:

    Y do U h8te MG8?

  11. mpmalloy Says:

    @ lightningbuc


  12. RustyRhinos Says:

    @ lightningbuc
    It’s obvious Lovie Smith is jealous of Glennon’s ability to “pull” in college!

    Thanks I needed a laugh..

  13. SAMCRO Says:

    Hmmm …this makes me think Joe would like nothing more than ship Glennon out of here. But for heavens sake don’t call this an agenda. Just because Joe sees this as another chance to focus solely on Glennon trade rumors by keeping it alive and well. By stoking the fire and never letting the issue die only helps Joe’s cause. Keep it in the local attention. Because, if they traded Glennon they would probably select a QB with their first pick.

    Joe, I think your daddy was a glass maker cause I can see right thru you. smh

    Remember Joe, every time you get to ask Lovie and the gang a question, lead off with a question about trading Glennon. Gotta keep it fresh and in their minds at all times. Oh, and make sure you’re wearing your Manzcrush t-shirt. That should help get your point across. Also make sure you give this to Duemeg as one of your scripted talking points. Try to make Glennons supporters out to be crazy lunatics that are hell bent on destroying the team with a 3rd round back-up QB. (sarcasm) You have the bully pulpit.

  14. BucFan20 Says:

    So they give a few names but say we were a 4-12 team. And never hear many defensive people either. So stop with the Glennons’ name was not there. The defense gave up what 389 points last year? Kind of helps 4-12. Games we should have won the defense gave away. Lovie also said Glennon was put in to soon. So you draft a QB your great vet goes down or has some bad games then what? Yes it was good to bring in a vet. But as shown so far, he loves mostly career backups.

  15. Bucfan77. Says:

    In my opinion, Lovey has cow – touwed to a has been golfer and some would be fans who hate Gleenon and will not be happy till he joins Schiano out of town. If any of you fall into that category, you should remember how it felt when you were fired from your last gig. Just don’t cry in your beer when others recognize his talent and he comes back with another team and whips some ass. I was hoping Lovey wouldn’t allow the local media to bully him.

  16. BoJim Says:

    I hope they keep Glennon. If they trade him, I hope he he goes somewhere that will appreciate him.

  17. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Thank God we signed a 35 year old career journeyman signal caller for $5mil a year to save us from our young, talented and inexpensive QB!

  18. BamBamBuc Says:

    You all know it’s quite possible, even likely and more probably a certainty, that Lovie and Licht and Tedford have all watched every game from last year that Glennon played including the All-22 coaches film and they didn’t like what they saw regarding Glennon despite poor line play, injured skill positions, and poor coaching/play-calling. It would only make sense that they did their homework (which is more than we even have access to in most cases) and found that Glennon’s good play was really not as good as it appeared to the average (or even above average) fan or sports news personality. So, hearing all the “I hope he gets a chance to start elsewhere, because he earned it” or “why all the h8 for mg8” BS doesn’t affect me at all. I tend to agree with the staff on this based on the reports I’ve read from many people both good and bad regarding Glennon. I doubt he’ll ever be much more than Ryan Mallett. An adequate backup QB that probably won’t get many opportunities to start anywhere, but may stay in the league for years in that role. Each of us can find a specific article from this sports guy or another that supports our love or hate for Glennon, but the biggest indicator is the staff that is currently evaluating him for a job doesn’t think anything he did (including a couple drives in the no-huddle, or a first half lead against the Seahawks supported by a drive stopping INT by Barron and a strong rushing attack by James) was worth him being a starting QB in the NFL. Deal with it, the new staff doesn’t see anything at this point that deems he’s “earned” anything but a clipboard and a rookie QB brought in to compete for that clipboard.

  19. lightningbuc Says:


    I’d be fine with all that if Lovie Smith, in the past, had shown he could evaluate QB talent.

    I mean, the man cut McCown a couple years back, now signs him to be the starter. Makes perfect sense!

  20. Bucfan77. Says:

    @ Bam. Your comment /\ above confirms your hate and lack of knowledge. You reference an interception, do you not know he was best rookie QB, interceptions to pass’ .

  21. WalkdaPlank Says:

    He can still recover IF either McCown goes down, or plays worse than Freeman did this season and gets benches for Glennon just like the other Josh did. Sorry Joe, I don’t see Johnny Boy in a Bucs uni this camp, no matter how atrocious they are. I see them taking a QB late. Mettenberger, Murray, McCarron, Garropollo, etc.

