Bullish On Michael Vick

February 14th, 2014

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If one is to read the tea leaves and read the smoke coming from One Buc Palace, at the very least the Bucs will pursue a quarterback to compete with Mike Glennon. Joe has no issue with that at all. Competition, as former Bucs commander Greg Schiano preached, is always good.

For Tampa Bay Times sports scribe Tom Jones, that competition comes in the form of free agent southpaw Michael Vick. Jones believes the Bucs not just should sign Vick, but before dusk sets on March 11, the first day of free agency, Vick should be breaking down tape with Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford at One Buc Palace.

But if you’re the Bucs, you could use talent anywhere you can find it. If you’re the Bucs, you need to take some chances.

If you’re the Bucs, you should just do it.

Sign Michael Vick.

Unless the Bucs draft a quarterback in the first round, yes, Joe must agree with Jones, but the draft is in May. Jones also takes a compelling stand saying if Vick is signed, the Bucs will not draft a quarterback in the first round. In his words, you don’t draft a guy seventh overall to take notes and wear an earpiece on the sidelines nursing hangovers in the brutal Florida sun.

Now, this is where it gets hairy for the Mike Glennon Mob and Joe advises, for their sake, to click on another story right now to prevent their blood pressure from hitting the ceiling. Jones cannot envision a bright Bucs future with Glennon as the starting signal-caller.

But, as far as Glennon goes, I still just don’t see it. I never saw that magic moment, that flash of brilliance that convinced me he can be a future star. Frankly, he looks like a career backup.

Joe is pretty much in the same boat. For the Mike Glennon Mob, Joe really wants to see what you see in the man, aside from maybe five possessions (in 13 starts). Joe really wants to catch what he is missing in Glennon.

This much you can take to the bank: If Glennon starts this season and ever made a Pro Bowl with the Bucs, then Joe would happily buy his jersey — just like the wager Joe proposed when leaky Rip Van Freeman was starting.

100 Responses to “Bullish On Michael Vick”

  1. Brandon Says:

    but before dawn sets on March 11, the first day of the draft,


    Slight error there, Joe. March 11 is the start of the new league year, the draft isn’t until May.

    Joe edited that and changed to dusk from an earlier version of the post. You caught Joe before he could get to it. –Joe

  2. biggun Says:

    So if Vick does come to Tampa he’ll need a new number… or should we strip that away from Glennon too?

  3. Brandon Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we signed a free agent AND drafted a QB. It’s been done before when the Bucs signed Leftwich and drafted Freeman… brilliant moves, both of them. But other teams do the same, the Seahawks did it recently when they signed Matt Flynn then let the guy they wanted in round 1 (according to Pete Carroll) slide to round 3 before they pounced. It’s not unprecedented and could be quite useful to throw other teams off our scent.

  4. Brandon Says:

    biggun Says:

    So if Vick does come to Tampa he’ll need a new number… or should we strip that away from Glennon too?

    So you Glennon Mobsters think Glennon has the rights to “8” and “7”?

  5. Jon Says:

    Vick is #7 not #8 do if you paid attention you would know that. I agree with joe on this one. Anyone would be better than glennon. Ya we maybe a little harsh on the guy since it was his rookie season and everything, but always throwing the check down doesn’t excite the fans or analysts. Thus, making glennon looking like a good 2nd string qb. I believe we should take Vick and draft Watkins then next year pick up Winston from fsu. Now that guy is a freak of nature. That guy is a qb who can lead his team to victory and makes te players around him better. Can we say that about glennon?

  6. biggun Says:

    No just saying silly sh$t like everyone else…. every artical that mentions Glennon has no less that 50 responses just making sure that stat holds 😉 hey when the dust settles I just want a winning team… that’s what the pro’s suppose to deliver! We can have an opinion but we’re not the pro’s that our check depends on the disision in this matter.

