QB School Starts Day 1 For Glennon

February 3rd, 2014
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The new QB coach weighs in

The quarterback gurus on the Buccaneers staff are hungry for their chance to teach Mike Glennon. It’s what they do. And No. 8 is their only horse in the stable right now.

Joe talked to new Bucs QB coach Marcus Arroyo last week about what he’ll attack with Glennon out of the gate when the team returns to practice in nine weeks.

Arroyo, a former starter at San Jose State and QB coach with Jeff Tedford at “Cal,” is all about teaching and doesn’t subscribe to the Greg Schiano philosophy of avoiding teaching QB mechanics like Joe would steer clear of Rosie O’Donnell’s dressing room.

Arroyo and Tedford have identified key mechanical points to improve Glennon, but there’s not just one or two they’ll attack on Day 1.

“I wouldn’t say there’s one piece we want to work on [immediately] with Mike Glennon. I wouldn’t say one. As we move through this evaluation process, I think there’s a few things now we’ve recognized that we can build on quickly that we’re real excited about,” Arroyo said. “Mike has great arm strength, which many people know. We’ve talked. He’s mentioned things he wanted to get better at, just listening to him talk.

“Standing in the pocket he does a  really good job, delivering on time, delivering with the arm strength he’s got, can throw every ball, it’s where that’s ball placed. “Ball placement. Is it on the right shoulder? How can I get it back to the right shoulder? Where can I put the ball, you know, for best run after catch? And what balls are those being thrown. Are they crossing routes when we’re having to step up or step out? So are we going to work on pocket working and particularly being flushed in the middle as opposed to flushed outside. Are we going to work on having to step up and throw a crosser against our body and how to move our back foot first. Little things like that will be a focus.”

Joe’s got the distinct sense the regime will use the several OTA sessions in April to really get a sense of what they have in Glennon versus relying very heavily on his game film.

“There’s a delivery component that can make him more efficient that we’re excited about. And I think we can again, tweak, which will make him efficient. [It would apply to] every throw,” Arroyo said. “I think there’s something within that Jeff and I are excited about we think we can make him better with quickly. And he does a great job with a lot of his throws; he has very good mechanics. Polishing those things can help. One separation component to work on. “

Arroyo went on to say Glennon already is excited about some things he’s been able to see on film.

It’s unknown what happens at quarterback for the Bucs. But Glennon will have his chance to wow coaches before the draft in May. Those will be critical days for No. 8’s future.

86 Responses to “QB School Starts Day 1 For Glennon”

  1. ROBERT6 Says:

    you mean, Mike Glennon – the only member of the buccaneers to be thrown under the bus daily by JBF, has some skills?

    say it aint so joe

    Joe doesn’t throw Glennon under the bus daily. So stupid it deserved a response. –Joe

  2. Touchdown Gus Says:

    I wouldn’t say joe is throwing him under the bus but I think the kid deserves a chance and he will get it leading up to the draft. One thing I hear joe say all the time is that it will be tough to win the division with the worse qb in the division. No matter what qb we get next season via the draft, free agency or Glennon, we will still have the worse qb in the division. I don’t see anyone coming in and being better than any of the other qbs.

    Yes, the Bucs are in a tough spot. They need a guy with a higher QB ceiling to eventually take them where they need to go. –Joe

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I think the mob wants to know is , If it is so hard to win the division with the worst QB in the division as the rallying cry, Why have we not heard this for the last 5 years???

    That should be obvious. The Mobsters are an intelligent bunch. –Joe

  4. thegregwitul Says:

    The kid needs competition for sure, but after watching the Super Bowl, the Bucs need to add some pass rushers, make sure Doug Martin is ready to ball and hope Glennon can limit his mistakes. Tampa Bay doesn’t need to have the best QB in the division, let alone the conference to compete. It wouldn’t hurt, of course, but I’m confident in this team going into next season.

  5. bUcNcrAzy Says:

    Joe throws the Glennon mob under the bus… I’m anxious to see what they can do with Glennon!

  6. Phillip Says:


    What do you think of Doug Baldwin to play the slot?? Free Agent and he can’t cost that much right? I don’t think he’ll get the Superbowl Free Agent over priced raise because he didn’t have that good of a season.. Keep those draft picks to trade up and grab Manziel or TB

  7. Gerald S Says:

    Not worth a response but a joe is pointed out the short comings in Glennon development at this point which is more than fair and frankly Joes job. These guys are football guys so refreshing they want to build the perfect beast. I know whoever it is we won’t have the worst QB in division for long

  8. Ryan CO Says:

    I don’t see the bucs going through this draft without drafting another QB at all. That being said I think it’s fair to think it may not hurt to hold off looking for a “Franchise QB via the draft. Glennon sounds like he has a pretty legit work habit, finding people to help him progress is the biggest thing. I think he will get his shot and the bucs go looking for competition at the position in the later rounds.

