A Dawn Of A New Day

March 29th, 2014
Bucs fans should become familiar with this sight this season.

Bucs fans should become familiar with this sight this season.

Bucs fans have been so p!ssed off by the team’s pass rushing incompetence, they have been banned from untold numbers of watering holes for throwing so many beer bottles at TVs. It really was disgusting to watch opposing quarterbacks have so much time they could order pizza delivery.

A rare time the Bucs swarmed the quarterback was in the first win of 2013, after defenders (Lavonte David most notably) all but demanded their coaches unchain them and, in the words of Warren Sapp, let the dogs hunt.

And hunt they did against the Dolphins, putting Ryan Tannehill on the ground on consecutive plays and forcing him into throwing a game-ending interception. It was one of the rare times Bucs commander Greg Schiano and defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan unleashed the hounds, despite the results, preferring instead to run odd stunts on the front line.

Well, with Bucs coach Lovie Smith on board, that crap is going to stop right now. Multimedia guru Scott Smith of Buccaneers.com has word that will bring Bucs fans to their feet quicker than ordering Tricia Cusmano.

@ScottSBucs: Steven Means: “Coach Smith has given us the green light to pin our ears back and go put every quarterback on his back.”

This is frankly a long time coming and really inexcusable that Schiano and company didn’t do this more often. No, Schiano didn’t trust his defensive ends to get heat on quarterbacks, but monkeying around with the twisted Sheridan stunts play after play after play?

29 Responses to “A Dawn Of A New Day”

  1. Scott Sciullo Says:


  2. Mike Says:

    Yeah think he meant Sheridan cause Sullivan I could’ve swore was the OC

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Funny how the D-line was better last year than all three of the Raheem years. just shows how bad the bucs Defensive pressure has been. The only thing that makes me made is that the resources that were put into that area, and we have McCoy to show for it.

  4. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    Sullivan was the offensive mast mind and Bill. “Show up for a coke” Sheridan was our D coordinator.

    We should be better, but who knows?

  5. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    Amen Reslist!

    We have put a lot of picks into the d-Line , and only GMC is Great.

    We have spent premium picks on the D-Line, only to be left with a bare cupboard.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If we are forunate enough to add Mack (Clowney won’t make it to 7)…..we will really have something on D.

  7. biff barker Says:

    Curious to see if Means has a role here this season.

  8. biff barker Says:

    The DL is already much better.

    Gholston will have a big year…. Spence has another year in, Bowers and Clayborn should at least be healthy. Maybe the Bucs can bring Means along.

    McDonald and Johnson both appear to be good additions.

  9. Macabee Says:

    Sheridan is now linebackers coach at the Lions. Sullivan did not get the Army job and was once rumored to replace OC Gilbride at he Giants, but never heard what happened to him.

    Never understood what was going on at the Bucs. Was it Sheridan’s defense and did he call the plays or was he a puppet DC and the defense was Schiano’s call all the way?

  10. Mort Says:

    My understanding is that it was Greg’s defense but Bill called it on game day.

  11. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Very excited about this next season. I feel the team is finally moving forward. With 13 new FA, I hope they pan out. I had the same hope last year when we got Revis, and we see how that turned out, but that was when the NSO was in charge.

  12. stevek Says:

    How much better would GMC and MJ’s sack numbers be with another fierce edge rusher? You can’t double team all of: MJ, GMC, potential draft pick.

    I would love to see Khalil Mack fall to our laps. Two birds one stone, in that Mack provides a compliment to Lavonte David, and GMC. The guy can do it all.

  13. Chef Paul Says:

    Oooh, I just got a football boner. Felt good. It’s been a while since I got one of those.

  14. bucrightoff Says:

    To be fair Sullivan stopped the Bucs offense about as much as a defensive co-ordinator can so I can see why Joe got confused

  15. TrueBlue Says:

    I find it curious that Joe and everyone else is so ready to rip the defensive ends for non production, and at the same time rip the coaching for an ineffective scheme. Could it be the ends were ineffective because of the scheme? So much hate. So little insight. This bunch would be calling for Simeon Rice in his prime to be cut if he had to waste his skills in such stunts.

