Mike Glennon: No. 25

February 9th, 2014
Please draft Johnny.

Please draft Johnny

Joe isn’t sure if people read what they want to read, or if people have mangled the King’s English so that their vocabulary is skewered by too many evenings with narcotics.

Simply put, Joe doesn’t “hate” Mike Glennon. He has a lot of attributes Joe finds admirable. By all accounts he is a workaholic. His teammates like him, and in the handful of encounters Joe has had with Glennon, he couldn’t be a nicer guy.

But nice-guy status doesn’t make a guy a successful NFL quarterback.

If so, Joe knows all sorts of plumbers and roofers who should be pulling NFL paychecks. Being a hard worker doesn’t mean a guy can be a winning NFL quarterback.

Short of stretches against a couple of plays against a woeful Lions secondary, and two impressive drives against the 49ers, Joe hasn’t seen much from Glennon where a coach would sit back in a film room and say, “You know boys, we have our Matty Ice.”

Glennon has not shown Joe one thing that makes Joe think he can put the Bucs on his shoulders and lead them to a division title. Apparently, Tom Jones feels the same way. The Tampa Bay Times columnist decided to rank each and every starting NFL quarterback. Glennon ranked among the rank quarterbacks of the NFL, at No. 25.

25. Mike Glennon, Bucs

Had little help around him, but I’m still waiting for that “aha moment” that gives hope for the future.

That’s just it. Good quarterbacks make players around them better, not the other way around. When Reggie Wayne went down with a season-ending injury after seven games, did Andrew Luck curl up in a fetal position because he lost his best receiver? No. He raised the level of play of a bunch of no-names.

This is why Joe is so adamant that the Bucs draft a quarterback with the No. 7 pick, or trade up. Hopefully, the Bucs will never have this high of a pick for the next decade. To bank on Glennon or pulling someone off the street (Michael Vick) and expect them to lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl is a terrible gamble.

Though he eventually melted down worse than a stick of butter on a hot skillet, at least when he was a rookie, leaky Rip Van Freeman showed signs he could carry the Bucs to a win over a playoff team. Glennon, when facing a playoff team, looked like someone dropped him off in the middle of the Ocala National Forest.

Joe doesn’t hate Glennon. Get that out of your mind.

Joe does hate the Bucs banking on wild reaches in hopes of a Super Bowl.

252 Responses to “Mike Glennon: No. 25”

  1. Luther Says:

    Trade down later in the first round and take Garoppalo. He is a much better option and we need the extra picks.

  2. buchead407 Says:

    Totally agree Joe.
    I’m tired of settling for mediocrity

  3. Yar Says:

    I just don’t see any QB’s in the draft or FA that is a sure thing to be better than Glennon. I’d wait until one comes along. Definitely bring in someone, just not in the first round.

  4. Buc87 Says:

    We keep hearing Glennon praise from NFL “experts”, but not one of them are saying he can be a top level QB so why should the Bucs settle for anything less than a potential top level one? Like you said, I hope we won’t be picking this low for a while so I hope we draft Bortles, but if not then I’d be happy with Manziel. What would you rather have? “Picks” or a potentially great QB?

  5. SAMCRO Says:

    Tom Jones is a joke. He has Glennon listed below QBs that Glennon beat statistically last year with a putrid offensive line and no run game. When people like Jones don’t particularly like a certain player they will try to bury them using their “I’m smart because I’m relevant BS”. I prefer a more honest person who can make a case on merit, not just their opinion.

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    Well, if Tom Jones says Glennon is 25th best, then it must be true.

    BTW, who’s Tom Jones?

  7. Name Required Says:

    He’s not making it out of Houston. Maybe you can figure out how we can trade up to get the guy with 5 total draft picks this year. You want to trade next year’s picks?

    Stop the smartphone pop-up ads, Joe. I used to love this site.

  8. That Guy Says:

    Some of you guys make it way to easy for the Joes to troll you with the Glennon posts. I’m sure this post will blow up.

  9. Theodore Says:

    Who needs a QB when defense and special teams win football games? – Lovie Smith in a nutshell.

    The Bucs aren’t drafting a QB in the first round. Not with Lovie Smith as HC and a QB guru as OC. They’ll make do with Glennon or some other 3rd round pick.

  10. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Tom Jones is the guy, that when you lose all your money in vegas, you get really drunk and sit thru his show. I am not sure but I think he had a hit in the 70’s maybe. Don’t know that he knows spit about QB’s.

  11. Harry Says:

    I would be THRILLED if we drafted either Teddy, Johnny and now I will include Bortles. I did not previously include Bortles bc he needs honing. But with Tedford as OC, that is what he is renown for, honing great QBs (cant blame him for what happens to them later). Trade up/pay up, do whatever is needed, but I am SICK of mediocrity. For you naysayers, of course there are no sure things, but I want to see our chances improve at having a long term franchise QB.

    Gregg Rosenthal said in Joe’s article the other day that he thinks “…Mike Glennon has a chance to be very good, anyway. I think he has a chance of being an above-average starting quarterback…”. Heck, I have a “chance” at winning the lottery every time I buy a ticket. It doesn’t mean I am about to be rich.

  12. ecspider Says:

    Buchead407 I agree mediocrity that’s enough I want a Tom Brady.

  13. rdbucfan Says:


    Tom Jones is either a singer or a sports writer who is mostly known for covering the NHL. Either way I wouldn’t take too much from that ranking.

  14. Harry Says:

    As Joe said, this is hopefully the last year we will have a high draft pick (translates to we can’t trade up in the future for the likes of Winston).

    As far as FA go: Vick = Cassel = McCown = mediocrity; these castoffs would be a great backup, but nothing more, certainly not a big improvement over Glennon, if at all.

    Drafting a QB outside of the top 7 picks, like in rd 2, a total and complete waste of draft picks we don’t have. The success rate in so small, less than 20%, it is total shot in the dark.

    Pay the price, move up in the draft, I don’t care if it means giving up our 1st rd picks in ’15 & ’16, do it now. If we finally got our Andrew Luck, Brady, Manning, how many of you would care then? And how badly could we miss? Anyone of those 3 would very likely be a big improvement over MG8. Sorry MGM, its true

  15. Architek Says:

    No I agree as well – raise the bar but I’m not sure if these guys do that for you
    – Manziel (??? Pocket presence and delivery)
    – Broytles (shotgun, non Pro style, limited experience, many more issues)
    – Carr (footwork, level of comp, shotgun qb)

    They all have issues and there are no sure-fire Andrew Lucks.

    This is a huge risk as well.

  16. Martinii Says:

    Johnny football might be the right pick, but unless you want to trade your entire draft class to move up or hope that Johnny gets busted for drugs and drops to 7, forgetaboutit……….

  17. Broy3434 Says:

    Seriously ? More Manziel? In February. Stop the fantasy there’s not a chance in hell Lovie drafts him considering he’s gone before Cleveland and there’s a better chance of Manziel being a virgin than Lovie and Licht trading up. They have Bridgewater higher on their big board I bet too. Enough already

  18. k_bassuka Says:

    Like I said it before, we been down this road before when the team decided not to draft or sign a QB because Simms showed promise. How did that turned out? I’m all in for the Bucs drafting a franchise QB even if it means trading up to get their man.

  19. Vern4499 Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this entire post! If the Bucs think their guy is in this draft class do whatever it takes to get him.

  20. bucray1 Says:

    joe,joe,joe. for someone who says they don’t hate mike glennon ,you keep finding negative things to write about him at least once a week. i’ll bet mr.glennon wishes he had more friends like you in the local media.( that was sarcasm by the way , just in case your confused about what I meant )

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    They won’t trade up and he won’t be there at 7. So all this talk about him for three months straight is utter silliness.

    Kind of reminds me of a kid that really wants a toy and no matter what you tell the kid, it does not matter, they still want the toy. You can tell the kid that they have no more on the shelf and that the toy is sold out (Manziel) but it still won’t matter, because they won’t stop talking about the toy.

    Actually when you keep posting all this Manziel crap, you might want to suggest how exactly they plan on moving up or how you would perceive they could do it. Seeing how they only have what 5 picks total. What do they give up, to move up?

    I’ll bet with anyone on these boards right now that Manziel will be a Cleveland Brown.

  22. mpmalloy Says:


  23. Orca Says:

    Joe splooges his pants at the thought of Johnny Doucheball.

    I want to finish making the defense a wrecking machine.

  24. Captain Stagger Says:

    How did Manning look his rookie year?????

  25. Captain Stagger Says:

    And no Joe, I do not want to create a playlist with spotify. Clean up your site bro, you are losing me.

    Not sure what you’re getting at. Joe’s traffic is stronger than ever. And Joe recently made some IT changes that were a positive impact for many readers. Joe is not changing, outside of treat for mobile readers before the draft. –Joe

  26. Orca Says:

    JBF splooges his pants at the thought of Johnny Doooshball.

    I want to finish making the defense a wrecking machine.

  27. pete Says:

    offer to trade 1st round pick to Redskins for their 2d round pick and Kirk Cousins

  28. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Joe, The reason why everyone says that you “Hate” MG8, is the way you ask leading questions. When you ask someone of what they think of the “worst QB in the division” you are looking for negative responses. Instead of ask someone of there opinion of MG8.

  29. Winepeddler Says:

    This Tom Jones writes a daily column for the Tampa Bay Times and I can’t put my finger on exactly when but he has been unable to write ANYTHING positive about any Tampa Bay team of late. I get the feeling that he would climb a tree in order to write something negative rather than sit at his desk and write anything positive.
    I used to enjoy reading his stuff, but it has become some boringly consistently negative that I barely skim it anymore. He should move back to the Northeast where he would happier, but he probably couldn’t find a job writing about sports up there.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    Realist AND we never get to read any negative reviews about Johnny and believe me, if people search the net they can find plenty.

    Here’s one from an Aggies website.

    “For Manziel to succeed in the NFL, he will have to go to the right system, preferably a “West Coast” system that is predicated on timing and accuracy with some mobility to complement the offense.”