  9. Phillip Says:


    You are guys are soooooooooooooo annoying btw.. Nothing but excuses.. No weapons no o-line coaching schemes playcalling… Just stop it gets so old reading the comments section here now..

    Who cares if Joe or anyone for that matter wants JF or TB here in the Bay? Does that actually mean the Bucs will listen to their fan base? Unless they want to be the WORST professional team EVER then they will not listen to the fans because you know we have Coaches and Front office people and scouts who get paid MILLIONS of $$$ to do that for us.. Quit crying because the guy who runs his OWN website doesn’t want to settle at QB anymore..

    Jeff Garcia Chris Simms Brian Griese Rob Johnson Shaun King Trent Dilfer Josh Freeman Josh Johnson Bruce Gradkowski Mike Glennon… Am I missing anymore? Is anyone else tired of seeing a list like that? It’s sad when our best QB EVER is Brad Johnson..

  10. Snook Says:

    Carolina won the division with the 3rd best QB in the division.

  11. SuperGobaby Says:

    He’s a good QB, the local dopes, such as Ian Beckels, Warren Sapp, and Sean King to the contrary. Far more knowledgeable national sports analysts have heaped praise on Glennon. Taking a QB with the first round pick would be sheer stupidity, no matter which one of the mediocre 2014 QB class is available.

  12. joseph mamma Says:

    Hey this coach said that Glennon has great arm strength. Thus proving my theory that Shawn King knows how to evaluate QB’s about as well as he evaluates caloric intake.

  13. Keirster Says:

    It is great to have such QB coaching talent at One Buc. This should be a very exciting offseason for players and fans alike. Watching the Seattle D last night has me hungry for a return to prominence for our club. Here’s hoping we reignite the Defensive Dynasty that defined us for so long and got 2 of them into the HOF. Now it is McCoy and David’s turn…Make your mark, we will do the cheering!

    Go Bucs!!!

  14. Lou. Says:

    @Philip —

    The fan base broadly and repeatedly urged talent improvement at TE, and many wanted at least one more free agent CB. The fans were all over the DL and were skeptical of letting our most productive DE escape. Fans also asked for a decent slot receiver.

    True, the NSO was blind and dumb on these issues. But do you not see that the lowly fan base analyzed the team and identified the problems correctly?

  15. JF Mob Says:

    What if just What if Josh decides to right the ship.

    Can we get the October 2012 Josh and 2 minute comeback qb of 2010 back?

    We make him the 4th QB on training camp. He gets a 1 year minimum contract no guarantees. Maybe Josh would handle things differently with a coach like Lovie. Lovie’s rules are for each men to be accountable. Maybe Josh would benefit from a better QB coach as Arroyo and Tedford.

    So do we believe the media in Minnesota or Leslie Frazier who had spoken well about Josh in the off-season?

    May be he is worth another shot.

    If only Josh would had receive a rookie contract offered now a days, he would probably being acting different of the field….

    …What if just what if???

  16. lightningbuc Says:

    “They need a guy with a higher QB ceiling to eventually take them where they need to go”. –Joe

    Joe, How do you know what Glennon’s ceiling is? Drew Brees was replaced as a starter by Doug Freakin’ Flutie in his THIRD season in the NFL, yet you know that Glennon doesn’t have a high enough “ceiling” to take the Bucs to where they need to go?

    Joe doesn’t believe Glennon has the “ceiling” necessary. That’s ok. We can all disagree. –Joe

  17. ROBERT6 Says:

    he’s does not have the tools. i.e. if a QB is not running a 4.4 – they has no future in the NFL.

    I just can’t wrap my head around that……

  18. stevek (MGM) Says:

    Glennon will rise up, and even Joe will eat some crow.

    We had the 4th best QB in the division, even with Freeman here. But, we never heard about that? Funny how people can think just because a guy is a 1st round pick (BUST!!!), he must be good.

    Another 3rd round QB from NC State just won the SB yesterday, Glennon can be just as good as Wilson, not as mobile, but just as good.

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I have nothing against Mike Glennon. Not. A. Single. Thing.

    I just am not sure he is the answer. He might be…he might not be. I just feel we need someone that is strong competition to go against him.

    I certainly do not suggest we trade up for a QB. There is only one player I would trade up for, and that is Clowney.