  7. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    Vick would be the worst Qb in the division. How can the Bucs compete with the worst Qb in the division. Bringing in Vick IF he beat out MG8 would be a huge waste of time.

  8. rhenry Says:

    No way the Glazers allow Lovie to sign a washed up ex convict to lead their team no matter what uncle Dungy says.

  9. PRBucFan Says:

    Josh McCown is a much better QB sign than the runner who attempted and failed at pocket passser

  10. Chef Paul Says:

    Vick is a one trick pony with three bad legs. He’s too old to do his one trick any more. He’s too fragile to handle that one trick any more. He’s like Pamela Anderson when she aged. Her looks left and she has nothing left to offer. He’s a bum!! He’s washed up. He has no drive unless he is fighting for a starting job. As soon as he gets it, his work ethic drops to the lows of a Wal-Mart cashier. Forget Glennon, and forget the dogs. Take those out of the equation and he’s still a washed up, one trick pony, bum with no work ethic.

  11. biggun Says:

    The only reason I read articles here or post here is the fact that the official Buccaneers message board was taken down what 5 years maybe 6 years ago I’m still waiting for that come back, remember for a long time there use to be a link and a banner that said “all-new NFL message board will be returning haha…. anyhow opinions are like aholes everyones got one most of them stink. I really do think that the Glazers were catching so much heat back then that they had it pulled that’s my conspiracy theory 😉

  12. JA Says:

    I am not a Glennon supporter but if it were between him and Vick, I would take Glennon all the way. Have any of the Vick supporters actually watched him play the past couple of years? A move toward Vick would put that wedge back between the Bucs and fans that we thought left town with the Rutgers coach.

  13. DallasBuc Says:

    Michael Vick gives us a chance to win every Sunday. You don’t get that same confidence from Glennon. Sign him!
    Now, it still doesn’t mean you don’t draft a QB high. If it is a 1st round franchise QB then he and Vick should be ready to compete to start. It’s not about having your guy start, it’s about best player to help us win. Go bucs!

  14. scotty Says:

    let’s go after mcCown he’s a way better passer and would demand less money.vick should be a jet or raider.

  15. flmike...hates Johnny Football Says:

    Nancy Reagan Says….

    Just Say No to Vick….

  16. Meh Says:

    Please no Vick, please.


  17. Chef Paul Says:

    GMC and Revis will be even better with better coaching. Clayborn, Bowers, Spence, Banks gets benefit of the doubt from bad coaching. Glennon? Oh he’s a different animal. He’s supposed to come in as a rookie and grab the NFL by the ears and f*ck it in the arse despite the coaching. He’s supposed to make everyone around him better despite being a rookie and having poor coaching. Why? Because it’s the most important position in the NFL.

    To me that’s like hating on the President for not ending world hunger, and not bringing world peace on his first day on the job, because it’s the most important job in the nation.

  18. DallasBuc Says:

    Ok chef, are you against him having to compete with either a vet like Vick or a rookie like Manziel….or both in order to start for this team?

  19. bwf921 Says:

    If the Glaziers are planning on trading and spending their way to the #1 or #2 pick then I see no reason to bring Vick here. Now if they plan on staying put at 7 and drafting a Garrapolo, which I would like, I think that Vick would be a good addition. We would have two young QB’s and he is a veteran, could help them learn and also keep them out of jail. Either way Glennon is not going to be the guy. If he is the starter week 1 I am very much NOT looking forward tp this season.

  20. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    After thinking about this, If the Bucs sign and start Vick, I will not watch how ever many games he plays until injury. The Bucs can waste there time, But I will not waste my time watching them waste time. If some of you think that signing vick is exciting, fine, enjoy 4th place in the division.

  21. Chef Paul Says:


    No, I’m not against competition at all. I’m just against Vick, and maybe a few others. I’m against not giving Glennon the benefit of the doubt from poor coaching. If Manzeil or Bridgewater is there at 7 and we take him, I’ll be totally fine with that. I would prefer an O-lineman, but I’d be completely fine if they went QB instead.

