Plenty Missing From Times’ Attack On Williams

February 21st, 2014

mike williams 0131Joe’s been around journalism long enough to know today’s Tampa Bay Times attack piece on Mike Williams, slapped on the front page of the print edition, is seriously lacking important substance.

First, the Times wants us to believe that somehow Williams lived in a quiet, posh Lutz neighborhood where he terrorized neighbors with wild house parties for more than a year but there was no significant community uproar, or dozens of calls to police, or arrests or citations at the property, or more. 

The real world just doesn’t work that way.

The Times implies, in a clear attempt to smear Williams, there was a big party at the house two nights before a Bucs game at Dallas in September 2012. (Gasp!) But the Times conveniently did not allege any trouble at that party, did not confirm the party happened, didn’t claim Williams was there, and only based its claim on a vague invitation on Williams’ Facebook page, one allegedly operated by him.

For Joe, that stinks, and frankly is borderline malicious. Keep in mind the Times admits there were several residents of the 5,400 square-foot property, not just Williams.

Additionally, the Times reported a settled dispute with Williams and his former landlord (Williams moved out last year, per the story) largely surrounding more than $40,000 in alleged damages at the house, but the damage isn’t detailed in the story. Those damages could have been as trivial as Williams ruining fancy driveway pavers. Money adds up fast when you’re talking about a posh home.

The Times also seems to think it’s a knock on Williams’ character that he posted a note via Twitter looking for girls to pay $500 each for a photo shoot and video, likely for business related to his rap group that uses foul language.

Really? A rap music interest and trying to hire paid workers are signs of evil? The Times failed to explain why those two things are worthy of the story. Keep in mind the Times’ print edition used a large screenshot photo of Williams’ Twitter postings where he sought to employ women.

Joe could go on.

Yes, Williams has been foolish and stupid. The red flags are there, but they shouldn’t be overblown and overdramatized like they are in the Times’ news story. Williams is a darn good receiver and the Bucs need him. Joe doesn’t recall anyone moaning when Williams’ contract was extended last summer.

Lovie Smith will lay down his regime law in six weeks when the Buccaneers return for the 2014 season. Williams should get a clean slate if he stays out of trouble.

97 Responses to “Plenty Missing From Times’ Attack On Williams”

  1. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So, you’re saying Lovie’s comments were misguided? If not, then nothing in this article matters.

    I’m pretty sure that the admin is using more than the newspaper to form their opinions. If Lovie sounds concerned, then it’s valid.

    Who said anything was invalid or misguided. Don’t make stuff up. Joe wrote about Lovie’s comments yesterday, long before anyone else did. –Joe

  2. mpmalloy Says:

    I agree with The Times.
    Williams should shape up or ship out.
    Even Lovie seemed disconcerted by the Williams allegations
    (because he knows it’s a cancer). If one guy is getting away
    with it others will follow and next thing you know you’ve
    got a team of Pac-mans making it rain at the scrip club

  3. You Go Joe Says:


    Fu** Rick Stroud, he constantly tries to stir more controversy than PFT. He’s is on a campaign to mark Williams as a “thug” and a lot of fans support his stupid theory. Remember the whole Williams does not post enough football on Instagram, all by your controversy stirring Rick Stroud.

    So the guy had a few house parties and bashed a door back in December. He has not been in the news for close to two or three years. And recently has been due to a $200 dollar door.

    Williams has not (thankfully) drag his fiancee out of the elevator unconscious, did not do any bullying of any kind in the locker room, did not get a DUI and speeding violation ( I am looking at you Gholston) nor has he come out doing anything bad. This is just a witch hung for Rick Stroud to burn Mike Williams. The lad is a good 2nd WR, is not a contract bust as he was injured, and will not be traded for this misdemeanors. I’ll wait for him to pull a Wright where he had multiple issues with the law in a year to even be considered for a trade. That or he punches a cab driver.

  4. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    You are dead wrong Joe, The Bucs need an overpaid #2 receiver that football is not his first priority??? The Bucs can lose without that guy! And if all this stuff is so over-blown why is Lovie having to comment on Williams. His Slate was clean, and when he walks in to One Buc he will be working on his second chance.

  5. Architek Says:

    Why are people being apologetic for what is clear smoke in the forest?

    If he’s a dirt bag then what’s the big deal – He Is A Dirt Bag and we (Glazers/Dominik/Schiano) paid him!

    The Times have a right to disclose their reports as well from sources.

    If you don’t want to be in the news stop being stupid.