  22. Orca Says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to conclude at this point that Lovie doesn’t want QB competition. I think he likes a guy he trusts to be the first team guy headed into the offseason, but if Glennon or a draft pick make it interesting in training camp, I don’t see how Lovie, or any HC for that matter, would view that as a bad thing. What, in fact, they don’t want is a media-circus creating a controversy and having constant questions about the QB competition. No coach wants that. Again, go back to speculating on the side of a negative interpretation if that’s what gives you your jollies. Never mind being reasonable.

  23. SAMCRO Says:


    ….or maybe Lovie and Co. aren’t basing it on talent and it’s more of an indictment on everything Schiano? ..smh

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    Bambam, you are aware Ryan Mallett has started exacty 0 NFL games right? And that his career stats are a stunning 1/3 for 17 yards? So the only thing he’s proven is that he’s quite adapt at holding a clipboard. Never shown anything, at all, in game action. And in fact the Patriots would swap Glennon for Mallett in a heartbeat (which is apparently what they are trying to do).

    The fact that people want to trust Lovie when it comes to offense is frightening. The only thing he knows about offense is how to stop it. For the other team, and his own team. 4 offensive coordinators in 9 seasons doesn’t lie.

  25. GoNoles Says:

    According to the article I just read on Jason and Lovie think he can, they just arnt willing to put all thier eggs in his basket. McCown is a 2 year safety blanket just in case Glennon can not be that guy.

  26. BoJim Says:


    McCown will start no matter how it goes down in camp. Lovie wants a vet to get the season started. As to what happens later?

  27. BamBamBuc Says:

    lightningbuc – yes, Lovie cut McCown in 2012. He had his starter in Cutler and thought Jason Campbell might be the better option as a backup at the time. That may have been what ended his tenure with the Bears, as he started Campbell just one game that season against the Niners and they lost 32-7 (of course, Cutler may have lost that game too, the Niners had a pretty fierce D). If they had won that one game that Cutler didn’t start, they would have finished 11-5, ahead of the Vikings and tied with the Packers for the NFC North division title. Having lost twice to the Packers, they would have been a wild-card team tied with the Seahawks (so I’m not going to go through the tie breakers to see if they’d be the #1 or #2 WC team). A playoff appearance probably would have saved Lovie’s career, and McCown may have had a better chance to win that game instead of Campbell. Truth is, they were both backup QBs at the time and Lovie probably was looking at multiple things, including salary cap when making that cut. McCown may have been the better player, but a cap casualty at a backup position. Doesn’t change the fact that Lovie thinks he’s better than Glennon (or that Glennon isn’t as good as McCown, whichever way you look at it). Also, Tedford is not Mike Tice and may see things he likes in McCown that Lovie actually agrees with over what they see in Glennon, which they may also agree on.

  28. Mike Glennon fans Says:

    Lovie better watch b/c the way he has handled the QB situation so far may put a ding in his armor…. Us Glennon fans think there should be competition but we also know to get McCown here he had to b guaranteed the starting job

  29. louden Says:

    If the bucs new regime is smart they will get TE Ebron with the 1st pick (if there) because a QB´s best friend will always be the TE.. and with the 2nd round pick (if there) they could take the best slot WR since Welker in DeAnthony Thomas – he is the definition of speed in space and will burn a lot of defenses. he also has the Fooball IQ and rare skillset that warrants a high pick – also Tedford has experience with small, but ultra athletic guys (desean Jackson in college) why do you guys think ChipKelly trys to trade Jackson? because he knows he could have a cheap replacement in DeAnthony Thomas – he is next level player…. thats why “wasting” the first pick on a WR would be foolsh (bucs already got 2 good WR´s) Ebron is an elite world class TE who could cement this posi for next 10 years and with DeAnthony Thomas the bucs would have 2 extreme good weapons for the QB and coordianator to play with – thats how smart franshises draft— not getting a low talent QB bortles absolutely overvalued with the 7th pick like some stupid fan would do…. i piss on stuff like that..

  30. dan Says:

    I believe Glennon will be a great NFL qb. I just hope it is with the bucs!

