The Quarterback Quandry

January 12th, 2014

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This nagging little issue won’t go away until the Bucs have a quarterback. Fans want one. Joe is sure Team Glazer wants one. Joe wants one. Joe is not sure what new coach Lovie Smith thinks.

This quarterback question was lobbed at Pat Yasinskas of ESPN, and he too understands where Bucs fans not in the Mike Glennon Mob are coming from.

Matt in Tampa asks if I think the Bucs will make a run at a “franchise quarterback” or go with Mike Glennon.

Pat Yasinskas: Matt is one of many asking some variation of this question. My honest answer is I think Glennon can be a good quarterback with a good team around him. I’m not sure he can carry a mediocre supporting cast. At the very least, I think the Bucs have to bring in someone to compete with Glennon. At the most, I could see them using their first-round draft pick on a quarterback. After all, the other three teams in the NFC South all have franchise quarterbacks. If the Bucs want to compete with them, it would be nice to have a franchise quarterback.

Here’s the thing: Just what NFL team is going to give up a “franchise quarterback” who has anything left in the tank without demanding numerous draft picks? That is, unless you consider Kyle Orton or Matt Cassel a franchise quarterback (clarification: Joe does not).

Yasinskas is spot on. If the Bucs were loaded on offense, the Glennon would be OK. But the Bucs have the 32nd-ranked offense, and Glennon simply didn’t show Joe this past season he could put a team on his back and carry an offense.

Look, didn’t we all go through this same charade with leaky Rip Van Freeman? That the offense just had to be perfect in order for Freeman to succeed.

Is too much to ask to actually have a quarterback who makes his teammates around him better?

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  1. Harry Says:

    We need to draft a QB in the worst way. The Bucs are not going to be this high in the draft in the foreseeable future (I would hope). So this is it. To me, the question is not “do the Bucs draft a QB”. The question is WHO?

    Move up for Teddy? That would be my preference.

    Johnny Football? Because he scrabble so often, I am concerned about his size

    Bortles? To me, Manziel would be a safer pick

    Bottom line is SOMEONE; Glennon is not it

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Bucs should draft a QB to compete with Glennon if they can’t find one in FA.
    But…they should not reach (trade up) for one. If a good QB falls to them at 7 then take him. (Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles, Carr)

    Glennon’s rookie numbers are on a par or better than many. Both Mannings, Brees, Brady and others. I’m not comparing Glennon to them because we have the benefit of hindsight on them.

    Glennon is the brunt of many jokes about his “giraffe-like frame” and he isn’t very mobile…but many of the others aren’t.
    Nick Foles comes to mind. Glennon also has the distinction of being hand-picked by Schiano.

    I’m just happy that we have Tedford involved with the decision.
    If we don’t find suitable competion for him this year, then pick Watkins and start to build around him. We need to do that anyway. Next year may be yet another rebuilding year.

  3. Patrick in VA Says:

    We said that about Freeman in his 4th year. its not unbelievable turret a rookie qb could need some help. Especially if he doesn’t have any help from the play calling or his qb coach as far as helping with his mechanics. The kid really had just about everything going against him possible and people are ready to write him off.

    We just saw last night that the formula for beating the saints is nasty defense. Doesn’t matter what the Seahawks offense was doing because their defense was handling the saints. We could use a great qb and at some point I’d like to be in a positron to chase one if glennon proves himself to be simply ok. We have definite needs right now that aren’t at qb

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We don’t need to reach for a QB (draft up)

    If one of these (Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles or Carr) falls to us, fine. If not we can select one of these later….McCarron, Mettenberger or Murray.
    A great deal will depend on if we find FA….how we approach FA with the QB positon will tell us a lot about our draft intentions.
    I’m just glad that Tedford is involved….I will trust whatever decision he makes.

  5. Harry Says:

    It is funny so many of you, who’s opinion I normally agree with, say we do not need to draft a QB.

    I just read an article: “Re-Visiting the Redskins Trade for RG3”. Even after the bad year the Redskins had, and the fact the Rams have the #2 overall pick from the Skins, this particular evaluation still says Washington won out in that trade.

    Why? “Of course the Redskins won. They got RG3.

    That may be a bit of an oversimplification, but it really is that simple. A franchise quarterback is everything in the NFL, and Washington has its.

  6. Chef Paul Says:

    I think Glennon deserves a shot, but we need another QB too. I’m not against a first round QB.
    I’m a fan of Kyle Orton. I don’t necessarily think he’s franchise material, but I do think he’s starting caliber, and better than at least ten other starting QBs in the NFL.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Patrick In VA

    Right….and name one player on the Glennon offense other than VJax that would have started for another NFL team. (Martin on IR)
    An undrafted FA at TE & RB.
    Tiquan Underwood #2 WR
    Virtually no #3 WR
    And, Glennon didn’t have the benefit of sitting behind a mentor for a year or two.