    STOP BABYSITTING TRASH…That’s what’s wrong with our culture. Joe, Guns don’t kill people, it’s people that kill people.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mike….no need for the stripper pole now that Josh isn’t dancing for you anymore!!!

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What disturbs me is the use of mattresses on the front lawn.

    Mike, come’on….do it the old fashioned way….drunk on the grass!!!

  8. Couch Fan Says:

    I’m not going to bash Williams because I don’t really know anything other than what I’ve read. But I will say that I hope like hell Lovie can get this guy headed in the right direction or were in deep sh!t.

  9. Couch Fan Says:


    LMAO To funny!!

  10. lightningbuc Says:

    “Joe’s been around journalism long enough”

    Yes, “journalists” always ridicule readers about their lack of “pulling” skills!

    Opinion writing is part of journalism. Always has been. Always will be. However, the opinion-driven stuff Joe writes can not be compared to front-page news stories (which the reporters would tell you are completely unbiased and without prejudice) in major newspapers. –Joe

  11. Keith Says:

    Read the Times story again and it’s really not clear what exactly Williams did that was wrong. So there were at least a few parties at the guy’s house and he paid his landlord for damage. Big deal.

    Is it better if he’s out partying in a club and taking a taxi home at 1 a.m. We’d all applaud him for that. Double standard.

  12. bucsQcCity Says:

    I’ll quote one of my favorite writers. G.M. Weinberg:

    “Things are that way because they got that way”

    Sorry but MW is trouble and it bothers me a lot that Rockstar didn’t do some research before handing him out its contract. While it’s not criminal to hold partys and spend money the way he does, it does show its lack of commitment to the game, the fans and the community.

    I’m done with MW. If we can get a 4th, 5th or 6th round for him, take it because beside it’s 1st year I can’t see where the potential has gone since. Let him go to the Pats, it’s like a recovery house for the ex-bucs on bad behaviour recovery.

  13. bwf921 Says:

    This is what happens when a child has this much money and nobody to guide them. My first reaction is to say he is stupid and irresponsible, which may be true. But realistically I have no idea what it would be like to have that kind of lifestyle. I hope he gets his act together before the money is all gone, he is a great receiver.

  14. Barry Says:

    Some people have a clear attempt to smear Glennon

  15. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Who said anything was invalid or misguided. Don’t make stuff up. Joe wrote about Lovie’s comments yesterday, long before anyone else did. –Joe”

    No, you don’t make things up.

    Are you saying Lovie was talking about something different than the issues the Times were reporting?

    Because if you are criticizing the Times piece, then explain what Lovie was concerned about, if not those same issues?

    Joe’s full post here is exceptionally clear. Joe did not reference Lovie here. –Joe

  16. You Go Joe Says:

    I just read Mike Williams is over paid, he is going to be paid 2 million this year with bonuses…. Tell me how is that over paid. He see’s like he’s getting paid like a 2nd WR. Hell in he’s ranked 49th in salary. Wait till next year when his salary bumps to close to 7 million and AFTER he plays the 2014 season.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    “largely surrounding more than $40,000 in alleged damages at the house, but the damage isn’t detailed in the story. Those damages could have been as trivial as Williams ruining fancy driveway pavers.”

    If the “fancy driveway pavers” incurred $40,000 of damage then it isn’t trivial.

    Geez, Joe, first you wondered why Hillsborough County was messing around charging Williams over $200 in damage, now your saying 40K is trivial. You must crap gold!

    Really, so if Williams damaged a big fancy driveway and the owner wants it replaced, that’s not trivial? Remember, Williams has settled the dispute with the owner. He rented. He damaged. He replaced. That’s called being responsible. What’s the big deal? –Joe

  18. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Joe’s full post here is exceptionally clear. Joe did not reference Lovie here. –Joe”

    I’m asking a question, are Lovie and the Times talking about disparate things re: Williams?

    This is a comment section, neither a mailbag nor a message board. Joe doesn’t field questions like this, especially when it has nothing to do with what Joe wrote in the post. –Joe

  19. Paul Says:

    Joe, were you critical of PR’s report in January?

    Yes, which makes you wonder why the Times made no mention of the massive Bucs fines alleged by PR. –Joe

  20. jackpc1 Says:

    Whatever the case, Lovie and Licht plan to lay down the law. I believe Williams will be traded.

