Revis Says He’ll Attend Voluntary Practices

February 5th, 2014

darrelle revis 0624If you missed’s interview with Darrelle Revis on the sun-drenched Pro Bowl practice fields in Hawaii, you can catch up here.

But Joe also had a more intimate chat with Revis after the game.

One thing of note in the postgame chat was Revis saying he won’t pull any kind of diva routine when it comes to OTA practices that kick off during the first week in April. The Bucs report back before their NFC South rivals because they have a new head coach, who is permitted to schedule extra spring practice sessions by league rules.

Revis will be with the Bucs for the notorious “underwear” practices through the spring. And then Revis heads to Arizona around July 4 for an extreme training regimen that prepares him for training camp. Greg Schiano used to say that Revis’ private workouts are legendary.

Joe’s very interested to see whether Revis grabs more of a leadership role this season. Dashon Goldson embraced that in huge way the second he arrived at One Buc Palace last year. Joe suspects a healthy Revis will be eager to take on more leadership. That’s a great way to help him ensure his $16 million salary keeps flowing in 2015.

57 Responses to “Revis Says He’ll Attend Voluntary Practices”

  1. BucfaninMO Says:

    Now can Revis “voluntarly” take a pay cut?

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Would you “voluntarily” take a pay cut from your job?

  3. dee Says:

    Hell no sorry joe.

  4. DontBucNH8 Says:

    I’d take a pay cut if i got a guaranteed 4 years of $13 million on a 6 year deal lol

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    How many 4 year guaranteed contracts do you see in the NFL for CB’s?

  6. feelthepewterpower Says:

    This should keep everyone fired-up until toe hits leather in the 2014 regular season:

  7. Waterboy Says:

    I wouldn’t take a paycut, if Denver can afford to pay Champ Bailey a player well past his prime close to what I was making (9 million a year).

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    Waterboy…you mean Bailey gets nearly 1/2 of 16 million last time I checked 9 million is no where near 16 million. And would that be the same Denver that sells out even when their team sucks?

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It’s very easy to sit on your couch and “claim” you would take a paycut. It’s entirely different to actually do it. Especially in a career where you really only get 1 (maybe 2) contracts your entire career, and one where you jeopardize your long term health every time you go to work.

  10. BucfaninMO Says:

    Ask a player if they rather have rings or the top salary, if they said the money all fans would hate them.. You can still pay Revis $11M a year and he would still be the highest paid CB in the league.
    Are you such a “Rockstar” that you couldn’t survive on $11M year, even though you can help your team get to maybe the next level?

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    First of all, I wouldn’t hate them. This is a business first, which is what most fans just plain don’t understand. I have a friend that played for the Bears and Titans, and he’s told me so many stories of how cut throat this league is, so I totally understand the business side of the NFL. These owners, GM’s, and coaches would throw these guys off a moving bus if they could replace them with someone better, and the structure of the NFL makes them able to do it. So I have no problem with an athlete that is smart enough to realize this, and get what he can in the very small window that he has any leverage whatsoever. Perhaps if that happened to you, one of your kids, siblings, or friends, you would feel differently.

    As for how much they make, you think he see’s anywhere near $16 Million a year? You ever heard of taxes or agents? Not to mention all the money they spend to finance the upkeep of their body (travel, personal trainers, etc.). Besides, if you had the opportunity to set up your parents, kids, and even grandkids, wouldn’t you take that opportunity? I would. I’d squeeze every last penny I could out of ownership. But I guess you would give back that money so that the team (which oh by the way has plenty of cap money left over that they haven’t spent for the last 6 years) will be in better financial shape. You’re a real team player, and an idiotic businessman.

  12. bUcNcrAzy Says:

    They will work out 4 a lesser salary with guaranteed $$$… Joseph will take a cut or disappear. Hopefully we get GMC Locked down long term!

  13. TJ Ware Says:

    Yea but you ain’t gonna get him at 11 mil non guaranteed… Stop being so damn cheap bugs fans…you can’t be cheap with all pro players. Let Mr Revis make his money…I got more of problem with the other 16 bums on the team making 1 million per year and not producing.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Assuming he’s very lucky, Revis will be retired by 35. More than likely, he’ll be of failing health (so many are, physically and/or mentally), which will limit the work he will be able to do post retirement. Regardless, he’s not very likely to be able to find a job that pays anywhere near the money he made while playing in the NFL. Most of his “friends” and “fans” will forget all about him now that he’s not making big money anymore. You think anyone from the Bucs or Jets are going to be calling him and checking up on him? So why in the hell should he throw away millions of dollars now? You’re thinking like a selfish fan, rather than thinking like an intelligent businessman, You are basically accusing Revis of being selfish for wanting to take the best possible care of himself. Very hypocritical, don’t you think?