    “Manziel is as entertaining of a player as any to watch, but what he does so well on the college field simply does not translate well in a league that demands precision and consistency. ” – Ryan Alfieri – A&M website.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    Winepeddler ..I concur. Actually you were not harsh enough when it comes to Tom Jones.

  32. John Ensch Says:

    By all accounts Glennon is a bright guy who gets it. I think the Bucs are being smart by adopting a wait and see attitude on Glennon. Everyone knows that from college to the nfl is a serious eye opener and requires great adjustment. I have read many articles saying that putting playsers in the best position that suits their talents is what should be done. I didn’t see that happening last season for Glennon under Schiano. I am not on the Glennon band wagon so I don’t really have an interest as to wether or not he is the QB for the Bucs this coming year or not, but I do think the wait and see should be a serious consideration considering who the coach of the Bucs was last season.

  33. Firethecannons Says:

    For the love of God, write about something else. I bet you can’t wait to go to the combine to see your golden boy. Maybe he’ll need someone to wipe the sweat off his brow and squirt gatorade in his mouth…

    Joe writes about numerous subjects. A peek at the last 100 posts would find less than 10 about Manziel.–Joe

  34. louden Says:

    No question Bucs will need a better QB in the future, or they try to build a realy great team around Glennon. I would prefer a better QB also, but people need to understand: We don´t need that QB like right now – not enough talent here anyway.
    Wise thing to do (consindering the timetable of GMC and Lavonte David´s playing time in their primes) is to keep building a great team and using that 7th pick to get another top flight talent to help the team – or if you like to gamble – trading down and try to pick up more players, with lesser talent level (consindering all the teams scout well; i know value can be found everywhere – like a role player or simply good depth/development talent).
    If you want to get that QB this year, try getting up to get Teddy B – but only if its not to big a price to pay – Manziel isn´t sure fire talent.. which is what we need.
    But theres no need for that superbowl winning QB as of right now – many holes here anyway.
    People seem to forget that even DT isn´t set. after GMC we got Spence, who is okay-good (not very good), and after that?????
    And we got no ball hawks in the secondary besides Revis..
    people need to stop dreaming about a quick turnaround KC style, and start to think about an lasting contender.
    If the whole team is finished building – getting one last piece, like that saviour at QB would be finishing piece..
    Ask yoursef, would Manning win the big prize with us next year?
    I doubt it.. The year after next season maybe.. not this year.

  35. stvcl Says:

    Johnny Manziel? Hell even Johnny Unitas would have had trouble with the weak ass performance the offensive line had this season. Let’s beef up the line and THEN see what we have in Glennon.

  36. Broy3434 Says:

    A. lovie would rather have Teddy
    B. Teddy will be the better NFL QB
    C. When Manziel gets hurt by week 6 and throws 3 int’s first week trying to extend plays this site is gnna come to all Bucs fans minds considering..

    this is joemanzielfan.com right?

  37. Destinjohnny Says:

    Look where Tom jones hAd kap and cam. Stick to singing tom jones

  38. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’ve accepted that we’re going to have a daily manziel is great/glennon isn’t worthy article generally every day or so. My question is whether it’s going to continue on after the draft even if we don’t draft him. Are we going to have to deal with Joe detailing manziel’s every move with whatever team he lands with and regaling us with stories about what might have been.

  39. John23 Says:

    Glennon with All of his experience better receivers and Doug Martin he will be great. I know Glennon reads the defense and can run the hurry up and he makes progressions. Let’s focus on getting Watkins OL Pass rushers and depth

  40. Snook Says:

    Joe…. The Bucs aren’t getting Manziel. LET IT GO.

  41. Joe Says:

    Joe, The reason why everyone says that you “Hate” MG8, is the way you ask leading questions. When you ask someone of what they think of the “worst QB in the division” you are looking for negative responses. Instead of ask someone of there opinion of MG8.

    So Glennon isn’t the worst quarterback in the division? So it would make people feel better if Joe referred to him as the fourth-best quarterback in a four-team division?

    Honest critique is not “hate.”

  42. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    JoeManzielFan strikes again.

  43. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Joe – not to speak for the realist but I think what he was getting at was you don’t have to throw anything in there other than asking someone “what are your thoughts on Bucs qb Mike Glennon?” The way you word questions is leading to the person being asked and I think it’s telling that so many have made it a point not to take the bait.

  44. Eric Says:

    Agree 100% Joe, but I’m just as stoked if we get Bridgewater now after researching the kid. And we wouldn’t have to move as far up perhaps.

    Then again with our line we might benefit more from a Tarkenton type scrambler like JF.

  45. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Joe we all know that MG8 is only one play away from being the third best Qb in the division, he is only 1 injury away, Cam takes a wrong hit and Boom, Glennon is #3 and climbing the ladder.

    All Jokes aside, My comment is that your questions are leading to a negative response, With your profession in Journalism you should know this. You are telling thru your question that you are looking for a answer of criticism.

    Again, your incessant attempts get inside the mind of Joe are fruitless. Joe shares his opinions and thoughts. Some like them; some don’t. Joe doesn’t get aroused or make money or gain get any benefit from what you perceive as negativity.–Joe

  46. Mike Says:

    Hey Joe? How good was Matty Ice this year? Are you gonna make excuses for him and keep throwing Glennon under a bus?

  47. Mike Says:

    Just tired of the we have the worst QB talk when it was obvious that without his weapons Matty sucked as well

  48. Ricky D Says:

    Johnny football will be a bust and a waste of a first round pick because all he does is run around in circles and throws up prayers hoping that someone will run up under it! He only stands in the pocket unless it is clean and I mean clean spotless by Belvadere! Any loud sound & he wil start running around like a chicken with his head cut of off. All Glennon needs to do to take less sacks is roll out of the tackle box and throw the ball away!

  49. joseph mamma Says:

    Mike Glennon excites me more than any of the college QB’s in this draft, from just the play I’ve seen of them. I think if Glennon can finish games like he started some of them (like the Seahawks game), he could have bright future with the Bucs.

  50. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Tom Jones sang “What’s New Pussycat”. What’s not new is the negative opinions on most things Bucs related in the St. Pete Times.

  51. Orca Says:


  52. BucfaninMO Says:

    I am in agreement with Buc1987, unlike us, you have the ability to talk to football experts who get paid to cover our team. We need to ask them what will it take to move up to say the #1 or #2 pick. Sure they will say we have to give up multiple future picks, but is it really worth it with so many holes and lack of depth all over the roster? Are we going to have to throw in a player (Jackson, Revis, David, Martin, or McCoy) to move up?
    I know every team wants a franchise QB but they are not free and come at a huge price, but are the Bucs willing to pony up?
    Not trying to tell you how to do you job Joe but it’s a question that needs to be asked.. (Think of the responses you will get outta that debate)

  53. ander Says:

    tom jones is going to change my opinion on glennon smh please this post is a joke. once again glennon was put in a reallly tough situation including control freak schiano not letting the guy do different things and also with a bunch of no name receivers besides jackson and wright, also the super bowl champs who are the seahawks need i remind you we were up 21-0 at once and we lost at the end because of terrible play calling by sullivan ,and who was the quarterback starting for us glennon who was playing a really solid game but unfortuanetly our coach got very conservative at the end. go glennon go bucs

  54. Andres Says:

    Joe thinks we’re a bunch of meth addicts hahaha

  55. David Williams Says:


    I am on CHAT SPORTS and I read practically everything you say. Just a FYI for you. I met a receiver last week at a local store. I did not know he was a receiver but I was wearing a Bucs shirt and hat. I started talking about QB for the Bucs and ask what he thought about Michael Vic. He countered that Glennon was pretty good and he knew because he had played with him at NC State. He said that he also played with Russell Wilson and that he was also very good. He said tha Coach O’Brian had allowed a few guys to transfer to other schools on the promise that they would graduate, including him and Russell Wilson who went to different schools. He said that the reason is that O’Brian considered Glennon as the next up-and-coming Matt Ryan who he had also coached. He said that we don’t know what Glennon is capable of because he was thrust into the starting role early here. He said that playing with him makes him very confident that he has what it takes to be a starter and be great in the NFL. He said that what happened last year is mostly due to the team around him but if you give him protection and targets, his 2 minute drill is second to none and he is very extremely intelligent. Perhaps we should give him a chance. That is what this receiver said.

  56. tickrdr Says:

    Look, I am not saying that MG8 has any kind of lock on his future stardom, but only that he had a statistically SUPERIOR performance for a ROOKIE compared to other QB’s over the last 20 years, even most of those chosen much higher in the draft than him. In fact, over the last 20 years, ( yeah, I wasted a few hours looking this stuff up at nfl.com) the cohort of 1st round draft pick QBs with a rookie qb rating of 83.9 (MG8’s QB rating) or more includes the following names: Chad Pennington, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Jake Locker, Cam Newton, and Robert Griffin III…….. all taken in the first round, and Pennington and Locker were included even though their rookie seasons comprised only 1 and 5 games respectively. BTW, that was the whole list. I did not leave anyone out. A few close ones included Joe Flacco (80.1), Steve McNair (81.7) and even Tim Tebow (82.1).
    At least to me, that is not too shabby a neighborhood.


  57. Vern4499 Says:


    I love how you defend Glennon by talking a game in which he LOST!

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Vern4499…really did he lose that game all by himself? It was all Glennon’s fault? I’m not a mob member, but as I remember it, they did not lose that game because of Glennon.

  59. Vern4499 Says:


    No he didn’t. But when we judge past QBs here no matter their stats people say but they didn’t win. So why should we look at Glennon differently?

  60. Harry Says:

    People, if you haven’t noticed, the MG8 articles draw double and triple the response of any other subjects. In addition, you come to this site bc all other bucs sites have maybe one boring article every thirds day. You may get annoyed reading opinions on this subject, especially if you are MGM groupies, but it is what it is.