  21. FB Says:

    Bad news is this hinders any chance of a trade. Williams couldn’t get open from a lower tier CB last year. I would take a couple of faster receivers to compliment Jackson than Williams. At this point, Tim Wright is our second best receiver on the team, and Williams is only a close third turd getting 6 to 7 mil a year for below average production. There will be half a dozen FA receivers this year that would be an upgrade over Williams for the same amount of money.

  22. SAMCRO Says:

    I’m shocked that anyone is finally shocked over this. This crap goes on every summer. The journalist create more controversy to keep it exciting. It seems the more chaotic the better with these, print journalist and talk radio personalities. The actually invent or over sensationalize everything. If they can’t find a story, Hell they’ll just make one up.

  23. ROBERT6 Says:

    thx joe. that sure seemed like a hatched job w/o the meat.

    what millionaire at that age would not party? the difference is did it carry over to the field on Sunday. I did not see it. most of this stuff we can only guess on. It’s the look on the guys face when he shows up to work that we don’t know. is he there 100% or is he just skating? only those at onebuc know the answer.

  24. Eastsidebuc Says:

    Joe, I may not agree with you all the time, but I respect the hell out of you. Thank you for being TRUE to your profession and pointing out Facts with no hidden agenda (except Johnny Football ). God knows we don’t need any more surburbanites looking at young dudes that look like Mike Williams and claiming them to be “threatening”. We have enough of that going on in Florida.

  25. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Good plan Joe, lets just stick all of our heads in the sand, and when Williams gets cut or traded we will all be shocked and surprised.

  26. You Go Joe Says:

    @FB he was injured most of the year! And only played till week 7 and that still limited.

    Tim Wright??? He is a TE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a very good reason as he can’t run verts as he will get own. He is only good in the middle. Oh god we sound more stupid than the Browns do at times and this is why. Trade Williams?? Who will want him we presume that this bad news is enough to get rid of him then who? Who will want to take on that contract that was just created last year? And trade him for what? Being a thug that apparently now is an issue but when we gave him a contact last year the fans did speak of it as a positive for the team.

    Some people jump to conclusions way too much, I’ll let the office management handle this and see what will the best course of action.

  27. zam Says:

    I applaud you Joe for taking a stand against your own brotherhood. The truth will be what it will be, but there seemed to be a lot of circumstantial evidence thrown around that didn’t prove very much of anything.

  28. You Go Joe Says:

    Boom very spot on opinions by Stephen white who always has spot on opinions.

  29. buccanAy Says:

    another pathetic smear job by another “mainstream” media source. I’ve long believed we have the most incompetent sports media in the country, with regards to how it cover its NFL team, and have always thought this we have a negative impact on the fanbase, which it has, as I believe, not only is our media the worst, our fanbase is, as well. Williams “massively” outperformed his 4th round contract, and made acrobatic catches, from off-target passes look routine. It’s obvious that Freeman totally rebelled against the tyrant known as our HC, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Mwill, once he was finally run into the ground, had enough of Shiano’s BS, and rebelled somewhat, knowing he did NOT want to be back with this regime. I’m a big fan of Mwill, but realize he needs to mature quickly, but I think it will happen under a coach he respects. Shiano demanded respect, without EVER earning ANY, and consequently ,IMO, lost a lot from his players, and some acted out differently. Those screamin’ to cut Mwill are the result of a horrible sports media pushing their negative agenda as hard as they can. It’s very unfortunate, but there are only 2 sites, including major media and all blogs, that I can go to and get non-biased Buc news with opinion that is not “shock” material designed to create a controversy. This is no longer one of those sites(it used to be), but it does bring some comedic value and has its place, but not as a credible site for in-depth news and analysis. IMHO

  30. bucemup Says:

    What does it matter. The skeletors only win 4 games this year. We’ll never beat the packer’s. Mathews is he-man and we all know he-man allways beats skeletor. Those helmet’s are redik. Font suks and the new uny’s will suck too. It take more than a radical jersey to become the seahawks

  31. Fritz50 Says:

    “I’m asking a question, are Lovie and the Times talking about disparate things re: Williams?”

