Tedford Has Identified Fixes For Glennon

January 16th, 2014

TedfordBucsThe last Bucs head coach swore that Mike Glennon was making receivers better because he was so darn accurate. Greg Schiano even took it a step further with a backhanded slap to Josh Freeman, saying Bucs receivers needed time to get used Glennon’s pinpoint throws.

But while Schiano was raving about Glennon’s accuracy, he strangely believed that quarterback mechanics were not something to be taught at the NFL level — even with a rookie, or even to sleepy, leaky, erratic Josh Freeman.

This never made an ounce of sense to Joe. How the hell could it? And Schiano claimed to be a details guy?

Thankfully, new Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford said yesterday that not only is he jacked up to teach mechanics, he knows NFL quarterbacks are eager to learn. Tedford developed six first-round QBs in college and said he still talks about the fine points with Aaron Rodgers, his prized pupil, and others.

He referenced a recent lake-house, summer sit down with Rodgers at Tedford’s home in extreme Northern California, where they had a good time and talked shop.

Tedford, a former CFL quarterback, told Joe that he’s already identified three mechanical elements where Glennon needs improvement.

“I think there are some quarterback fundamentals we can help him with,” Tedford said of Glennon.

“Whether it be with your drop and your footwork, getting away from the center, your ballhandling, your efficiency in your release, or your separation in the throwing motion, all those type of things each one of those guys, all six of those guys that went in the first round, all had something we needed to work on. And so I can see a few of those things with [Glennon] that I think we’re going to be able to show him, and I think it’s going to help him with a couple of things.

“I’m really looking forward to getting on the field with Mike and going over some drills and some fundamentals mechanically that may help him, whether it’s just getting the ball out, you know, a hundredth of a second faster. … Thinks like that. You know, I think they’re all hungry [to learn] Even Aaron Rodgers and I talk about those type of things, you know, fundamentals and stuff like that. I think they’re all hungry to improve.”

Yeah, it was just a 20-minute news conference, but Joe got a great vibe from Tedford. The guy will command respect. That doesn’t make him a great coordinator, but it’s a good start.

And it struck Joe that Tedford said he’s close with just about all of his ex-players in the NFL. And that’s not just a handful, Tedford has nearly a whole roster in the league and a quite a few studs.

Now given Tedford’s proven ability to develop and team quarterbacks, wouldn’t it be outrageous if the Bucs didn’t draft the most talented one they can get their hands on?

67 Responses to “Tedford Has Identified Fixes For Glennon”

  1. Joseph Mamma Says:

    I am praying he works out but zero experience just scares me about him. What scares me more is Lovie’s track record selecting OC’s. Another thing is A Rodgers mechanics looked poor right out of college til McCarthy got his hands on them.

  2. Kalind Says:

    It would. But that doesn’t mean in the first. Look for McCarron in 2 or Murray in 4.

  3. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Tedford was awesome at his conference yesterday. You could get a feel that he is a football freak and is constantly thinking up new plays and schemes. Really looking forward to seeing what he does with Glennon. Or Johnny Football.

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    Again, why not let Tedford see what he can do with what we have and address an actual weakness? If he’s already spotted things he needs to correct and any novice can see the play calling deficiencies then I would think they would be more likely to try to use him correctly before going in another direction.

  5. Gus Says:

    We have more pressing needs than quarterback. Now if a guy like Teddy Bridgewater falls into our laps, WE HAD BETTER TAKE HIM. Other than that most of the quarterbacks in this draft will be a step down from Glennon most likely because of his one full NFL season. It would make more sense to put more weapons around him and build an elite supporting cast.

  6. Gus Says:

    @PatrickinVA Your right unless an elite qb falls in our lap, you never pass a chance to get an elite qb prospect. Otherwise it would be best to get BPA with that #7 pick. Or trade down.

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    i am excited about Tedford. One of the main things I picked up watching both Tedford and Frazier press conferences was how relaxed and being themselves they were. It was in complete contrast to all the interviews and press conferences that Shciano’s staff conducted. It was so obvious that the Paranoid Schiano controlled even what the assistance were allowed to speak about. In contrast Lovie is confident enough to let his coaches coach and have their own opinions.

    My favorite line was the square peg in the round hole comment Tedford made. Not sure Schiano and his assistants ever got that. They never played to the strength of their players instead they forced the players to do things that were not necessarily a good fit for their talents.

  8. meh Says:

    QB is an “actual weakness”.