  22. DallasBuc Says:

    Ok so you just don’t like Vick even if he were to be signed and win the starting job. Got it buc fans…it’s all about your guy and not the best guy at the position!

  23. Chef Paul Says:

    Yup, that’s exactly what I said. I’m impressed you could decipher that through all the words that didn’t say that. Very impressive

  24. Chris Says:

    Signing Vick is a waste. Not only is he injury prone but prone to TOs. Not very accurate and is nothing of his former playmaking self.

  25. jANET Says:

    If they bring in the DOG KILLER , all BUC games will be banned to me. I can’t even believe they are considering this move.

  26. jdog Says:

    I will not watch one game if Michael Vick comes here I promise you that!!!!

  27. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Here’s another Tom Jones headline, from December 2012:

    “Bucs should sign QB Josh Freeman to long-term extension now”

    Any moron can write an article. Vick sucks.

  28. DallasBuc Says:

    Chef…”I’m just against Vick”, “…I’m against not giving Glennon the benefit of the doubt”
    Right, and I am the one with the reading comprehension issues?
    Want to remind you that a rookie HC started Vick through competition last offseason to run his high velocity offense and only lost his job to injury. Playoff coach I remind you

  29. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Hmm, my comment is awaiting moderation for some reason. I will alter a few words:

    Here’s another T_om Jones headline, from D_ecember 2012:

    “Bucs should sign QB J_osh F_reeman to long-term extension now”

    Any maroon can write an article. V_ick s_ucks.

  30. Chef Paul Says:

    Let me explain it another way. If we get a QB and he beats out Glennon, I’m fine with that. Glennon is not my guy. I wont be banging my fists on the table. I’m against Vick because I think if he comes in and wins the starting job, his work ethic will drop like a stone. He just doesn’t play well after he has the starting job. It’s routine for him any more. And I’m against Vick because if Glennon wins the starting job, every time he throws a pick, we’ll have to hear people clamoring for Vick to start.

    Basically, I just don’t think Vick has anything left. If we get him weather he wins the starting job or not, I’ll support him.

  31. Chump Says:

    Jones also STRONGLY opined last off season that the Bucs NEED to sign Josh Freeman to a multi-year $100million contract!! Also….HIDE YOUR DOGS!!

  32. Chris Says:

    Vick has a lot of deficiancies. He’s still not a developed passer. He can make the deep ball go but he’s inaccurate. He’s prone to TOs. And he’s injury prone.

  33. sho-nuff Says:

    why not….this team could use another sociopath…just another reason NOT to waste a good day off in beautiful florida

  34. Sapp, STFU Says:

    Vick is a safe bet. He’s not your long-term answer. If he doesn’t work out, cut him. Bring him in, draft a QB prospect and let Glennon compete. We’d rather have too many resources at QB then gamble on just one option.

    And for those ‘fans’ who threaten to vacate the Bucs if they sign Vick. . . go. And take your useless moral opinions with you. If you are hoping to visit RJ Stadium and get positive moral values, wait for the Jimmy Graham tour.

  35. dee Says:

    What kind of fan that won’t watch his team because they sign a player what a joke.

  36. Chris Says:

    Going the washed up veteran route is dumb unless it’s Arizona last year when there was actually no developmental qb starters to take in the draft.

    Glennon is a back up. I have 8 guys in this draft who are solid to elite caliber starters.

    – Teddy bridgewater

    Very good starting potential-(they have upside)
    – Johnny Manziel
    – Blake bortles
    – Derek Carr
    – Jimmy Garrapolo
    – Brett smith
    – Aaron Murray

    Murray is interesting. If he were 6’2-3 or higher he’d be a first round talent.

  37. Captain Jack Says:

    Vick doesn’t want to compete for a starting job, he wants to be named the starter once he signs a contract. He even said that in a recent interview! He is an injury prone, turnover machine who’s best days are behind him. Plus, he will want starter’s money, $5 – 6 million a season and he isn’t signing a one year deal! Pass on this guy!!! Don’t need the baggage that comes with him either.