    Since the Times article, itself, states that Williams was only one of several tenants in the house, and also never stated ANY supposed ‘crimes’ were actually committed by Williams, please tell us exactly how you know what Coach was referring to? It’s entirely possible that Williams got into a bad situation & made the settlement to get out of the whole mess. Major kudos to him, since he moved out last year.
    Not trying to paint anyone as jumping on the ‘Williams is a thug’ bandwagon, just that the only thing we know , for certain, is that he kicked a door , paid the bill & went to court over it. And , also, settled with his landlord for a bunch, for unspecified damages, comitted by unspecified individuals, Heck I’ve done 200$ damage opening up a locked door , with a grandchild behind it, & all my near adult boys have, at one time or another, done that much damage to a wall, when I laid down the law, and they were pissed over it. I made them fix it, themselves, but I could have called the Cops & raised a stink as bad as Williams’. Seems like a bunch of smoke, mirrors & innuendo , to me

  32. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Clearly his focus is not on football and replacing him is not an impossible task. Dump his azzz. I was a fan of his and pulling for him to succeed when he was drafted. He put himself in this situation and that’s just stupidity in it’s highest form. This team needs players that are intelligent and dedicated to football. Williams is neither.

  33. joseph mamma Says:

    Also it was posted here a few days ago, that the Buc’s would have about 10 million in salary cap room. The GM, Licht said in his press conference at the combine, they would have around 19 million in salary cap room.

  34. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Here’s what I am seeing.

    The smear campaign by the media last year had no consequences to the reporters making things up, so they feel they can get away with it this year as well.

    This is an example of media out of control.

    I firmly feel the federal government needs to pass laws requiring named sources or presentation of evidence in every news story.

    If a source cannot put their name to it, then it should not be printed. With NO exceptions. Because really, you have no way of proving what they say is true. If those sources don’t want their name included, then they should present proof.

    And the media knows this, so they claim “unnamed sources” in an effort to make up their own news.

  35. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “This is a comment section, neither a mailbag nor a message board. Joe doesn’t field questions like this, especially when it has nothing to do with what Joe wrote in the post. –Joe”

    Oh my god, whatever. I didn’t realize these posts existed in a vacuum. I find it beyond relevant to question if Lovie and the Times are talking about the SAME issues of the SAME player from ONE day ago.

    My point is that if the HEAD COACH is concerned about it, then I find it compelling that the content of the Times article would be questioned. If your current article is accurate, then either Lovie’s concerns are unneeded or Lovie is concerned about others issues of MW, or maybe the Times article was accurate.

  36. D-Rome Says:

    I’m not sure why “Joe” is carrying the water for Mike Williams especially when you’ve been critical of other player’s pattern of behaviors in the past. Five calls to 911 over house parties and such over a short period of time last year is five calls too many.

    What do you expect the Tampa Bay Times to do….look the other way? This story not only puts to light Williams’ behavior but also shines a light on how the new Bucs regime will handle situations like this moving forward.

    Absolutely Joe does not expect the Times to look the other way. Joe’s points are clear in the post. The five 911 calls are fine, but one was for a fire, and there’s no mention of when or if Williams was even there when the calls were made. What did the police do? Did they respond and think it was no big deal? The Times doesn’t bother to say. Neighbors call 911 on each other all the time for noise. Joe’s done it in his own neighborhood. Williams was renting there for a long time. The five 911 calls aren’t necessarily reasons to consider Williams a disaster for the Bucs. –Joe

  37. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    As to Mike Williams, was he on IR at the time of the Dallas game? If not, then he could not have even been present at a party because the team flies out two days early.

    And if he was on IR, then who cares? The man is allowed to have a social life.

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    New broom sweeps clean!!! Lovie & Licht are gonna’ make some wholesale changes….every player must do his best on and off the field. I believe they will give talented players a chance to conform to their system & management…but with a very short leash!!!

  39. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    D-Rome, how do you KNOW there were 5 calls to 911? Did Stroud name his source? Did that source provide case numbers? Anything? Or did one person make all 5 calls? Did that one person have an axe to grind?

    Stroud has a history of making things up. If you are local, you should know that.

  40. Oahubuc Says:

    Joe, I appreciate your angle here. I think you’ve got a great point about the ethical communication standard- journalists should be held to that. At any rate, MW is a good example of the inconsistent treatment and poor leadership of the Dominik era, and let’s let Lovie and the new GM make that call. If he’s anything like the disrespectful dirtbag portrayed in the article, I say he can’t ship out of the community soon enough. The guy was drafted with red flags and that was his second chance. From where I’m standing, teams are something that lasts a few years, the community is more important.

  41. Eric Says:

    On that Friday night before the Cowboys game, how many other bucs players were out on the town?

    Pretty common to see them out.

    Lets just follow all the players on the team and see where they go and what they do on Friday night.

    anyone consuming an adult beverage or attending/throwing a party is out of here!

    Insane. Leave Mike Williams alone. He’s put up better tape than a lot of other losers on the team.

