Performance Pressure Ramps Up

February 13th, 2014

Jeff Tedford likely only has two seasons to succeed. So what QB will he want?

Don’t think the new Bucs regime is under win-now pressure?

Consider the recent Twittering of former Jets linebackers coach and personnel executive Pat Kirwan, who co-hosts Movin’ The Chains on NFL Radio and does a bunch of work for CBS Sports. Kirwan noted that only three offensive coordinators in the 32-team NFL have been with their club for three straight seasons.

The ramped up pressure on coaches and regimes may or not be a good thing, but it’s extraordinarily real.

Surely, Bucs fans would revolt if Lovie Smith can’t produce a winner during his first two seasons. The honeymoon would be over and the stink of divorce discussion would be wafting across Tampa Bay.

And that brings Joe back to the quarterback position, the most important on the roster.

Will new Bucs offensive coordinator and quarterbacks guru Jeff Tedford evaluate the entire NFL and the 2014 draft class and decide Mike Glennon is the best man for the job?

Joe would be stunned if that happens. The odds can’t be good. Tedford is making his debut in the NFL at 52 years old. If he isn’t successful, he’ll be gone from Tampa before Lovie and won’t get another shot. Will Glennon be his chosen guy?

As Kirwan pointed out in a recent column, Tedford is one of 12 new offensive coordinators in the NFL in 2014, and it takes time to craft an offense and acclimate to a system. (The last Bucs regime was telling us it would take years to master Mike Sullivan’s offense.)

Nobody knows what Tedford is thinking and what skills and raw ability he covets in a quarterback. That unspoken answer will come during free agency and the NFL Draft.

Joe realizes Tedford is not the general manager. But there’s no way he was hired for a defense-first head coach — one who stays rather hands off with the offense — only to have his quarterback wishes denied. That just wouldn’t make sense.

74 Responses to “Performance Pressure Ramps Up”

  1. mike n Says:

    There may be only 3 guys in the draft that are better than glennon, and they may all be gone by pick #7. So glennon and tedford may have an arranged marriage, for at least year 1.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I don’t think Tedford & Lovie are fools…..If they go with Glennon, they will let it be known that they had no other viable opition…..not much of an upgrade in FA & inability and unwillingness to spend a bunch of draft picks to trade up. My suspicion is that Glennon will get this year and they will make a move next year if he isn’t successful
    The problem for Lovie & Tedford is if a good QB is there at 7 and they don’t take him.

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    Competition will come in via free agency, but no real competition. That comes in 2015.

  4. SAMCRO Says:

    Joe, again you cannot definitively say that any of the QBs available in the first round would automatically win games. You live in fairyland my friend. Yes you’re right that the new regime is not married to Glennon but to suggest they need to go out and make a Redskinnesque deal for a first round QB is insane. Why would Lovie and Tedford put all their eggs in on a one shot deal that is to much of an unknown. Talk about getting yourself fire early and not to mention putting the Bucs in whole for upcoming drafts. Wake-up MEN!!!!!

  5. Harry Says:

    Wow, I was surprised by this, but it makes sense. You usually only read about the HC getting fired. And factoring into this are the “successful” OC who gets promoted to a new HC gig.

    Joe, you could be wrong about Tedford deciding “…Mike Glennon is the best man for the job…”. Egos. Or call it confidence. It is, IMO, part of the failing of Schiano. Most coaches believe they can coach up a player, simply bc they are a better coach – its the nature of the beast. Time will tell.

    One thing I have seen I already do not like, as I posted this morning, is hiring two O-assistants with no NFL experience to work under a OC with no NFL experience. Is this a sign of too much confidence?

  6. SAMCRO Says:

    meant to say,

    Talk about getting yourself fired early and not to mention putting the Bucs in hole for upcoming drafts.

  7. Bucnjim Says:

    It’s funny that so many fans think these teams are willing to trade down. Too many teams ahead of us in the draft need QB’s & the excitement that they would bring to their new team. Being able to sell tickets is as big a factor as the pick itself. The Bucs also can’t afford to take a chance on the forth or fifth best QB in the draft at the #7 position. No matter the need; the Bucs need to take the Best Available player even if it’s a LB.

  8. d-money Says:

    “And that brings Joe back to the quarterback position”

    Of course it does.