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Chef Paul Says
    “GMC and Revis will be even better with better coaching. Clayborn, Bowers, Spence, Banks gets benefit of the doubt from bad coaching. Glennon? Oh he’s a different animal.”

    Ahhhh…look closely at what you said there. Everyone but Glennon is defense. So yeah…he IS a different animal.

  39. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So now my comments are under moderation. No cursing. What the deal? Am I not allowed to reference this guy’s other football opinions?

  40. Chef Paul Says:


    I should also add, I don’t necessarily think the new regime should give Glennon the benefit of the doubt. If they released Glennon today I would support that, because that is what they get paid for and I have faith in Tedfords analysis of the QB. It’s just this time of year with us fans, that are ignorant. And we are. As hard as it is for the experts to accurately judge a QB, it’s impossible for us. I just think us fans should be giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  41. Chef Paul Says:

    Your right Bonzai. And Schiano is a defense coach. So if his defense can improve from better coaching, doesn’t it make sense his offense will too?

  42. Lunatic Says:

    @ The_Buc_Realist
    The Bucs already have the worst QB in the division!

  43. joseph mamma Says:

    Tom Jones wrote an article in 2012, that the Buc’s brass should sign Freeman immediately to a 100 million dollar contract or whatever it takes. Because he had that it factor I suppose. Haaaahaaahaaahhaaaahhaaa!!! Why didn’t we interview him for GM. Hahhhaaahhaaaahahh!

  44. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I said the same thing Jomamma, but, I got caught in the moderation web.

  45. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’ve made my opinion known. Vick equals 4 fewer season tickets in my house.

    Reasons not to get Vick:

    – Tedford is going to want a mobile QB because he’s coming from the college ranks where QBs scramble a lot. If Vick were here, he would get injured quickly.

    – Tampa is prone to injuring players. The LAST thing we should do is bring in an injury prone player…the two won’t mix well.

    – The public relations result would be a nightmare. I doubt I would be the only season ticket holder to not renew.

    I’m not totally sold on Tedford, not even close. He’s an NFL virgin. He comes from college where most QBs scramble a lot. He’s inexperienced working with veterans (wasn’t that a complaint with Schiano?) And I don’t buy the myth that he is a QB guru.

    To me, Tedford might be able to groom a rookie QB or a guy like Glennon, but developing a pro nfl offense as well? I don’t buy it.

    And I hated the idea of hiring Frazier too. I understand it because Rod was not available, but I would not be surprised if Rod comes in as Asst Head Coach when he gets away from Dallas.

    Frazier would have to be a twit to fail with our developing defense, so I doubt he will get fired. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll be offered another HC job next year, opening the door for Rod.

    Back to Tedford, the one bright thing I see if he is successful is that he probably won’t get hired as a NFL HC in his first 3 years. Being so new to the NFL, he would likely refuse all offers until he has more exposure to the way things work.

  46. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Chef Paul, no, not really. Especially since Schiano isn’t here 😉

  47. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m all for Glennon having some competition but I would rather see McCown or a draft pick.
    Wouldn’t it be odd if we had two FA QBs from Philadelphia…..Somehow, I don’t think we go for Vick….
    This could be another smokescreen.

  48. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I believe the best vet to bring in would be Mark Sanchez. I know, the overall feeling on him is “dud”, but hear me out.

    He would not be brought in to start. Glennon would still be starting unless he really blows it. Sanchez made it one game away from the Superbowl (I think; its morning so bare with me). His experience could help Glennon.

    And if Glennon isn’t as good as the MGM hopes, at least we will have a vet that has the potential to turn his career around in a new environment.

    EVERYONE knows QBs don’t win Superbowls with the Jets these days. Not even Vinnie could get it done in his best years. Favre? Nope. The Jets are a joke and getting away might be just what Sanchez needs.