  42. D-Rome Says:

    Stroud has a history of making things up. If you are local, you should know that.

    I guess when Lovie Smith said, “There’s a pattern here and it’s disturbing” he’s being disturbed on fictitious stories. Shame on Rick Stroud!

  43. Architek Says:

    Oil Derrick Brooks –
    You are making logical correlations, don’t argue your point it’s not going to matter.

    The truth is that I despise apologists for their actions and regardless if Joe or anyone assassinates the legitimacy of this article, it’s irrelevant – Go After The Trash (Mike Williams).

    This has been in the works now for 2+ years and all of a sudden we want to become St. Jude’s. No and Hell no because just 3 years ago this was a infested roster with more characters that did this and more.

    – Don’t shoot the messenger Joe! Williams should be your target not the Times…

  44. Architek Says:


    WAIT WAIT WAIT??? – Leave him alone???

    No!!!! He put his life and business on twitter and Instagram.

    Why dont you go to his Twitter and repost to him a recommendation to be more private with his antics!

  45. Barry Says:

    Dump Williams, you really want this type guy on your team. Or you could room MW and JM together if Bucs draft him. That’d be fun to watch.

  46. bucemup Says:

    Face it the guy is a thug. It’s only a matter of time. Befor he get’s a DUI,possesion or some charge. That will void his contract. To bad he was good

  47. THETRUTH Says:

    Why are we trying to run this guy out of town!! he has not effected anyone else.. actually he played hurt till he could not go any longer last season. what he does on his free time is his life as long as it doesnt hurt someone or breaking laws. stupidest comment is that he is not dedicated i havent noticed that by his stats (and playing injured). I agree he is starting to make noise but still not merit being removed.. why so we can be in need of 3 receivers and fans complain about depth.. same fans who want VJ out and now Williams, lets get rid of everybody so fans have more to complain about..

  48. Couch Fan Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    February 21st, 2014 at 11:56 am
    As to Mike Williams, was he on IR at the time of the Dallas game? If not, then he could not have even been present at a party because the team flies out two days early.

    And if he was on IR, then who cares? The man is allowed to have a social life.


    He played, had a whooping 2 catches for 33 yards that day.

  49. Chef Paul Says:

    It could be trivial damage. But he could have also taken a sledge hammer to the floor so he could drop $500 girls into it.

    He could have taken a sledge hammer and made a sun roof, but didn’t put a window in it.

    He could have filled the pool with Cognac and it stained.

    He could have built a cage to imprison $500 girls and they clawed up the walls in an attempt to get out.

    He could have been swinging from the chandelier and it broke and sling shotted him through a stained glass window.

    My point is, it could be trivial or it could be serious. We don’t know but since we are speculating, I prefer to make it a little more fun.

  50. lightningbuc Says:

    “If a source cannot put their name to it, then it should not be printed. With NO exceptions”


    The article has named sources. I guess the poor old guy that had to live next door to this buffoon, who couldn’t sleep at night, isn’t good enough for you. I’m sure you’re going to insinuate Stroud just made up this named source.


    I’ll bet you wouldn’t think it overblown or overdramatized if it were you being kept up all night. There is no excuse for being that rude to your neighbors (or anyone for that matter). Lost a lot of respect of MW !!! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

    That’s very nice, except the report doesn’t even tell us Williams was present. And it didn’t tell us Williams was cited by the cops or the county for a noise ordinance violations. –Joe

  52. Couch Fan Says:

    Makes you wonder what kind of affect he and #5 had on each other.

  53. ROBERT6 Says:

    MW had cage strippers clawing the furry walls? that’s fricken awesome!!!!!!!

  54. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    The reality is, Lovie is concerned. He could have not said anything at all. But, he did. We all know is players coach, but, a stern one. If he say’s “We just, you know, we just won’t put up with it”, publicly, then you know he’s not happy.

    So, whatever details that the Times had wrong or right do not matter. What matters is the team administration is aware and do not like what’s going on with him.


    ODB, TWO THUMBS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Justin Says:

    I’m not gonna get too worked up about MW and his house parties. Whatever. But its not easy to see the disconnect between the Tampa community and this team when players are acting like Justin Bieber in the local neighborhoods. This is bad PR for the team and I’m glad Lovie and Licht don’t find it to be as trivial as you do Joe.

    Remember the old story of when Dungy lit up his players in a meeting? The only time the players could recall him going off the handle. It wasn’t because they lost a game. It was because a couple of guys no showed for community service.