  9. Mumbles Says:

    Why are we firing people who have been on the job for two months? Why are we even thinking like that? Typical loser mentality!

  10. Jeagan1999 Says:

    The Bucs draft at #7 this year…there are at least 4 teams in front of the Bucs that have QB needs that outweigh ours (Texans, Jax, Cle, Oak…and possibly even the Rams if they have given up on Sam Bradford). There are also 2 teams just behind us (Minn, Tenn) that also have a major need at QB. So if the Bucs want a first round talent QB in this draft, they will be one of 7 teams duking it out over 3 players. The top 3 QB’s on the board (Bortles, Bridgewater and Manziel…a.k.a. Joe’s Mancrush) will be fought over like a piece of meat thrown into a pack of hungry lions. If the Rams trade out of the #2 spot, they could demand 3 #1’s or more in return…and probably get it from some desperate team. It would make more sense for Tedford and Coach Smith to save all those draft picks and bring in a few more offensive weapons, solidify our D-line and O-line. We can always look at bringing in an experienced starter to push/mentor Glennon…there should be several available over the next few weeks and after the draft! I don’t hate Manziel, Bridgewater or Bortles…I just think they cost too much and don’t help us re-build the areas we have the biggest needs in.

  11. Ryan Says:

    Joe, Great stuff as always…but please…it’s called “tweeting.” No one says “twittering.” It’s not cute or funny, Anyways, good column but please stop using the word “twittering” or “twittered” – it’s “tweeting” and “tweeted,” respectively. Thanks.

    Joe says “Twittering.” Therefore, Joe will continue to use that word. –Joe

  12. BucsQcCity Says:


    I’m starting to think that maybe drafting a QB makes senses.. After all we have some stellar components on defense (LVD, McCoy, Revis) with other athletes that scheme changes could improve greatly (goldson, barron, bank, foster). The rest could be find in FA. Which would gives us a strong D and paying Revis this kind of money while we have a qb playing with a rookie contract would still makes sense.. Looking at how various nonames WR were elevated this year with Manning kind of diminish the overall value of a WR. Plus our oline qon’t be fixed in a year, no chance so a mobile QB kind of mitigate that risk..

    I think I’m starting to lean toward getting that QB Joe!!! LOL!

  13. David Williams Says:

    Joe and all:

    I did a parallel between Glennon and Manning’s first year figuring only 13 games:

    Manning – 431
    Glennon – 416

    Manning – 244
    Glennon – 247

    Manning – 56.7
    Glennon – 59.4

    Manning – 2804
    Glennon – 2608

    Yards per pass:
    Manning – 6.5
    Glennon – 6.3

    Yards per game:
    Manning – 233
    Glennon – 201

    Touch Downs:
    Manning – 19
    Glennon – 19

    Manning – 28
    Glennon – 9

    Passer Rating:
    Manning – 71.2
    Glennon – 83.9

    I have not compared Glennon with any others but it does not appear that all the criticism is warranted since he was a rookie and did almost the same as Peyton Manning in his first year. Why would we want to take a risk on another quarterback who would need another year to adjust to the NFL when we have a quarterback friendly Jeff Tedford that specializes in getting the most out of a quarterback? Personally, I like many of those in the draft and even Michael Vick but there is no guarantee that any of them will do any better than Mike Glennon has already done in his first year. Usually, with good coaching and a good team around him, a quarterback will improve greatly. Imagine Glennon with Manning’s offensive line and receivers. Now imagine Manning in Tampa his first year with our offensive line and receivers. Does anyone think he would have done any better than Mike Glennon? Just curious!