    I’d be satisfied with a veteran QB who has gone deep into the playoffs and is still relatively young (at least for this year I would be satisfied).

    Unlike what the masses tend to do, I do not base my opinion solely on the results of one game. I don’t thing last nights game changed a thing. Seattle had a great defense, but the Bronco’s had NO defense at all, so Wilson looked great.

    I still think the perfect mix is 45% offense – 55% defense

  20. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Any young 2nd year QB is bound to have some areas of his game that can be shorn up and improved. I’m sure that Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, etc.. would all say that they learned a tremendous amount in the their second year. I’m glad that Coaches Arroyo and Tedford will be working with MG8 to help him become better…which is exactly what they should do!

    I also want to talk about those folks who are pushing so hard for the Bucs to spend multiple picks to move up to grab another QB because “The game has changed…you can’t win a Super Bowl with just a “game manager” type QB anymore….NFL offenses are just too good now to rely so much on defense, etc…” Guess what folks? WRONG!!!!!!! Seattle’s defense won that game! I’ll not deny that Russell Wilson played well (2 TD passes) but it was not a QB performance for the ages either! he had 206 yds passing! He made some nice throws (missed a few too), didn’t turn the ball over, and didn’t make any real boneheaded mistakes, they rushed the ball for 135 yds and they relied on their special teams to salt this game away early.

    So to all of those folks who said that defense is dead and you need a QB to throw for 5,000 yds and 40+ TD’s to win a championship….enjoy your slice of humble pie!

  21. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    lightningbuc Says
    “Joe, How do you know what Glennon’s ceiling is?”

    If I may intrude upon your conversation, I ask you the same question. How do you know if Mike Glennon has a high ceiling or a low ceiling?

    Don’t know?

    That’s the point.

  22. SoonerinTampa Says:

    This is getting pretty silly with all the Glennon bashing…let the kid play a full year under this staff. NOBODY knows his ceiling..hell he was good enough to beat out Russell Wilson for the starting job @ NC State.

    Yes, we get it, he is the #4 QB in our division!!!! So what, when you are in a division with Brees, Ryan, and Scam…that is not as bad a thing as people keep making out to be…look at fatboy King…he “lead” the Bucs to the NFC Championship game and I felt he was hot garbage as a QB.

  23. pick6 Says:

    if glennon isn’t our starter next year, it won’t be because he didn’t get a fair evaluation from the new staff. as Joe says, nobody else on the roster has anything resembling starting potential, so they will get focused time to decide just how much upside last year’s starter has. i think glennon will show them enough to not force a reach in the draft. i’m very wary of this year’s class. alot of the random QB names that have bubbled up into the early round projections give me a christian ponder\blaine gabbert vibe

  24. Vern4499 Says:

    Russell Wilson>Mike Glennon. Russell can actually score points in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Glennon stands in the pocket and takes sacks constantly. You can give me stats all you want but Freeman showed more in his rookie year than Glennon did with less talent around him. Glennon seems like a nice guy. And he probably is a hard worker that’s all good and well but I want a winner!

  25. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Joe, don’t new coaching staffs get extra time to evaluate/work with the players already on the staff before the draft? I think your right, game tape might not show as much as a one on one evaluation of the skill sets for some the players.

  26. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    The game tape last year will show what the NSO was asking players to do, and clearly not to each individuals strong points.

  27. Aubpierce Says:

    The offensive line is the key,just ask Manning.Glennon is good enough with a new offensive line.

  28. stevek (MGM) Says:

    Why would we invest a 1st round pick, possibly more, to add a QB that will get wrecked by our less than satisfactory O-Line?

    We should bring in O-Line help, some more receiving threats, and if Glennon is still the problem we can address it as needed.

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    Phillip…who are the posters above you that were crying? Because all I can see is you. There is no large amount of mob members to begin with.

    Man Joe gets some people riled up over nothing with this MGM nonsense.

  30. Sapp, STFU Says:

    After what we saw in last night’s Superbowl, I’m starting to believe that having a lights-out defense with game-managing QB isn’t such a bad idea.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    Stevek….even Russell Wilson would be the 4th best QB in the Bucs division if he played for the Bucs.

  32. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I disagreed with some of this site’s writers on Freeman (Before the season started era Freeman) and especially on Dominick, and we saw how that went down.

    So, don’t feel bad if you feel differently as to whether Glennon has what it takes.

    Opinions are like orifices. Some are bigger than others.