  57. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I guess we now know why Mike Williams was missing rehab time and racking up over $200,000 in team fines.

  58. BucfaninMi Says:

    Judge not…

  59. Busfanman Says:

    Thank you for clarifying ODB! I’m sure we all knew what Lovie meant. Clearly people have varying opinions on the subject and I like Joe have no interest in falling hook, line, and sinker just because the Times says so. Fodder!
    This is not a case of knocking fiancés out, drugging girls at a club, raping, transporting large quantities of weed, or anything remotely like that. For all who wish to pass judgement, shame on you. I suppose you never, ever….yeah, whatever!!!
    I’m digging the new helmets! Is it football season yet?!

  60. Cobraboy Says:

    I suspect Lovie know the truth and HE is the one who said “Not under MY watch.”

    That clear statement is a shot across the bow.

    It doesn’t matter what the fishwraps say. ALL that matters is what the GM & HC say.

    But based on the smoke, there must be some fire because I doubt Lovie would have made definitive statements about a highly-paid player otherwise. If MW is the innocent, responsible guy *some* here claim, then the HC’s statements can cause internal strife. The guys on the roster know what’s going on, and I doubt they’d not react if a untrue public accusation was made by the HC.

    So one has to choose to believe MW & his defenders or the Front Office. Which do you believe?

  61. Couch Fan Says:

    No need to choose anything. Lets just let the front office handle this fairly. Mike Will is a good receiver and we would be worse off without him.

  62. bucray1 Says:

    me thinks joe was at that party. just kidding. I stopped reading the times’ articles years ago for what I thought was shoddy reporting myself. however , where there’s smoke , there is usually someone holding a match. I don’t know the specifics , but $40,000 IS significant any way you spin it. hopefully lovie can now step in and eliminate such future events.

  63. Tourman Says:

    Gotta give you credit JOE. You’re in a corner, getting the crap beat out of you, and you keep swinging. Guess you’ve been there before!!

  64. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Isn’t this like the pot calling the kettle black? (JBF calls out the Times)


    Joe’s always eager for anyone to respectfully challenge his work. That’s not going to change. –Joe

  65. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Lovie migh be too old for these young Justin Beiber type party types.

    Does he not know that these young men aspire to be rappers, partiers wih strippers and perhaps, partake in mary jane, as it is now legal in 2 states.

  66. Lutz Bucz Fan Says:

    What?! MW lived in my neighborhood? I didn’t even know. All it takes is one old neighbor with nothing better to do. Living in Lutz (away from the distractions of downtown) seems quite responsible for a young man.

  67. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    If you have millions of dollars and can’t party with it and spend it on women… then what is the point in being rich anyway???

  68. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Couch Fan Says
    “He played, had a whooping 2 catches for 33 yards that day.”

    Well then, there is our proof that the story is false, because Make would have been on a plane to Dallas at the time.

  69. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Mike, I mean.

  70. Tony Says:

    Just imagine for a second if this was Mike Glennon we were taking about with these allegations. Double standard.

    That’s got to be one of the silliest things Joe’s read in a while. –Joe

  71. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    I can’t believe people call 911 for noise! The police do have a regular phone number for non emergency calls like loud neighbors. AND people who call 911 for nonsense like loud neighbors need to be charged for obstructing justice. 911 is for helping to save lives and protect property, not loud neighbors. I think we need to give Williams a chance to change his ways if he wants to play football. AND I think anyone who calls 911 for loud neighbors has no spine to walk next door and ask the neighbors to quiet down. LAME LAME LAME

  72. ander Says:

    people here need to stop critizing mike williams, is he out there raping women or getting duis or beating up women. this story is so lame, all he needs to do is stop all this nonsense and get ready to ball out cause we obviously need him and he is a big asset to our team when healthy so please stop this bs. go bucs

  73. John F Ensch Says:

    Why is everyone willing to jump on this young man so fast. He’s young he’s having a good time sometimes a good time gets out of hand and you have to pay the price for that, which it sounds like Mike Williams is doing just that. What young person hasn’t played their music to loud or partied. It just sounds like he did it in the wrong place. The coach and GM have all ready made it clear they won’t except that type of behavior, so I can’t see where anything else has to be said.

  74. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    When you sign your name on the lease of a rental property, you are responsible, period. I don’t care how many roommates you have or who causes the damage, you are responsible. If you aren’t the one doing the damage and they are, then choose better people to hang around with. And I would bet my life savings that it’s more than just the pavers on the driveway. There were also things that were missing.