  14. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Pat Kirwan is senile and always says something crazy that no one really pays much attention to anyway but i hope tedford is feeling that kind of pressure because hopefully that will push him to make sure he gets his quarterback at all costs, i wouldnt dare put my job in the hands of glennon. we knew schiano hated josh freeman but still said he was the guy then went out and drafted a quarterback. NO one has given glennon any kind of endorsement whatsoever which i hope means heavy competition from free agency and hopefully agressive move in the draft for a potential franchise qb….despite popular opinion glennon isnt as good as most of the free agents that willl be on the market for a new job

  15. bucs4lyfe Says:

    @David Williams

    really dude, comparing glennon to peyton manning based on stats from like 12-14 years ago really dude, it wasnt a passing league then it was a smash mouth running back league when peyton played and dude peyton never played one season and had the worst ranked offense including as a rookie…we really have some sad fans in tampa

    Manning – 2804
    Glennon – 2608

    Yards per pass:
    Manning – 6.5
    Glennon – 6.3

    it should be pathetic to you with these alone…..glennon threw for less yards than peyton did 14 years ago, less yards per pass than a qb from 14 years ago

    that was the worst post i ever seen for a guy making a case for glennon, someone from the glennon mob needs to help this guy out….

    i’ll go as far as buying a GLENNON jersey if this kid can beat out any quarterbacks we bring in from free agency and start the year just because he’s not very good to me but just to get behind glennon i will unless we draft a quarterback then all bets are off

    finding the right quarterback doesnt mean he has to be found with the 7th overall pick, theres always busts in the 1st round and always gems in the 2nd and 3rd so this idea that we will only get a franchise quarterback in the first round is kinda stupid considering people want glennon to be the franchise guy and he is a 3rd round pickk

  16. MTM Says:

    Tedford will do fine next year because Smith will stay out of the offense. Something Schiano could not comprehend. The real test of the new regime will not be the 1st round picks.

    Its going to be the 2nd and 3rd round gems they pick or pass over. The successful teams find more at the back end of the draft because they have to.

  17. Eric Says:

    Yep Glennon and Payton Manning, two birds of a feather.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ David Williams

    I did a similar comparison to both Manning & I was accused of comparing Glennon to Manning….then I compared Glennon’s rookie stats to Brees, Brady, Eli Manning, Newton, Ryan, Steve Young, Stafford, Freeman and a host of others.

    Fans don’t realize that the have the benefit of hindsight when making comparisons.

    I am not in the MGM….I simply am trying to look objectively at rookie stat comparisons to see if Glennon has a chance to succeed with coaching and experience.

    My conclusion based on Glennon matching or exceeding all of those QBs (several of which had the benefit of mentors and a year on the bench) is that Glennon does have a chance.

    That doesn’t mean he will succeed.

  19. StAugBuc Says:

    Analyst: Watkins arguably best WR prospect since A.J. Green, Julio Jones

  20. lightningbuc Says:

    David Williams,

    Don’t worry. Unlike buc4lyfe (who managed to get “dude” in 3 times in one sentence), some of us get your point. I know you weren’t trying to say Glennon is the next Manning, but the Glennon haters will insinuate that. What you’re trying to do is the same thing I said in a post yesterday. Many QB’s don’t have great rookie seasons, so it’s hard to know exactly what you have after their first year. The Chargers had no idea what they had in Brees for 3 years. Yet the Manziel Spooning Brigade are absolutely positive Glennon doesn’t have what it takes to be successful. I wish I could see the future as well as they can.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ David Williams

    I did a similar comparison with Both Mannings, Brees, Brady, Steve Young, Stafford, Newton, Ryan & a host of others.

    Glennon matched or exceeded all of them as a rookie. That only means that with coaching & experience he has a chance to succeed. It doesn’t mean he will.

    Fans have the benefit of hindsight on the other players. What they don’t realize is that you are not comparing the players….only their stats.

    I am not in the MGM….but looking at it objectively…it looks to me that he has a shot….I’d like to see him win the job against some good competition, however.

  22. ruggyup Says:

    David Williams stop it! You are making sense and that doesn’t play here. This is about the absurd, the unknowable, the pure speculative amateur fan seeing his name in print. Why try to make lemonade out of lemons?

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ David Williams

    I did a similar comparison with Glennon’s rookie stats to Brees, Brady, Both Mannings, Ryan, Newton, Stafford, Steve Young, Alex Smith and a host of other QBs….Glennon matched or exceeded all of them.

    What others don’t realize is that you aren’t comparing players…just their stats.

    What it means is that at this point, it looks like Glennon has a shot with coaching and experience.

    I would like to see him win the job against some stiff competition, however.

  24. Jordan Says:


    Rushing yards per game was the same in 2013 as it was in 1998. Your memory of the “smashmouth” running dominant game of 1998 doesn’t comport with the facts.