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I want to daft a qb as well. Let’s we honest, we’ve been beating this drum a long time. Een when the masses thought Glennon was drafted with the intent of replacing Freeman. He wasn’t. He was drafted to replace Dan-O.

    I was/am a Freemanite, and I wish him well, regardless of the actions of his agent.

    As to the Bucs, we need to draft a QB in the first round with one exception.

    Stay pat at 7 and see who falls to us. Don’t sacrifice any picks. But…if Clowney somehhhow drops to us, we MUST take him over a QB. WE’VE NO CHOICE. Clowney would not only be the bpa, he would instantly make our defensive line into a beastly monster, as the other pieces are in place.

    Not only do I think he should be taken if available, but if Lovie trades up it would probably be to take him, not Johnny.

    And frankly, I think there is a small chance Johnny could fall to the second round.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    RG3 2nd year stats TD 16 Int 12 Rtg 82.2
    Glennon Rk stats 19 9 83.9

    I realize RG3 runs and “looks better”….but the price we paid for Glennon vs Washington for RG3……

  10. Barry Says:

    They didn’t cut Glennon loose, They wanted him to manage the game and not turn the ball over. For a rookie he impressed me. Give the guy a chance, you really want to live thru a rookie QB again? Remember we draft and start a Rookie QB and it doesn’t work out you blow 4 to 5 years (see Freeman). I’m over that bullshit, give it to Glennon and lets go.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Bonzai

    I agree entirely…..don’t trade up for a QB….its a crapshoot….we cannot miss with our first round selection and we can’t spend extra picks

  12. passthebuc Says:

    People don’t want a QB, they want a Savior. they think just drafting a top name is the end all be all. That move will set the buc’s back 3 more years.

    Franchise left tackle. Center. No. 1 receiver. Edge rusher. LB. Then you need to revamp the back up players. And you want to waste a pick on a QB when you have not only a serviceable one, but one that has not even been couched to potential.

    Sometime’s i THINK your readers ore void of football sense.

  13. biggun Says:

    Can’t wait till Glennon shows what he really can do with some strong coaching and a true offensive scheme. He’s no joke. Let’s roll back the time machine and what did our other division “franchise QB’s” do their perspective rookie year. Look, at the end of the day we can wish for the best unproven current draft pick to take us to the holy land but that don’t mean spit…. and unknown persay like a Russel Wilson can shock the nfl world and the guy right behind him was Glennon put Wilson in Glennon shoes his rookie year you think he would have faired better? Let’s wait a few rounds and the right one innthe draft and the other needed pieces.

  14. William Says:

    Patrick in VA – I’m right with you. Lets get the DE, 3rd rec. and beef up the o-line. Lets see what the new OC and QB coach can do with Glennon if it does not work out lets fix the QB position.

    I’m afraid the top qb prospects will be gone by the 7th pick. If there are any decent prospects at qb in 2nd round lets go for that then.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is the very, very good news… of these players will fall to us.
    And the bonus pick is Barr

  16. madmacskillz Says:

    I’d put money on the Bucs drafting a QB. They definitely will. The question is, do they do it in the first round? I agree with BuccaneerBonzai – Clowney is a monster player and might even be worth trading up for.

    I wonder what the stats are for QBs for round drafted vs. career QB rating. Wouldn’t surprise me to see that the best round to draft a QB ends up being the 2nd.

  17. Mike J Says:

    Watching Wilson & Brees, the thought of Manziel in pewter & red suddenly became more appealing.

  18. Vic Says:

    I don’t know what Tedford or Lovie think about this crop of QBs but the question has to be “Do I want to hitch my wagon to one of these QBs?” I just don’t see it; maybe Bridgewater & Manziel but definitely not Bortles or Carr.

    Whichever way they go; they will have to bring a veteran QB in anyway.

    I know most of you don’t want to hear this; hell, I don’t want to hear this. Glennon will start out #1 on the depth chart but I go out and get a QB before the draft gets here; my pick would be Ponder. I know “What! Ponder!” Yes Ponder and this is why: He is still young, he has starting experience and can still be developed. Tedford develops QBs right? So Ponder is perfect for him. After getting Ponder, you can sit back at draft time knowing that you have a QB to challenge Glennon. If you do like Bridgewater or Manziel and by some miracle they drop to you, then pounce. If not, I say trade down (you can also trade down with them still on the board if you don’t rate them that high) and if you can, pick up a 1st for next year; positioning yourself to make a move in a draft with more dynamic QBs.

  19. Mr Lucky Says:

    All you people want a ‘franchise’ QB to be the savior of the team. Did any one of you watch the games last night – in particular the New England Game?

    You could have inserted Glennon into the role of Brady last night and New England would have still won.

    Glennon was/is better than Freeman. He is no Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck but given what he had and what was asked of him – screw using the first pick on a QB and go BACK to what wins games – DEFENSE.

