Donald Penn “Shouldn’t” Be Cut

February 28th, 2014
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Stat geeks are in his corner

After Joe listened to and talked to both Bucs coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jason Licht last week at the NFL Scouting Combine, one thing was clear (aside from their disappointment in the shenanigans of Mike Williams): the Bucs’ offensive line must play better.

Bucs fans would agree. What was supposed to be a strength turned to a weakness last year.

Joe has a hunch that Licht will trip salaries on the offensive line. Davin Joseph should be expected to get a call to have his contract reworked, and possibly Donald Penn as well.

Joe knows there are Penn haters, and Joe isn’t sure why. The guy got little help from whoever was playing left guard to fill the void of Carl Nicks’ absence. Joe was at the Bucs-Rams game in St. Louis and thought Penn held his own against one of the best sackmeisters in the game, Robert Quinn, through the game’s first 30 minutes. Joe had his binoculars on Penn on every play in the first half. Joe can confidently say Penn is not the problem on the offensive line.

It seems the stat geeks over at Pro Football Focus agree. They too believe Penn is a competent left tackle but may be asked to redo his contract.

Donald Penn has given Tampa Bay some good years as an above average left tackle, but he’s now entering the more expensive back end of his contract. He shouldn’t be cut, but a renegotiation to ease his $8.0 million cap number makes sense.

Look, Joe likes Penn. Good dude. And, no, Joe doesn’t think that is clouding his view. Penn’s not playing like he was two years ago but he is far from the turnstile Jeremy Trueblood was.

There are three very solid tackles in the front end of the draft: Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews and Taylor Lewan. Joe would not be bummed whatsoever if Licht drafted one of those three, put said draftee at right tackle until Penn’s days with the Bucs are over, and then flipped said player to left tackle.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Penn’s end with the Bucs likely is not that far away. His contract runs out at the end of the 2015 season and he is on the wrong end of 30.

66 Responses to “Donald Penn “Shouldn’t” Be Cut”

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    Funny Joe how you expect Glennon to make EVERYBODY better but yet you use the excuse for Penn that he had little help? Comical.

    I agree that Penn should not be cut, UNLESS they have a good plan in place. As far as I’m concerned, nobody on the O-Line is untouchable.

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Couch Fan,

    Key difference is that Penn is an established NFL veteran, who has been a Pro Bowl player. The same can’t be said for Glennon. Penn had a bad year, but played at a very high level just the year prior. He has proved himself, whereas Glennon has not. Besides, Glennon plays the most important position in professional sports.

  3. gt40bear Says:

    1. Renegotiate contract. 2. Either sign upgrade in FA and shift Penn to RT or Draft one of Big 3 and let them compete @LT loser moves to RT. Dotson would then be your swing guy…instant upgrade at T.

  4. Couch Fan Says:


    I dont mind that he doesnt like Glennon that is fine. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. But at least hold everyone to the same standard.

    Penn being a veterean and Glennon being a rookie has nothing to do with the fact that Glennon is suppose to be a savior but is being made out to be some garbage player while Penn is being excused for his lousy play.

    Hold everyone accountable, not just players you clearly have a grudge against.

  5. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Average to above average products that got support here:

    Freeman (average at best, I should say)

    It’s interesting.

  6. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @Joe: Bucs cannot draft a guy that high and play him RT because they would be taking out their best O-lineman which is Dotson. I too believe Penn isn’t done. But I hope Bucs replace Davin Joseph by getting an interior lineman in the 2nd or later. Good guy, bad player.

  7. SAMCRO Says:

    The left tackle plays an important part too, that should not be taken lightly. He protects the QB’s blindside. If Penn plays like he did last year I don’t care who you put behind center they will be under constant duress.

    And Joe you are crazy if you think Penn had a decent game against Quinn. It wasn’t the guards duty to block Quinn, it was Penn’s responsibility. Three … that was 3 sacks and 5 QB pressures allowed by Penn that game. Nobody could survive that onslaught.

    I’m not saying get rid of Penn, but if I’m the Bucs I’m looking for a LT and I will restructure Penn’s contract and move him to RT. If he don’t like that then we try to trade or cut him.

  8. Capt. Tim Says:

    Here, let me explain.
    In pro football, offensive linemen play as a UNIT. 5 players working together, to defend against another unit.
    Like a chain, it is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Zuttah and Joseph were horrible. Meredith was below average. Dotson was decent.
    Penn was very good. He didn’t have a bad year. He had a bad game
    So did every player in the league.