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ David Williams

    I did a similar comparison with Glennon’s rookie stats to Brees, Brady, Both Mannings, Ryan, Newton, Stafford, Steve Young, Alex Smith and a host of other QBs….Glennon matched or exceeded all of them.

    What others don’t realize is that you aren’t comparing players…just their stats.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ David Willisms

    What fans don’t realize is that you aren’t comparing the players…just their stats.
    I did a similar comparison with Glennon’s rookie stats to Brees, Brady, Both Mannings, Ryan, Newton, Stafford, Steve Young, Alex Smith and a host of other QBs….Glennon matched or exceeded all of them.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ David Williams

    Halfway intelligent fans know that you aren’t comparing the players….just their stats.

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree that Tedford may have a short leash, but Lovie and Jason, will produce a winner in Tampa. I think 2 years is optimistic and it may be closer to 3-5 years, but I think they will build a team team to compete for a long time. My reason is that Drew Brees at 35 may start to drop off, especially if he sustains any type of injury. I think he has already started to digress a little this past season but is still top 3 in the the NFL. I don’t think this Draft will produce a Franchise QB other than maybe Manziel, but we aren’t getting him, and it’s hard to say win and if the Bucs will get a top 5 QB. Manziel won’t happen at #7 and Bridgewater is a ? to me now. It’s kind of a bummer that Schiano didn’t lose all 16 games now, but having a few wins is less demoralizing for the players. I hope the Bucs can win now but I’m tired of Coaching Carousels and Lovie is a proven winner.

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I did a similar comparison with Glennon’s rookie stats to Brees, Brady, Both Mannings, Ryan, Newton, Stafford, Steve Young, Alex Smith and a host of other QBs….Glennon matched or exceeded all of them.
    It doesn’t mean that Glennon is a better QB….it simply means that as a rookie, he played as well.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I posted a similar comparison with Glennon’s rookie stats to Brees, Brady, Both Mannings, Ryan, Newton, Stafford, Steve Young, Alex Smith and a host of other QBs….Glennon matched or exceeded all of them.

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ David Williams

    I did a similar comparison of Glennon’s rookie stats to Both Mannings, Brees, Brady, Ryan, Newton, Stafford, Steve Young Alex Smith and a host of others. Glennon matched or exceeded all of them.
    It doesn’t mean he’s a better QB….just means he matched their rookie stats.

  32. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol so now we use drew brees as another example….even though his situation was completely different. that guy proved he was a franchise guy which is part of the reason he was franchised then got injured during that season and they didnt want to pay him due to an arm injury… no more even though most of the people who play football and analyze football say he’s just a guy, a buc fans who’ve never seen a franchise quarterback wearing pewter or the orange uniform knows what one looks like except those who actually watched doug williams play….so people so sure he’s the guy glennon mob sure is scared of the idea of bringing in competition and drafting a quarterback. thank god you have no say in what the bucs do….it screams mediocre season to gift the guy who helped lead 32nd rank offense in the nfl a starting job and it’s sad because after like 14 years old payton manning is more mobile than glennon

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “Any Given Sunday”…… individual NFL game can fool you.

    Who was the better QB against the Seahawks this year?

    Mike Glennon at their house or Peyton Manning on a neutral field?……not saying that Glennon is a better QB than Manning….but when you take a small snapshot…anything can be argued.

  34. Aubpierce Says:

    Lovie had the pick of any football team he wanted and he chose the Bucs.He knows what he can fix and knows who he has to replace.Please don’t draft a 200 lb qb in the first round that likes to run, he won’t last in this NFL.Heck I wouldn’t draft Fran Tarkington to play now and some of us know how good he was in the day.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    You brought up Brees

    Mike Glennon 19 9 83.9

    Drew Brees 2nd yr (rookie yr only 1 gm) 17 16 76.9

    Not saying Glennon is better than Brees…just saying his stats were.

  36. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You can compare Glennon’s rookie stats to a number of other QBs…..Both Mannings, Brady, Brees, Newton, Ryan, Stafford, Steve Young and a host of others. Glennon matches or exceeds all of them.

    Not saying he’s as good….just saying he has a chance to be.