    Draft a DE or CB with our first round pick.

    It you want another QB, which I wouldn’t argue with, wait until Round 3 and grab Murray who knows how to win.

    DO NOT reach for Johnny Football – he’s like a smaller version of RGIII who will NOT make it thru a season without injury.

  20. Mr Lucky Says:

    I just hope the new GM doesn’t trade away any more Michael Bennett’s or LeGarret Blounts from our team

  21. Mr Lucky Says:


    Manziel is nothing more than a smaller version of Michael Vick – he’ll never make it thru an entire NFL season intact.

  22. Mike J Says:

    Vic, the problem w/ that theory is, Frazier saw a lot of Ponder & wound up leaving him on the bench.

  23. teacherman777 Says:

    Sign Michael Vick and Tim Tebow.

    Occasionally gave them in the same backfield.

    Keep Glennon has SOLID backup, emergency material.

    We need competition at the QB position this year.

    Maybe even bring in McCown.

    I say the more the merrier.

    But I would prefer if we invest in a pass rusher with our 7th pick.

    Or even trade out and pick up an extra 2nd or replace our lost 3rd rounder.

    If Anthony Barr and Clowney are both gone when we pick 7th.

    And if all the QB’s have already been taken, do you know who might be available for us at #7? A franchise LT.

    We will have options at #7. I just hope its Anthony Barr. He is a freakish athlete. And I hope we sign Hester, Peppers, Tillman, and McCown. And bring Ronde out of retirement to play some nickle? 😉

    Why not?

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Anybody want one of these 1st round “Franchise QBs’?

    There are no guarantees…

    Locker, Gabbert, Bradford, Tebow, Freeman, Sanchez, Ryan, Russell, Quinn, Leinert, Campbell, Leftwich, Grossman

  25. Leon Says:

    So tired of this “Give Glennon a Chance Crap”. Draft our new franchise guy this year let Glennon do what he’s meant to do.. Be our backup.. Kid as few if any things to be special, the top 4 QBS in draft all have higher ceilings.

  26. Vic Says:

    Well Mike, luckily Frazier wouldn’t be making this decision and wouldn’t have to worry about that this time around. It would be Lovie and Tedford’s decision to make. Frazier actually went back to Ponder with some decent results towards the end of the season. I am pretty sure Ponder would have finished the season as the starter if he wasn’t injured.

    And look, I am not touting Ponder as the QB of the future; just a stop gap. Hence, all the other moves I mentioned should be done. I just think, a more mature Ponder with a proven QB guru and better defense will help this team next year but beyond that; they would need to get a franchise QB. I just feel next year’s draft will have players much more worthy of being a franchise QB.

  27. MadMax Says:

    Glennon is our QB! Lovie already tooted the big D horn! Do I want another QB? Heck yes….Connor Shaw! Can probably get him in the 3rd if we move up….a young tough ball protector!

  28. Jordan Says:

    Has anyone seen the bspn special that Trent Dilfer did on Tim Tebow? Apparently, Tim spent the entire season learning how to properly throw a football for the first time. One of his drills involved 100,000 reps in an attempt to “rewire” his mechanics. If Tim can actually throw now, he would be an excellent competitor for Glennon, and he wouldn’t cost any draft picks.

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    passthebuc says :

    “And you want to waste a pick on a QB when you have not only a serviceable one, but one that has not even been couched to potential.”

    “Sometime’s i THINK your readers ore void of football sense.”

    Re-read the article man if you think it’s just Joe’s readers. Joe has been talking about wanting the Bucs to draft Johnny fb for weeks now. I’m not saying I agree with your assessment about football sense. I’m just saying when the main guy keeps blasting this QB notion through his pages don’t blame the readers.

    BTW I too want the Bucs to draft O-line with that pick.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    MadMax…give us your latest assessment on Clowney as well. I value what a Gamecocks fan has to say about Clowney. Is it still the same?

  31. Vic Says:

    Doesn’t Mike Glennon = Conner Shaw? I just don’t see the benefits of drafting another QB with questions about him in the 3rd round. I mean he’s going in the 3rd round for a reason right?

    Why not get a veteran who can actually come in and win the job and help the team win now. I think we all can agree that there are many questions about the QBs in this draft. So, wouldn’t it be better to look towards next year’s draft to get that QB and go with that veteran this year.

    Just a thought………….

    I don’t know about you but I rather they choose from a pool that includes Winston, Mariota, Hundley, & Petty

  32. Orca Says:

    Why do people have such boners for Tebow? Teboners. People have been talking about how he’s been working on his throwing mechanics since before he was drafted. He’s done. He’s a distraction. Not interested in his holiness little Timmy.