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Revis put his career on the line signing a deal like he did. He could have taken more guaranteed money, took it easy on his rehab, had a mediocre season, and screwed the team over long term. Instead he took essentially a one year deal that gave the team an easy way out should he get hurt or not play well, and he performed at a pro bowl level. He has done absolutely nothing but been a great teammate and locker room guy. Now that he’s proven how good he still is, you expect him to give up the money? So you think he should be willing to tear up his contract and be more team friendly? If he had signed for $3 Million and decided to hold out for more money, would you be okay with that? So you think it’s okay for a player to take less money, even though he’s within his contract , but it’s not okay for a player to want to tear up his contract to take more money? Hmmmm, interesting.

  16. knucknbuc Says:

    Truth @HawaiianBuc.

  17. Eric Says:

    For a guy that crowed about building through the draft the Rockstars sure did spend a lot of glazer cash for very little return.

    How many millions per win in 2013?

    No wonder he was jettisoned.

  18. JGlazer Says:

    Must be tough. Make 16 mill and have to show up for practice. Time to complain to the union president.

  19. Iverson Says:

    Practice are we talking practice….common now.

  20. Eric Says:

    Like Apollo creed said, be a thinker not a stinker.

    Nobody put a gun to anyone’s head to choose such a risky endeavor as pro football. Hard for me to shed tears.

  21. Mr. Patrick Says:

    For 16 million a year he should be over there mopping the floors too

  22. BucfaninMO Says:

    Putting Revis at 11-12m a year helps the Bucs!! It frees up cap space to re-sign people to build this team, and he is still top paid CB in the NFL..
    Would Revis benefit from being a SB champion rather than a great player?
    Fans always want to count rings before on field production.

  23. Eric Says:

    Ill bet one of those Thai woman know how to cook, but not how to use the remote control.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Nobody is shedding tears for Revis. You are apparently missing the point. He has a responsibility to take care of himself and his family, not an organization (or fans) that don’t really give a damn about him.

    Are you guaranteeing that him taking $11Million is going to make us a champion? We’ve had left over salary cap money every single year since Gruden left. Why is that now all of a sudden on Revis? Besides, once again, this is a business. You need to understand that.

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “For 16 million a year he should be over there mopping the floors too”


    How much do you think the NFL generates? You think ownership isn’t getting paid more? Do you have a problem with average baseball players making more than that, all guaranteed? What about basketball players? In fact, if you look at how good he is and compare him to other sports, $16 Million is a bargain.

  26. Eric Says:

    I’m all for Reevis getting whatever he can. It’s supply and demand, the American way.

    Like you said the minute he can’t cover he’s worth zero. Just like 55 was.

    I’m just saying they know this when the choose to go the pro football route. Lots more losers than winners in that game.

  27. Bucfan66 Says:


    Completely agree. The average fan just doesn’t understand that playing in the NFL is a JOB just like any other.

  28. Andrew 1 Says:

    For 16 mil/yr he better go to voluntary practices. It should even be in his contract, but since there supposed to be “voluntary” theres probably some technicality that it cant be put into a contact.

  29. Macabee Says:

    At the end of the regular season, the Bucs were projected to have 17mil in cap space in 2014. Then Pat Yasinskas said that an escalator in McCoy’s contract kicked in and cap space was reduced to 14mil. Now BucsNation is reporting by way of OverTheCap.Com that cap space is only 10mil.

    I’m not sure what it is now, but if it becomes a problem for the Bucs to achieve their goals in Free Agency, then I have no problem with attempting to extend the McCoy contract and restructuring the Revis contract to acquire the needed cap space. Larry Fitzgerald had a significant cap number and was asked to restructure and he readily accommodated. If cap space is not an issue, I recommend doing nothing. It’s on Revis to demonstrate his worth or the Bucs can simply walk away or have the strength to demand a salary cut in 2015.

    The McCoy contract extension is a typical order of business with key players nearing the end of their original contract, so I will only address the Revis contract. There are a couple of ways to go about this – one is the typical restructure where money is paid in advance to Revis, but spread over the remaining years (5) of the contract as dead money or offering a new contract with guarantees that take into consideration monies already paid. I recommend the latter as the restructure is what has the Bucs in an uncompromising position with Carl Nicks.