  37. bucs4lyfe Says:

    if we drafted glennon in the 3rd round i dont know why people are so scared of the possibility of someone like derek carr or jimmie garappolo being drafted in later rounds just because you draft a qb in the top 5 doesnt mean he’s gonna perform like it just see all quarterbacks taken in the top of the draft last year. manziel isnt the consensus number 1 pick

    i dont care if glennon is the guy or not but my point is we’ve been wrong about every quarterback we’ve ever drafted up to this point so why act as if glennon is a sure thing, beat out competition and your the guy, even if it’s another 3rd round pick draft a quarterback……we do the same thing with defensive lineman and cornerbacks like donnie abraham being replaced by brian kelly…..who says you shouldnt bring in another quarterback that you think has talent simply because you have a talented one on the roster

    were not in carolina’s position or seattles or san fran’s situation or even miami….theres no one here that can say IF this pick was a top 3 pick they wouldnt draft a quarterback but carolina fans could say that so could seattle fans…..we simply need more options plus guy is a toothpick and i’d rather have a backup im not afraid to put in the game if glennon is starting

  38. chickster Says:

    glennon needs not to be handed the job and did not win it

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    Really??? Did you just see Brees’ name and stop. He’s in our division and we have to play him for at least a few more years. Look at his record since he became a Saint. If your going to make the playoffs now you better find a way to beat the Saints. Every team in the NFC South will improve from last year.

  40. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think Mike Glennon sucks.

  41. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon definately needs to win the job against some stiff competition. I hope we can draft a QB or find a FA (they don’t look too good this year).

    I don’t think most Buc fans have the patience….but unfortunately, this is another year of development…at least for the offense. I think defensively, we are almost there….a DE, LB & CB would go a long way toward makning our defense dominant.

  42. bucs4lyfe Says:

    of glennon could escape a pass rush i wouldnt complain at all….it’s my personal preference that i’d rather have a quarterback that has a faster 40 time than a 4.94 warren sapp ran a 4.6 but we blamed the oline for him holding the ball to long and not being able to get the ball out or escape the rush…im gonna leave it at this but i just dont understand why everyone see’s such a high ceiling for an immobile quarterback….this glennon is the guy because we cant get johnny football. why is he the best coming out in the draft? lol im gonna enjoy the free agent period and draft this year

  43. StAugBuc Says:

    BigMacAttack Says:
    Every team in the NFC South will improve from last year.

    Another member of the crystal ball brigade

  44. lightningbuc Says:


    Your ignorance speaks volumes. In 2003, Brees’ third year in the league, he was benched midway through the season in favor of Doug Flutie. The benching was not due to injury, but due to bad play. In 2004, his fourth year, he finally had a great year and was named Comeback Player of the Year. He was then franchised for ’05 and was injured that season.

    So for three years, the whole time Brees was healthy, but didn’t even remotely resemble the QB he is today.

    But you’re smarter than most of us, and know for a fact Glennon doesn’t have it.

  45. bucs4lyfe Says:


    glennon is the 4th best quarterback in our division period even josh freeman had comeback games in his career like the very first game he every played as a buc when he came back to beat the packers the eventual superbowl champions that year….stats dont tell the whole story, josh’s second year 6 int’s 26 touchdowns and look at him today where is he and what is he doing, will he ever play in the league again? thats my point…id rather have options and more quarterbacks going into training camp than we can keep…the defense will be our identity once again but the offense with the exception of running back and wide receiver needs competition at every position….personally theres more options at quarterback in free agency than slot receiver, id rather get that sammy watkins guy

  46. Eric Says:

    Glennon is next Manning.

    Underwood is Jerry Rice.

    Martin is Emmit Smith.

    Wright is Dave Casper.

    We’re set!

  47. StAugBuc Says:

    Eric Says:
    Wright is Dave Casper.

    Wright more Kellen Winslow Sr. Other than that, you got it right! 🙂

  48. You Go Joe Says:

    One year is not enough to say he’s a bad QB. Neither is 2 years. Look at RG3 and Luck. Those guys are starters, Glennon was not, and Andrew luck still makes mistakes and RG3 had a sophomore slump. Cam took 3 years to finally have a winning record. It takes time to get the QB together.