    It would be a surprise if they did not have competition for Glennon, but I think Joe underestimates Glennon. He didn’t dazzle with miracle plays or anything, but he threw twice as many TDs as INTs as a rookie on an offense with a crumbling O line, a thin set of WRs, and an unstable running back situation. I think he showed a lot of stability, leadership, and smart decision making. The Ravens have won with Joe Flacco. There’s no reason the Bucs can’t win with Glennon if he continues to progress. That 1st round pick would be better spent on a pass rusher.

  33. gt40bear Says:

    Agreed that there needs to be competition at almost ALL positions (4-12 means you suck). However, I do believe Glennon showed enough to deserve going into camp as the #1. I personally don’t see a clear cut can’t miss QB in this draft. Say we draft one @7 just because people say we are so desperate for a QB and we miss. Now, the Bucs are set back for another 5 years. With all the holes on this team, and if you’re going to pass up a productive DE, WR, OL, etc., you better not miss on that QB. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve longed for a franchise QB since Doug Williams, but I just don’t want to reach just because “the other three teams in the division have one.”

  34. MadMax Says:

    Im worried about spending a 1st round high pick on Clowney because of his lack of stamina, especially under hot temps like down in Tampa. I hate criticizing him like that, but I call things as I see them. He’s got a high RPM motor and it works to his advantage, but only when he’s not overheating. I’d still take the chance on him though if he fell to us….maybe it can be adjusted with NFL conditioning.

  35. MadMax Says:

    @Vic, Shaw is a different beast….and dont forget about the Brees and Brady’s and Warner’s of the draft (and undrafted). That kid will be a huge name in the NFL, TRUST ME!!! And I hope we are the team who gives him a chance 🙂

  36. MadMax Says:


  37. ander Says:

    i see the bucs going in some type of competition like the eagles did last year, they will draft a qb and get a veteran qb to compete for the job with glennon. on another note last night i felt like crying seeing what the popstar did trading blount for the trackstar jeff demps. and watching blount playing great good for him i never thought he shouldve gotten traded , and bucs not being able to put this guy on the field in 2012 was just dumb.

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    Thanks for that Max.

    Vic says :
    “I don’t know about you but I rather they choose from a pool that includes Winston, Mariota, Hundley, & Petty”

    I fully agree with you Vic.

  39. MadMax Says:

    dont know why my post wont post (another reason Ive been mia here) but I think Shaw will be one of those picks (maybe a 4th) who ends up as a diamond in the rough….jmho…and I really hope we pick him up

  40. Northend Says:

    Memo……Bortles is not and should not EVER be a high first round pick.People do your research he is a short yardage(easy) passer who needed to be smart and mature another year.Glennon is a much better QB .It would be taking a huge step backwards.Talking heads start yabbering after a good bowl game and everyone drinks the kook aid.
    Bridgewater,Jonny Football,Grappalo,Murray that’s it.Not Mccarron,not Carr(Glennon clone)Not Boyd.
    New is not better.Either do MUCH better than Mike or beef up the O and let him sling it with a balls out Defense.Stop the stupidity.

  41. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ MadMax
    Glad that somebody besides me noticed Connor Shaw. The guy is a leader, a winner, goes quickly through reads, hits what he throws at and loves to look for somebody to run over. Reminds me of a bigger, stronger Jeff Garcia. Would be a great pick

  42. MadMax Says:

    @Northend, imagine if we had Watkins….oh yeah, Vjax on one side, Watkins on the other…or together in trips? Wright showed some promise too! So we would have the ground and air game covered!! Maybe spend 2nd on O line or OLB….heck who knows, im just thinking outloud

  43. MadMax Says:

    Thank you Mr. Patrick, some may think Im biased because Im a Gamecock, but he (Shaw) really is going to be great in the NFL! I have that feeling. So will WR Ellington, another we could pick up in the 4th if we go D heavy at first.

  44. Tim Says:

    I am not sold on Glennon. However, the past coaching staff was horrible and didn’t coach fundimentals. So I cannot say Glennon can’t be better. If a QB is there at 7 take him. If not, don’t reach. Let’s see what Tedford can do with him. Maybe a better system and coaching can provide what we didn’t see last year.
    There are few QB that can take a team on their back (Brady is an example). There are more QB that are average and can function with talent around them (Ryan is an example). At this point it may make more sense to build around our QB instead of starting completely over. No one thought Brady was great or he would have been the Number 1 pick not 199.
    I don’t want to risk the future by selling out the present to move up and draft a QB that may or may not work out.
    Let’s see what this staff can do with the pieces in place. Then if Glennon blows next year we need to be aggressive and find a better option.