    If and only if cap space is a problem and I don’t know that it is, then the parties should sit down and work out something that is mutually benefitting to both parties. Reasonable people can usually get that done! Remember, doing nothing is always an alternative!

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Yes, but one thing you have to understand (and you, yourself, may already understand this) is that Fitzgerald isn’t making any less money by restructuring his deal. He makes the same amount of money, he’s just restructuring the way he receives it. I’m sure Revis has no problem with that, but I doubt the Bucs would want to do that, because it would give him more guaranteed money (which teams obviously want to give as little guaranteed money as possible). If that happens, that’s great, but I have a problem with fans sitting on their couches saying he should take less money because they think he’s making too much, thus labeling him as a selfish person. This guy isn’t Derrick Ward, showing up to practice in a Lamborghini. He drives a damn mini Cooper everytime I’ve seen him! He’s smart enough where he’s not going to end up broke when he retires, and I think that’s a great thing. He’s a good businessman, and like any good businessman, he’s going to take the best deal possible for himself. As a fellow (and much less successful) businessman, I’ve got no problem with that.

  31. Cmurda Says:

    Revis is the best cornerback in the league. He was arguably the best cornerback in the league last year and he clearly wasn’t 100%. Stop worrying about his contract on a team that does NOT have salary cap issues. Will he agree to some sort of restructured contrat? Maybe. Would I? Hell no. He’s the best CB in the league without any doubt in my mind so he should be the highest paid. Like Hawaiian said, you get 2 contracts in this league if you are lucky. It’s easy for the armchair QB to say I would take this and that. This same armchair QB isn’t in a dog eat dog NFL business, torturing their bodies for years, and sacrificing their future for the present. You’ve seen the stories of former football players who look like they are 80 year olds when they are 45 with body parts that don’t even function anymore. Money isn’t everything but it sure must help the pain that any of these athletes will sadly encounter only a few short years after their career has ended.

  32. Macabee Says:


    Yes I do understand that. That is why I qualified my recommendation on the need for cap space not because of the amount he is being paid. Think about it! Would you restructure a 1 year contract? Because in effect that’s what Revis has – a series of one year contracts each worth 16mil. In fact the Bucs could cut him before March 13th or 3 days after the start of the new league year, put 16mil back into cap space and get their 3rd round pick back (they would still have give up a 4th round pick instead)!

    Theoretically, you could put another 6 year contract in front him that could pay him the same as he would get under the old contract and effectively reduce cap space (not recommending this). If he took into consideration the 16mil he has already earned, you could reduce cap space even more.

    Cap space may not be a problem in which case it’s to their benefit to do nothing. These guys are experts, they can create cap space out of thin air. Revis 16mil salary does not bother me at all!

  33. ForgotAboutDre Says:


    It’s naive to think players are playing to win super bowls more than they are to get paid. There’s a reason Revis has a history of holding out and he signed with a 7-9 team. 99% of the time a players top priority is getting paid. There’s some exceptions but its silly to expect a player to take a paycut unless they’re underperforming.

    And you think you can force him to take one so he doesn’t get hated by fans? That’s not how you treat your players, that’s borderline blackmail. Not a good way to run your organization.

    It’s like if I paid you $20 to mow my lawn, and then suddenly decide I only want to pay you $15 and if you don’t work for less I’m going to make the neighborhood hate you. What would you think of me?

  34. Macabee Says:


    This cap stuff is difficult to understand much less comment on. So let me allay your fears. I do not want to cut Revis, I do not want to force him to take less money. I hope, and they probably will do nothing. My original post was meant to say there are ways to increase cap space if needed without taking any of Revis’s money over time.

    No need to create fears if there are none. I want continue to think well of you as I do now. So yes If I mow your lawn I want the whole $20. So all is well and Goodnight my friend!

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    Mac…something tells me he’s still confused.

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I like the Revis contract just the way it is. It keeps him from whining and if we bring in some younger CBs for depth, one might rise to the top and he will be replaceable without penalty.

  37. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Hawaiian
    In other sports maybe 16 Million a year may not be so earth shaking. But in the NFL where there is a Salary Cap it’s a ton. For every player or position that you overpay for it leaves not enough money to upgrade another position. All of the overpaid players that grab for every penny they can get because their gigantic egos tell them they deserve it actually hurt their teams in the long run

  38. Rob Says:

    Revis is worth every penny. If the Bucs actually run out of cap room, they can approach him about a reduced, guaranteed deal. But at the moment they’re hardly hurting for cap space, and he’s finally back to 100%. I can’t wait to see how good he is next year with Smith’s defense.