  16. Buc the Haters Says:

    I think Gholston will be better than Mack, so I don’t want to waste a pick on Mack. And Means was basically the same player as Mack anyway. I think Mack is overhyped

  17. Macabee Says:

    We’re going through a major remake (not re-build) of the Bucs. While we’re at it, I want a major change in attitude and reputation. I want our O-line to be maulers and our D-line to be feared. I want that fearsome reputation to earn us a name like the Steel Curtain, Purple People-Eaters, and Monsters of the Midway of days gone by.

    I don’t want names on police blotters, but I’m done with choir boys, former team captains, and otherwise good guys that don’t excel on the field and strike fear in the hearts of opponents. I want Goldson to lower his aim, not change his attitude. When we lose a game, I want everybody on the opposing team to “ice up, son” because they were in the fight of their lives.

    Let the new Unis strike fear into the hearts of opponents knowing that we are next on their schedule. Bring back nicknames like “mean”. “terrible”, “body snatcher”, “assassin”, “Killa”, and “head-hunter”. OK, head-hunter may be going too far, but you get the picture.

    I want to go huntin’ on Sunday and bring’em back alive!

    Anybody got any ideas on how to calm down. Right now I’m using medicine prescribed by the fine folks at Jack Daniels Distillery! Lol.

  18. That Guy Says:

    You guys can’t get upset with the Joes for confusing coaches names now. They also confused the Dolphins with a good team back when they were carrying water for Gregory.

  19. Cody Says:

    No way Clowney makes it to us at 7 but if Mack is there we have to take’em; I wouldn’t mind Barr either…You can never have too many good pass rushers; just ask Seattle…A really good pass-rush is the secondary’s best friend…Thank God for Lovie releasing the hounds…U gotta “Let the dogs hunt”…

    I must admit, it’s so hard for me temper my expectations for this team…Lovie’s defensive scheme is proven so I’m expecting a top 10 defense at worst…If our offense can join the party and manage to put 17 to 21 points a game on the board we can easily win 10 or 11 games…

  20. Macabee Says:


    This mock is probably an outlier, but never say never!


  21. Unbelievable Says:

    @ macabee, amen brotha!

  22. Cody Says:


    If we landed Clowney I’d cry tears of joy…Clowney playing in a Lovie Smith defense along with McCoy, David, and Co. is bad news for every offense in the NFC South…

  23. MadMax Says:


    @Macabee, way too early for JB for me, but I’ll be joining in later tonight 🙂

  24. MadMax Says:

    Correction… meant “JD”

  25. Kevin Says:

    This is why I am not concerned at all about our pass rush. Even WITHOUT any additions to the D-line the sacks and pressure will improve under Lovie. With some new bodies added to that I see some NASSSSSSTY defense coming to Tampa Bay!!!

  26. Bucfan#37 Says:

    As the season nears I’m sure the oddsmakers will give the Bucs 5 or 6 wins this year, like last year. I’m looking at an upcoming winning season myself.

  27. tickrdr Says:

    Cody Says:
    March 29th, 2014 at 10:34 am


    I must admit, it’s so hard for me temper my expectations for this team…Lovie’s defensive scheme is proven so I’m expecting a top 10 defense at worst…If our offense can join the party and manage to put 17 to 21 points a game on the board we can easily win 10 or 11 games



    The Bucs’ offense scored 288 points total for the year.
    Over the first three games they scored a total of 34 points. 34/3 = 11.3ppg
    Over the next 13 games, they scored 254 points. 254/13 = 19.5ppg
    JF5 plus all the starters/first string = 11.3 ppg
    MG8 minus MW, DM, MJ, etc. = 19.5 ppg!


  28. BFFL Says:

    I don’t like the Sheridan / Schiano defense any better than the next person, but I would put more blame on Dominick for drafting those damn bum DEs. Lovie knows better that’s why he has replaced that crap with better players.

  29. RustyRhinos Says:

    @ tickrdr Shhhhh… easy now! LOL

    @ Macabee Old No.7 Enjoy!

    I like our chances to have a winning season this season. Coach Smith will bring a different mental & physical attitude to our defense and our whole team. I have my fingers crossed. Like what I am hearing on ATL sports radio about our improvements.
    Go Bucs!