    Glennon is NOT part of a unit. He is in control of the entire offense.
    While I agree he earned the right to compete for the job this year,
    He did nothing spectacular. More concerning, he disappeared at the end of games- where great QBs assert themselves.
    And he regressed as the season wore on. Teams figured him out, and he struggled to adjust

    Quit being his chief apologist. He showed very little. Pretty much devoid of the glimpses of greatness you expect to see.
    If he wins the job, I’ll cheer and buy his Jersey.
    But he gets a pass due to a terrible coaching staff, not because he played well

  9. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    If the Bucs keep Penn, you might as well as get Johnny Football or any other very fast QB that can run for his life.

  10. zam Says:

    More like *anti* stat geeks at pff, since each point awarded is based on a subjective grading by someone watching the play. In fact that’s the whole point of what they do, because stats often tell the wrong story.

  11. Couch Fan Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    your logic is severely flawed. Here’s how. Who blocks for Glennon?

    Go head, I’ll wait.

    Thats right. Its Donald Penn and his unit. Now you claim to be a smart guy so even you have to acknowledge that if you use the excuse that Penn had little help, you have to use that same logic to determine Glennon also have little help up front… correct?

    Or am i to assume that the O-line has absolutely nothing to do with Glennon’s play? Lol.

    Look you can try to explain your dislike for our QB in any creative way you like but just hold everyone to the same standard.

    Oh and btw. Penn had a hell of a lot more than just 1 bad game. But hey go head and be blind and make excuses for aging players who arent very good anymore.

  12. You Go Joe Says:

    Some people make it sound like Dotson can handle LT easily or drafting a rookie will work wonders for us. Penn is a above average starter that needs a paycut, now that does not mean he will be the long term solution. But for this season he can be, Dotson as LT sounds like an issue to me. It’s not like Dotson is owning at RT or above average.

    Keep Penn in and maybe draft a rookie this year or next year, again after paycut. For sure it would be pretty stupid to cut Penn and then sign Cheifs LT Branden Albert, who compares to Penn in the same value if not more expensive.

    And I will stress this, our guards are more broken than our LT or RT. Cutting Penn and not addressing the guards will be a huge mistake, before looking into the Tackles the guards need some re-working and then we can evaluate our O line.

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    Oh and btw Joe. How is it you state that people overuse the word hate when we refer to your Glennon bashing but yet It’s ok for you to use the word hate for people who think Penn isnt very good anymore?

  14. ROBERT6 Says:

    most professional peak around their mid 40’s. for players it’s much sooner, but the dynamics are the same. that point where the employer must decide:

    is his salary worth his contribution?
    what’s the upside anymore?
    is he declining?
    is he bringing something new to the table? i.e. grooming young blood, restructuring salary..other contributions.

    the answer to all those questions is negative. trade him if you can. otherwise have a replacement at the ready, treat him with some respect to keep him, penn, motivated. we don’t need some guy to take a pay cut only to come in and 1/2 ass it. he should definitely take a pay cut a well, but how that plays out is only known by penn and one buc.

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    More concerning, he disappeared at the end of games- where great QBs assert themselves.
    And he regressed as the season wore on. Teams figured him out, and he struggled to adjust

    Quit being his chief apologist. He showed very little. Pretty much devoid of the glimpses of greatness you expect to see.
    If he wins the job, I’ll cheer and buy his Jersey.
    But he gets a pass due to a terrible coaching staff, not because he played well


    First off, Penn also regressed as the season went on. He regresses every season as the season goes on but here you are being HIS apologist and making excuses for him.

    Now 2nd off, where have i said anything remotely close to being an apologist for Glennon? Only thing I’ve said is that we should hold everyone to the same standard… not nit pick and twist our opinions for 1 person then turn around and twist our opinions they exact opposite way for someone you dont like…. which is exactly what you are doing.

    Who’s the apologist again?

  16. ROBERT6 Says:

    penn is not that good anymore. I don’t care what he stats say. he’s like a big ole baked potato on French fry legs swatting at DE’s flying by him.

    no mobility anymore.

  17. Andrew 1 Says:

    At the very most, I think you can play Penn 1 more year at LT and be just ok with it If you cant find anyone better. It would be wise to start looking for his replacement now though, because I don’t think Penn has anything left in the tank after next season. The good news is that we will be freeing up a ton of cap space this off season from the offensive line. Just looking at the figures, both Penn and Joseph are the 6th highest paid players at their positions, and Nicks is the highest payed offensive guard in the entire NFL. You have to believe our organization recognizes that those three player’s play on the field does not warrant their salaries and they will do something about it.