  39. BucfaninMO Says:

    So as a businessman as you stated, do you also pay your employees 60% over what others pay? Sure if you got somebody that’s the best in that business maybe 7-15% more but close to 60%? You would be broke.. If you do please let me know where I can send my resume.
    Sure with this dangerous game these guys deserve every penny they get but also as the ultimate team sport you gotta give a little..

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You’re now talking from the Glazer’s perspective. That’s a whole different ballgame. I’m talking about Revis. Don’t try to turn the tables, because it proves nothing against my point. Besides, we’ll see what happens when Sherman gets his contract. And yes, Revis is in the same category as Sherman. We have ZERO salary cap issues, so why are you so adamant about Revis taking less money??

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You take less money at your job, because I guarantee you there are people that think you make too much money.

  42. Cmurda Says:

    BucfaninMO, comparing Hawaiian’s business or even mine to the Glazers is apples and oranges. NFL Owners have TV Revenue, revenue sharing etc. If you think the Glazers are going broke because of Revis’s salary or the salary for the whole team for that matter, I have a piece of property in the Atlantic Ocean I would love to sell you. The best in the business in the NFL earn far more than 7-15% more. 60% more for a once in a generation player like Revis on a fantastic team-friendly 16 million a year contract? Yes. Dominic was average at best with the draft and assembling a winner but this contract was one of his better works. The Glazers are willing to pay more for what is essentially a prove it each year contract without penalty if the player is released. There is a premium to pay for such a team-protected contract where the risk level is extremely low. Trust me that there is a reason that you hear fans complaining but not the Glazers about Revis’s contract.

  43. Mr. Patrick Says:

    So if Revis thought that he played this year at 75%, shouldn’t he give back 25% of his salary? Paying one player 16 Million on a 4-12 team pretty much says it all

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Mr. Patrick,

    That’s absolutely stupid, and I’m pretty sure you know it. Players are rarely 100%, and he still played at a Pro Bowl level. Why don’t you give back 25% of your salary on the days you don’t work 100%.

    Why is everyone so concerned with how much Revis makes? Are we strapped for cash? Is he the reason we were 4-12? If we had 22 players of Revis ability (even at 75%), we’d be world champs every year. It’s truly amazing to me how ignorant and misguided some people can really be. It’s actually kinda funny.

  45. Mcbuc Says:

    Hawaiian is right…if players wanted rings more than cash Super Bowl teams would stay intact after winning. I also have a friend that played for the rams and cards, and says basically the same as Hawaiian friend. And he has a ring.

  46. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Hawaiian
    Have you ever actually been in the business world? If I don’t go to work I don’t get paid. And the Bucs or any other NFL team couldn’t have 22 players just like Revis because of this little thing called a Salary Cap (you can Google that)
    @ McBuc
    What a horrible shame it is that NFL players want cash more than rings. So much for professional pride and being a Sportsman and lover of the game. You should ask Dan Marino and Tony Gonzalez about that

  47. Sneedy16 Says:

    75% of the NFL has the mindset of money first. The rest is already getting paid large salaries. As they get to a certain age then they start to think more championships than money since they are already made their money.

  48. Sneedy16 Says:

    * are already getting paid

  49. Brandon Says:

    Bucfan66 Says:

    Completely agree. The average fan just doesn’t understand that playing in the NFL is a JOB just like any other.


    Really? I guess you don’t know to many current or former players. I’ve known several guys that played for years or got cut in their first camp and I can guarantee you, the NFL job is unlike any other. You get paid insane amounts of money (even rookie free agents make some major cash when compared to the average American’s salary) to play a game. A game that most played for free for the majority of their lives and many Americans do for free as well. Yes, there is tons more than just show up on 16 Sundays a year and play, but NFL players only work 6 months a year, are basically cared for like a newborn baby while they’re still playing, get tons of gratuities and special privileges…. there is nothing like playing in the NFL.

    Have you read the Incognito text conversation yet? Not only is Incognito innocent of bullying Martin, but he is a major league poon hound, goes out to high end clubs and gets VIP treatment and gets hammered very frequently, gets high quite a bit, and travels the country at will. How many jobs do you know that can support that life style?

  50. Clowney Says:

    One of my 1st lessons in business was negotiations.

    In Bristol, Ct era 1962, little 9 year Miguelito would have to walk 3 miles through a blizzard with his shiny new snowblower to his Grandma’s house to do her walk.

    Every other home owner would drop their shovel and wave me over. Would I do their driveway and walk? Sure and I would do it with a smile trusting them to pay me what me and my snowblower was worth.