    The two single most important positions that will dictate our success next year are DE and QB. DE can be filled thru FA, at least temporarily. As can many positions we are in need of upgrading. QB CANNOT be upgraded thru FA (all the FA this year are backups, anyone we can trade for is a backup… why would you want another teams castoffs?) nor a 2nd or 3rd rd pick (unless you still believe in the Easter Bunny.

    Therefor, we have sides drawn. The smart group that wants to move up in the draft and have a chance at a real franchise QB (Teddy, Johnny maybe Bortles); and the “give him another chance, its not his fault” group known as the MGM.

    Thank you Joe(s) for all your entertaining articles.

  61. Brandon Says:

    You Glennonites and overreliance on irrelevant statistics. I posted this here before as well on a draft website, but it needs to be posted again in relation to Glennon and his “statistics”.

    We can all point to stats to try to skew opinion on a player. In my wishful thinking I pointed to Freeman’s 4000 yard season last season as my hope that he would do better this season. Obviously, that wasn’t the case… but here are some great stats for you.

    Glennon was sacked almost once for every 10 passes he threw. Most of those were completely on him for NOT throwing the ball away, finding an open receiver, or taking a shot downfield. Bottom line, he held onto the ball way too darn long. His checkdowns and reliance on short routes might be fine and dandy when a team is nursing a lead, but when the team is down by double digits and Glennon continually checked down, refused to push the ball down the field, and wasn’t even successful at moving the sticks with that, one has to wonder. His yards per attempt were atrocious at 6.3 and he proved time and time again, that he could NOT push the ball downfield to keep defenses honest due to his weak arm.

    People like to compare Glennon’s rookie rating with Peyton Manning’s. 83.9 to Peyton’s 71.2…only problem? There really is NO comparison. Peyton Manning was responsible for keeping his crappy team in games. Their defense was terrible but due, mainly to Manning, the Colts offense that season was the 12th best in the league (the Bucs, dead last). Also, Manning, took only 22 sacks compared to his 575 passes (Glennon took 40 and threw 415 passes). Sacks are absolute drive killers… and when a player doesn’t have the necessary arm strength or accuracy to push the ball down the field, there is no way to overcome them. I know some of the 40 sacks Glennon took occurred on the same drive, but let’s just say, there were at least 30 drives killed by Glennon sacks. And when a team is facing 2nd and 16 and the QB only averages 6.3 yards per attempt, that makes it nearly impossible to get a first down in two plays. He took 12 sacks on 3rd down and 6+ alone despite only getting off 87 passes…what a horrible ratio.

    Also, QB ratings have increased greatly since 1998. Glennon’s rating was 21st in the league this past year, in 1998 Manning’s 71.2 was 23rd. On top of that, the total ratings from all QBs in 2013 was 84.1… meaning Glennon was just below average (but ratings also don’t figure in drive killing sacks or 5 yard completions on 3rd and 8) while in 1998 the ratings for all QBs was 76.2…meaning Manning was just below average. Manning though, had the league’s 29th ranked scoring and total defense in the league (out of 31 teams)… the Bucs D by comparison, was much much better. Manning also had 4 300 yard games in his 16 starts while Glennon never threw for more than 275 (Manning threw for 275 6X). Also, Manning started that season with a horrible TD to INT ratio of 6-14 through the first weeks, never achieving a rating of over 67 the entire time, he finished the last 10 games with 20 TDs and 14 ints. Glennon on the other hand got progressively worse as the season went on.

    Now on to crunch time… Mike Glennon in the 2nd half of games… this is when a future stud plays his best… Glennon and the Buccaneer offense were dreadful. Glennon’s 2nd half rating was something like 63 when the team needed him most…and despite the softer defenses and Glennon STILL throwing checkdowns play after play, he still stunk… at least Brian Griese could pad his stats against the prevent. His rating in the 2nd half was 63.7… is this the kind of star that will lead us into the future?

    In order for Glennon to be effective, he needs everything to go right, everything to be working, otherwise, when he’s asked to make a play, it doesn’t happen. More statistical ineptitude is visible: mike-glennons-statistical-splits-are-really-weird

    Mike Glennon is absolutely NOT the answer unless we’re looking for a much taller, skinnier, less athletic, and weak-armed version of the Human Sack Machine, David Carr. Competition is more than warranted. Any coach that likes mobile QBs, Tedford’s track record suggests he does so strongly, will hate Glennon. I expect a QB to be added as a free agent, McCown may come here fairly cheap if given the opportunity to start, and and I expect another QB to be added in the draft sometime during rounds 1-3.

  62. LWR Buc Fan Says:

    You need to shut up and save your efforts for supporting Lovie’s game. It won’t even be close to your unqualified ideas. Report the facts, when they happen, and toss your bull spit in the trash can.

  63. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    I don’t “hate” joe,… I just think he will never be the success that I want to see, Never be even handed, Never care what his soon to be former readers think,… Yea, the list could go on and on! GO BUCS! (Ya know,.. I really used to to love this site… but this has gotten really old, I don’t know how much longer I can take it.)

    If Joe doesn’t meet your needs of for Bucs coverage, then that’s ok. So many here get their panties all bunched up because Joe isn’t Ga Ga for Glennon and likes Johnny Football. It’s almost funny. If you don’t like Johnny commentary, than don’t read it. Joe offers plenty of other stuff to read each and every day. –Joe

  64. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Johnny Boy = the next Troy Smith?

  65. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Brandon – what rookie qb in the NFL hasn’t taken too many sacks because they held onto the ball too long? You’re holding him to an elite standard as a rookie and it’s simply not a fair comparison. I know you guys keep saying that we shouldn’t settle for less than the best but the fact is that you simply don’t know what we have before you’re asking for something else. These guys don’t come out of the box as great qbs. As much as you’d like that to be the case it just doesn’t happen that way.

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    Vern…I’m not one of those fans that think everything depends on the QB.

  67. eric Says:

    isn’t Tom Jones the same guy who wanted to give Josh 100 million he has a lot of credibility to me LOL! Fix the Offense through the draft Offense of Line , TE, #3 WR, and get Doug and Mike James back healthy. Spend the extra cap dollars on a DE to either replace or push the hell out of the guys we have. A CB to push JB and replace LJ and a SLB and watch how different this team look!

  68. WalkdaPlank Says:

    IMO there are many better alternatives than trading the farm for Johnny Boy, who would still be the worst QB in the division with his arrival to OBP. Again, if you look at the holes on the rest of the team maybe QB isn’t the biggest one. Getting Jimmy in the 2nd or signing a FA like Schaub or Vick or maybe even trading for Kirk Cousins would bring Glennon legit competition and we still keep our high draft picks. Of course there’s always a chance Glennon wins the job in the preseason which is fine too.

  69. tickrdr Says:

    Here was my response to your original post of this argument:

    Nice long post with many interesting points. Let me point out a few “soft spots” if not in fact a few holes in your analysis.

    I could not agree more that QB sacks are a big “drive killer”. In fact, some could argue that a sack with subsequent punt is the worst possible outcome of a passing play……….. except for one……………an INTERCEPTION. While it is true that MG8 took 18 more sacks (40 vs. only 22) than Peyton Manning in their rookie years, Peyton Manning threw 19 more INT’s than MG8 (28 vs. only 9). So I would argue that 19 INT’s is likely worse overall than 18 sacks with subsequent punts.

    I also agree that MG8′s performance in the 2nd half was quite poor compared to his performance in the 1st half of games. His rating for the first half overall was 100.9 (see “situational stats” on NFL.com), but only 63.7 in the second half. However Peyton Manning’s QB rating in the first half of his rookie year was only 76.6! In the second half, PM did post an incredible 68.8 for the 2nd half(sarc), which is clearly much better than MG8′s. Further down the page, you will see QB ratings for when their team was ahead vs. behind vs. tied.
    When their teams were ahead, PM=95.6 vs. MG8 only 76.4 .
    When their teams were behind, MG8=83.2 vs. PM only 56.5!!
    When their teams were tied, MG8=100.9 vs. PM 90.3!

    Lastly, I again agree that MG8′s performance was poor in December compared to his performance in November (three games with rating of 123.1 or better, offensive rookie of the month). But did he regress as the year went on?
    Most people do not think that Peyton Manning “regressed” in the month of February? Rather the stifling and ferocious #1 defense in the NFL shut them down. Well, the Bucs’ December schedule included the following defensive units: Panthers (2nd overall, 6th passing), Saints (4th overall, 2nd passing), 49′ers (5th overall, 7th passing), Bills (10th overall, but 4th against the pass), and St. Louis (15th overall, but 3rd in total sacks, and 7 sacks that game).
    Furthermore, three of those opponents were playoff teams (SF 12-4, Carolina 12-4, and NO 11-5) vying to win their division, and playing for a first round bye vs. our 4-12 Bucs looking to start their offseason. I think it is somewhat unrealistic to say that MG8 should have single-handedly carried them to victory.


    BTW, I know that the Seahawks completely overlooked our hapless Bucs, but MG8 did have a QB rating against them of 123.1, with 2 td’s and no INT’s, all on their homecourt. Did I mention that he was a rookie, and only a 3rd round draft pick to boot.
    BTW2, I’m sorry for the repost, but I often am late to reading and responding, so maybe some may have missed the original.

  70. Buc1987 Says:

    I seriously don’t think that Lovie will make QB priority 1 out of the gate. Who knows?

    If some of you think that he will, then think what you want.

    I just don’t see it. Also looking into my crystal ball, I don’t see Glennon as the starting QB for the Bucs in 2015. Something tells me he’s the starter in 2014 though.

  71. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Judging Glennon off of sacks?? With OUR O-line? And QBR’s? Talk about skewing opinion.

  72. buccanAy Says:

    Your posting rankings from Tom “freakin” Jones!?! Of course, if it fits your agenda. A new low, soon to be broken.