    And I fully expect him to hit the market…soon.

    He would be a better option than any other vet out there. He can pocket pass and he can scramble if needed.

  49. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    McCown is not the answer either. Too many people buy into him because he’s had one good season his entire career, and it just happened to be last season. He’s been invisible his entire career for a reason.

    Buying into players like that is dangerous.

  50. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Either gonna be us or the Raiders

  51. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On another topic, Bucs are rumored to be considering Nate Burleson at WR. While he is 32 and not a permanent solution, I still think it is a good idea.

    He would be an Ike Hilliard type of signing. Good hands for in the middle.

  52. RCHhttp://www.dolmanlaw.com/ Says:

    Let’s get Vick, draft a QB, and kick the tires on Tebow. Let’s get this party started lol. No seriously If we could get Vick at the right price I say do it and if one of the top 3 QB’s fall to us we should do that too. It would be a crime if we didn’t. Vick would be a good safety net to push Glennon because there is no guarantee we will get one of the top 3 QB’s in the draft. IMO we are not upgrading at QB if we don’t draft one of the top 3 QB’s which is why Vick could make sense.

  53. RCH Says:

    Let’s get Vick, draft a QB, and kick the tires on Tebow. Let’s get this party started lol. No seriously If we could get Vick at the right price I say do it and if one of the top 3 QB’s fall to us we should do that too. It would be a crime if we didn’t. Vick would be a good safety net to push Glennon because there is no guarantee we will get one of the top 3 QB’s in the draft. IMO we are not upgrading at QB if we don’t draft one of the top 3 QB’s which is why Vick could make sense.

  54. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I agree with BucsFaninChina…I think the Raiders make a play for Vick big time! I just don’t see Vick as a fit in Tampa. However I think Matt Schaub could be an interesting choice. The Texans will probably release him soon (They owe him $11m if he’s on the roster this year). I know he had a miserable season last year, but he has shown that he can be an effective passer and he’s got tons of NFL game experience. Bring him in to compete with MG8, trade down in the draft to pick up an extra 2nd round pick, then get Ebron in round 1, G Jackson and Dee Ford in round 2….that would make this team instantly better!

  55. Rich Says:

    My ideal scenario before the draft would be:
    1st – Trade a 1st round pick for Greg Hardy preferably in 2015
    2nd – Gage Michael Bennett’s interest if affordable
    3rd – If Bennett is signed cut Bowers immediately
    4th- Add Asante Samuel and make him the 3rd CB for slot receivers
    5th – Sign Jared Allen to FA deal
    6th – sign Michael Vick to COMPETE-If Gelnnon is the man the the back-up is irrelvant.
    7th – Trade down in the 1st with AZ and include Darly Washington in the deal and move Mason Foster to the outside and let Daryl control the middle
    Focus 2014 draft on Slot Receivers, O-Linemen, TEs, CBs, and a late round QB

  56. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Just don’t think Vick will be successful in Tedford’s offense. I wouldn’t lose sleep if Vick came to Tampa, he lost out to 3rd rounder Nick Foles he could certainly lose out to Glennon. Obviously not a long term answer and as Joe notoriously says you can’t win a Super Bowl with the worst QB in the division, which Vick would be.

  57. GoNoles Says:

    Man there are a bunch of nerds on here…Oh Joe, they caught you making a simple mistake in your writing!! Ooooh Noooo! Glennon deserves at least a pass for horrible coaching just like the rest of the team. Only Tom Brady could look brilliant with only one good receiver so to expect a rookie to look brilliant with only one true offensive weapon is ridiculous. If they bring in Vick it is to just help Glennon along and to help us win right now (Glennon still being the future).

  58. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    This Michael Vick is far from the feared Mike Vick, of the past.
    I would rather see Mark Sanchez here.