  33. Brandon Says:

    Who was the better QB last night? When Manning and Wilson had nobody to throw to who did better? Peyton stayed in the pocket, got hit, got picked, Wilson got out of the pocket and made plays with his legs and arm.

    The days of the lead footed pocket passer are changing. A sub six foot 2nd year QB just totally outplayed Manning because of his athleticism. Obviously you can survive and even thrive in the NFL while not being a great athlete (Peyton, Brady), but how else could a 2nd year QB come in and outduel the legend of the pocket? The last 2nd year QB to win the SB was also a guy that made quite a few plays running around, Roethlisberger. We need a QB with more capabilities, more ceiling.

    And BTW, Glennon’s arm is not that strong at all…I’m not sure what everybody else is seeing other than vastly underthrown deep ducks and the only QB from the last Combine that couldn’t break 50 on the radar gun. The guy is limited.

  34. Phillip Says:


    That doesn’t mean you are correct on MG8? That doesn’t mean Joe or I is correct on him either or any other person for that matter…

    Everyone thats apart of this horrible annoying Mob points to his TD-INT Ratio.. Okay great but how many sacks did he have? How many times did he not pull the trigger and play it safe with a checkdown? Then they point out his QB rating.. Great but his TOTAL QBR was sub 47 with 50 being average.. But he threw multiple TD’s in 8 straight games.. Okay great but the kid never threw for 300 yards or led on a game winning drive imagine one of the fades in the endzone was a one yard rush for Doug or Mike James then guess he wouldn’t have that streak either?? He was just a rookie with no weapons.. Okay Russell Wilson last year with that receiving crew.. Playcalling was terrible… Okay but we were the 10th ranked offense last year with Freeman and last this year with a much better Defense that created tons of turnovers for the offense.. He didn’t even start a full season though… Damn near came close though? He was taking 1st teams snaps all offseason and in the preseason played more in the preseason than any other QB and we could hear JF5 Schiano noise after the 2012 season… Everyone wants this kid to be the SAVIOR because we have NEVER had a FRANCHISE QB I get that much it’s frustrating as all hell but just because this kid is what is in front of us right now and on a cheap rookie deal does not mean hes the answer nor should we strive to have a better option.

    I saw enough of him to know I want something more and tired of reading dumb comments from TGREGGS Robert6 LightninBuc Glennon Mob SteveK Ian SeannyMac in SC BUC 1987 Couch Fan and many others that continually say the same stuff over and over again.. If you don’t like the article JOE writes then skip ahead to the quotes area of it and be done with it? Or go get your news from Sander at Bucsnation 4 hrs after Joe has something up. Quit crying because he has a different POV of our QB situation than you. Its annoying and it won’t change what the Bucs will do this spring/summer..

    If everyone that believes he is the answer then please list the ONLY QB’s you would actually trade Glennon for? Take money out of the equation too.

    Look if Glennon turns out to be great then guess what.. No one would be happier because chances are we are in the playoffs.

  35. lightningbuc Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai,

    You missed the point. I never said I knew what Glennon’s ceiling is. But Joe stated that Glennon’s wasnt enough to take the Bucs to where they want to go. Basically, he was stating something that there is no way to know. He later clarified that it was his belief.

  36. stevek (MGM) Says:


    You can’t take money out of the QB equation.

    The Bucs need to be under the salary cap, and Glennon is a steal at only 700k per year.

    Of course, you would rather pay Kevin Kolb 6-7m per year?

  37. Buc1987 Says:

    Phillip…I am far from being a Glennon Mob member. I’m not looking at comparing Glennon to anybody. Because the Bucs don’t have anyone besides Dan O to compare him to right now. I’m all for bringing in competition for Glennon, but I have NO idea who it would or should be. Nor do I make a difference even if I did have an idea. But to suggest that fans should not blog about it every day on a blog is pretty silly. Of course none of us expect what we say on here will get back to the Bucs and they will grant our wishes.

  38. BucsfaninChina Says:

    @SteveK I am right there with you. Until a proven line is installed for the next few years, it means diddly squat who is taking snaps and what his weapons are. We could do far worse than Glennon but he is a stationary target that must be protected. I dont think we will know what his ceiling is until he has the opportunity to show it

  39. phil Says:

    If anyone saw Jon Gruden’s quarterback camp with Russell Wilson before he was drafted you could tell that Russell has IT whatever IT is. I think the NFL is going to find that Johnny Football has IT. The Bucs should do everything possible to move up to the Texans or Rams pick so that we can draft him because with Jacksonville at #3 & Cleveland at #4 he won’t make to us at #7.