    This “agenda” nonsense really gets old. Joe swears many readers don’t even know what the word means. Joe doesn’t apologize about being fixated on the Bucs’ uncertain quarterback position. It is, after all, quarterback. –Joe

  73. jr Says:

    Joe took the time to find an article that hates on Glennon as much as he does. Not suprised. Well when Glennon gets us to the playoffs this year I wanna see how you retract all the bs you’ve been writing the last 3 months and future months leading to next season. Btw Johnny manziel=Brady quinn.

    Dude, Joe doesn’t hate Glennon. Get real. Joe has nothing to retract. –Joe

  74. ander Says:


    cosign at what you just said exactly especially on how bad our oline played

  75. Patrick in VA Says:


    Seems like you’re a logical, reasonable fellow that has a good understanding of football matters and player development. folks don’t take kindly to your kind around here.

  76. getaclue Says:

    We have our Matty Ice? You mean the qb that also won 4 games but played in 3 more than Glennon and was the favorite to win the division before the season?

  77. Owlykat Says:

    Joe, you are right on with your analysis of Sack Magnet Glennon. He will look poised in the pocket in the first half, but come the fourth quarter, when the pressure is on, he looks like a scared deer caught in the headlights, and he throws interceptions, or just drops the ball, and manages to lose the game all by his ineptness. I like him as a person, too, but I cringe to think about watching him choking every fourth quarter this year until Tedford and Lovie finally figure out they have trusted a pig in a poke, and their season is a bust as a result. Lovie’s continual blind spot is the inability to spot real QB talent, which, ironically, is what lost him a Superbowl. Tedford on the other hand loves the challenge of taking a wounded bird and trying to make an eagle out of him. Tedford needs to grab Carr in the first round, who already knows Tedford’s Offense, and can quick release the ball, and can keep the plays alive with his feet until we can develop a new OL, which takes time with a new offense. Tedford needs to put all his concentration on learning to operate in the NFL, and not waste his time trying to fix the unfixable Glennon.

  78. Eric Says:

    People Matty Ice has proven his upside, Glennon has not.

    Foolish comparison.

  79. mark2001 Says:

    Since the QB position seems to be more of a crapshoot than any other, I’d rather see us trade down and pick someone later in the first or in the second round (assuming we picked up a third in the trade down). If the top two or three are gone anyway, why not pick up another draft pick in the process? I want us to draft another QB, but I think that would be a more appropriate place, particularly since Glennon could be pretty good.

    BTW Joe…I doubt that Glennon will ever play at a level of Brees or Newton….but I don’t get the love for dubiously named “Matty Ice”. He had a particularly lousy year last year, and has yet to prove he can win a real big game…and he reminds me of another guy that get’s more play than he deserves…..I know you will hate this as he is a former “Panther”…but I think Romo is overrated as well.

  80. mark2001 Says:

    Aaron Rodgers is the real “Ice Man”. He is the only one that I would really put in that category currently playing. I don’t even remember when I saw him have a bad game.

  81. Zane Pope Says:

    I Could not agree more.

  82. Eric Says:

    Ice has missed the playoffs once since his rookie season in 08.

    Miles and miles better than Glennon.

    If we don’t get a comparable QB it will be hard, if not impossible, to win this division. Puts us at too big a disadvantage.

  83. Tgregs Says:

    Finally another person that agrees with you, makes it now 2-18-1. Of course Jones is the same guy that wanted to pay Freeman $100 million last year. I think that says enough about his creds. Laughable! Still waiting for a recognized analyst to agree.

    Not sure what you think Joe’s opinion is, but Joe interviewed Amani Toomer and Warren Sapp at the Super Bowl and they both are down on Glennon. Check the archives. –Joe

    It really doesn’t matter. I am sure that Lovie and Licht don’t share Joe’s man crush.

  84. Chris Says:

    Just to touch base on a few questions:

    1. No matter who we draft or get at qb they will be the 4th best qb til Brees retires.
    2. I agree with glennon. He had no wow factor and I’m sick of hearing the 19-9 TD to int ratio. Look at his sacks. 43. Then ppl point to the oline which gave him an outstanding 4.25 seconds before pressure. That’s pretty good. Worst offense in the league. Worst YPA. Defense was top 7 in takeaways. Couldn’t capitilize. The other 6 made post season.
    3. Glennon was given the load of excuse “didn’t have the talent around him at nc state. ” means he couldn’t elevate wrs play.

    I’m looking at Garrapolo and Teddy. Accurate quick decision makers that make plays and have elevated players above their talent level.

  85. PRBucFan Says:

    PRBucFan wonders whether Joe actually believes the Bucs could bring in anyone that wouldn’t start off the 4th best QB in this division in their rookie season.

    If you say yes, than, well…. ahahahaha

  86. Tgregs Says:

    Per Webster

    Agenda an underlying often ideological plan or program

    Seems to Joe’s man crush

  87. Tgregs Says:

    Sorry “seems to be Joe’s man crush”

    Wonder if Joe has Johnny Football bed sheets?

  88. Patrick in VA Says:

    @tgregs – probably has his picture blown up and put on a full body pillow so he can cuddle and wake up to his smiling face.

  89. Tgregs Says:

    Have you noticed that none of the Johnny girls can compare to Glennon’s GF

  90. Greg Kehrer Says:

    How about we have a moratorium on quarterback talk until after free agency and or the draft. PLEASE

  91. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Greg – already proposed that and it’s not going to happen. I’m just as guilty though. Truth is, there’s just nothing else to talk about

  92. PRBucFan Says:

    3 words S T D

  93. kevin Says:

    How does glennon compare in his rookie year to matty ice p manning. You dont know fix the line and get him some weapons and a good oc ill bet hes better than matt ryan

  94. Ricky D Says:

    You guys are killing me with all of the Glennon stats. You cannot judge Mike Glennon on his first year because he was thrown into the fire and did not have a chance to get his feet wet. That is like putting a 3 month old baby on one side of the street and telling them to walk to you across the street during traffic.

  95. Ricky D Says:

    Joe, I know u are a Johnny Football fan but please help me out here!

  96. Chris Says:

    Look I’m not comparing glennon to other qbs. I want a qb that can make plays to win games.

    He was always the qb that was given the “hurt by supporting cast” excuse in college and now pros. So was freeman.
    Yes you need a good football team around you. But a qb has to elevate players around him. Makes plays and can win them a ball game.

    Don’t see it. He’s never done it on either level. Why so much confidence in him? Because he threw 19 tds? Only 9 ints? Lol.

  97. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Yeah I m reluctant to throw Glennon out yet. Why? Who else is there really we can go to? We’re not getting Manziel unless some miracle happens.. What about a FA quarterback? Does anyone really want Vick in the locker room? Didn’t we have enough drama and distractions surrounding the team this year without PETA showing up for every game? The fact is, we are not join to the Super Bowl next year unless some miracle happens. It’s a new coach, new coordinators, a new offense and new players. Bring in someone, anyone, another rookie, another washed up FA and let them compete with Glennon. The QB that wins the starting role wins.. I would anticipate barring some huge discovery that the QB next year will be a caretaker until a new QB is found (drafted or FA) and assumes the starting role.


    “Glennon ranked among the rank quarterbacks of the NFL at No. 25”. Could of been worded differently !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Buc1987 Says:

    “Joe writes about numerous subjects. A peek at the last 100 posts would find less than 10 about Manziel.–Joe”

    Yes Joe but how many articles were about Lovie or one particular player on the Bucs vs Manziel.?

    Manziel less than 10 vs Lovie less than 7 articles out of the 100?

    Seriously though, that’s why people keep giving you grief over it. Sure you write about lots of things, but not one particular person or player more than Manziel.

    Like how many articles have been written over the last 100 on Revis or GMC. Sure I know it’s the offseason and all but it seems to me that Manziel articles far outweigh any other articles about anyone else.

    There finally, that’s the point I’m trying to make.

    Joe understands your point, but still finds it odd. –Joe

  100. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe…Also I wouldn’t pay attention to the empty threats that some people keep making over this matter, they’ll keep coming back. No matter what they say. You know it and I know it.

    On any given day Joe realizes than a few thousand readers think Joe is a buffoon and/or a bungling blowhard. It comes with the territory. Joe always invites readers to find other outlets if they are offended and horrified by what they see on these pages. Yes, Joe gets a laugh from those who swear never to return, as if Joe had sex with their sister or something truly worthy of their rage. –Joe

  101. PRBucFan Says:

    PRBucFan doubts that

  102. George Kolar Says:

    We had the best rookie quarterback in the NFL last year. And now we want to replace him with rookie that has no NFL experience? Mike Glennon will be and should be the starting quarterback next year. Now figure out how to build a team around him.

  103. Tgregs Says:


    Of course I have checked! When you start with your “How can the Bucs win with the worst QB in the division?” the responses are 18 pro-Glennon and the two negative ones (Sapp who cares about nothing other than self-aggrandizement) and Toomer. I gave you those in your 2-18-1 witch hunt.

    So silly. There’s no witch hunt because there is no witch. Glennon had a decent season considering what he was asked to do. That doesn’t make him the answer for the Bucs at QB. If Lovie thinks he is, then Joe, along with nearly all Bucs fans, will root for Glennon to be successful. Forgive Joe for yearning for better in the offseason. –Joe

  104. ander Says:

    @putrious anti

    see that i have to disagree with you might not like vick and its ok, however if he comes here what proof do you have that he will be a distraction. when he was in the eagles was he a distraction honestly. if you dont like a player its ok but dont just say things just to say it because their is no prove that vick is a distraction to other teams.

  105. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh the Mob members….oh oh oh what are we gonna do this offseason?

    Free agency and the draft can’t get here fast enough for me.

  106. PRBucFan Says:

    PRBucFan thought so, point made

  107. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Keep it going joe! I will not rest until the bucs have a suitable qb on the roster. I would venture I say glennon isn’t even 4th best qb in the division. Is chase Daniels still drew Brees back up? I’d take Daniels over glennon. Glennon has shown absolutely nothing that would indicate he is ready to be an nfl quarterback.