  45. nate Says:

    We need pass rush! We trade up for jadevon clowney the guy is the best football player out of college… teams in college were so affraid of him they ran plays away from him… line him up next to mccoy and darrel revis on the right side of the field…will be a no fly zone for the next 5 years… 2nd round draft a qb maybe taj boyd….free agency bring in jared allen to mentor clowney will be set…

  46. flmike...hates Johnny Football Says:

    Draft Khalil Mack, OLB @ 7, pick up an FA veteran QB to backup/mentor Glennon, give him the year to develop under Tedford and Arroyo, if he doesn’t work out, the 2015 draft is gonna be a deeper QB draft, this one is full of soon to be career backups, except Bridgewater, Johnny Millenial is gonna be the next great bust, Bortles has had ONE good season, that’s not enough to risk a draft pick on.

  47. Northend Says:

    Max,If Bridge and Johny are not available I agree Watkins is the guy.He is a dynamic talent.Paired with MikeW and VJ the three would form a crazy to cover WR corp.Tedford has indicated there would be some elements of a West Coast style high percentage component to to passing game.Zero routes to fast Wr(Watkins) and screen plays .5-7 yard range to the flat passes also are something we will see more.
    Watkins really adds a speed and elusive look to our offense.Id be very pumped.

  48. Harry Says:

    Yes, drafting a QB is risky. Many fail. But so do DE, WR, etc. That argument is so unsound.

    You cannot just give Glennon more weapons and he is a superstar. We did that with Free. It was thought at one time he had one of the best supporting casts in the NFL. Look where that got us. It is the QB that buys more time, manages pressure, puts the ball where it needs to be to be caught. Adding a better WR doesn’t help if the ball does not get to him..

    Glennon should only be compared to teh QBs in our division. Can he make his teammates better to get the W? You ppl are saying we have to make his teammates better. That is not how it works. To say if you put Glennon in Bradys place or Bress’ position, he could do just as well is ludicrous. That is equal to saying Glennon = Brady/Bress, both future HOFs.

    Glennon is a steal as a 3rd rd pick, a potential starter, a great backup. Unfortunately, he comes in at 4th place in the NFC South, and he always will.

    We absolutely should draft a QB in the 1st rd.

  49. Northend Says:

    And Shaw is an interesting kid .Real good value in the 4th or 5th.

  50. Architek Says:

    You hit it dead on – trusting the leaders to make a good decision. That’s something the previous regimes never established.

    You never got the vision or see the results of their decision making, especially with certain picks (Bowers, Benn, Price, Freeman and more). For example, Freeman scout report talked about his unproven qualities vs expectations, his inconsistency as a passer, his mechanics, and his introvert persona. All of this while the team was fragile in flux they made the decision to pick him to lead our franchise. BIG TIME MISTAKE.

    If a clear cut leader is not there at 7 draft the best avail because it’s such a critical position and you pick the wrong qb you are setback 5-7 years.

    I’m not opposed to Bortela and or Carr but some we need to know that their foundations are in line with what we want our franchise to look like.

  51. Couch Fan Says:

    Draft a QB. Blah, blah, blah. Great rookie QBs make everybody around them better right? Instant playoffs. If not we can just draft another one next year. And the year after that and every year until we get it right. Let’s not give 2nd year players a chance.

    Recipe for disaster. Gotta love you Armchair GMs

  52. MadMax Says:

    Exactly Northend…slot him too, oh yeah…that speed and protection of the ball, using that will also open up the run game for Martin and our other RB’s. Thats why I hope we stick with Glennon for now. And Shaw can be a change for fake run, fake pass plays.

    We have some very good options opening now that schiano isnt at the helm.

  53. DallasBuc Says:

    Agree with Vic that there are tremendous prospects next year. The QB talent this year is quite good but the first round talent is probably better next year. I say BPA and would be nice to see Watkins or Clowney in a Bucs uni

  54. Left_Coast_Bucs_Fan Says:

    Agree with Bonzai, Bucs should stand pat and see who falls to them with their first pick. They must not pass on either Clowney or Watkins, both are instant game changers. There will still be very good QBs left for round 2 with the 3M’s(McCarron, Mettenberger, Murray) and even Boyd. To have Clowney and McCarron or even Watkins and Boyd with the first two picks would be a major upgrade for the Bucs offense.

  55. Couch Fan Says:

    I’ll be happy with whoever they draft. I just hope we dont trade up for anyone. We wont have much of a draft left if we do and we need more help than just 1 player.

  56. Left_Coast_Bucs_Fan Says:

    DallasBuc and Vic, you guys are right on about next years QB prospects, but there’s one problem with waiting til next year. The Bucs will be a lot better next year and their pick will be a lot lower in the first round, after all, Lovie seems to think 10 wins are a given. With that said, if the Bucs don’t grab one of the top prospects this year, than they will have missed out on perhaps as many as 10 top QB prospects over the ’14 and ’15 drafts. I do like Glennon and even see a little bit of a young Manning in him, but I’m not quite there yet with him enough to pass picking up a QB in what might go down as the best two QB drafts over the next 10 years and letting the two of them duke it out for the starting role.