  40. Buc1987 Says:

    Actually more simply put. I don’t see Manziel or Bridgewater landing in Tampa Bay. After that I don’t see any other QB’s in the draft or through FA that will beat Glennon out. That’s the corner I’m painted into. Again I’m not part of MGM at ALL!

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    I don’t see much potential in Glennon though. Adequate game manager? I don’t know if anyone can truly gauge Glennon when the playcalling was just as crappy all season long even with Free Willy in there. I can’t even gauge him by his stats, good or bad. I am glad that he got some starting time under his belt. I’d hate for Lovie to have to work with total junk right out of the gate.

  42. Phillip Says:


    Its dumb comments like that is EXACTLY what I’m talking about.. Guess what if Glennon turns out to be a “FRANCHISE QB” hes getting paid like one eventually.. So that’s why I said TAKE MONEY OUT of the EQUATION…


    its not blogging about it.. its constantly complaining about it on every article saying that JOE has a love affair for JF or hates Glennon just because they think he takes shots at him in his articles.. When the dude states NUMEROUS times he actually likes the kid and hopes he is proven wrong.. You have done it and so have many others whether you are in the MGM or not.

    My favorite player in the NFL is Percy Harvin if I wrote for the BUCS or here on JBF last year nearly every damn article would have been about how special of a talent he is and how we need to get him down here in Tampa for JF5.


    The only thing I hate about the read more thing is because now the comments section is so damn close I can almost pre see all the stupid comments coming lol

  43. tickrdr Says:


    From NFL.com 2013 passing stats.

    MG8= 416 passing attempts, 40 sacks = 9.6%
    Kapernick= 416 attempts, 39 sacks = 9.4%
    RWilson = 407 attempts, 44 sacks= 10.8%
    I didn’t check other sites, but seems surprising doesn’t it?


  44. Buc1987 Says:

    Phillip…where on this article is anyone complaining about Joe putting up another Glennon article? I think people are kind of used to it by now. Sure it took them a long time to get used to it though. I’ve done it too, but I’ve done it in jest.

  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    Glennon sucks. He was another wasted draft pick, and 3’rd no less. Trade him for a bag of Chips and a glazed doughnut.

  46. Phillip Says:

    First article that doesn’t have one… Yet… I also put nearly btw..

  47. Vern4499 Says:


    That’s all good and well that you found a stat like that. Now find out how many times they got out of sacks when Glennon wouldn’t have. Or look up how they won games for there team when Glennon did zero at the end of the game to make fans believe he can lead a team.

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    MGM = 5% of the Bucs fan base, if that.

  49. Jeagan1999 Says:

    It appears that the Glennon detractors (or the “8-Hate Gang”, as I will now refer to them as) have hired a new spokesman to cogently, intelligently and insightfully state their case against the 2nd year QB who set some NFL and Bucs passing records in his first 13 games leading our team:

    “Glennon sucks…trade him for a bag of chips and a glazed donut.” @BigMacAttack

    Hard to argue with that kind of logic, isn’t it?

  50. Joe Says:


    8-Hate Gang”, as I will now refer to them as

    Testing your vocaulary skills. Can a person reasonably not believe Glennon is the answer and not “hate” him?

    The abuse of the word “hate” drives Joe nearly as crazy as how the recruiting freaks have destroyed the word “commit.”

  51. lightningbuc Says:

    “Can a person reasonably not believe Glennon is the answer and not “hate” him?”

    Can a person reasonably believe that Glennon should at least get a second year and not be labeled as part of a mob?

  52. Solinor Says:

    Can’t wait to see what Glennon can do this year!!

  53. Bucsfanman Says:

    Jeagan1999-well put! I don’t know if you mortgage the franchise to take a guy who’s never played a down in the NFL. With the needs the Bucs have it doesn’t make sense.
    There’s no question whatsoever that they will bring in some competetition at QB. They would be stupid not to. That being said, if Glennon wins the job, is that soooo bad?!
    They need better TEAM play not just QB play. Again, before trading future picks like they did to get Gruden(2 1st rd, 2 2nd rd) and setting back a franchise, lets evaluate what we have. I like the mindset of this staff.
    All of this squabbling over mobs and whatnot is silly. Everyone has an opinion and chances are nobody’s listening anyway. I don’t know about you guys but, I will support whoever they roll out at QB. Hell, where’s Brett Favre?!

  54. Joe Says:

    With the needs the Bucs have it doesn’t make sense.

    So we should ignore the need at quarterback?

  55. Joe Says:

    They need better TEAM play not just QB play. Again, before trading future picks like they did to get Gruden(2 1st rd, 2 2nd rd) and setting back a franchise, lets evaluate what we have.