  18. ROBERT6 Says:

    big ole cheeseburger gut and an alligator mouth that’s quickly overloading his hummingbird A$$

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    Draft a RT?

    I thought Dotson was the best performing OL on the team!

    If Penn had little help from the OG and ergo affected his play, doesn’t that ultimately affect the QB and *HIS* play?

    That said, a “franchise” OT at #1 would be fine by me. Maybe a trade of Penn for some draft choices might work, if he’s on the “downside” of his career.

  20. Capt. Tim Says:

    Penn is still a good tackle. If you actually watch a game, the way Joe discribed, then you’d know that.
    Most of the critiques of Penn have been by the clueless, who don’t think he can be any good, strictly because he wast a first round pick.

    Always amazes me, that people who know they have never paid any attention to Penn, will still show their ignorance by hating on him.

    Gotta be some miserably unhappy people

  21. WalkdaPlank Says:

    What about LG? Nicks ain’t coming back anytime soon and Jamon Meridith isn’t the answer.

  22. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Say buhbye to greg hardy suckas…

  23. deminion Says:

    im not saying its penn’s fault but glennon was under siege!!!

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is a way to get a restructured contract….talk about drafting your position and/or bringing in a known FA to replace you….talk down your play…..hammer you into submission, then restructure…..Classic Business 101.

  25. deminion Says:

    glennon was running for his life mainly from in the face pressure from Guard play we need a 2 guards bad!!!

  26. Capt. Tim Says:

    Couch- I can tell by your post, that you have never broke down a game in your life. Or played the game.
    I’m not a Glennon hater. But I haven’t seen anything out of him, to say he is anything more than a backup. I do think he is a smart guy- and know the wretched Rutgers offense didn’t help.

    But Josh Freeman did a hell of a lot more, with a hell of a lot less. His Rookie year, he was a 4th quarter specialist! And was always in the fight.

    His first two years, he showed great promise, and win 10 games with a terrible team. Glennon flashed none of that. Before Freeman’s “habits” ruined him, he showed flashes of brilliance.

    Glennon never did. He can’t throw a spiral futher than 15 yards. He basically heaves Dead ducks down to Jackson. Fortunately Jackson won the Jump balls.
    It highlighted Jackson’s skill, not Glennon.

    But I don’t hate the guy. I just don’t want to run down to OneBuc, and stand in line to slobberknobber the guy- like the MGM boys seem anxious to do

  27. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Capt. Tim

    “More concerning, he disappeared at the end of games- where great QBs assert themselves.”

    That statement right there, is the sole reason why I believe we should look at getting a QB. Its the same thing I noticed about him in college (with the exception of the FSU game). When you need the guy to come up big late in games, for whatever reason he struggles to do it. Conversely, he didn’t struggle with the deep ball in college as much as his does now. Maybe it was a result of Schiano being in his ear about not throwing picks? idk. I dont hate the guy, but I can understand it if we went with someone else at QB. If he decide he is the starter next season, I WILL be cheering him on.

  28. Mr. Patrick Says:

    When your 6’9 former basketball player RT grades out as your best O-Lineman, your entire line stinks

  29. Stu Laake Says:

    If you draft one of the 3 offensive tackles, and play them at RT, where does that put Dotson? According to the GM he is the one offensive lineman who didn’t disappoint…please expound your thought process.

  30. Couch Fan Says:

    You say Freeman did more with less his rookie season?

    Freeman had a good O-Line that year, Glennon did not.

    Joe likes to point at Freeman only having Stovall to throw to but forgets he also had Clayton and Antonio Bryant, 2 former 1000 yard receivers. Glennon had V-jax and Mike will for just a few games. I think it safe to say that the receiving core of both teams are about even.

    Freeman had Cadillac and Graham. Glennon had Doug and Mike James. I would give a slight edge to Freeman’s crew.

    Freeman had a very good Winslow. Glennon had a WR converted to TE rookie who surprised us all. I would give that to Freeman’s crew.

    So let’s see. Freeman had 3 better units. And 1 tie.

    Am I the only one who thinks Capt tim is full of crap when he says Freeman did a lot more with a lot less?

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Donald Penn played terrible last year. And yes he admitted that last year to Joe; So did Davin. And he’s terrible play was confirmed, by his horrendous sack totals (11 sacks allowed 2013).