  31. BamBamBuc Says:

    BucFan77 – best rookie QB last year when all of them were rated in the bottom 1/3 in the league for starters, one was injured part of the season, and not really much better than the others (including undrafted rookie Case Keenum). Best of the bad… great. And why just mention that the D helped in the first half of that game to get us the lead (by preventing a solid first drive by Seattle) and neglect the other part of that comment which was the very effective run game (but the O-line was so porous, what was Glennon to do????)

    bucrightoff – yes, I do know what Mallett hasn’t done in the NFL. Honestly, Glennon hasn’t done much more. Looking at the 4 games we won and the Seattle loss (since most people think that was some sort of moral victory)… in 4 of those games we had solid run production of 205, 140, 186, and 165 yards. In the other (Detroit), we had we had 5 turnovers and a defensive score, still lost the lead and barely won the game. We started 2 possessions in the 4th quarter in Lions territory (at the 11 and 37) and couldn’t score TDs (and missed both FGs, but why couldn’t we score TDs when the D gave us such great field position?). So, a close game, Lions with the ball on our 28 (long FG) with 3rd and 12 and our D pulls it out with an INT and only a minute left in the game. Man, Glennon really impressed in that game. Mallett may actually be a better option at QB than Glennon, at least he’s a totally unknown quantity in the NFL to anyone other than the Patriots…

  32. bucbucbuc Says:

    mike jenkins!

  33. Matthew Says:

    Bucs Add CB Mike Jenkins on a one-year deal, Devin Hester signs with @Atlanta_Falcons Jared Allen to @Seahawks

  34. knucknbuc Says:

    Your right @bucrightoff. That settles it lets not trust lovie the guy who’s been to the superbowl and has many winning seasons.we should trust u bec u like a mediocre qb last year that was the best of the worst draft class of qbs ever seen. Makes perfect sense. Lol. (Rolls eyes)

  35. BamBamBuc Says:

    I like that move. Jenkins may not be the 1st round talent he was expected to be when drafted, but I’d have to say he could step in should Verner or Banks get injured as a better option than Leonard Johnson or any of the others on the roster. Excellent value signing with no real risk. A prove it one year deal. Very nice.

  36. BamBamBuc Says:

    worst ever seen, knucknbuc??? Ha, I wouldn’t go that far. 2007 was pretty bad with Jamarcus Russell and Brady Quinn in the 1st and Kolb and Trent Edwards probably being the 2 best in the class (though you may be right, Edwards and Kolb may have more career success than the best QB in the class last year…. Glennon). And even worse was 2002. Carr, Harrington and Ramsey all in the 1st round. David Garrard in the 4th round had the best Career AV and our new starting QB McCown (3rd round) is the only other QB still in the league from that draft. Last year was bad, but it’s yet to be seen if it was the worst. At least there was only 1 QB selected in the first round last year, that helps make it not so bad.

  37. bucrightoff Says:

    Hey Knuck buc, you realize Brad Childress and Leslie Frazier combined went to the playoffs more than Lovie right? And they are both considered horrible coaches right?

    Also, Lovie made the playoffs at a 33% clip. Andy Reid? 64%….in a much tougher division. Lovie better have learned from his mistakes, but based off annointing Josh McCown (and Brandon Myers too) as insta-staters doesn’t inspire much confidence.

    And don’t use the draft last year either. Because then I’ll use that there are 4 QBs in NFL history with 10 more TDs than INTs. Glennon being one. The others are some scrub named Marino, some loser named Russell Wilson, and well RGKnee who might have become great if Shannahan didn’t waste him. Amazingly that a franchise as historically awful as the Bucs, particularly at the QB position, can simply jettision the guy who had the best performance in the NFL’s toughest venue last year.

  38. teacherman777 Says:


    We still need one more

    Because leonard johnson should only make the team as our 6th string CB. Hes great as a 6th string CB because hes good in ST. But he shouldnt be on the field anymore. Even though i love the dude personally.

  39. mark2001 Says:

    Wow Joe…I haven’t entered the fray about Glennon..but as I read it this is more a comment about an organization that doesn’t “love” his skill set. Not saying he can or can’t ever be a starter, nor does Rosenthall. In fact he talks about positive traits..poise and accuracy.

    But wow man…that comparison to goodwill is getting pretty far out, isn’t it?