  108. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Also the site is running smoother joe. Thanks for the update.

  109. Harry Says:

    Its really very simple, and I can’t disagree with the logic.

    The recent article “Seattles Defense En Route to Tampa” with Dungys pic on it (as of this posting) had 19 comments.

    This redundant, over exposed, aggravating topic of MG8 vs Manziel (or similar) had over 107 postings. This appears to be drawing the readership’s attention. Because of its importance, it certainly has mine.

  110. Patrick in VA Says:

    @trubucfan22 – we all appreciate your tireless work to make this team better

  111. Tgregs Says:

    You mean other than Offensive rookie of the month and QB of the all roojie team?

  112. Buc1987 Says:

    Patrick in VA…lmfao!

    Yes thanks from me too trubucfan22 . Keep up the good work buddy.

  113. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – and despite the heated debate I don’t think there’s been one person that has changed their stance or been influenced by anything that’s been said since the offseason started

  114. PRBucFan Says:

    I still want a pocket passer who can run but the 4th best garbage cause that’s all it is, is laughable.

    I still haven’t seen Joe or anyone say who available wouldn’t come in here and still be the 4th best QB in this division lol.


  115. Harry Says:

    I attribute the fact that no one has changed their stance or been influenced due to the strong intelligence of the “move up in the draft for a QB” MOB; they definitely recognize the clear need we have at the QB position. And the inner breeding of those belonging to the MGM – they are unfortunately lacking in the skills needed to ascertain the importance of getting a quality QB. Sad really. LMAO

  116. Patrick in VA Says:

    Ya cut me deep Harry. Ya cut me deep

  117. Harry Says:

    ROTFLMAO… Its alright, I don’t blame you. Your sister is very cute…. LOL

  118. Patrick in VA Says:

    I am from Kentucky…… And my parents did have the same last name before they got married…. But, that’s pretty normal right?

  119. Buc1987 Says:

    Harry move up with what? The 7th pick and what to move up? Next years 2nd rnd or 3rd rnd pick. I don’t see anyone above us that will take that offer. So move up with what?

    If the QB of the future is not there at 7 then I don’t want them to mortgage the farm when this team has SOOOOO many holes to fill.

    There are many fans in my corner when it comes to that. They don’t want the Bucs to give up more picks for the unknown especially when they have so few picks to begin with and so many holes to fill.

    The Mike Glennon Mob has so few members, they don’t even bother me.

  120. Patrick in VA Says:

    @1987 – don’t forget about that sweet compensatory pick we’ve got in our pockets.

  121. Harry Says:

    You crack me up. You have a great sense of humor and good intelligence, considering. Yes, that is normal… in Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana. LOL

  122. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – the sad part about what I said is that it’s actually true. My wife didn’t believe me until she met my parents at our wedding. After that there was pretty much no denying it as at last a possibly.

  123. Harry Says:

    First and foremost, I trust the NEW Rock Star and Lovie to make good decisions. With that said, if they got comfortable enough with one of: Teddy, Johnny or Bortles, I would not hesitate to give up our ’15 & ’16 first rd pick to get a long term franchise QB – I am SICK of the mediocrity we call a Bucs QB. We have a long history of it.

    Hopefully, it would not take all that. But if they were confident, I’d say pull the trigger. It would be worth it.

  124. PRBucFan Says:

    Enjoying the inclusive convo, very nice

  125. PRBucFan Says:

    And by the way they could trade future picks if they so wanted.

    Just throwing that out there, it doesn’t have to be this years picks

  126. Harry Says:

    Sounds like there is a good story there. At least yours sounds funny. But trust me, we all have stories, some good, some not so good. At least they kept it in the family. LOL

  127. Buc1987 Says:

    “With that said, if they got comfortable enough with one of: Teddy, Johnny or Bortles, I would not hesitate to give up our ’15 & ’16 first rd pick to get a long term franchise QB ”

    Yes but you are not them. So how comfortable would you be to do so if you were them?

  128. Harry Says:

    btw Buc1987, that trade of two 1st rd picks is based on the ransom the Redskins laid out for RG3. Technically, according the the draft trade chart, giving the Rams just our ’15 1st rd pick should be enough. If the braintrust is confident in doing it, I would give up one 1st rounder in a heartbeat to get out of this zoo of mediocrity in QBs.

  129. BamBamBuc Says:

    Be honest, Joe. Glennon isn’t just the 4th best in the division, he’s one of the worst in the conference. Using just QBR, he’s 14th of 16 in the BFC. Ahead of Eli (and we all know Eli is better, had a really bad year) and RGIII (coming off injury and has obviously more potential than Glennon). That would pretty much make Glennon the 16th best QB in the conference, behind greats such as Ponder, Clemens, etc.

  130. PRBucFan Says:

    We are a qb, slot, DE, and CB depth away from being contenders.

    I don’t buy that we have that many holes.

    I’m actually of the thought that our line will be fine.

    Lovie is confident in what he’s seeing in the human armoire’s rehab and Davin had an off year off major surgery. Penn won’t be replaced and I think he’ll bounce back. FA’s will plug up whatever patches we have on our line.

    I think Tim will add some pounds and end up dominant as well

    I’m hopeful. 😉

  131. Harry Says:

    to answer your question. For 2 first rd picks, I would have to be sure. But yes, if after a full evaluation and everybody was ‘in’, yes, it would be worth it.

  132. BamBamBuc Says:

    NFC, not BFC

  133. Buc1987 Says:

    “I’m actually of the thought that our line will be fine.”

    PRB…well good for you then. What was it the church lady used to say? Isn’t that special.

  134. PRBucFan Says:

    I’m unlike you who has turned into a negative nancy 😉

    And no I don’t think she said that lol

  135. Harry Says:

    I’m with you. I do not think we have that many ‘big’ holes. I would add a guard to your list though, maybe two. Most of our needs can be covered thru FA: DE (Allen), nickel CB (Spillman), guard, and backup QB (Cassel/McCown) and even the slot (Cooper Reilly). We can draft for our slot and maybe 2nd guard and TE (I think we are not that weak there).

  136. Buc1987 Says:

    Harry…the question is. Looking at the draft right now, would you do it?

    Saying you “would have to be sure” doesn’t cut it. You see what’s up there right now. Do you pull the trigger or not?

  137. PRBucFan Says:

    One minute your holding up a banner rooting for the worst thing to happen to our Bucs in God knows how long and claiming he’s it and than your down on all things Bucs.

    I guess rooting for that poison would do that to you 87 🙁

    Sorry bro

  138. Patrick in VA Says:

    @prb – she definitely did say that

  139. PRBucFan Says:

    Yea Harry I agree.

    With our Licht in the darkness Lovie we are off to greener pastures. 😀

    The odds are in our favor, it’s not possible to continue to do this bad statistically lol.

  140. Buc1987 Says:

    lol PRB

  141. PRBucFan Says:

    Not my church lady lol’

    She said Amen

  142. PRBucFan Says:

    Or more specifically, weirdly so, “Ameeeeeeen” with the “EEE” sound :/

  143. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m down on all things Bucs? lol By no means.

    I just don’t see Manziel or Teddy all that worth it to trade up and get. You include Clowney as well.

    Stay put at 7 and draft the best available or trade down.

  144. PRBucFan Says:

    I hate “Manchild” and the STD carrying different girls in his pictures

    And I was being facetious broski 😀

  145. Buc1987 Says:

    Everyone has differing opinions on the draft…and no one is right or wrong.

  146. Buc1987 Says:

    Facetious and funny. I know that man.

  147. Harry Says:

    I am not like many of the ppl on here that claim to have great NFL knowledge and scouting ability. Many pros in the NFL cant get it right, if I could accurately predict which QB will succeed, I would be making $2mill/yr. My point is, FA is not the answer – all the FA are someone else’s backups. Drafting a QB beyond the top 7 picks has less than a 20% chance of success, so gambling in the 2nd or 3rd rd is not the answer either.

    “IF” one of these 3 guys has franchise capability, I would personally endorse giving up 2 first rounders; not that anyone would care but you Buc1987, lol

  148. BamBamBuc Says:

    Nearly every position on the team can be bolstered through FA, at least with role players, other than QB. Look at the Seahawks signing Avril and Bennett last year. The Broncos added Welker, the Patriots countered with Amendola. DBs were flying to new teams (many thought we should have gotten two for the price of Revis). But QB is different. If they are good, they’re not available (Peyton Manning being an injury exception). QB is one position you almost always have to take the risk with a high 1st rounder when you have the chance and are unsure (at best) about the QB position. Trade up? In a heartbeat, if there is any chance he will be better.

  149. Harry Says:

    @PRBucFan Says:
    I hate “Manchild” and the STD carrying different girls in his pictures.

    Dude, those girls are freaking HOT. Don’t be a hater, lol

  150. Harry Says:

    @BamBamBuc Says:
    “…QB is one position you almost always have to take the risk with a high 1st rounder when you have the chance and are unsure (at best) about the QB position. Trade up? In a heartbeat, if there is any chance he will be better…”

    Amen brother!

  151. PRBucFan Says:

    Many STD carrying girls are 😉 lol

  152. Bill T Says:

    Same topic as last week and the week before. Except we get Tom Jones’ opinion, who is absolutely horrible. Guess I’ll check in next month

  153. BamBamBuc Says:

    Put it this way… If you add all the talent around the QB you have, hoping a better prospect is available next draft, you’ll probably do just enough better the next year to make moving up prohibitive. What might cost 2 1st rounders this year could be 3 if we are 8-8 next year. The opportunity to make the move is now, don’t hesitate, don’t flinch. Make the move, get the guy, because next year you may not have the chance to.

  154. BucsQcCity Says:

    Glennon might not be the best QB in the universe but mike Sullivan offense was garbage. Joe, you were the first to yell at playcalling with all these underneath routes not even at the 1st down distance. This is not Glennon that designed the play and he didn’t ran them neither..