  59. Harry Says:

    I don’t like the idea of signing Vick for the same reason the MGM should be happy the Bucs might sign Vick. Why would you sign a player who you can absolutely bet money on that he will be injured at some point. Unless of course the coaches do not expect him to be the starter… and that does not make sense either.

    Not only will Vick get hurt, I don’t think he is at all the player he once was. I would prefer McCown, or Cassel over Vick. And NO WAY they will also ‘invest’ in the QB position by drafting a QB; not with the few picks we have and what all we need. By spending so much on Vick, they will not be able to sign much in FA… I really don’t like this move.

  60. bowtie502 Says:

    we suck that bad at that position that that we need a guy who could never hit the side of a barn…and he carries the pigskin around like a loaf of bread?PASS

  61. Eric Says:

    Wait for Matt Schaub.

    Dude had two near 5000 seasons.

    Vick is not the Vick of old. And I question his impact on the locker room with a young team.

  62. Harry Says:

    @BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    “…On another topic, Bucs are rumored to be considering Nate Burleson at WR. While he is 32 and not a permanent solution, I still think it is a good idea.

    He would be an Ike Hilliard type of signing. Good hands for in the middle.”

    Funny, I was thinking this is like signing Hillard before I finished reading your post. I agree, should not cost much and might be a good short term solution.

  63. Harry Says:

    I don’t like Schaub. He was once very good, thats not the issue. I think last year scrambled his brains, like Freeman lost it last year. I think he is mentally weak and cannot recover from what he went thru last year.

  64. SAMCRO Says:

    Yeah I think that’s a great ideal, sign “Mr. Fumble” with our offensive offensive line.

  65. Eric Says:

    People do rebound. Not like the Texans played well around him.

    Better choice than Vick.

    Might be a Rich Gannon type, especially with Tedford’s guidance.

  66. Harry Says:

    You can’t “trade for Greg Hardy” – he is a FA this year

    Signing Bennett, Allen and Vick would likely go way over the salary cap

    And why cut Bowers? Granted he sucks, but he is still on his rookie contract and therefor not all that expensive – there is a chance, slim as it is, he makes good this season.

  67. Harry Says:

    I would be concerned about Schaub’s confidence. They tried to put him back in at starter and he just seemed like he melted down. Confidence is important at that position, and to me it looked like his is gone. Otherwise, I would also prefer him over Vick.

  68. John Says:

    Here we go on the QB bandwagon again. Sounds like that is the ONLY position that matters. Come on Joe give it a rest.
    Teams can win without being the best QB in division.
    Come on Joe, open your mind. 53 makes a team, not 1.
    Remember defense might seems to be the teams new direction.

    But Let’s talk QB again and again and again.

    I’m getting tired of this, time to find other opinions and media that can be a little more open to all things football not just the QB.

  69. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Hey Joe, wheres your witty nickname for Michael Vick?

    maybe I can help out. how about “K9 Killa Michael Vick”, or perhaps “Dog Whisperer Mike Vick”. Maybe “Mans Best Friend’s Worst Enemy, Michael Vick”?

  70. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    maybe “The only NFL QB to be sentence to a 3 year prison term for animal abuse, Michael Vick”

  71. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Signing Vick would be a very controversial move by the Bucs when they are at a time when everyone is optimistic about the team now with Lovie and the new regime, and I just don’t think they want to do that. It will however show how much pull that Tony Dungy has with Lovie. Just a bad move for the Bucs from every angle

  72. Harry Says:

    @BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    “…I’m not totally sold on Tedford, not even close. He’s an NFL virgin…”

    I agree. In the beginning I was excited bc it seemed like Lovie really researched this. But a big red flag to me was the hiring of Arroyo (QB Coach) and Hayes-Stoker (WR Coach), both rookies to the NFL. My point is, with Tedford having no NFL experience, would you really want to have two important assistants who also have no NFL experience? When you are putting your offense together, how can scrutiny be provided as to what will work against an NFL defense and what won’t?

