Davin Joseph Talks About Release

March 9th, 2014

If there was a more standup guy in the Bucs locker room than Davin Joseph, someone please point him out.

It didn’t matter, after a win, after a loss, after a practice, when everything seemed to be caving in on the team around him, Joseph always gave sober, reasoned answers to whatever was going on and often harshly critiqued himself.

Off the field, Joseph was (and is) a model citizen for the good works (and large donations) he provides local high schools, Blake and Middleton high school in Tampa specifically. So when Joseph was cut yesterday by the Bucs, it wasn’t as if they got rid of just anyone. The Bucs said goodbye to a guy whose investment in the community they want all players to emulate.

Yesterday, Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune caught up with Joseph who seemed as if he somewhat expected yesterday’s news.

“Their house, their rules,’’ Joseph said of the release. “There have been a lot of changes in Tampa the last couple months. … “I’m not really surprised because nothing that happens in this business is surprising. I just hope now that my time in free agency won’t last long. I’m anxious to get out there and get with someone else and show them how I play. It’s a new challenge for me, a new adventure.’’

There are a lot of former Bucs who, after their playing days, could easily have moved back to their hometowns but chose to stay in the area. Derrick Brooks, Booger McFarland, Steve White, Anthony Becht and Ian Beckles are just a few of many who spring to mind that still to call Tampa Bay their home. Joe hopes Joseph joins that group.

Joseph often spoke on the radio about his close relationship with his mother, who he had living close to him in Tampa. A favorite Joseph story of Joe’s was him sharing how his mom insists on being a value grocery shopper and having Davin (and his massive paychecks) accompany her to “the dollar store” to scope out deals on canned goods and other stuff.

In the meantime, the Bucs are now looking for at least two offensive linemen, whether in the draft or free agency. Next few days should be interesting.

18 Responses to “Davin Joseph Talks About Release”

  1. Doc Says:

    Stand up guy

  2. Mr. T Says:

    Stand up guy, I wish him well. I’m sure another team will sign him.

  3. Luther Says:

    Really sorry to see him go. We more men like him around and I’m not talking about football.

  4. Brandon Says:

    Never lived up to his hype, though first round offensive guards rarely do. Only loaded teams that have a glaring need at OG or complete idiots waste a #1 pick on an OG.

  5. canadian bucsfan Says:

    This guy is gonna excel as a falcon.

  6. Couch Fan Says:

    He also made another comment saying, “They told me they want to rebuild the line with there own guys.” which, to me, meant there were more cuts to come. But I can’t find that quote now.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Miami would be a good team for Davin.

  8. Pete 422 Says:

    They obviously have a plan of who they want if they released him. If not, they would have him compete in training camp.

  9. Mike Says:

    Hey Brandon….. This guy did what was needed! Yeah he hasn’t played the best in past few years, but his tributes to the people are bar none. Lay off him guy

  10. mark2001 Says:

    Unfortunately injuries have been too big a part of the story the last few years…he was a great talent that just couldn’t stay or get healthy. Wish him well everywhere and in every game he isn’t playing the Bucs.

  11. NY Buc Says:

    While I’ll admit I’m far from being a NFL expert (as evidence to many I admit I still believe Schiano should have gotten year 3 and that Mike Glennon really is the answer at QB) I have read that most experts believe O-line is one of the areas that takes time and continuity to get running like a well oiled machine. I realize the line didn’t perform well last season, but I’m kind of worried that if Lovie gets rid of too many guys currently on the roster and starts bringing in journeymen that we’ll see another last ranked offense no matter who is throwing/running/catching the ball.

  12. Cmurda Says:

    As fans we are constantly reminded that this is a business. When you run a business as many of you know, you have to make the tough decisions. From a fan perspective, there’s no way to sugarcoat this. It stinks but it’s a sensible move. Saves 6 mill in cap space and after Davin came back, he wasn’t the same player.

  13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Monroe, Veldheer, Saffold, Collins, Schwartz, Jerry, Asamoah, Dietrich-Smith, De La Puente. Those are all guys who could help this o-line and I fully expect at least two of them to end up as Bucs.

  14. Thomas Says:

    Nice guy who will either continue to be overpaid for his production, or will be ticked off by this and turn it around, reverting back to his former self.

  15. Ladyfan Says:

    I did not notice a fall off in Davin J’s performance until last year and he certainly did not stand out as the failure y’all are saying he has been. He has been one of my team favs from the beginning. Every year at TC I would have a little chance to chat with him. He always treated my questions with respect and when he smiled the whole field lit up. He has a great personal aura, great intelligence and ability to articulate complex and delicate matters and seemed loyal to a fault. I will sorely miss him and Blount and Bennett but mostly Davin. I wish him nothing but good luck….hate the biz side of the NFL and wish the rules were such that fairness could be gotten along with the ability to build life time team players ala Ronde, Derrick and very few others. Just sayin….it takes awhile to even learn all these new guys names much less their value to the team.

  16. Capt. Tim Says:

    Restores my Faith a lil, to see respectful Buc Fans wishing Davin their best.
    The initial post was so filled with so many ignorant, hateful post- it was embarrassing, and gave Buc fans a black eye. Really classless people.

    You guys definitely showed that real Buc fans are good people.

    Davin Joseph was the embodiment of class and Dedication during his career.
    He represented both Team and community in the best of ways!

    Sir, thank you. It has been a pleasure watching you work. Wish you the best of success in the Future- but you’ll always be a Buc to us.

    I still believe they should fly the Buc flag at half mast Monday- in his honor.

  17. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I remember reading or hearing somewhere that Davin Joseph refused to re sign his contract with Tampa, unless we gave his buddy Jeremy Trueblood a contract.

  18. phil Says:

    Sorry to see Davin go. Coming off an injury last year wasn’t his best but I still think he can play and play well.