    I have doubt too but at #7 we are not in position to negociate. Too many holes, our overpaid and underachieving oline and our MC-wannabe 2nd receiver are solid question marks. Pass rush is andmic, still looking for either an OLB or a MLB…

    Lovie is flagged as a conservative coach.. Trading the farm for Manziel could be the riskiest move ever made in TB..

  155. Buc1987 Says:

    Harry ,okay fine point. So “IF” you thought Manziel or Teddy are worth it you’d pull the trigger. So then I guess you don’t know then. I get it. To you Manziel and Teddy are “IFs”. I get it now.

  156. Buc1987 Says:

    But BamBam…is the guy I there? Is there a slam dunk can’t miss Andrew Luck at the top of the board? Is that what your seeing? Because frankly I don’t.

  157. Harry Says:

    @BamBamBuc Says:
    “…The opportunity to make the move is now, don’t hesitate, don’t flinch. Make the move, get the guy, because next year you may not have the chance to…”

    I’ve been saying that forever. Everybody says “give the poor boy a chance, its not his fault… its his O-line, its his coaches, its his lack of weapons…”. Such utter bs. Then they say, if he doesn’t succeed in ’14, we can draft our QB in ’15.

    It doesn’t work that way. Hopefully with Lovie and his D, we won’t be in a high draft position in the foreseeable future to be able to move up. But as I pointed out to Patrick, with all the inner breeding going on in the MGM, they are not able to understand what we mean…. lol

  158. Patrick in VA Says:

    @prb – spoken like a guy that didn’t get much attention from the good looking girls who then went on to justify it to himself by convincing himself that they were dirty and he didn’t want them anyway. Just because a lot of guys want to be with a girl doesn’t mean she’s slept with all of them

  159. Barry Says:

    “You might not like it but you better learn to love it, because Glennon’s the best thing going. Wooooo!” . IMO it’s shameful media trying to run this kid out of town. Let real football men decide his fate and not a bunch of What’s up Pussy cats…

  160. Buc1987 Says:

    Everyone and their mom that followed college ball knew that Manning and Luck were going to be special in the NFL long before they entered or even became eligible. There were no if’s when it came to them. Manziel and Teddy there are ifs by more than just a few people not named Mel or Joe.

    So hell to the no. I would not trade up for the if’s and the maybe’s.

    Some of you would, well that’s you. That’s all fine and dandy.

  161. Buc1987 Says:

    I do however wish some team would have traded up with the Bucs in the first round to draft Vinny or Dilfer. That would have been fine with me.

    Vinny was drafted 1st overall.

    Dilfer was drafted 6th overall.

    How did that work out again? I forget?

  162. Shane Marco Says:

    Are we talking about the same Tom Jones that said Denver was going to blow out Seattle in the Superbowl.

  163. Harry Says:

    @Patrick in VA Says:
    @prb – spoken like a guy that didn’t get much attention from the good looking girls who then went on to justify it to himself by convincing himself that they were dirty and he didn’t want them anyway.

    LMAO. What the heck is wrong with bad girls?????? I LOVE bad girls!

  164. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – that’s the only way I was able to get any action when I was single. Girls with loose morals and low standards are what make it all worth living.

  165. BamBamBuc Says:

    There are no guarantees. You take the QB, you take the risk. He’s either a Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf or somewhere in between. It’s a risk. But it’s much safer taking that risk and filling the “holes” with role players in FA, than risk at another position and do nothing at QB. Yes, every position is a risk that high in the draft. Do you get a Simeon Rice or Gaines Adams when drafting Clowbey? And there are examples at every position. QB can’t be filled in FA, so unless you’re absolutely sure you’ve already got your QB, you take the chance.

  166. Harry Says:

    Geeze, that is the worst analogy yet. Yes, even worse than “MG8 is better than Manning/Brady/Brees” And, yes, those are all actual quotes from bloggers.

    You, Buc1987, have just won the prize for proof of inner breeding of MGM members. NO EASY FEAT! Be proud sir!!

    I would hope the difference is we now have better management. If you don’t believe that we are in for a world of hurt.

  167. Buc1987 Says:

    I married a bad girl.

  168. Buc1987 Says:

    BamBam…it took me a bit, but I see your point, because there was not all that many ifs when it came to Leaf as well. Still if it were me I don’t trade up for anyone in this draft.

  169. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Competition for Glennon, yes. No, no, no to Johny “spoiled rotten” Football

  170. Harry Says:

    @Patrick in VA Says:
    “…that’s the only way I was able to get any action when I was single. Girls with loose morals and low standards are what make it all worth living…”

    You are too freaking funny. Tell me, bc I don’t get it, what the heck is wrong with a bad girl? They like sex? They like lots of sex? They like a lot of different kinds of sex? And that is bad bc why?????????

    Maybe PRB can explain that one. Patrick, I think you and I might not get it. After all, I had a 1st cousin that I wanted to sleep with so bad, I had fantasies about her… lol

  171. Eric Says:

    How did John Elway, Payton Manning and Andrew Luck work out?

  172. Buc1987 Says:

    Seany Mac… it has to be serious competition too. No 3rd rate scrubs and no trading up for the question mark. Whatever. It’s so hard to gauge what they will do. Us fans have a first yr coach and first year GM. All we have to go on is what they did in the past. I for one can not gauge or predict anything that they will do until I see them go to work.

    This time next year will be a lot easier to figure things out. I say that now, but then again I’m a Bucs fan, so what do I know.

  173. Buc1987 Says:

    Eric…how did the other 90 QB’s work out?

  174. Harry Says:

    @Buc1987 Says:
    “…it took me a bit, but I see your point, because there was not all that many ifs when it came to Leaf as well…”

    Ok, its easy to criticize with no alternative suggestion. So if MG8 Bombs in ’14, what would you do? FA NEVER works to get a long term franchise QB – hell that has been the buds MO for decades. Hopefully with Lovie’s awesome D we will be drafting much lower, so trading up will not be an option.

    Tell us ol wise one, what should the Bucs do?

  175. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – it’s bad when they won’t have it with you. I think that’s where hurt feelings and irrationally vitriolic posts that tie only loosely in with the forum conversation start happening

  176. Buc1987 Says:

    “John Elway, Payton Manning and Andrew Luck”

    Teddy or Johnny…the next one?

    I don’t see it.

  177. Buc1987 Says:

    Harry I’m all for Winston, as I think he’s the best QB in college football today. That includes Manziel and Teddy.

  178. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe has his man crush in Manziel.

    I have mine in Winston.

  179. Patrick in VA Says:

    @87 – agree. If there’s a qb worth trading for it’s Winston

  180. Harry Says:

    Ok, now I get it, your just here to criticize everybody and you are not smart enough to have your own opinion. More evidence of inner breeding in the MGM members

  181. Harry Says:

    Buc, they said the same thing about Bridgewater until Johnny lit it up in the bowl game and with Alabama

  182. Buc1987 Says:

    lol oh wise one. Not me. Used to be. Not anymore. Not after this past season.

  183. Harry Says:

    ok, and how do you trade up for Winston next year when we are drafting in the teens?

  184. Buc1987 Says:

    Patrick in VA Says:
    February 9th, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    “@87 – agree. If there’s a qb worth trading for it’s Winston”

    ding ding ding we have a winnah!

  185. Buc1987 Says:

    Harry …your assuming that they have winning season next season. I am not.

  186. Harry Says:

    @Patrick in VA Says:
    “….@Harry – it’s bad when they won’t have it with you. I think that’s where hurt feelings and irrationally vitriolic posts that tie only loosely in with the forum conversation start happening…”

    Oh, now I get it, SNAP! Yeah, I guess I’d call her a slut too if she was not being a slut for me. LMAO I LOVE SLUTS!!! How do you not love a girl who LOVES Sex?!

  187. Buc1987 Says:

    Every team in the NFL is going to be scratching and clawing there way to get to the top to draft Winston in 2015. Even the ones that have good QB;s already.

  188. Harry Says:

    No, Buc, I am not. Even an 8-8 record puts them out of range to trade up at a reasonable price. Think about it, If the Redskins gave up 2 addl 1st rd pics to move up a cpl of spots, what is it going to cost you to move up into double say 10 spots. Further, if you are holding the #1 pick for Winston, you really suck, you suck BAD. The likely hood is you don’t have a QB, right? Why the heck am I going to trade with you when I desperate need a QB and if I don’t draft Winston, my fanbase will lynch me??? Explain that please. I don’t believe you thought that thru, like most MGMs

  189. Couch Fan Says:

    Winston may not decide to come out next year.

  190. Patrick in VA Says:

    @87 – that’s assuming that he goes back in his word and declares for next year’s draft. He’s said recently that he wants to do 2 more seasons

  191. Buc1987 Says:

    lol Harry…that’s what I meant when I said I married a bad girl.

    She’s my 2nd wife. The first one was a prude. The 1st marriage lasted 2 yrs. The 2nd one is going on 12 yrs now. 20 yrs together total. The prude had me afraid of marriage so it took me 8 years of living together and getting her knocked up to put the ring on again.

    Marry bad girl. You’ll be much happier.

  192. Harry Says:

    My 2nd as well, and my she is also my “bad” girl. Man, life is so much better with a bad girl! Poor PRB….

  193. Buc1987 Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    February 9th, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    “Winston may not decide to come out next year.”

    That being said he’s the only one right now that I would trade up to go and get. Not Johnny or Teddy.

    The guy’s nickname is “Famous” even before he steps out onto a college football field.

    That’s what I’m talking about slam dunk can’t miss.

  194. Harry Says:

    You did not answer my question, see about 6 post up. Its easy to say something, I want to know how you pull it off… convert me oh great MGM leader.

  195. Buc1987 Says:

    lol I’m looking to next years draft already. Only because I don’t see anyone worthy of trading picks to move up from 7 for. Okay maybe Clowney, but don’t trade the farm.

  196. PRBucFan Says:

    Is that the best you got Patrick?