    After doing the job, some people would pay him $3, some $5 and even some grateful guy would give me $10 for a big job. There were others after seeing the job done would give me 50 cents. Miguelito worked 12 hour days for $20.

    Once when, Miguelito spent 4 hours chopping 2″ of ice off a sidewalk, corner lot, he was rewarded with 20 cents to split with his brother.

    In 1963, when Miguelito was walking 3 miles through a blizzard, when some guy would wave him down, Miguelito would throttle the blower down into a slower speed and say, “Sure. How Much?”

    The homeowner would have to pay a decent wage or Miguelito would simply acknowledge that guy 3 doors down who was waving desperately for his services. 10 year old Miguelito would work 12 hour days for $80-$100. That was mucho dinero back then.

    Farmland on West St (BSPN) was $200 an acre.

    Darrel Revis must have owned a snow blower at one time.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Mr. Patrick,

    Not that it has any relevance, but I’ve had my own business’s for over 10 years now, so yes I have been in the business world. And I wasn’t talking about pay genius, I was talking about skill level and work ethic. And again, we aren’t in salary cap trouble. We don’t even touch the max, so why are you so concerned with Revis’s pay? No one has yet to answer that.

    And again, this is a business. Championships are great, but championships aren’t going to take care of yourself and your family when your career is over. You apparently truly don’t understand how the business works, so I’m not sure I can help you. This is a dog eat dog business, and I cam assure you that if you’ve heard some of the stories I have, you would understand that. I promise you Dan Marino wouldn’t give up $20 million to have a championship ring, nor should he. Being overpaid is all relative, as everyone has someone making less than them who thinks they are overpaid. I was a waiter in college, and I always had cooks complain that we were paid too much for what we do. I’ve had employees of my business now bicker about how much money we make and how little of our profit they make. Tough sh!t, get over it. Revis making $16 Million isn’t the reason we aren’t a championship team, period. Having extra salary cap money isn’t going to bring us a great QB.

  52. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Your statement is so ridiculously false it’s laughable. Ask Earnest Graham if he was making insane amount of money his first few years in the league. How much they make is irrelevant to the rest of society, because their job requires a skill set that so few can do, and it generates an amount of money beyond comprehension. I guess you believe the owners should pocket everything? Football players are BY FAR the least compensated players in major professional sports.

    Is it fair that my friend was a starter as a rookie, hurt his shoulder early in his second year and was cut as a result of the doctors saying it would take over a year to get back to full strength? He got a small settlement, and he currently works out 14 hours a day for a call that’s never going to happen? He didn’t waste any of his money, yet he has about 100k that’s supposed to last him until he’s ready to give up on the thing he’s worked his whole life to achieve. He didn’t spend any time in high profile clubs either. So you truly don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

  53. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Hawaiian
    I don’t know what kind of a so called business you own, but I’ve been a successful business owner for over 26 years and a devoted football fan even longer, and I can guarantee you that with your philosophies, if you were an NFL franchise owner your team would never be better than 4-12 and you would never be able to understand why

  54. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Mr. Patrick,

    You may be a great businessman, but you have horrible comprehension. I’m talking from the perspective of Revis, not the owners. I’ve actually already said that, but typical of an agenda based argument, you ignored it. The NFL owners are ALL highly successful businessmen, before and while being an owner. There isn’t one NFL owner losing any money. There is TV revenue that generates more money than nothing our businesses combined, probably times 100. They aren’t hurting for money, I can assure you. I’ve said this over and over, so this will be the last time: Revis isn’t the reason we were 4-12. Are you too stupid to understand that? I’ll put this in all caps for you : WE HAVENT TOUCHED THE SALARY CAP MAX IN YEARS!!!!!!!!! You get it???? We have had more money to spend, we just haven’t. However, the reason we were 4-12 is because we haven’t scouted well enough, have made some poor investments, had some bad luck (Nicks, Barth, etc.), and we had a lunatic as a coach who had about as much business coaching a pro football team as you or I. It isn’t because of Darrelle Revis.

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    *than ANYTHING

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And by the way, what exactly are you referring to by “my philosophies”. I haven’t stated any philosophies, I’ve merely showed the player side and explaining that from their perspective, it’s stupid business for them to willingly give p money. So go ahead, I’ll wait, let me know what “philosophies” I have. Of course because you know you are wrong, you’ll probably just ignore the question or try to spin it to fit your agenda. And don’t even try to put words in my mouth, because we can all go back and read what I’ve written.

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s what I thought.