    However Glennon is so raw and needs a lot of work that these past 1st rounders and that is why we CANT compare him to Manning in the first year and others. Glennon is behind the curve than some of these guys and this years QB draftees. That is why we need someone that has a certain amount of skills in that improves over Glennon. However, we won’t get immediate results.

    And if anyone tells me Luck showed immediate results I’ll call BS on your statement. He better be doing good for being a 1st overall in that crappy division.

  49. Joe Dunn Says:

    David Williams made a good point – – for God’s sake, it was a ROOKIE SEASON.

    I still think the Bucs will ONLY draft a QB if the ONE THEY COVET is on the board……

    Some of the wannabe GMs on this site need to take a deep breath and RELAX…

    Pretty sure those in charge at One Buc know what the hell they are doing.

  50. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I would take Bridgewater over Manziel all day.

    He’s a little light, but, just needs some NFL weight room work.

  51. Theodore Says:

    Joe – I can’t disagree more. Tedford is a “QB guru.” Any QB will do and any QB us what he is going to get.

    Lovie Smith does not value offense; hence, he does not value the QB position. That is why Lovie hired said QB guru. To coach up the “any QB” that’s on the team.

  52. BucNasty!!! Says:

    No comparison it was a different league back then now a days u cant breathe on a reciever nor can u jam after five yrds abd theres no fear accross the middle because u get a fine any tine the contact makes a sound. If manning started his rookie years n this day and age hus nunbers would never be touched until 2087. If u wany to compare him to someone conpare him to this generation a rg3 or cam newton a russel wilson a andy dalton names who’ve put n work ,way more work then glennons mediocre stats. If u want to talk stats someone tell me hiw many second half completions glennon haf n the second half of games this season??? I bet he set a record with that stankness!!!! Now let me hear u spin that

  53. Brandon Says:

    Please do not attempt the ludicrous argument that Glennon compares favorably with Manning.

    Glennon was sacked almost once for every 10 passes he threw. Most of those were completely on him for NOT throwing the ball away, finding an open receiver, or taking a shot downfield. Bottom line, he held onto the ball way too darn long. His checkdowns and reliance on short routes might be fine and dandy when a team is nursing a lead, but when the team is down by double digits and Glennon continually checked down, refused to push the ball down the field, and wasn’t even successful at moving the sticks with that, one has to wonder. His yards per attempt were atrocious at 6.3 and he proved time and time again, that he could NOT push the ball downfield to keep defenses honest due to his weak arm.

    People like to compare Glennon’s rookie rating with Peyton Manning’s. 83.9 to Peyton’s 71.2…only problem? There really is NO comparison. Peyton Manning was responsible for keeping his crappy team in games. Their defense was terrible but due, mainly to Manning, the Colts offense that season was the 12th best in the league (the Bucs, dead last). Also, Manning, took only 22 sacks compared to his 575 passes (Glennon took 40 and threw 415 passes). Sacks are absolute drive killers… and when a player doesn’t have the necessary arm strength or accuracy to push the ball down the field, there is no way to overcome them. I know some of the 40 sacks Glennon took occurred on the same drive, but let’s just say, there were at least 30 drives killed by Glennon sacks. And when a team is facing 2nd and 16 and the QB only averages 6.3 yards per attempt, that makes it nearly impossible to get a first down in two plays. He took 12 sacks on 3rd down and 6+ alone despite only getting off 87 passes…what a horrible ratio.

    Also, QB ratings have increased greatly since 1998. Glennon’s rating was 21st in the league this past year, in 1998 Manning’s 71.2 was 23rd. On top of that, the total ratings from all QBs in 2013 was 84.1… meaning Glennon was just below average (but ratings also don’t figure in drive killing sacks or 5 yard completions on 3rd and 8) while in 1998 the ratings for all QBs was 76.2…meaning Manning was just below average. Manning though, had the league’s 29th ranked scoring and total defense in the league (out of 31 teams)… the Bucs D by comparison, was much much better. Manning also had 4 300 yard games in his 16 starts while Glennon never threw for more than 275 (Manning threw for 275 6X). Also, Manning started that season with a horrible TD to INT ratio of 6-14 through the first weeks, never achieving a rating of over 67 the entire time, he finished the last 10 games with 20 TDs and 14 ints. Glennon on the other hand got progressively worse as the season went on.