  57. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Glennon is the man. I think his ceiling is very high. I saw significant improvement in his accuracy and decision making from college to his rookie year. This guy basically ran Russell Wilson out of Carolina. His football IQ is through the roof and he’s damn sure a competitor. Not sure what you guys are gushing about as far as the new group of QB prospects, but I don’t see ANY top ten quality.

    I also don’t think Lovie would have taken the job KNOWING that he would have find a QB. He’s already got, that is eager to be coached up and start winning. Glennon will be fine.

  58. KWBucFan Says:

    We should sign Mike Vick and draft T. Boyd. Nuff said

  59. RealityCheck Says:

    How did Matt Ryan do this year? O he had a horrible offensive line and his team had a bunch of injuries so they ended up sucking. Sounds familiar. I wonder what QB savior the Falcons will draft?

  60. Couch Fan Says:

    RealityCheck, common sense is forbidden here.

  61. Brandon Says:

    I prefer Bridgewater, he has the makings of a franchise guy. Part Andrew Luck, part RGIII. He could be special. After him I prefer Bortles. He’s raw, but he has a ton of tools to work with, and he’s a playmaker. Manziel is dropping for me a little. The more I think about Rockstar Johnny living in Tampa, Strip Club Capital of the World, the more I worry. Derek Carr has great ability and perhaps Tedford actually prefers the younger brother of one of his former players more than the others. Those are my first round QBs.

    The only QB I’m truly interested in round 2 is Wyoming’s Brett Smith. He is a bigger, more mature Johnny Manziel. A 2nd rounder is not a huge investment so he would have time to learn and compete but he has great upside. Tajh Boyd, I’m not sure if he’s Donovan McNabb or Shaun King. AJ McCarron is about as overrated a caretaker QB as there has been (didn’t we hear glowing reviews of Brodie Croyle, Greg McElroy, and the bum that was sandwiched between them?) in recent Alabama history.

    I think I prefer Brett Smith in round 2. That would allow us to get the best available pass rusher (Mack or Barr) or receiver (Watkins) available.

  62. MadMax Says:

    Just remind me Couch, you’re one of the few Glennon fans right? Im trying to find and remember some company 🙂

  63. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Hold up, people.

    Mike Glennon is not the answer. Why? Because he is a developmental project. In 3-5 years he may be really good, but no team has that kind of time with a starter.

    You all talk about making do with him, but you can bet if he has 2-3 bad outings in a row, you same people will be screaming that Lovie blew it by not taking a QB.

    Our previous coach had two years. The one before him had three. So long as teams are not committing to keep their coaches for longer periods, they seek out splash-making quarterbacks.

    Because they will not pick a guy who they know will not be good enough while they are still employed by said team.

    Few people think Glennon cannot turn into a good QB. It will just take time. Time Lovie Smith does not have…regardless of how long his contract states.

    Nearly everyone of you wanted the quick fix most of last year. To even remotely believe you have the patience to wait out the time it takes to make Glennon good is delusional.

    Why do you think the Bucs have NEVER had a true franchise QB? A franchise QB can take a team to the Superbowl multiple times, like a Manning, Brady, etc.

    Someone mentioned Glennon could have led the Pats to a victory yesterday. Stop lying to yourself. Mike Glennon is nowhere close to being a Tom Brady.

    Brady IS a game manager…and more. He is accurate and he runs that offense himself. Like Peyton does for the Broncos.

    Glennon is not even a game manager yet and you people think he is.

    The safe bet is to double up and increase our likelihood of finding the right guy.

  64. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol, I’m not sold on Glennon but I do think the kid absolutely deserves a chance to start next season so yea I’m a fan.

  65. Cody Says:

    I thought Glennon played well despite horrific O-Line play this season…Imo we need to beef up our O-Line…I’d love to get Sammy Watkins or Clowney come April but if they’re gone when we pick I’d go O-Lineman….

    Rd1. Greg Robinson 6’5 320 (OT) – Auburn
    Rd2. Cyril Richardson 6’5 335 (G) – Baylor
    Rd3. Trade up….Odell Beckham Jr. (WR) – LSU
    Rd5. James Gayle (DE/OLB) – Va. Tech

  66. BucRayfan Says:

    Who was the QB for the Bucs when they won the Super bowl. Remind you of anyone? It can be done. It’s just not glamorous? I also would love to see a true franchise QB but it can be done other ways.

  67. Bucfan#37 Says:

    The Bucs won’t draft a QB in the early rounds. Bring in competition, that is fine. Glennon will be the Bucs starter in September. Count on it.

  68. RustyRhinos Says:

    @ Barry “For a rookie he impressed me. Give the guy a chance, you really want to live thru a rookie QB again? Remember we draft and start a Rookie QB and it doesn’t work out you blow 4 to 5 years (see Freeman). I’m over that bullshit, give it to Glennon and lets go.”