    Like Eric, I don’t care what these guys do in their free time. They can party all day every day, as long as they perform on Sundays and are dedicated to the team. However, you are naive if you believe that his off the field stuff hasn’t affected his on the field play. I obviously can’t prove that, but I don’t have to. The proof is in the results. If you put your business on social media (like a fool), then proceed to play like crap, then that is going to be the conclusion drawn – and the only person to blame is yourself. You created the reason for your poor play.

    The thing that bothers me is his apparent lack of caring. This moron had 16 traffic citations since 2010! That doesn’t mean he’s a criminal, but it does show that he just doesn’t have any respect for doing things the right way. I don’t care if they are parking tickets, no one should get 16. That’s just plain stupid. Instead of tweeting a statement about how he’s sorry for the distraction (or clarifying the situation), he puts out more garbage of video selfies of him grooming his stupid arse beard. Yeah, that’s professional. That sounds like a guy who really gets it.

  75. Clowney Says:

    Wow, he’s going to have big problems in Avila.

    When I rented an 8,000 square foot house in Southern Oregon (Weed Country) my neighbors christened us a couple nights later with a mad minute of 12 guage, heavy caliber pistol and AK fire. Probably 150 rounds in 60 seconds. Not a single bullet passed over our heads.

    My wife was terrified, but I explained that they were simply testing us. They wanted to see if we would call 911. We passed the test.

    On New Year Eve, I counted over 200 rounds fired about midnite. My wife asked me why I was grinning? I said, “Hear that sound? That’s the sound of freedom!”

  76. csidedave Says:

    Joe is correct to say that there is a chance this is all overblown and no cause for concern. But I guarantee you that if Mike Williams doesn’t change, he will be gone. Lovie made that clear.

  77. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Believe it or not guys, there are other acts that are punishable besides beating and raping women. You can party, have stripper poles, have illegitimate children, etc. all you want, but when it starts to negatively effect others, that’s not ok. And yes, he is held to a higher standard than your average 25 year old. I’m sorry, but that’s part of the territory in being in the public eye. I’m not one to say athletes make too much money, but I do believe part of their job is to represent their community as a result of all that money. They don’t need to be choir boys by any means, but they do need to maintain some level of respect for the community and those within that community. The overwhelming majority have no problem doing just that, so it’s not unrealistic expectations.

  78. PRBucFan Says:

    It’s funny to me how people here want to act as if they don’t have a “trash” to rummage through as well.

    Bucs fans and their righteous attitudes really are quite laughable.

    By all means, continue to judge the man on what you have yet to see with your own eyes.

    Bravo Joe

  79. PRBucFan Says:

    Same thing so many of you did with you “conspiracy theories” on the evil Schiano that came out seconds after hearing anything negative on the man.

    Let all the “facts” come out before you claim the devil has left Schiano and now resides in Mike.

    I trust whatever Lovie decides once he’s sat down and looked Mike in the eye and given him a good talking to lol.

  80. Architek Says:

    You are right but the liability should be on el stupido too!

    Why publicize your every move???

    I am sure he’s not the only partier on the Bucs roster and in the NFL. Oh, and guess what hes not the only partier in the history of football – difference is some people keep their personal lives private.

    If anything this shows me he has no common sense! I am more concern about those around him who suppose to have his back.

  81. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I see where you are coming from, and most times I would agree, but not on this one. First of all, I partied quite a bit as a young adult. I had house parties, and even had the cops called a couple times. I wasn’t the reason the cops were called, but I was so embarrassed that I told the cops to clear out the party. But even as a 23 year old little punk, I still knocked on my neighbors door the next day and apologized. I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the house clean that same day (because it was a rental). I took responsibility for my actions – what a concept! So yes, I believe I am in a place to speak on this. Again, it’s not so much the mistake as it is his inability to learn, and his apparent lack of caring or taking responsibility. Another thing I would point out was that I was 23 years old making about 18K a year at the time. I didn’t have kids looking up to me, nor did I have gigantic posters of me hanging outside of a stadium. I don’t need to know all the facts to recognize a punk. I wish there were some signs that perhaps he would shape up, but I’ve yet to see any. Ask yourself this: do any of you feel comfortable that Williams is going to have a bright future on this team? Anybody feel he is going to get his head on straight anytime soon? If he were in the draft this year, would anyone still draft him knowing all this? Of course the ones complaining about us “jumping to conclusions” won’t answer those questions, because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

  82. johnny Says:

    St Pete Lies strikes again …ask Ronny D or anyone that has been around that fishwrap ,they distort facts like nothing i have ever seen .