    GOOD GRIEF!!! That trade got the Bucs a Super Bowl crown! Best trade the franchise ever made.

  56. stevek (MGM) Says:


    Look at the Redskins, before you make such an idiotic comment.

    Trade our future for someone who isn’t the guy? The Redskins drafted the right QB for the job that year, in the 4th round.

    Give me a break.

    Who is worth all of these future picks/payday right now?

    We should be worried about reupping GMC and paying LvD what he deserves.

  57. Bucsfanman Says:

    Like I said Joe, there will be QBs brought in, that’s obvious. You don’t have to give up all your picks to get one though is my point.
    As to the Gruden statement ,you’re right, we won a SuperBowl with that trade. Afterwards though, we had to dismantle the franchise. The reference was NOT about the Bowl but to the wisdom of banking your future on one untested draft pick. You can’t tell me that dealing those picks didn’t hurt the franchise. Have we been back since?
    “Good grief” is right!

  58. PewterPirates Says:

    Glennon was playing with a coaching staff that went away from things that were working because we didn’t practice it that way. Imagine what Glannon will be able to do with coaches who continue to do the things that are working in the moments that they are working.

  59. PewterPirates Says:

    That’s Glennon, not Glannon btw lol. I think most people can figure it out but just in case.

  60. Jeagan1999 Says:


    Of course anyone has the right to question whether Glennon is the right choice…but it seems much deeper than that with a lot of these folks (even with Joe sometimes)…as BigMacAttack’s post would tend to bear out. Josh Freeman got much more of a free pass as a young QB. I don’t remember fans saying “We should mortgage the future to move up and draft another QB after Josh’s first dozen games.

    Fans have every right to wonder if Glennon can be a top level QB in this league, and whether he can help lead the Bucs to the playoffs in the next few seasons. But as a practical matter, you can’t keep spending high draft picks on QB’s and then NOT develop them. Not every young QB coming out of college sets the league on fire as a rookie. I will wait and see what Coach Smith and Coach Tedford say before I make a statement (like some on these boards already have) saying that Glennon can’t be a good QB, or doesn’t have what it takes.

    IMO…MG8 showed enough as a rookie to warrant the opportunity to show what he can do with a full training camp and off season as the starter (some veteran competition for him would be a great idea). A stronger O-line and more speed at WR would be a better use of our draft resources at this point, rather than mortgaging our current and future drafts on another “unknown” passer.

  61. Lou. Says:

    @Phillip —

    You aren’t dealing with my argument at all. You claimed earlier that Buc fans are ignorant and their opinions should be ignored in the personnel sphere. (There is some truth in that rant).

    My response was that the fans correctly perceived the team ‘a greatest weaknesses and needs last year. And this year the general fan opinion is that we need DE, OL, WR, and TE. The fans would like an upgrade at QB, but mostly feel that #7 is not going to fill that want. Most also feel that the price in a bidding war to move 4-5 spots would be prohibitive. There is some stir for a 2nd round ( or lower) selection for “competition” for MG8. (Of course, there are some colorful figures who see a high ceiling for Glennon, but most of us are from Missouri in that regard). Do I not accurately state the general sentiment of this and other boards?

    As for my own position on MG8, you are wrong — I simply haven’t stated one. I would love the Bucs to have JF, as he did to Alabama what PM couldn’t do to Seattle — confound a top defense. But I don’t see him being available. I don’t see reaching for Bortles or Carr as a good play, not to mention Garrafallo (sp). I would rather get a potential allPro/HoF DE, OL or WR than take a flier or grade away multiple high picks. I note the new crop of QBs were mostly taken after the first round — though that should not continue in a copycat league. I see the Bucs as having overrated their talent, and needing to get players at several other positions — CB and ML, for example. MG8 is not likely the long term answer, but there are too many other questions to package our draft for this and perhaps future years for that position now. Just because we want a franchise QB does not mean that one will fall to us.

  62. Phillip Says:


    Once again you fail to answer the question.. If you are going to respond to me atleast answer the damn question instead of trying to imply that Kirk Cousins(4 TD’s and 7 INT’s) is better than RGIII.. Do you even watch football? Seriously?

    How is re-upping GMC or LVD in ANY way REMOTELY close related to the QB situation.. Actually you know what please don’t even respond now.. You aren’t worth it.

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucsfanman…the picks and cash for Gruden was worth the trophy period.

    Joe….Bucsfanman is right the Bucs don’t need to trade the farm to move up and get the unknown. Qb’s will be brought in.