  40. Mike Glennon fans Says:

    Lovie and crew better watch how they handle the QB situation. We all know they had to promise the starting job to McCown to get him to sign here. This is going to be interesting to watch how this all unfolds but many fans believe Glennon is getting a raw deal by not letting him compete for the job. Again lovie better watch as this may put a ding in his armor. It may be a new day in Tampa bay but rain could be coming if Glennon is not handled properly

  41. BamBamBuc Says:

    Oh Wah!!!, the rain of tears for the “mishandling” of Glennon will all dry up and go away when the team wins a few games. Until then, I have an umbrella and feel just fine with the way things are going.

  42. Hawk Says:

    There are soooo many possible scenarios, that my head hurts when I think about them. But since we’re all chipping at something, let’s see which ones I have, and ya’ll can tell me which ones I’ve missed.
    Glennon does not fit (for whatever reason) into Tedford’s offense.
    Lovie wants to ‘wash’ as much of Schiano out of One Buc Place as he can.
    Lovie/Tedford believe Kafka has more potential than Glennon.
    Lovie/Tedford believe that Glennon is the future of this team, but want other teams to believe they will take a QB at #7 (if one is there). This would give them the opportunity to trade down and garner more choices in a ‘rich’ draft.
    (As a side note, the Jets have 12 draft picks and could afford to ‘buy’ a can’t miss player)
    Lovie/Tedford see there is ‘potential’ in Glennon, but they haven’t seen enough to tell how much higher his ceiling is, if he had competent coaching/players around him.
    OK, what did I miss?
    Oh yea, Johnny Gazelle is the kind of QB that Lovie is hoping his defense gets to ‘play with’ (some animals just love to play with their food). ;^)

  43. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I’d be curious to see what the Bucs Brass is telling Glennon during all of this debacle or as Penn suggests, not telling the player anything.

  44. Captain Stagger Says:

    Naming starters before OTA’s or camp is a joke. Lovie should have watched how Chip Kelly handled it. I dont think Philly named a starter until week one.

  45. Brandon Says:

    Rosenthal proved he was a giant idiot when he was with PFT that couldn’t write or spell his way out of a wet paper bag. It is truly amazing that a wannabe hack could parlay his poor performance at this last gig into an even better one with

  46. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I like all the Glennon fans comments. He is better than McCown, smarter, taller and younger. As a starter or a backup QB, the Bucs are fortunate to have him. I expect Glennon to prove his worth.

  47. Charles Says:

    Glennon had a good college career and great rookie season on a bad team. Shame that he is going to suffer due to the HC firing.Glennon outplayed both QB picked ahead of him. If not for the sad state of the Bucs his season would be lauded…….

  48. kingpin Says:

    Glennon will probably end up starting the season if they give him a chance.

  49. BUCSFAN68 Says:

    Just as Freeman wasn’t Schiano’s guy, Glennon isn’t Lovie’s first choice. The MGM just has to deal with it. After all, that’s what the MGM, in so many words, told Freeman supporters.

  50. kingpin Says:

    Freeman had other issues and Schiano gave him a chance and he blew it. If lovie gives Glennon the same opportunity as Schiano gave Freeman I’ve no doubt He will win the starting job. If he doesn’t win it in fair competition then so be it, but i believe He will. One thing about Lovie is don’t take everything He says to the media as Gospel.

  51. ToesOntheLine! Says:

    I keep seeing speculation that Lovie wants to ermine the Schiano stink from One Buc Place. I would like to be enlightened on which of the players drafted under Schiano had been shown the door thus far?

  52. Hawk Says:

    ToesOntheLine! Says:
    “I keep seeing speculation that Lovie wants to ermine the Schiano stink from One Buc Place. I would like to be enlightened on which of the players drafted under Schiano had been shown the door thus far?”

    I’m not sure the posters in question(you’d have to ask *each* one to be sure) meant that those players were shown the door, but instead that they are not going to be the ‘face’ (starters) of the team. (Revis is the exception, about the door thingy). But the QB has been ‘replaced’, as well as most of the D-line and O-line. And I’d be willing to bet that the starting receiving corp from 2013 has a much different face come September. Half the DBs could be new and one third the LBs. It looks like the only position untouched is RB.
    Yea, I’d have to agree with those other posters, that Lovie wants this to look like *his* team. IIRC, he even said as much.
    And after last year, do you blame him?