    On April 27th the big guy will be (31). He’s not getting any younger, and the sad part about it is, that I don’t (SEE) him trying to get any better.

    Most guys when they’ve had a bad year, you can’t keep that out of team headquarters, especially when there’s a new coaching staff. They go hard in the paint the very moment their season is over. They become gym rats, hire a nutritionist, position specialist;and go at it.

    (Not in June or July, But FEB, MAR to the beginning of training camp.)

    This past offseason, Penn said he was in the best shape of his life (from a football prospective). Yet he had his worst season as a pro. As the season progressed, he regressed.

    Time to Draft or Sign(FA) His replacement.

  32. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Most guys have a bad year, you can’t keep them out of team headquarters

  33. Barry Says:

    Freeman tried to run the Hamster offense and that don’t work in the NFL

  34. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Browns acquire Revis in a trade for their first pick (they have another first round pick later). Revis is willing to rework his contract, lowering his cap hit.

    Bucs take Bortles and a tackle.

    (Dream scenario)

  35. Kevin Says:

    I don’t think Penn should be cut…..but he does need to step it back up next year for less money

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “Donald Penn played terrible last year.”

    I view it like this. The oline that on paper looked great last year barely played together due to injuries.

    So its a little hard to point fingers.

  37. stevek(MGM) Says:

    Glennlon bashing here and BucsNation.

    Love all news Bucs, but I respectfully disagree with Joe on Glennon.

    I find it comforting to know that the same segment of fans that would ride Freeman’s jock to the bitter end (Freemanites), also have the same doubt for Glennon.

    Why can Donald Penn suck, not be worth 8 million, but Glennon can’t get the same excuse?

    Those who believed in Freeman to the bitter end, are also the majority of Glennon bashers. They have their fan setting on “auto-hate”.

  38. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Couch Fan

    I don’t think anyone expected Glennon to be a savior. I think most people thought Glennon did more than they expected. I certainly fall in that category. However, we know Penn has Pro Bowl potential, because he’s actually been to a Pro Bowl. I thought last year he should have made it too. I don’t break down film, so I can honestly say how good Glennon or Penn played. I don’t know the protections, and frankly don’t know enough about the x’s and o’s of football to make an accurate analysis. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about how an offensive line works together. However, I do know that Penn is proven, and Glennon is not. I for one believe that you have to consider a player’s body of work. Some people just have bad seasons. Happens in every sport. Eli Manning was AWFUL last year. He was considerably worse than Glennon, but nobody in their right mind would take Glennon over Eli. Point is, I understand why Penn gets more of a pass than Glennon. Penn has shown us that he can be a very good player, while Glennon has shown us very little. Penn has been durable, and with the exception of last year, very reliable. I’m not sure it’s time to cut bait quite yet. And for the record, I don’t think anyone is saying Glennon should be cut either.

  39. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    **When I said last year, I obviously meant 2 years ago.

  40. buchead407 Says:

    Id take a guard over a tackle keep Penn for now it’d be awesome for nix to prove his worth but don’t see him being healthy

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Browns acquire Revis in a trade for their first pick (they have another first round pick later). Revis is willing to rework his contract, lowering his cap hit.

    Bucs take Bortles and a tackle.”


    You didn’t finish, so allow me: Bucs go back to having the worst secondary in the NFL, so now a rookie QB has to put up 30 points every game just to be competitive. He has to throw the ball 35 times a game, which allows the other team to pin their ears back and put Bortles on his arse play after play. By the end of the year, he’ll be so terrified, we’ll have David Carr 2.0.

  42. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    If you have times-Go back-and watch Donald play…smh There’s absolutely nothing positive about his play. For a guy of that size he seriously struggles to get (ANY) push off the line. I’ve seen Great tackles play with rookie quarterbacks, and below average guard play.They still did their job, they still shined.

    They don’t throw temper tantrums on the side lines….or throw a hissy fits when managements attempts to trade an adderall popping, drunk driving misfit.

    You definitely won’t hear them say …Pssss-“Hey don’t go hard in practice”-Save it for the season.WTF- Especially–not coming off not- ONE but TWO losing seasons.
    Then you give up 11 sacks…smh

    IMO-Time to Draft or Sign his replacement.

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If you have time

  44. SAMCRO Says:

    The game is won in the trenches. If you’re O-line happens to perform like choreographed bull fighters, on practically every play, then something has to be done. Sweeping it under the rug and saying it will all straighten itself out is negligent. I’m no talent scout but I didn’t see a whole lot of future pineapple-eaters, and just because you’ve been to the Pro-Bowl doesn’t actually give you an automatic exemption. This is a business. You want paid, and we want to pay you, but only for services rendered. Get us competition for Penn. It’s time to take protecting our QB’s blindside seriously. The same courtesy you would give if it were Peyton Manning.