    Now on to crunch time… Mike Glennon in the 2nd half of games… this is when a future stud plays his best… Glennon and the Buccaneer offense were dreadful. Glennon’s 2nd half rating was something like 63 when the team needed him most…and despite the softer defenses and Glennon STILL throwing checkdowns play after play, he still stunk… at least Brian Griese could pad his stats against the prevent. His rating in the 2nd half was 63.7… is this the kind of star that will lead us into the future?

    In order for Glennon to be effective, he needs everything to go right, everything to be working, otherwise, when he’s asked to make a play, it doesn’t happen. More statistical ineptitude is visible: mike-glennons-statistical-splits-are-really-weird

    Mike Glennon is absolutely NOT the answer unless we’re looking for a much taller, skinnier, less athletic, and weak-armed version of the Human Sack Machine, David Carr. Competition is more than warranted. Any coach that likes mobile QBs, Tedford’s track record suggests he does so strongly, will hate Glennon. I expect a QB to be added as a free agent, McCown may come here fairly cheap if given the opportunity to start, and and I expect another QB to be added in the draft sometime during rounds 1-3.

  54. SAMCRO Says:

    We should try to trade Glennon to Denver for a 3rd rounder to backup Manning, since the are very similar. Plus, Glennon would learn a lot from Manning and take-over when Manning retires.

  55. Eric Says:

    I haven’t heard anything as ludicrous since folks insisted Raheem was next Chuck Noll since they had same record their first year.

    Lots of deep delusions in these parts.

    Joe has a better chance of being elected President than Glennon does of ever being as good as Manning.

    Outright insanity.

  56. Brandon Says:

    Stats are for losers. Bottom line? Can the player make plays when it counts?

    That’s a resounding NO!

  57. BucsQcCity Says:


    I like Bridgewater over Manziel too. Grading players in that draft will be hard.. FA will tell the tale

  58. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    You Go Joe Says
    “One year is not enough to say he’s a bad QB. Neither is 2 years.”

    Um, if that is true, so is the opposite. One year is not enough to say he is a good QB. Neither is two years.

    And that is exactly the point. Drafting a QB doesn’t mean Glennon stops improving. It may not even mean Glennon looses the starting job. Not all first round QBs start right away.

    Either way, Mike Glennon has not proven anything yet. If we don’t draft competition we will sign someone. And just because there are not any good options at present does not mean one will not be released before or after the draft.

    And I think one of the three QBs WILL slide to us a 7.

  59. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sorry for the multiple similar posts earlier but I would click submit and nothing would happen…I would try to re-enter the post and it would say already posted but it wasn’t up.
    Haven’t got a clue what causes that.

    Anyway….let me be very clear. I think Glennon can be a good QB given the right coaching….some experience and some weapons…..BUT!!! and I mean BUT!!! he should win the job over some pretty stiff competition….for example a FA like McCown or a draft pick like Garoppolo.

  60. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Brandon, there are some good points there but did you take into account how atrocious the Bucs O-line was ALL SEASON save for that 3 game streak and the Seahawks game?

    How about injuries? He had to go with an undrafted 3rd string RB coming of f his couch who only had a good game and a half. His No. 2 WR was also a man who came off his couch to play and was a decent slot man at best. Arguably his best O-lineman Carl Nicks hasn’t been healthy since he first became a Buc. Tim Wright was a good receiving TE but his blocking wasn’t spectacular.

    How about the coaching? Schiano refused to make second half adjustments and Mike Sullivan ran a predictable offense. The checkdowns and screens were called for a lot of the time because Sully and Greg were too scared to let their QB do his job. Schiano was far too conservative and it cost this team games, specifically the first two games of the season as well as others. And let’s not forget Schiano said he refused to run the two-minute offense in which Glennon led with success because they “don’t run things they don’t practice”. Almost every drive was like this: run on 1st, run on 2nd, throw on 3rd and long with either a checkdown, screen, incomplete pass, or ending in a sack.

    Let’s also keep in mind that Glennon was a ROOKIE who was thrown to the wolves after the Freeman debacle. Sure he made some rookie mistakes, but considering how bad the O-line was, how many injuries his offense had, and the horrible playcalling and coordination he received from his coaches I’d say he did a pretty good job and we got a bargain for a 3rd rounder. Not enough to lock up the position, but he did enough to at least earn another shot to prove himself.

