Drafting A QB In First Round

March 20th, 2014

johnny football 0320

Joe has to apologize. He’s a bit late on this, not finding it until after the Bucs signed starting quarterback Josh McCown. But this video is still relevant in Joe’s eyes — and as a bonus it features hottie Allie LaForce.

Doug Gottlieb and LaForce, co-hosts of “Leadoff,” which you enjoy weeknights on the CBS Sports Network, discuss the pros and cons of the Bucs drafting a signal-caller with the No. 7 overall pick.

Yes, it is a bit dated, but you can still gawk at LaForce and their some of the takes remain current.

19 Responses to “Drafting A QB In First Round”

  1. DontBucNH8 Says:

    Not happening, not at #7 imo

  2. SailorJerry Says:

    First you build the foundation and then you get a QB. We have too many holes to fill on our roster to take a chance on a questionable class of QB’s in the first round. It’s not like the changes that the team has made to date are going to make us a 11-5 team in 2014. We will still have a top 10 pick in 2015

  3. Buc A Deer Says:

    Manziel’s Pro Day may set records for attendance. If he shows accuracy and strength he probably goes in top 5. I think Buc priority is to trade down. If they take a qb it will be in 2 or 3.

  4. passthebuc Says:

    22 positions + kickers and all we do is talk about the QB and especially Manzellllllllllllllll.

    Enough Joe.

  5. Joe Says:

    22 positions + kickers and all we do is talk about the QB

    God forbid football fans should ever talk about the most important position on a football team and with the Bucs, a position that is rife with question marks.

    You prefer Joe write about Jonathan Casillas pumping weights?

  6. Brandon Says:

    Brett Smith, a bigger, faster, version of Johnny Manziel can be had in round 3.

  7. Brandon Says:

    Dude in video knows NOTHING about Mike Glennon. He says Mike Glennon is one of maybe 5 QBs in the NFL that can make every throw… GIMME A BREAK! He was the only QB at the Combine last year that couldn’t break 50 on the radar gun… the only one!!! QBs with great arms usually hit 59-60 mph. Then after Glennon showed off his weak arm at the Combine, he showed the NFL he had no arm by constantly underthrowing deep balls and throwing outs that floated towards their targets.

  8. Mike Says:

    Joe, I’m so glad you’re not our GM! Our team would fail in many ways to how you judge talent.

  9. Joe Says:

    Joe, I’m so glad you’re not our GM! Our team would fail in many ways to how you judge talent.

    Hhhmmm. Joe never typed one word who the Bucs should or shouldn’t draft in this thread. Not one. Yet you trash Joe for an inability to “judge talent.” Kinda early with the bourbon, isn’t it?

  10. Tye Says:

    At this point, if or as soon as Blake Bortles gets taken I really hope the Bucs look to trade out of the top 10 and get more picks… Maybe get a Carr, Garopolo or McCarron and hopefully find a gem or 2 of a WR during the draft….

  11. rawr Says:

    I am with you Joe.We need a QB.Come down to Tampa Johnny boy you can enjoy those spring breaks down here…..

  12. SuperGobaby Says:

    All the national guys and the smart locals know how good Glennon is….some of the morons on here plus retards like Joe, Steve Duemig, and Ian Beckels have their collective heads shoved.

    So what do you think Glennon’s trade value is? –Joe

  13. Aaron Says:

    I think the Bucs have been giving hints to their plan. They have their eyes on a couple QBs in this draft and one of them is not a 1st round grade. They want to play it smart to create demand for the #7 pick to see what kind of offers they get…then when its time to pick weigh the offers versus Who’s on the board at 7 or the QB they like later. If the Bucs draft a QB in the first 3 rounds the Bucs will trade Glennon at some point during the draft. That’s why Lovie named Josh his starter…Glennon won’t be here to compete and there is no way Lovie is going into the season with a rookie QB as his starter.

  14. Touchdown Gus Says:

    @Aaron agreed but if said rookie quarterback out performs Josh than I think Lovie wouldn’t hesitate to start said rookie

  15. Dave Says:

    Well, I won’t trash Johnny Football. We don’t know how he’ll be. I go by history though and history shows that QBs in college that run around and create, and never really showed that they are pocket capable, end up failing in the NFL or at least missing a large chunk of games in the NFL year after year (see Vick and Tebow)

    I say Khalil or Clowney if available if not then that means they may have a trade partner with someone wanting one of those QBs. I like Bortles and Bridgewater better though. I really think Bortles would be good, but grabbing extra picks and getting some more pass rush help and O-Line help is tough to pass up.

  16. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Joe has to apologize…only 4 anti-Glennon/pro-JohnnyMancrush stories today instead of the usual 6-8! It’s ok, joe..we’re actually enjoying it!

  17. louden Says:

    short: it would be realy STUPID to draft a QB with the 7th and Licht already said, that they think there is/are franchise QB(´s) in later rounds also.
    As some already said, bucs would be better off get the foundation finished. How about an al world TE right there for the taking, as we got two serviceable or good (not very good or elite) TE here at most. Ebron would set the posi for the next ten years and a good TE is the best friend of a QB (specially of a young one).
    Or anthony barr, great rusher, very good in coverage, good set the Bucs on LB position for years to come as he can play SLB and on passing downs (Nickel and stuff) OLB next to LVD (who plays like an MIKE on passing down anyway)…
    THe best Slot-WR since Welker could be had in the 2nd round (DeAnthony Thomas – slot WR doesn´t need size..everything else about him is elite, true elite).
    and in the 3rd or later they could have Connor Shaw and hui, suddenly they Bucs are a very very scarry good team!! viola

  18. Cody Says:

    First of all, I’d take Sammy Watkins #1 overall; I really believe he’s the best player in this draft period…he can play any skill position on the field (Even QB), (And, maybe even defense in a pinch)…so best believe if Watkins is there at #7 he’s gotta be the pick for us point blank, end of story of my book…

    With that said, I think Manziel is the 2nd best player in this entire draft; Screw his size, Very few players in this draft (if any) has more heart than this kid…I personally love his game; He’s like a Swagged out Gunslinger that can beat you with his brain, his gun, or his feet…I would have no problem taking him at 7 (if Watkins is gone)…

    And to take it even further, “If” (some how/some way/trade up/down whatever) Ted Telford gets his hands on Johnny Manziel it will be a massacre….Believe it….top 10 offense at worst guaranteed; add that with Lovie’s Defense/ST’s and that spells CHaMPioNShiPs…

  19. Mike Says:

    Just seen this…. Lol Joe! I’m a beer drinker. Can’t do the hard stuff!