  45. berserker Says:

    Dotson is ranked 5th for RT in the league. Better than decent. He’s fine where he’s at

  46. Capt. Tim Says:

    Again, let’s make this easy!
    Go to Freeman’s rookie year. Go to the roster.
    How many Pro bowlers? All Pros?
    When he took over from Byron” the statue” Leftwich,
    We had not won a game, and last place offense
    Freeman won games, and improved offensive standing.
    Several 4th quarter comebacks.
    Everyone was excited about the next year
    We went 10-6. Again- count the former/ current Probowlers and All pros.

    Now, let’s look at Glennons rookie year.
    How many former/ current Probowlers and all pros.
    Offense dropped in ranking.
    Finished last. . . Last
    We had 4th quarter collapses, not comebacks

    Andrew is right. The biggest concern is that Glennon disappears when the game is on the line.
    With the lead we had on Seattle, all we needed was 5 or 6 first downs
    But Glennon was the 3 and out Ninja.
    Repeatedly threw to Recievers who were short of the first down.

    The great QBs in this league OWN the 4th quarter.
    Being the invisible QB after Halftime does not inspire optimism.

    I know those are facts, which are the most hated post by the Glennon mob boys. I know they prefer to hijack every post, regurgitating favorable stats like a Washington spin Doctor. We all get it. We know that, for whatever reason, you guys are all lovey dovey about Glennon.
    It would be great if you are right.i stopped posting bad nicknames about him, and thought he played hard, smart Football.
    It’s really Smart. But so was Einstein- and he was a lousy QB!

    Really hope you mobbers are right. But I just don’t see it

  47. Drew H. Says:

    NFL JUST RAISED THE SALARY CAP FOR 2014 BY $10 MILLION. Updates on this?

  48. Drew H. Says:

    good post cpt. tim.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Competition is coming.

  50. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    It wasn’t the fact that Glennon disappeared, with the game on the line.

    Schiano became Ultra conservative. Play calling became extremely predictable. Inexperienced receivers, couldn’t get open. Outside of dump offs, there’s no intermediate routs/quick slants for receivers etc etc etc. No second half adjustment what so ever.

    The kid played a brilliant game in Seattle.

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hope Jason Licht trades as many of these clowns as possible. We can’t win with average. Just blow the whole damn thing up, keep a handful of players and trade or cut the rest.

    I’ll keep you until I can replace you. The current roster obviously isn’t a winning formula which includes the entire excuse for an offensive line.

    Thanks guys, appreciate your effort but seeya.

  52. BigMacAttack Says:

    And Glennon sucks!

  53. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Drats, Greg Hardy got the Tag. I was hoping they would cut him, but I knew it was a pipe dream.

    Now that they applied the tag, anyone know of a good player that will be cut?

    Steve Smith would make a great slot WR these days.

  54. jr Says:

    Joe just don’t know. Glennon is a gamer. He will throw 25 tds this year. Bucs go 10-6. Playoffs. Doug does the dougie. It’s all good. Go bucs!!

  55. Andrew 1 Says:


    you’re right, the offensive play calling in some of the games was ultra conservative, and the Seattle game was a perfect example of that. And, I’d also like to be more specific, it’s not that Glennon completely disappears towards the end of the game, because when you need that touchdown to win the game he WILL put together a solid drive to get you down there, but when it comes to actually scoring that touchdown to win the game… he by and large fails to deliver, and that’s on him. I dont want to say he chokes, that’s not the word I’m looking for, but it is along those same lines. Look, I loved the fact that we drafted him, if my memory serves me I think I even went so far as to say he was our best draft pick when every else was saying hes sucked ( I though Gholston was our second best pick, I wasnt to high on Banks back then but he did surprise me). I was wiling to overlook that detail because I though maybe he would somehow improve upon it, but up to this point it hasnt happened. But I digress, If the bucs think he is good enough to be our starting QB, then Im on board. After all, they know way more about this stuff then I do.