    Then again if the Glazers want the glitz and the glam. They will ask the new GM to trade everything and move up to sell more tickets next season.

    I sure hope not and I don’t think that will be the case.

    Can anyone speculate as to who they can bring in to challenge Glennon?

    Outside of Manziel or Teddy.

    My speculation : Manziel is going to Clevelend.

    So we are left with Teddy or someone else in the draft? Who? Garapollo or however you spell his name?

    nah nah nah nah nah NAH!

    Teddy will be gone too. So maybe bring in a FA to compete with Glennon in yr one of the Lovie Smith Regime? Who? Vick? I hope not.

    Cousins? I like that if it’s cheap.

  64. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Joe – with all due respect, isn’t this metaphorical “ceiling” based on one’s opinion?

  65. Bucsfanman Says:

    1987-The point’s been made. I would surely never give the Lombardi back for draft picks. I shoud’ve used a better example.
    I’m with you, I just don’t see a rare talent at QB landing at #7. The cost to trade up will certainly be high and there will be solid talent for us to pick from at 7.
    I tell you what though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Manziel in a Bucs uniform. Outside of that at QB, I would take McCarron later perhaps. I’m not giddy about the rest of them.

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe how do you think Johnny will look in a Brownies uniform? Atleast he’ll have Gordon to throw to.

  67. Phillip Says:


    Okay so what does it matter that we can spot a glaring weakness like its not hard to do when you have tons of media types and websites like JBF PR TPP BN saying the same thing to help influence fans decisions? At what point do I say you want Glennon or any other QB for that matter?? I chose not to respond to you because it doesn’t warrant one? You can make a claim at any position outside of RB that we need some kind of upgrade?

    There’s your response.

  68. Lou. Says:

    It was amazing how little value Oakland got for the four Gruden picks.

  69. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lou.- What did oak-town do with those? It wasn’t memorable!

  70. stevek (MGM) Says:


    We have some $120 million to account for player salaries.

    Why on earth would we pay $15m+ to a QB that is meh?

    When we can fill out a much better roster and see what our QB has.

    Having a $1m per game CB doesn’t help either.

  71. Phillip Says:


    When did I EVER say pay a “MEH” QB $15 Million? What “MEH” would you even be trying to imply? Are you on drugs?

    You seriously don’t warrant a response because you are failing at common sense completely..

    But lets go through this one by one on how the NFL and contracts work.

    You do realize that even when a QB is on a rookie contract and cheap (Ex. Wilson Luck Kap Glennon Geno EJ Tannehill) they eventually run out right?

    Also you do realize that even the 1st pick overall has a cheap contract compared to other starting QB’s correct?

    If you didn’t well there you go..

    If said QB out-preforms their rookie contract (Ex. Wilson Luck Kap) then they are entitled to a raise if the team wants to re-sign them or they can run out their contract and try to franchise tag them..

    So lets use Russell Wilson for example.. He’s on a cheap rookie deal and has out-preformed his contract by a mile and whether they re-sign him this year or next year will not matter but he’s going to get $15 million a season easily because HE’S A FRANCHISE QB..

    SO lets start from the beginning when I said take money out of the equation because if you truly believe Glennon is gonna be a FRANCHISE QB then EVENTUALLY he’s going to cost that much and so my question was asked… REGARDLESS OF MONEY WHAT QB’S WOULD YOU TRADE GLENNON FOR? Meaning which QB’s do you find better than him?

  72. jackpc1 Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai is right. Glennon is OK. But it took a Brad Johnson to bring the Bucs to the SB even though they had a QB of the future in Shaun King. I would prefer the Bucs to sign a veteran QB like Matt Shaub to challenge Glennon, and use the #1 pick on an impact player at LB, OL, WR or TE. Don’t need to draft a QB when someone like Shaub is available.

  73. Couch Fan Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    February 3rd, 2014 at 2:45 pm
    “Can a person reasonably not believe Glennon is the answer and not “hate” him?”

    Can a person reasonably believe that Glennon should at least get a second year and not be labeled as part of a mob?



  74. Phillip Says:

    Because even if we used the “Seattle” method now.. They still wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl if it wasn’t for Russell Wilson.. No ordinary QB throws a 40 yard TD on 4th and 17 in the 4th Quarter against the 49ers in the playoffs. So while Seattle will not be paying Russell Wilson big money right now.. You can bet the farm they will be after next season. You don’t win Super Bowls with mediocre QB play.. PERIOD

  75. Kevin Says:

    He deserves a chance to start period. Not given the job but a fair chance to earn it. Bring Josh McCown over and draft a QB and let the best man win. Please get rid of that Dan guy…please!!!!!