  61. WalkdaPlank Says:

    He also received harsh criticism for not having a big arm and being called a statue by many, including Joe. However I remember him getting out of the pocket to extend the play multiple times as well as getting flushed out of the pocket thanks to his O-line. As for the deep ball, Sully was too scared to throw it deep that’s not Glennon’s fault. But when they did throw it deep Glennon made some good throws on the money. Remember that flea flicker to Underwood against the Saints? And that’s not the only deep throw.

  62. Supercereal Says:

    This place is hilarious. Sad, but hilarious.

  63. Drew Says:

    Give the kid and coaches a chance. God this is awful.

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    What will tomorrow’s main topic on JBF be? Manziel or Glennon?

    I say flip a coin.

  65. Harry Says:

    @David Williams Says:

    ‘Dude’ don’t listen to bucs4lyfe or some of the other negative ppl. They are just jealous of your superior NFL intellect. I think you definitely have it figured out. MG8 has the potential to be Payton Manning!!! Damn, I am so excited by this. I also read he has some Drew Bress going on, but I think your in depth insightful analysis is probably ON THE MONEY. Payton freaking Manning is a BUC!!! (just a little taller…)

  66. Brandon Says:

    Glennon having a “big arm” is a huge fallacy. His arm his weak and it was proven with his many dying quail deep throws. Also, at last year’s Combine he was the ONLY QB there that couldn’t bust 50 mph on the radar gun. That’s a huge difference considering Newton, Mallet, and Kaepernick all put up 59+ mph at their Combine.

    As for the OL play, Manning’s rooikie OL was far worse yet he was sacked considerably less often…bottom line is Glennon held onto the ball way too long, didn’t have the arm strength to stretch the field, and lacks the mobility to buy time. If all goes right for him, he’s Brad Johnson. Now if only we could have a D like we did in 02, we have a chance.

  67. teacherman Says:

    Mike Vick is coming to Tampa boys!

    Tedford likes to throw to WR’s out wide and let them run.

    And we draft Sammy Watkins.

    Boom. Thats an offense.

    Then, draft a guard in the second.

    Sign Jared Allen and Julius Peppers.

    Sign Tillman and Grimes.

    Boom. Superbowl.

  68. Jerry Says:

    Like what has been said….Glennon may be the best we can get next year. Anyone better than him in the draft will likely be gone by the time we are on the clock. And we DO NOT have the ammo to move up.

  69. Me First Says:

    First of all im not comparing MG to peyton. but the sack comparison argument holds no weight..why because ints are drive killers too.. so if peyton threw 19 more picks an glennon took 18 more sacks thats one less drve killer by mike.. ijs

  70. #41 Says:

    It’s getting to the point where I hope Mike Glennon has a pro-bowl year next season just to shut up the people (including “Joe”) who seem certain he’s destined for mediocrity.

  71. GenocideD Says:

    “Manziel Spooning Brigade”
    ^ Hahahahaha! love it

  72. Celly Says:

    “Kirwan noted that only three offensive coordinators in the 32-team NFL have been with their club for three straight seasons.”

    While this might be fact, it is a VERY skewed statistic.

    How many times have we seen an OC have one or two good seasons, then get coaching interviews and leave to go be a HC. (Sully, Chudz, Wiz)

  73. pick6 Says:

    unless you’re really in love with a guy, sticking with glennon might actually buy you a year. you can say, “nobody better was available without a pile of draft picks to trade up”, and maybe you get 2 more years with your replacement if he shows promise like glennon did as a rookie.

    my concern with the 3 years stat is the opposite – nobody is a good OC for 4 or 5 years anymore, because they usually get offered HC jobs if their unit performs and players develop consistently over a period of 3 years plus. if glennon or any QB he drafts turns into a pro bowler we probably won’t see him around much longer

  74. BoJim Says:

    Brandon Said:

    That really really really long post of yours was really really really long so….

    TL;DR ( too long didn’t read).

    Lovie says defense can win you about 8 games sooooo. MG8 might be the man next year. Would love to bring in some competition. Might make him better.