    You expect me to get upset?

    lol dumbass

  197. Buc1987 Says:

    Whose an MGM leader?…I sure as hell know your not talking about me. I too was not all that impressed with Glennon. Yet like I stated before, he does get kind of a pass, because of my dislike for Sully’s playcalling early on in the season. Even with #5 in there I bitched about the playcalling.

  198. Andrew 1 Says:

    Winston will be the next great to come out of the draft since Luck imo. I would sell the farm to draft him, but no team will even take the farm. Just got to be bad enough to draft number 1 overall. I dont see that happening with us.

  199. PRBucFan Says:

    Moving on lol

    Winston said he’s doing two more years at FSU.

    Wouldn’t be on finishing anywhere near the top of the draft next year

  200. Harry Says:

    So, the bottom line is you have no “real” suggestions as to solutions to our QB situation. Yet you criticize and mock everyone else’s. Now I get it….

  201. PRBucFan Says:


  202. Harry Says:

    I agree PRB, we will be drafting around the middle next year. That is what I anticipate. And btw, not to speak for him, but I think Patrick was joking.

  203. Patrick in VA Says:

    @prbf – I stand corrected. With that silver tongue and biting wit there’s no way you weren’t fighting them off. Tell me again about your uncanny insight into the medical status of these young women based solely on the fact that you saw a picture of them. You’ve piqued my interest

  204. Buc1987 Says:

    Harry …right now BEFORE the draft and FA. I have the Bucs going 6-10 in Lovie’s first season. Too early to predict and too much to predict, when we have no 100% roster to go on. Right now, if the team stays the way it is and Glennon is the QB next year, I can predict 6-10.

    How in the hell does someone confuse me with an MGM member? Joe even did it once.

    I don’t think Glennon is the answer. I do however think he has a realistic chance to become the starter in 2014. After that I don’t know.I don’t think he makes it beyond 2014.

    In short. I think 2014 is going to be almost as shi**y as 2013. Yes PRB I’m being a negative Nancy these days.

  205. Andrew 1 Says:

    I wouldnt mind signing Josh McCown as a stop gap IF they dont like any of the top QBs in the draft.

  206. Buc1987 Says:

    Andrew 1 ahhhhh the voice of reason.

  207. Harry Says:

    Just to mention it, lets assume Winston is the next Luck, Brady, Manning (although a lot could happen in a year). We don’t need a “Brady” or a “Manning” to go to and win a SB. Seattle just proved that. We need a nasty D and a very good QB, but not the best, just very good. I think that QB is in this coming draft.

  208. PRBucFan Says:

    lol dumbass also can’t tell the difference between sarcasm/facetiousness and someone being serious.

    That’s what happens when you jump into others conversations without understanding someone’s tone throughout lol.

    Again, is that the best you got though, I’m ugly? Bwahahahaha

    Don’t bother posting anything else to me as I’m going to skip over any post you write here on out lol.

    Ahahahaha smh, wow.

  209. Harry Says:

    Patrick, you have such a smart ass attitude. I love it… lol

  210. Eric Says:

    You can’t give up because of past draft failures. A loser mentality.

    In case you haven’t noticed we’ve had busts at nearly every position on draft day, not just QB.

    Any position can bust. But we must not give up our quest.

    Could we gamble and lose? Of course. Everyone knows that. But gambling on Glennon no less of a risk.

  211. PRBucFan Says:

    Andrew1 I don’t think he’s a stop gap, I think he’s going to light it up wherever he ends up.

    But why should we get a stop gap in the first place, if they don’t think Glennon is the guy they should do whatever they can to get a guy ASAP. IMO.

  212. Buc1987 Says:

    No no no PRB and Patrick….keep this fight going. It’s entertaining ya know.

  213. Harry Says:

    Thats great Buc1987, but you did still did not answer my question. No one is going to trade away Winston. So you are not going to get him. I just wrote, we don’t need the next Manning/Brady. We just need very good, a Wilson type. How do we get that? Spend countless #2 and #3 picks for years in hope? Maybe Lovie can coach up Vick? Forget it, Now I get it… its easy to knock everyone else, when you don’t have anything to offer yourself.

  214. PRBucFan Says:

    Yes, it’s so awesome looking like an idiot when you take someone seriously whose not being the slightest bit serious Harry ;).

    Anywho, gnight peoples, watching the talking dead, twas humorous though lolz

  215. Buc1987 Says:

    Eric…that’s great. I just don’t see one there. Not one worth gambling on. You do and that’s Manziel. That’s fine. Your entitled to your opinion.

  216. PRBucFan Says:

    Peaceout 87′

    Be back tomorrow to humor you more 😉

  217. Patrick in VA Says:

    @prbf -first, what you were putting out there was unsolicited and not a conversation because there was no other side to the conversation.

    Second, you’re acting like I’m launching some sort of character assassination campaign on you with your “is that all you got” lines. I’m merely commenting within the scope of the comment that was posted by you. I suppose it does take away from the fun of being an internet troll that takes his issues out on public figures when you’re called out on it

  218. Buc1987 Says:

    PRB…I didn’t take you serious at all. It is tough on a blog to convey sarcasm though. I guess you just have to know who your talking too and their mannerisms. After almost a year now. I figured some of you people out.

  219. Harry Says:

    Is that all you got man??? Really?

    My favorite when someone writes something nasty to you is when they add “lol”

    Like: You are such an A-hole!! lol

    some ppl think its ok to write anything they want when the follow it with “LOL”

  220. Harry Says:

    don’t forget, he was knocking “bad girls”, I mean, WTF? Who does that?!?!

  221. Harry Says:

    Well, we are at 218+ blog entries. And ppl wonder why Joe posts controversial quarterback articles. Seems pretty obvious, right?

    What exactly is “controversial?” Drafting a QB in the first round when you have one that isn’t so great? What planet are you on? And explain to Joe how this post, on headlined, “Mike Glennon: No. 25” is some sort of “obvious” attempt at whatever you think is going on?–Joe

  222. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ PR

    True but our options are very limited this offseason. What I mean by stop gap is a QB who can be successfully for a maximum of 2-3 years. Wish I had a better answer but as I said our options are limited.

  223. Andrew 1 Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more then for us to get a franchise QB THIS offseason. In my excitement I even went back and watched some of the QB prospects games. The best QB that will most likely be available to us is Carr and after watching his games, due to his inability to complete passes more than 15 yards, I’m convinced that he is not the answer which is VERY disapointing but it is what it. However I have no way of knowing who the bucs favorite targets are, so I’m still optimistic.

  224. P'cola Buc Says:

    Quite the conundrum fellas. Trading up for a QB or not….the problem with making any decision is not the one you make….but giving up the choice you did not make. So let’s face the reality…..NOTHING in the draft is a guarantee. Bridgewater, Manziel, Clowney etc. included. Understanding all is gamble and being prepared that any decision may not work out. What do we want? We want to win but I think we would all like to be entertained as well. Watching our QBs has always been a “white knuckling… crossing our fingers too much experience”. I do believe that we will be drafting in the teens next year….so do we try to trade to get extra picks for next year? Or is this year our best chance to get a potential franchise QB?… Moving up and making the sacrifice to do so. Remember ALL is a gamble………what do you think?

  225. Joe Says:

    IMO it’s shameful media trying to run this kid out of town.

    No one is trying to run anyone out of town. Exactly what is wrong with having an upgrade at the most important position on the team?

    It’s pathetic how people make excuses for a guy who is the worst at his position in his division.

    Gonna guess you weren’t saying the same thing about Schiano last year, huh?

  226. BucfaninMO Says:

    IMO the real mystery in this draft is what Houston does with the first pick. McNair has stated he wants Clowney but has a new head coach who might might agree or disagree. They still have Schaub on the roster (no he’s not a FA) but fans there are calling for his release.
    Now you look at the Rams who played in the best division in the NFL and will get multiple 1st round picks for the last and next few years if we wanna trade up with them. They are a true team that is only a few players away from elite.
    Sure the Bucs “might” get their franchise QB we might have to overpay FA’s to fill the gaps or hope you hit on every draft pick.

  227. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Joe Says:
    February 10th, 2014 at 2:22 am
    It’s pathetic how people make excuses for a guy who is the worst at his position in his division.

    Kinda like how some media types have done for the last 4 1/2 years for a former 1st rounder.

  228. Harry Says:

    “What exactly is “controversial?” Drafting a QB in the first round when you have one that isn’t so great? What planet are you on? And explain to Joe how this post, on headlined, “Mike Glennon: No. 25″ is some sort of “obvious” attempt at whatever you think is going on?–Joe”

    I think you are as bad as some of the bloggers on here. Maybe you should try reading some of my other postings before you jump to conclusions. I was mocking those who comment on your “agenda” and are “tired” of this subject. Further, I also support drafting a QB in the first round. My “what seems pretty obvious” comment was related to those who complain about this topic apparently do not recognize how much interest it draws as evidenced by the number of blog entries of your readers. Funny we are on exactly the same page on all of this and you attack me. Like you say to some of us, maybe you should try reading more…

    Apparently, Joe missed your sarcasm. –Joe

  229. Patrick in VA Says:

    “What exactly is “controversial?” Drafting a QB in the first round when you have one that isn’t so great? What planet are you on? And explain to Joe how this post, on headlined, “Mike Glennon: No. 25″ is some sort of “obvious” attempt at whatever you think is going on?–Joe”

    Harry’s on your team man. If there’s anybody on the “give up every draft pick we have to get a QB” train it’s him. Seems like you’re awfully defensive lately. You mad bro?

  230. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Joe Says:
    February 10th, 2014 at 2:22 am
    It’s pathetic how people make excuses for a guy who is the worst at his position in his division.

    First off, I wouldn’t call GM a position, secondly, Dominick is gone now.

  231. Harry Says:

    You believe that crap? I got lumped into the MGM! How insulting, lol

    And the best I got out of him was: “Apparently, Joe missed your sarcasm. –Joe”. No, Joe, you read something into my post that was not there. And, as you like to tell others, you did not bother to read more to find out what the deal was.