    Right with ya on this!!

  69. Pruritus Ani Says:

    See how he does with this Quarterback Whisperer guy and an OL that can block. Remember, the team was down to a 3 string running back and basically only VJax in the passing game. It must have been pretty simple for other defenses to prepare for a game against our vaunted offense. That being said, you take away enough weapons, even good teams will struggle. Let’s be fair, remember Glennon did have some success with limited the limited weapons he did have. As receivers and running backs went down to injury, his numbers dropped. Like most people, I’m not completely sold on him because his mobility but in the absence of an alternative, I don’t think there are other options right now. Draft whoever is available and make him compete for his job.

  70. buc89 Says:

    I think Kyle Orton is an upgrade from Glennon. I do not consider Orton a franchise qb however

  71. Markie Mark Says:

    I agree with most on this site that Glennon will probably enter the pre season as thw QB one. He is a student od the game and will look to get an early start. I could see Tampa using the senior bowl to gage if they are grabbing a QB this year, as they are out of the rinning dor Bridgewater, Bortles and Manzel. If they see the Carr’s McCarrions and Boyd’s play terrible ala 2010 Senior Bowl then I could see the Bucs aggresively shopping for a QB in free agency. If they see a QB that they are highlu interested in they could look totrade back and get one of them later to compete with MG

  72. Buxfan Says:

    I’ll bet the house that Johnny Manziel will not be drafted by the Bucs. With his past he Probably won’t get drafted in the first round.

  73. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    As someone stated earlier, Ponder (or Mark Sanchez) is the type of vet they’ll bring in to compete with Glennon, still young, has won in the league and maybe just needs proper coaching from Tedford.

    Unless its Johnny Football, we wont go QB at #7, too many other holes and IMHO Glennon showed just enough that he has a chance to be an average starting QB in this league.

  74. BuccoBill Says:

    So Joe, by your line of thinking Matt Ryan is not a Franchise QB. Atlanta’s star WR was hurt for the season and Atlanta is picking before us in the draft. Hell by the same line of thinking, Brees isn’t as good as everyone makes out due to him tying us and Carolina last year without the help from his coach. If he and Ryan were what you keep saying they are then shouldn’t they have put the teams on their back and get to the playoffs? That’s what you keep saying about “rookie” Glennon.

    That’s not what Joe is saying. –Joe

  75. buchead407 Says:

    Clowney Watkins mack with the seventh. Take a qb that falls in the draft or through fa

    If clowneys at seven. No brainer…. But probably need to trade up for him

  76. PRBucFan Says:

    New Coaching staff, so Glennon has to prove he deserves the starting gig by beating out whoever they bring in.

    Draft a QB and let them duel it out, whoever wins wins.

    The only reason I would prefer someone else over Glennon is because essentially if a lineman gets beat it’s an instant sack with Glennon back there. He has some mobility but for the most part he’s very very very easy to sack and it’s very frustrating to watch.

  77. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Glennon,…= ….. Brady! We have our man!

  78. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    I think Tedford going to a WCO with 3 and 5 step drops plays into Glennon’s strengths of a short to mid range passing game with calculated shots down the field but for that type of offense to work, we need Martin, James, Williams to be healthy plus a depenable 3rd WR in the slot (Watkins).

    Glennon can be our QB, we just need the coaching staff to build an offense that is suited to his strengths

  79. buchead407 Says:

    If glennon is our qb next year we better have an outstanding defense and a good running game if we want any shot at the playoffs…hopefully we can get that done.

    either way I’m just happy we have a REAL coach.
    Can’t be any worse than the last 3 years…or can it?

  80. Patrick in VA Says:

    @buchead407 – Pretty sure the formula you mentioned is exactly what Lovie is looking to bring. He was able to get to the super bowl with that formula using a QB that was a turnover waiting to happen (Grossman). If Glennon can be serviceable and Lovie can do what he does with the rest of the team then we’ll be good to go.

  81. buchead407 Says:

    Lets hope lovie turns it around the first year it’s a tough task in our division. Also our offense can only get better from 32nd

  82. lurker Says:

    we need a better qb, period. glennon is immobile. the teams in the playoffs have defense, but first off, they have the man at qb! we do not yet. if everyone thinks lovie will be sooooo great, then we will not have as high a pick in the coming years…and mariotta sucks.

    it will be easier to fill in holes, even on defense, after you have your franchise qb. glennon isn’t even half the man brad Johnson was. Johnson was mobile and could hit his targets on the move with a tight spiral.

    new regime needs a qb to be the man, not the stumblin’, bumblin’, duck throwin’, deer in headlights lookin’, Geoffrey the giraffe wannabein’ qb.

  83. lurker Says:

    let’s not hope lovie turns it around fast. if you guys don’t want a qb in the first this year, we will need a high pick next year for not mariota.