  83. PRBucFan Says:

    Yes your right you know what Mike has or hasn’t done.

    Again by all means the devil has left Schiano and now resides in Mike!!!

    There are those that will always feel justified in sitting in the place of the judge.

    Feel Free lol 😀

  84. Architek Says:

    I don’t think the point is to judge more or less it’s really stupid. I don’t care, I don’t know him and don’t care to know him.

    I don’t care if he’s cut or not because my livelihood does not depend on him catching passes or dropping like he did most of last year.

    Bottom Line he is a mid tier WR and he can play – lets see how he performs and then if he’s up to par fine keep him and use him while we can and if he’s stuck on stupid do the deed and move on! Send him to Dallas or Washington where he can fit in with the rest of the drama.

  85. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Apparently you have chosen not to read or comprehend anything I (or others) have said.

  86. Architek Says:

    Hawaiian –
    He’s a smart and sensible guy; one of the few here so – I do know he’s reading. It’s just a easy topic to debate.

    I am just going to go on record and side with Stroud; for the sake of organizational culture, Williams will not be around long.

    He’s not that good to tolerate the little consistent noise.

    I dialed into to talk to Big Dog Steve Deumig but after listening to him raving about defending Williams I decided its not worth the screaming match. and I just hung up!

  87. PRBucFan Says:

    Apparantly 😉

  88. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I hope we don’t cut him due to his talent (and lack of talent by his fellow WR’s), but I agree that I have a feeling he won’t be around long – and I’m totally ok with that at this point. He’s not worth all this drama. Come out like a man and apologize like he did with his 2010 DUI and I’d feel better. Take some responsibility for your actions to show you are trying to turn things around. But nope, nothing but beard grooming and selfies. Someone should let him know that he’s not an All Pro, and they’ll cut your arse in a minute in the NFL. He better show up in excellent shape in OTA’s, or he may not make it to training camp.

  89. Says:

    I think were hearing too much about Mike Williams in a negative light to not wonder if he has a future on a Lovie Smith team.

    Bad reporting on whosever part is irrelevant in my book. You don’t want to be talked about in the offseason in a negative light. And this is the 3rd time Im hearing about Mike Williams. I hope his agent is talking to him.

  90. BoJim Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “I firmly feel the federal government needs to pass laws requiring named sources or presentation of evidence in every news story.”

    Are you kidding? Glad we have ‘shield laws’.

    Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Blah blah blah. We don’t need to hear about your life stories. Go pop a cold one and sit back down.

  91. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t remember my post being directed at you, so mind your own f-ing business.

  92. Fatmosh Says:

    I largely agree with you here Joe, but it’s gettin really suspicious that you frequently have bad things to say about the Times, but never anything bad about the Trib, which you previously were affiliated with.

    “Frequently” is a quite strong to say the least. And Joe isn’t playing favorites.–Joe

  93. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Williams is a good tough receiver and the Bucs and fans missed him immensely while injured. He will return to his elevated status on the team. As for the SP Times, that rag is’nt worth a quarter, much less a dollar, controlled MSM BS.

  94. Architek Says:

    Hawaiian –
    You are 100% right. Here is my biggest issue with this. Say he is never charged, which is very much so possible, the reputation damage is done already and he can no longer be looked at as a potential leader on this team.

    Also the Bucs will bring in multiple WRs to compete and make it their job to win further damaging Williams stance on the situation. That’s why I say this is a no-win for him because it’s not like he’s some dynamic WR that we can’t live without. He drops balls and he is slow and route running is lazy at times.

    Deumig ranted on the radio today like an idiot about a moot point. No one cares about him. He is a loser and very childish so he’s not a necessity to survive. You can bring in a rookie that is more talented and more upside to replace him easily.

    My whole point is that he is not irreplaceable as Steve Deumig made it seem. Last time I check he didn’t command a double- team every play and his peer Dez Bryant has lapped him in production.

    To me, this will be a non-story in a month.

  95. PRBucFan Says:

    He is top 5 in the league at going up and coming down with the ball at a high point.

    He is extremely necessary, especially considering VJ is at the latter end of his career.

    He can no longer be a leader?

    Yes because there haven’t been players to go through the mud and still make an impact as a leader on a team…

    And again I’m glad we know what he has or hasn’t done in detail including whether he in fact has or hasn’t tried to make things right as you claim you did Hawaiian which made the apparent difference in your transgressions as opposed to his…

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