Vick Places High Priority On Defense

February 6th, 2014

Formerly hound-hating quarterback Michael Vick, the pending free agent and arch enemy of the Mike Glennon Mob, talked about what he’s looking for in his third NFL team last week on Radio Row at the Super Bowl.

Interestingly, via the SiriusXM Radio video below, Vick was very quick to say he wants a team with a great coach and a strong defense.

21 Responses to “Vick Places High Priority On Defense”

  1. Fishfries Says:

    I’m a Glennon fan and have no issue with bring Vick in. It would provide great competition between two totally different quarterbacks. It’s just pretty much proven that Vick is far from durable. Bring on the Mike and Mike duel and let the best Mike win.

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    He is not the “arch-enemy” of “Glennon Mob” just want to know how Vick backing up Glennon is supposed to help the ” Worst QB in the NFC South” theory.

  3. satchel page Says:

    The team will be better with Vick, end of story.

  4. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Ugh… Vick… Nah… Pass

  5. Snook Says:

    Bring him to Tampa.

    If he doesn’t work out, add him to the list of 50 QBs we’ve had here that sucked.

    If he does work out, then its great. And beating the Falcons twice a year with him would be extra savory gravy.

  6. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Never ever ever. Terrible QB, ever worse human being.

  7. mpmalloy Says:

    As a co-chairman of the MGM I want our illustrious leader
    to start, but I do have some kind words for Vick:
    Some punks never get it. They get in trouble and they
    never learn. They never change. However, I think that
    Vick has changed since dog-gate. I really think he’s a
    different, more mature guy and that (with the help
    of Father-Flanagan) he finally gets it.
    So bring him in.

  8. BeeMoney Says:

    When will people open their minds and think…. In Glennon we still have the last QB in the division… In Vick we will have the 2/3 best QB in the division… The NFL is changing to a mobile QB League… We have a chance to get one!!! We need to pull the trigger…..

    Which One Looks Better????

    Atlanta – Matt Ryan
    Carolina – Cam Newton
    NO – Drew Brees
    Tampa – Mike Glennon


    Atlanta – Matt Ryan
    Carolina – Cam Newton
    NO – Drew Brees
    Tampa – Mike Vick

    It’s Simple…. Bring In Mike Vick!!!!!!

  9. Bucks_Sam Says:

    If Mike Vic becomes the Starting QB somewhere (gawd, please not here…)

    Who is that team gonan get to start the other 4 or 5 games he always doesn’t play?

    Mike Vic requires a second QB. “When you have 1 QB, you have none; when you have 2 you have 1”

  10. bigpoppabuc Says:

    It just doesn’t make sense….anither super mobile QB who can’t stay healthy and can’t command the pocket and throw accurately. Vick would be a great backup, but no one’s going to bring him in for that purpose, and therefore I hope the bucs stay away.

  11. trey83 Says:

    I haven’t been part of the Glennon mob but all this talk of Vick is pushing me in that direction.

  12. Que589 Says:

    My only concern with Vick is his durability. He plays to his ability there’s only 2 QB’S in the NFC that’s better (Rodgers & Brees). Also I don’t see any franchise caliber QB’s in the draft

  13. Snook Says:

    A team led by Mike Glennon will never be better than 8-8. If you’re happy with that then stay on the Glennon bandwagon. And if you think the QB position will be addressed this year in the draft, you need to slap yourself in the face.

    Sign Vick for 2014. He’s better than Glennon. Period.

  14. Couch Fan Says:


    What are you smoking? Vick would absolutely not be the 2nd or 3rd best QB in the division

  15. NY Buc Says:

    I’m convinced if Lovie has his way Vick will be in a Bucs uniform. I fear he may place far too much stock in Dungy’s opinion (yes Dungy, the same man who was successful finding franchise QB’s in Tampa….insert sarcasm). I worry that the only hope we have of not seeing Ron Mexico jerseys in Tampa is that the Glazers secretly donate to ASPCA and give Lovie the “no way” on MV

  16. Architek Says:

    Sign Vick and draft Garopollo. Simple – Vick is an upgrade at the position. Nowhere to go but up. Tedford will have to teach him to stay healthy and managing the offense but he’s still got juice left in him…

  17. BeeMoney Says:

    @Couch Fan

    Well I guess you think Mike Glennon will be the 2/3 best QB in the division!!!

    Now if you think that…. YOU ARE SMOKING

  18. tickrdr Says:

    You may be right about Vick being better than Glennon. After all, he was the #1 pick in the entire 2001 draft. And he still runs fast, likely much faster than MG8.
    But he has already had 12 seasons to prove how good he is, and despite his experience, his career QB rating(80.9) is still less than MG8’s rookie year of 83.9%.
    In those 12 seasons, he did finally get a season rating more than 83.9% a total of 4 times (33% of the time), but it took him until his 7th season in the league to finally do that. He did manage to throw more than 19 TDs twice in his career, but again not until his sixth year in the league. And he had only 1 year out his 12 seasons where his TD/INT ratio was greater than MG8 put up in his ROOKIE year. Is this the kind of #1 pick in the entire draft…. franchise QB you had in mind?

    Look, I am not saying that MG8 has any kind of lock on his future stardom, but only that he had a statistically SUPERIOR performance for a ROOKIE compared to other QB’s over the last 20 years, even most of those chosen much higher in the draft than him. In fact, over the last 20 years, ( yeah, I wasted a few hours looking this stuff up at the cohort of 1st round draft pick QBs with a rookie qb rating of 80 or more includes the following names: Steve McNair, Chad Pennington, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Jake Locker, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, and Joe Flacco.
    At least to me, that is not too shabby a neighborhood.



  19. d-money Says:

    Vick hasn’t played a full season since he got out of prison.

    If you think that the Bucs are going to sign him thinking he is a long term answer that’s better than Glennon you’re crazy.

    He would be an insurance policy and nothing more.

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Vick seems to have become the new Johnny Football this week.

    I’d rather stick with Glennon.

  21. sho-nuff Says:

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