  56. gotbbucs Says:

    Left Tackle is a position that for the most part, you need to draft in the 1st round. Not many of them slip through the cracks and not many of them ever hit the open market. Look around the league.
    Penn has at the very most, one or two years left. If Mathews or Robinson is there it’s a done deal. I would trade up a couple picks for either one if it doesn’t look like they are going to fall. I could care less how anybody feels that Dotson played this year, the rookie steps in day one at RT Tackle while Penn plays out his last good year. Dotson is still developing and should be a swing for a couple more years.
    If Licht said that he liked Dotson then it was an obvious smoke screen.

  57. Joe Says:

    And Joe you are crazy if you think Penn had a decent game against Quinn. It wasn’t the guards duty to block Quinn, it was Penn’s responsibility. Three … that was 3 sacks and 5 QB pressures allowed by Penn that game. Nobody could survive that onslaught.

    Whoops. Someone is just looking at the box score. Caught ya!

    Joe has his binoculars on Penn every play in the first half. One sack in the first half Penn gave up. Penn very much held his own against Quinn (pop quiz: when did the other two sacks come?). Just to make sure Joe was not seeing things, he asked three other writers who were there about Penn’s game. They all agreed with Joe. Penn was hardly the problem.

    But those watching on TV thought Penn was getting worked over. Odd.

  58. Capt. Tim Says:

    Drew- thank you

    Penn is a good LT
    But I agree he should go

    If we draft a rookie QB, or if Glennon rises up.
    Penn will be in Decline, when the Team should start to rise.

    He has trade Value. Trade him to a contender, and let him chase a ring.
    We either get a young LT in first round this year, or sign a stop gap like Albert. And draft a LT next year.

    You really want your QB and LT to grow together. Hopefully they will both peak at same time.

  59. Mr. Patrick Says:

    As bad as the tackles were last year, the interior was worse. That’s where I hope the Bucs focus first.

  60. Brandon Says:

    The best LT on the roster is Dotson. He has the requisite frame, athleticism, and feet to be a stud. He is a bit on the lean side to ever be great at RT, but Penn is built and better suited for RT anyway.

  61. aztech Says:

    Penn had some bad games and some good ones. But why cut him? Rework his contract to be more team friendly. Bring in some competion and let the best man win. If Penn doesnt win he can be a real good backup left tackle for us. I dont see why people hate on the guy? He’s been a better than decent player who can still contribute to the team. I’m not ready to throw away Glennon either. He could still prove the naysayers wrong or right. bring in some comp for him too and if he beats everyone out great and if not he could be good depth too which this team also needs. Davin had a bad year coming off a bad knee injury. Rework his contract too and he could be good depth if comp beats him out too. Why do so many people want to dump long time players who have performed? Its not just about the guys who start. If they arent good enough too stsrt anymore they can provide the bavkup we need when an injury to the starter happens.

  62. BoJim Says:

    Capt. Tim Said:

    “Andrew is right. The biggest concern is that Glennon disappears when the game is on the line.
    With the lead we had on Seattle, all we needed was 5 or 6 first downs
    But Glennon was the 3 and out Ninja.
    Repeatedly threw to Recievers who were short of the first down.

    The great QBs in this league OWN the 4th quarter.
    Being the invisible QB after Halftime does not inspire optimism.”

    Hmmm. Maybe the defense could’ve helped out???
    “Great QB’s own the fourth quarter.” What rookie QB in the NFL past owned the 4th?

    The Glennon mob boys? Ha. How bout the Glennon haters. Guess they’re cool and know more than the HC.

    Oh. And HS football doesn’t count. .

  63. gotbbucs Says:

    Brandon Says:
    March 1st, 2014 at 12:04 am
    “The best LT on the roster is Dotson. He has the requisite frame, athleticism, and feet to be a stud. He is a bit on the lean side to ever be great at RT, but Penn is built and better suited for RT anyway.”

    Dotson has probably only played a handful of snaps at LT in a real game. You really want to put all your eggs in that basket? If that’s the plan, then this front office may as well not bother getting fully unpacked.

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    “Hmmm. Maybe the defense could’ve helped out???”

    BoJim…the defense helped out plenty. The Bucs were ranked like 5th in the NFL in takeways. What more do you want the D to do, score TD’s for the offense too?

  65. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cut em all and let Godell sort em out.

  66. Capt. Tim Says:

    Dotson actually played pretty well.
    But speed rushers eat him up. That’s why they put a TE next to him.
    Thankfully, not to many RDEs are speed guys- most are run defenders and null rushers.

    If you put Dotson at LT, you’ll be asking two questions
    1) why are we on our 6th QB, when’s it’s only week 4
    2) who do we pummel for letting Donald Penn go, and how can we get him back!