  84. lurker Says:

    where the heck did my other post go…

    dang I hate this site sometimes…rrrrrrrr

  85. Patrick in VA Says:

    Folks, take a look at both the Carolina and Saints games. Everyone keeps saying that we need a franchise QB to compete with the teams in our division but over the course of this weekend we’ve seen that a good defense will take those franchise QBs out of the equation. If we can get to that level where we can stifle the QBs in our division and let Tedford get creative with our offense then we’ll be good to go. I’m getting away from pulling for Watkins at #7 and wanting now to trade up for Clowney. Depends on what the cost would be. I’d happily package a #1, #3 and Claiborne for the #2 overall from St Louis.

  86. JSmalls Says:

    only 1 first round QB is in the final four this year, no need to reach in the first.

  87. lurker Says:

    that’s logic smalls….ummmmmmmm no

  88. lurker Says:

    so let’s not take the best opportunity to get a franchise qb. hmmmmmmm

    there is no sure thing in this draft, or any draft, anyways. clowney definitely isn’t.

  89. MadMax Says:

    Cleveland has 2 first rounders…trying to trade for one of theirs could work….and Houston has already said they’re willing to trade down.

  90. Buxfan Says:

    @Patrick in VA. Why would St. Louis take Clayborne when they are deep at DE? I’ll do this years #7 and next years 2nd round pick. Bridgewater could be there at #2. Because the Texans could let Casey Keenum keep the job. It’ll be hard for the Texans not to dream of having Clowney next to J.J Watt.

  91. Hesson0208 Says:

    I agree that Kyle Orton is pretty solid & would be good competition to bring in. I think he or Glennon could take us to the playoffs with the right supporting cast & a nasty defense.

  92. Patrick in VA Says:

    @buxfan – granted, Claiborne may not be super enticing to St Louis. I was thinking of who would be expendable to us at the de position that would actually be of value. Of be happy with a 1st this year and a 2nd next year but that’s a pretty big discount from what that pick went for 2 years ago

  93. crazy Says:

    Improve depth at QB? Of course, but which great QB would have put the Bucs in the playoffs this year? There are too many other holes and unanswered questions on the new schemes to think one player is going to be THE difference. That’s why the HC shouldn’t be the final answer on personnel. He’s got enough coaching to do without burying himself in scouting reports and film study to pick players and then dump the details of fitting the prospective contract to his GM.

  94. Bucky23 Says:

    Jimmy Garappolo in the 3rd. Next STAR. Heard it here first

  95. BucYou Says:

    I would agree with you Bucky. Love to see us take him in the 3rd.

  96. Patrick in VA Says:

    I feel like Joe was talking about Garrappolo months ago

  97. JSmalls Says:

    lurker, Aaron Murray could be the best QB in the draft – so lets reach at 7 you a$$ clowney

  98. lurker Says:

    wow, so clever of you smallsballs!

    yes, a top qb at 7 is a reach, huh? you have no friggin idea how the draft will go, but murray off of injury will be the best.

    look in the mirror internet toughguy.

  99. SignedontoSay Says:

    Did Freeman not carry the team to a 10-6 record? In Freeman’s first year under Schaino, did Freeman not leave the Field with 3 mins or less in the fourth quarter with a lead in four games? Was the offense that Schaino set for Freeman not a 50/50 chance of success offense? Joe you are hypocritical for someone that calls others hypocrites (BSPN). I know that this will not make on to your board but at least Joe will read it!

  100. BuccoBill Says:

    I’m not saying that Glennon is the man Joe, but I don’t think that this crop of QB’s is the end all to be all in talent. I think next year will have as much talent as this year on average. Should Glennon have competition? Yes, but picking a quandary in the first round is not competition. You pick a guy in the first and you’re married to it. Why not pick a potential guy in the 2nd or 4th for true competition. At the end of next season we’ll definitely know what we have in Glennon and move forward appropriately. I get the mancrush but there are to many questions attached to Manziel and there is no way we get Bridgewater.

  101. Jerry Says:

    Just drafting a QB high in the first round does not guarantee success. A lot of Bucs fans thinks it does. Dont give up the entire draft to trade up just so you can grab a QB and throw a “franchise” label on him. That will set this team back for years.

    If a good QB is there at 7, draft him. Otherwise, draft a position of need.

  102. CJ Says:

    I’m done with “Sciano men” and Glennon is a sad excuse for a qb. He’s a backup qb at best. He was a 3rd round draft pick so it’s not like the Bucs wasted a pick, just put him on the bench where he belongs. If the Bucs dropped him today no team would start him. He’d be lucky to just make a team. None of his stats were impressive and he only got worse as the season went on, clutched the ball too long, indecisive, slow and constantly fumbled or threw picks. Before we waste 4 years on another shit qb, let’s get a winner! Glennon is a loser, he was one in college and he continued that trend in the NFL