  76. PRBucFan Says:

    I’m all for Glennon if they can get him to the point where the ball is always out before a defender beats the lineman or if they can somehow teach him how to escape pressure?

  77. Kevin Says:

    @PRbucfan – If he has some weapons that can get open and over power defenders and maybe a speedster in the mix, and an OC that gives him the option to dump off a couple passes to martin or james here and there I don’t see that being impossible.

  78. Kgh4life Says:

    Glennon does have his faults but was pretty clear was that he was more accurate than Freeman and he could also read defenses on a consistent basis. With that said the Bucs should definitely bring another qb.

  79. Kevin Says:

    I posted this on the vick article’s comments, but I wanted to post it here as well and just see what people thought.
    Glennon has not had enough time for it to be determined whether or not he can be a winning starting QB. With a good coaching staff and hopefully a good OC, time will tell.

    One name I would like to throw out there for QB – Brian Hoyer – CLE

    I believe he may be under contract, but if Cleveland draft a QB, with a new regime in town, we may be able to get that guy in a trade at a pretty cheap price. He looked fantastic before he got hurt…mobile, accurate, stood tall in the pocket, good arm, smart. I’d like to see him compete with Glennon AND add a rookie QB to the mix.

    Thoughts anyone???

  80. Vic Says:

    @walkdaplank — Of course the celiing talk is all opinion. Duh.

  81. chickster Says:

    Glennon wont last the year he is to skinny to take the pounding he is in for so we will need to bring somebody somewhere in please

  82. Couch Fan Says:

    He’s already lasted a year so your argument is moot.

  83. bucrightoff Says:

    Funny thing about all the best teams in the NFL: None of them mortgage many draft picks for a player. They recognize the value in having these picks, as depth is how you win in the NFL. The Seahawks won because they had the best team from top to bottom, their depth is outstanding; their backup CBs would start over everyone on this team not named Revis, they have 6-8 dlineman they rotate, their offensive line is very good. All things the Bucs are lacking.

    To suggest trading “whatever it takes” to get Manziel is insanity. The Redskins are building a Rams dynasty with the RGIII trade. We do not need to do the same. If the Rams trade out again they might turn RGIII into 5 or more first round picks. That is how you build a team, not by giving them away. Stay put and see who falls, whether its an O-Line or a pass rusher or in a dream world Sammy Watkins, but do not give away valuable assets for unproven talent.

  84. bee Says:


    No to Hoyer. If were gonna trade it’ll be up in the draft to get Johnny or Teddy.

    Look, if Glennon was on the Seahawks they wouldn’t have made it that far. He just ok and ok doesn’t get you far when your competition has amazing at the most important position in sports! MG is shook, he needs a perfect situation to excel and that rarely happens. Not once all year did he put the team on his back. There’s gonna come a time when he’ll have to make a play by himself and make something happen. Do you honestly think he can do it? Bucs fans have suffered enough with average and old and inconsistent qb play. Its time to make a bold move and move up and draft a new qb. Nothing is guaranteed but is it really that likely he will beat out Cam, Drew or Matt in the coming years barring injury? I think not. He hasn’t earned the right to start, only the right to stay on the team.

  85. Bucsfanman Says:

    I’m just playing a little “devil’s advocate ” here; “Look, if Glennon was on the Seahawks they wouldn’t have made it that far.”
    The Seahawks passing rank was 26th in the NFL. In the SuperBowl their Def/Special Teams scored 16 points. They could’ve had a cardboard cut-out of Trent Dilfer behind center and STILL won that game!!!
    That being said, we do need improvement at the position. I’m sure it’ll be addressed somehow. I just don’t like the thought of giving up draft picks for unknown talent when we have numerous, pressing needs. Good teams/ good franchises build through the draft. I think we should too.

  86. BoJim Says:


    “Who was the better QB last night? When Manning and Wilson had nobody to throw to who did better? Peyton stayed in the pocket, got hit, got picked, Wilson got out of the pocket and made plays with his legs and arm.”

    You might have noticed that Manning didn’t have time to do anything as his oline was getting run over and were completly dominated. Sound familiar?


    “Everyone thats apart of this horrible annoying Mob points to his TD-INT Ratio.. Okay great but how many sacks did he have? How many times did he not pull the trigger and play it safe with a checkdown?”

    As said before, He was told what to do and he did it. He starts next year so deal with it. We’ll get him some competition but he still starts. MGM cooler than the haters.