  73. Gt40bear Says:

    Arguments for additional QB’s Glennon didn’t show “it” last year as a rookie with a crap O-Line, marginal/bad talent around him and a pee wee league system/play-caller. Arguments against signing Vick…1. Can’t stay healthy (1 16 game season in entire career), 2. Lovie wants a QB that takes care of the ball…has no one noticed that Vick is a turnover machine?, 3. He’s old, 4. The Bucs lose the PR battle by signing a convicted animal abuser…yeah I know he did his time but fans will still judge. Personally I think that ledger says you keep Glennon and sign another veteran QB to push/mentor him (someone better than they have now). If Glennon is NOT the man, let him prove it.

  74. Buc'nRight Says:

    Just the possibility of seeing a quarterback that can extend a play, is gratification in itself…People a buccaneer quarterback was sacked 47 times last year…..yes 47 times and as all fans it had to drive you crazy as it did myself. Taking a sack is only good if you are physically incapable of escaping, so I don’t understand how a true fan can not support the possibility of winning even if it means letting Vick get a shot at making plays. We haven’t watched a post season football game since 2007 and by the way do you remember who had us there…Jeff Garcia which was under the same fire as vick and just as similar of a player, A two headed monster offense is the way of times now and we made a huge coach change why not score some points. Stallion>Statue

  75. buc89 Says:

    Trade Glennon to the browns for their first round pick. Schiano will pay a kings ransom to have his “Golden Child” back

  76. Sapp, STFU Says:

    We aren’t getting a free agent QB that is better than Brees, Ryan or Cam. Our only chance is to put something competitive onthe field while we develop our own. Even if we drafted Bridgewater, he ain’t competing this year. So we need a veteran to compete for the starting role.

    This isn’t rocket science. Oh wait, I forgot, this is armchair management at its best.

  77. Sapp, STFU Says:

    BTW, it appears Profootball Talk blocked me. I can’t post that Incognito is the Terrell Owens of linemen.

  78. BirdDoggers Says:

    Vick is not a long term solution. He might not be the solution for one full season considering his injury history. Even if Vick is signed, it shouldn’t prevent the Bucs from drafting a QB in the first round. As long as it’s the right QB for the job.

  79. chef paul Says:


    I got blocked there too. I’ve made about 4 comments on that sight in my life. They just happened to block me when I brought up T.O.

    They must have a thing for him

  80. Joe Says:

    Vick would be the worst Qb in the division.

    Can’t disagree.

  81. Buc1987 Says:

    Tom Jones is a jackass.

  82. Clowney Says:

    ” then next year pick up Winston from fsu. Now that guy is a freak of nature”

    I would assume that Famous Jameis is taking some mathematics courses in Tallahassee.

    Now would he choose a $40 million signing bonus from the Yankees or a 4 year $18 contract from a football team?

    Would he risk multiple concussions and future brain disease from the NFL over altitude sickness from the Yankee Stadium mound?

    Would he get more endorsement money, commercials and fame from the NYC media or Tampa/St Pete?

  83. Clowney Says:

    $18 million

  84. Buc1987 Says:

    The question is who sucks more Tom Jones as a writer or Michael Vick as a QB?

    I know, I know that’s a tough one.

  85. Buc1987 Says:

    Jameis Winston : * Drafted in the 15th round of the 2012 MLB Draft by the Texas Rangers.

  86. Joe Says:


    Joe doesn’t think there was anything humorous about that episode. It was disgusting and it cost Vick tens of millions of dollars and years off his life. The man paid his debt to society; spent time in the hole.

    Page turned.

  87. Joe Says:

    Jameis Winston : * Drafted in the 15th round of the 2012 MLB Draft by the Texas Rangers.

    It is starting to look like he may go baseball. Potentially more cash and far, far less punishment on the body. Of course, if he went two-sport, already being a Heisman Trophy winner, he could make untold boatloads of cash decades from now.

