Gholston Better Value Than Griffen

March 10th, 2014

As a rookie, Will Gholston had better production than Vikings veteran free agent Everson Griffen.

Joe got a few Twitter people worked up yesterday when he suggested that the Bucs were better off with Will Gholston than Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen. You would have thought Joe suggested people drink warm beer.

Yesterday, the Vikings coughed up a five-year, $42.5 million contract ($20 million guaranteed) to a guy who was so good, he never started a game last year for the putrid Vikings.

Joe maintains if this guy, Griffen, was so good he would have displaced someone on the defensive line as a starter. It’s not like he was playing for the 1976 Steelers and there was no way he could find a starting gig.

Of course, Joe was hammered on Twitter for this suggestion, especially when Joe stated he would take current Bucs defensive lineman Will Gholston.

To Joe, it’s a major red flag if a guy cannot secure a starting job. It’s really that simple. Then Joe started crunching the numbers (gasp!).

Last year, Griffen logged 699 snaps for the vapid Vikings. In total, he racked up a grand total of 26 tackles and 5.5 sacks. Let’s see, the guy couldn’t start a game for a miserable team and had less than double-digit sacks and Joe should be falling to his knees? Really?

Then Joe looked up Gholston’s stats. The rookie from Michigan State actually started two games for the Bucs (imagine!). In 312 snaps, less than half of the playing time Griffen saw the field, Gholston had more tackles (31) and about a third of the sacks of Griffen (2.0).

Like Griffen, Gholston can play both tackle and defensive end. Griffen will be entering his fifth season in the NFL. Gholston, entering his second season with the Bucs, will be paid $495,000.

Bucs general manager Jason Licht, when he was introduced to the Tampa Bay area in January, spoke about how he values value in a player.

Look over the statistics and salaries from both players above and tell Joe who brings the best value, Griffen or Gholston. Joe will go with the man from Michigan State.

27 Responses to “Gholston Better Value Than Griffen”

  1. rayray1 Says:

    Think your on top of this one Joe. I see great upside with Gholston. Potential to be a real gem.

  2. Thibs5599 Says:

    Definitely agree with you Joe. Griffen is not worth that contract. Actually excited to see what Ghston can do this comin season.

  3. Mike Says:

    Get the ice water ready! I actually agree with Joe on something! Or maybe get a heater cause something just froze over

  4. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Sure Gholston is better “value” than Griffen. Gholston is coming into his second year. At this point which player will have better production. Also I think the Bucs can have more than 1 value DE on this team. Also Griffen has ties to the D-coordinator, and we all know that counts a-lot in the NFL.

  5. SAMCRO Says:

    I’m on your side on this one, Joe. Gholston has way more value at this time. Although things can change going forward, Gholston has already shown more intangibles in a very short time compared to Griffen. I think you can pretty much know what to expect from Griffen going forward, now that he’s had 5 years in the league. Whereas Gholston may be a certain mystery, after his rookie season, he has shown major potential. He did enough for me to want to see what more he can do.

    ….and given Gholston’s 500 thousand dollar paycheck, that’s real value.

  6. BoJim Says:

    I think Gholston improves the is year. I’m fine with him.

  7. Patrick in VA Says:

    I know that people on this site are quick to acknowledge that we had poor coaching last year but then somehow aren’t able to draw the line between that and on field results, but I thought of that when the comparison was made above between Gholston and Griffen. If Gholsten weren’t playing in the ineffective defensive scheme that Schiano’s bunch were running then he may have had even better numbers.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Good morning all!

    Everson Griffen, has been considered a total bust in NFL circles as of last year. He’s a backup quality player getting paid starting money if he makes that much.

    I would rather go after an established butt-kicking DE and then sign a bunch of UDFAs later to try to find value there.

    As I said, if we bring in a veteran like Allen, I believe he will help Clayborn raise his play level.

    And I’m against bringing in Michael Johnson. Too big a question mark for too much money. At least Allen is a lock to be good, barring injuries.

  9. flmike Says:

    Spielman < Dominik
    That contract is Dominikian in it's atrocity…

  10. flmike Says:

    Gholston is going to be premier pass rusher in this league, I think he explodes this season, he still has raw untapped talent that Lovie can bring out of him.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Don’t go after Jason Campbell when he’s released this week. Be patient because a better vet will hit the market.

  12. Patrick in VA Says:

    @flmike – don’t forget the 3 first round picks they had last year that were largely non-factors this year. I don’t know what they’re saying about Spielman in Minnesota but Dominick would’ve been dragged out of his house by Tampa fans if he’d done that

  13. Brian Says:

    I agree with you…there’s probably more upside with Gholston too…and longer to get there. If Frazier loved Griffin so much he would have given him a chance in Minny.

  14. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Griffen’s contract makes me real queasy. Not only with the upcoming free agent market, but with Bowers and Clayborn being in years where they can make some serious money next offseason, it seems that DEs are scoring massive contracts based on potential alone. To avoid paying top dollar for a pass rush from what will be some very expensive positions, the Bucs must select Khalil Mack, no questions asked.

  15. Patrick in VA Says:

    @BucsfaninChina – Rubbish. All we need is a QB and everything will fall into place. We could probably just not carry any O-linemen at all so we can afford to pay a mobile QB more and just have the TE snap him the ball. If we have a great QB then none of the other players matter.

  16. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Lol truth!

  17. Harry Says:

    @Patrick in VA: glad you finally stopped drinking the Kool-Aid buddy, lol

  18. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Nice to see you break out the spreadsheet Joe-

    IMO we still sign 2 pass rushers. One young guy, One Vet.

    Probably a vet one tech, or 3 tech too

  19. Architek Says:

    Shaun King should stand down on this one – you win this round!

  20. Bucsfanman Says:

    Patrick- I just spit my coffee out, LOL!
    Lets hope that Lovie can get more out of the DEs still on the roster when the bloodletting begins. There are plenty with “potential”. I’d like to see a Gholston rise to the challenge.

  21. Martinii Says:

    Justin Tuck had 12 sacks, 44 hurries, and 12 QB hits. At 30yrs old what do you guys think about him? On a different subject, Darren Sproles has been a one man wrecking crew against the Bucs. Any chance he could be wearing Pewter (or whatever color it is) in 2014?

  22. BirdDoggers Says:

    The Vikings can have Griffen for that kind of money. I’d rather have a known commodity like Allen for a better price, even though he’s older and likely won’t have the same production as he did in the past. Gholston has upside and might develop into a very good player.

  23. canadian bucsfan Says:

    Didn’t even need the stats I agree 100 percent!

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    Matinii- While Sproles would look good in pewter, I doubt he lands with the Bucs. We have a good stable of RBs and he will command a bigger salary than Rainey or James. Tuck’s an interesting FA prospect.
    Problem is that these FAs will be commanding big dollars. I would think that they would want to avoid overpaying given the numerous holes. We’ll see!

  25. Brandon Says:

    You’re pretty much on point here, Joe. The major difference between the two is that Gholston doesn’t have the burst to play RDE while Griffen does…but as far as production and schematic versatility, it is a push at this point. There is no point in spending money simply for the sake of spending money.

  26. bigpoppabuc Says:

    We’re talking about the same team who brought in Freeman and threw him to the wolves on Monday Night Football. The same team who struck out on THREE first round picks in one draft…lol. Everytime I feel bad about my bucs I stop, remember 2002, then think of the Vikings, and everything is ok again.

  27. Keirster Says:

    Great article Joe…I would go with Mich State guy as well. Load of talent that Lovie can develop, I hope he turns him into the next Simeon Rice!