    I find that one of the Joes is a little temperamental and writes snotty crap like that.

  232. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – Congrats man, you were elevated for a moment. Take a minute to soak it up. That funny feeling you’re experiencing is nothing to be afraid of. That’s just your brain starting to function. Once you get used to it you’ll be amazed by what you’re capable of. 😉

  233. BoJim Says:

    Did Matty-Ice make players around him better last year? Hmmm.

    Lovie wants defense. We heard him say it. I think Glennon gets another chance. I would like us to get a QB in FA or later in the draft for some competition. I think this will be the case.

  234. Harry Says:

    Actually, it was more of a nausea feeling. You know, like if you chugged a bottle of nasty booze and your brain is not functioning and you suddenly want to purge your stomach. Is that what all MGM members feel? I guess they don’t know any better.

    You are too funny man. No wonder you pissed off PRB so bad last night, lol.

  235. Harry Says:

    BoJim, you are late to the party man. Yes, Lovie is about D, but I believe he was part of the regime that gave up TWO first round picks for bratty Jay Cutler. So, he is not stupid either and therefor is not necessarily a MGM member.

  236. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – But that was after he had already established his defense in Chicago and he knew that getting a QB was the next step. He’s not that far in the process here.

  237. Harry Says:

    I think the situation is much different. One, the Bucs have more pieces in place than when Lovie went to the Bears. We have much better D players for him to work into his schemes. And the positions we are lacking in, specifically DE and nickel CB can be filled thru FA, Allen and Spillman, respectfully as examples.

    Also, Lovie spent a year off, as I have read, working on a plan to improve his offensive strategy (I am very excited about this in itself. The polar opposite of Schiano who would not deviate from his scheme to accommodate his players talents. Here is a coach at the top of his game and he is studying how to improve his weak points – this is the sign of intelligence). So I assume one of his focuses would be having the right QB. Who knows, he may feel that is MG8, or he may feel as I do and want to move up in the draft. It is really going to be telling what happens in the next few months.

  238. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    “That doesn’t make him the answer for the Bucs at QB. If Lovie thinks he is, then Joe, along with nearly all Bucs fans, will root for Glennon to be successful. -Joe”

    Remember this comment the day after the draft.

    Please do. Though you might have to wait longer until after Matt Schaub is cut, likely in June. –Joe

  239. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – alright my friend, I’ll be your huckleberry. Take me down your road and tell me which specific quarterback in this draft is going to fit into Tedford’s offensive system based on the experience they gained in their college system and their particular skill set. If we’re looking for our QB in this draft and we’re going to put it all on the table to snag our guy up, which one is such an undeniably compatible QB to our incoming offensive system that they cannot be passed up and why?

  240. Keirster Says:

    Well put Joe. I think you were spot on and did not show disdain for Glennon.

  241. Tim Says:

    As a season ticket holder who doesn’t want to spend more money on a losing season. Glennon is our best chance to win.

  242. Harry Says:

    Really? Matt Schaub? Of all that maybe available, I think he would be a disaster. After what happened to him in Houston this year I think his head will never be the same. My favorite would be Cassel. I think he did the best of the lot. But still, they are all another team’s castoffs and backups, not where I think we should aspire to be with the most important position in sports.

  243. Harry Says:

    First, let me say I am not a big follower of college football. So I go by what I read, which is bad since I am formulating my opinion based on someone else’s.

    But as I said before, the problem is the alternatives, FA and drafting a QB in later rounds, have proven to be very unsuccessful. So, the only alternative that works is a high draft choice. I would hope, that if Lovie and company see something better in the draft than MG8 that they have the balls to make the move, no matter the cost.

    That being said, my plagiarised opinion leans toward Teddy and Johnny, in that order, but close. Teddy is likely a natural, very poised, smart, athletic and a worker. Johnny is a combo of Brees and Farve (and maybe a little of Namath do to his partying); potentially scary. His size is a concern to me as well as how hard will he work to become great? But his cocksure attitude would be welcome.

    Bortles is possible, but I think he is a project. Tedford would probably do well with him, but I don’t love projects.

  244. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – Ok. And how does that fit Tedford’s offensive system?

  245. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – Ok. And how does that fit Tedford’s offensive system?

    You see what I’m getting at here right? Going with a guy simply because he’s the highest rated guy in this particular draft doesn’t mean that he’ll translate well to our system, if the NFL game at all. Giving up whatever it takes to move up to get a guy just because is desperate and we’re not near that point right now at QB. If we’ve seen Glennon in a competent coach’s system continue to struggle then we need to make a move next year. We’re not there right now.

    Also, there is plenty of value to be had in the 2nd round at QB. Snagging one of those guys would give Glennon a chance to show us what he’s got, give the new kid a season to learn the system and take over in ’15. Meanwhile, we haven’t given any picks up. If there was a round peg QB to go in our round hole offense then I say yes, go for it. But you guys are suggesting we mortgage our future based on very thin reasoning and some highlights

  246. Patrick in VA Says:

    sorry about the redundancy, the page started being screwy and I figured I’d include that part in case it didn’t go through

  247. Harry Says:

    “…Going with a guy simply because he’s the highest rated guy in this particular draft doesn’t mean that he’ll translate well to our system, if the NFL game at all. Giving up whatever it takes to move up to get a guy just because is desperate and we’re not near that point right now at QB…”

    I never said we were desperate. And, to clarify, I said I trust the power that be to make that final decision. If the QB does not fit, even if he is super talented, don’t take him. BUT, good coaches adapt their system to the player. Now not all do (ie; Schiano). A great example of this is Mike McCoy adapting his ‘system’ for Tebow (from Orton) to the point they went to the playoffs. And I think/hope Tedford is on that level

    I think Glennon has a lot of potential, maybe to be a good starting QB, certainly a very good backup. But my preference would be to stock up on this position and that we would have a lot to gain and very little to loose. If we take a Teddy/Johnny in the draft, may the best man win. I believe whoever is the backup will have an opportunity to show his skills at some point and become potential trade bait, like Cousins. And the Bucs finally get their franchise QB and we recoup some of what we spent to move up in the draft.

  248. Patrick in VA Says:

    If we were already drafting at #2 or somewhere around there I wouldn’t like it but I would be ok with drafting a QB there. If one falls to us at #7 and Clowney is already off the board then, again, I won’t like it but I would be ok with it. Trading away draft picks to move up for a guy that nobody is saying is the second coming of anything is craziness. That’s my point. I know that Glennon hasn’t proven anything yet but there were enough exceptions to the situation last year and enough questions about any potentially drafted QB coming in that it doesn’t make sense to give up anything other than a pick that we are already slotted for to get a QB.

  249. Harry Says:

    My point is I think we have seen, or come close to seeing, the ceiling in what Glennon has to offer; it would be disappointing if we had to live with that for the next several years. We are also in the best draft position we will be in for the near future, hopefully. Now is the time to fix this problem. While I am no college quarterback scout, I have no doubt Teddy/Johnny have a much higher ceiling than MG8, that I have no doubt about. If MG8 is not it, what do we do then to fix it? All other positions can be upgraded in FA, all but the QB.

    But, as you pointed out last night “…despite the heated debate I don’t think there’s been one person that has changed their stance or been influenced by anything that’s been said since the offseason started…”.

  250. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – I could not disagree more. There is no way to know what Glennon’s ceiling is right now. He was thrust in to a garbage scenario with a garbage coach and no prep time to get familiar with any of his players except Wright who he was on the practice squad with and they did really well together. When you have questionable blocking, questionable play calling, erratic at best run support, one legit receiver (that the defense is swarming to), and you’ve been thrust into a starting role after the third game then you’d have to be one of the greats to pull that off. Even the QBs that are drafted highly and start in their first year have that first off season to get acquainted with their team mates.

  251. keith119 Says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m among those who think Glennon deserves another shot at proving he’s a potential franchise quarterback. Not saying he is, but wouldn’t it make sense to at least give him a year with the O-line, Doug Martin and Mike Williams healthy? Not to mention an offensive coordinator who seems to know what he’s doing.

    I think it’s too early to make the assumption that he’s a bust or a career backup. I understand your points about his awfully low yards per completion, as well as his propensity to hold onto the ball for too long, but the fact that he threw for 19 touchdowns to just 9 interceptions (along with his performance on the road against Seattle) cannot be ignored. Tedford has a chance to help Glennon build on those positives. Who really knows what his ceiling is?

    My point is that there’s no reason to mortgage the farm in order to get a guy who by no means will be better than Glennon.

    Joe, I respect your love for Manziel (I personally would love to see us get Marcus Mariota in the next couple of years) but I don’t see his skills translating to the NFL. His “sandlot” style may work in college, but the NFL is a whole different animal. Yes, he has made strides with his ability to throw in the pocket, but not nearly enough to warrant “automatic franchise quarterback” status. I could certainly be wrong, but in my opinion the risk is too big to make an aggressive move to obtain him. If he falls to us, then fair enough, I won’t debate grabbing him.

    I could have missed it, but from reading the comments, what surprises me is that fact that everyone who doesn’t think we should draft a quarterback with the 7th overall pick fails to provide any alternative suggestions. Clowney? Mack? Barr? Matthews? I’d love to see who you all would like to have.

    Personally, I’m of the strongest belief that Sammy Watkins should be our number one priority. We could put him in the slot until either Vjax gets too old or our regime gets too sick of Williams. Give Glennon every opportunity to succeed before you cast him off, and that should include providing him with explosive weapons. If you haven’t seen Watkins play, you definitely should. He’s got the potential to be a top 3 receiver in the league.

    If he fails to deliver in 2014, then I’ll be the first to jump on the “draft a quarterback in the first round” bandwagon. But for now, let’s at least see what we’ve got with Glennon.

  252. keith119 Says:

    Correction: My point is that there’s no reason to mortgage the farm in order to get a guy who may or may not be better than Glennon.