    Bo Jackson hasn’t played anything in, what, 20 years? And he is still on NIKE’s payroll.

  88. Capt. Tim Says:

    No rush to sign Vick. You can sign him the day before the season opener! He can learn the scheme, while he rest in the trainer’s office- getting treated for whatever little ding he says prevents him from playing.

    Glennon is better than Vick. Right now. Today. Last season. Whenever.
    I would start Glennon over Vick, even if Glennon spent all off season in bars and picked up some of Freeman’s “habits”

    Vick is a “never was”. He was was hyped and praised for being a skinny, fragile Running back. He never possessed any QB skills.

    I don’t know if Glennon can be the man. But he is intelligent, and made very few Bad decisions. He didn’t give the ball away.
    That’s the first thing a rookie MUST learn.
    Glennon got it.
    11 years- Vick still hasn’t got it

  89. PRBucFan Says:

    Tedford will excel at developing and NFL offense just you wait Bonzai lol

  90. $acbuc$ Says:

    All this Buccaneer man stuff is why we missed out on Beastmode when he was a problem in buffalo. We shooda got Vick when he got out of prison. Now its to dam late! The sooner we kill that Buccaneer Men Shhhh the better our team will get.

  91. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh well Joe as a big Noles fan I will gladly except Winston’s decision to stay in school for another 2 more years. No wonder his back up is looking to transfer.

    “We ain’t leaving without a victory. We ain’t leaving without a victory. So y’all. Hey, my brothers, put a smile on your face. OK. Because Florida State, if we going to do it then, we do it big. Let’s go baby. Let’s fight.”- freshmen Jameis Winston’s pregame locker room speech @ #5 Clemson.

  92. hamilton Says:


  93. Tgregs Says:

    Jones lobbied for signing Freeman to a new contract for $100 mil. That’s reason enough to conclude that his talent evaluation may be even worse than Joe’s.

  94. Bill Gootee Says:

    I cannot and will not cheer for mike vick. He is evil. People who hurt and kill animals for entertainment are evil, pure and simple. There’s no learning a lesson, no rehabilitation, any and all remorse is phony. And I am not talking about the “sport” of dog fighting. While I find it reprehensible, I would not classify all that participate as evil. Stupid and cruel, yes. But not necessarily evil. vick, on the other hand, hurt dogs outside the ring, for entertainment, that is evil, pure evil.
    I will not support the Bucs if they sign vick.

  95. Janet Harris Says:

    I’ve been a Bucs fan since the beginning but it will be the nail in the coffin if you hire Vick the dog killer. Kiss another fan goodbye.

  96. robert Says:

    Listen everyone .. we need to win games I tired of losing bring in vic and lets start winning.!!!!!!!!

  97. Dreambig Says:

    I’ll keep cheering for the Bucs even if they loose every game. Bring in Vic and I won’t cheer for them at all. He is a scumbag of a human being and I don’t want him representing my team or my city. Then there is the fact that he is old and washed up and won’t help them anyway.

  98. ErictheBucFan Says:

    Whatever he brings as a player will not be worth the bad PR that comes along with him. He tortured and killed dogs for fun and profit – in many people’s minds that can’t be forgiven. The Bucs will lose a lot of fans if they sign him. I hope they don’t. They should just pretend he doesn’t exist and go from there.

  99. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I’d love to trade for Wheeden or bring back Freeman to compete for the starting job. Would love to see Freeman with a coach who believes in him, a player who wants a second chance (who doesnt deserve a second chance) and an offensive coordinator who know the hell what he is doing.

  100. anthony pepevnik Says:

    Tim tebow would be a great choice for the bucs same as Michael Vick. They are both amazing pocket passer and rushers if Vick get signed to the bucs it will be a new Jackson for him to throw to. If they sign tebow they get a fresh quarterback that did pretty well With The broncos while peyton was out. Bucs should choose lets just hope it is the right one.