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    […] The Bucs new offensive coordinator has already spotted some things he wants to fix with Mike Glennon. [JoeBucsFan] […]

  10. Martinii Says:

    Garoppolo as a 2nd rounder might work while Tedford fixes Glennon.

  11. mike Says:

    HEY JOE… Should I be worried bc most of his star college qb like arron rogers had flawed mechanics we they left him. Not that its his job to fix them for the nfl, but he is supposed to be a qb wizard. Also, I don’t know a ton about Tedford, just really worried he has no nfl experience. Not saying he is Jeff Jagazinski, but jags had a great reputation as an offensive guru and he didn’t last the preseason.

  12. lev Says:

    If he is not going to be our starter than why would we try to fix him? HUH?

  13. Macabee Says:

    Jo Mama,

    Your concerns may be warranted because what does anybody know about an unknown? There are 4 or 5 things I’m concerned about and there are 4 or 5 things that I feel good about . As my psych goes, that is better than the 8 or 10 things that I was concerned about last year.

    Jim Harbaugh came right of college and seemed to do well. I’m sure there were concerns, but nobody talks about it anymore. And the reason is the 49ers win games. Everybody likes to use Andy Reid and his success this year turning the Chiefs around as an example of what experience can do. But as I remember Andy Reid wasn’t fired for not winning games in Philly, he was fired for not winning championships. Didn’t he repeat that performance this year with a loss in the playoffs?

    As long as there are unknowns, there will be concerns. The thing we have now is what you said about Tedford – we hope! And hope is a good thing. Charles Revson who started the Revlon cosmetics company said “I don’t sell lipstick, I sell hope!”. And for now hope is good enough for me!

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here are some additional fixes for Glennon:

    Sammy Watkins
    A Blocking/Recieving TE
    Better Playcalling
    Healthy RBs
    Oline performance

  15. BucNasty!!! Says:

    I’m glad everyone is so great at personally judging someone’s mechanics and I’m glad u all got to sit n and watch Aaron Rodgers come to the leave and practice with these bad mechanics lmao. Stop repeating things u hear as truth no one truly knows that as fact unless Mccarthy came out an said it to which I don’t think he did. With that being said if and only if bride water falls to us u take him if not stand pat and take Khalil mack then grapolloa however u spell it n round 2 or trade down n round 2 pick up a 3 pick then still take him where u feel comfortable

  16. BucNasty!!! Says:

    At levi… because he’s you backup plus he is under contract…team favorable contract I might add for a few more years and he could possibly become something I don’t think more than a backup but it wouldn’t b the first or last time I was wrong and I’d b more then happy to eat crow if it comes at the expense of my team doing great

  17. Bill T Says:

    Well, if Tedford can work on a few things with Glennon such as better footwork and making quicker decisions, I think he has a bright future. I have stated here before that I would not draft a QB at pick #7 (or trade up). I would draft Watkins, though it seems now that he may not be there. If he’s not, draft Mack or Barr and bring in a quick slot receiver. I would draft a QB in round 3-4 (if we pick up a 3rd rounder) or bring in a veteran to compete w/ Glennon

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Bill T

    Very sensible…..

  19. Daffy Buc Says:

    It’s obvious when you hear Tedford talk we had some bad OC previously. We had a beast mode back who is in NE now. What Tedford would have done with Martin and Blount.

    Maybe we will see some wildcat with James, Martin and Rainey in the redzone. I think of the big plays DeSean Jackson and Keenan Allen made at Cal and get excited. Also what all those backs did at Cal.

  20. oldfart44 Says:

    Joe: can you comment on Frazier’s comments re: Freeman?

    Scroll down. Joe already wrote about it. –Joe

  21. Bobby Says:

    @Macabee…just scares me that you know that much about lipstick dude….. 😉 Just messin’ with you! LOL! Good point about Reid. I’m not sure what would be more frustrating, to lose all the time or to make the playoffs every year just to lose in the first round. I guess give me the winning football. It’s always easier to believe the super bowl is next year if you’re winning. Yeah…here’s to hope for the future Mac.

  22. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    You try to fix him because it will be an open competition. Even if the Bucs draft a QB, you prepare them equally to see which will do better.

    Remember, Tedford has only watched tape on Glennon. He has not wored with him. He doesn’t know yet how Glennon wi respond to attempts to teach him. I’m sure Mike willl be receptive, but will he be abe to break bad habits?

    Btw, Tedford did not identify 3 things in the text above, he identified one. The three things he mentioned were in regard to his previous QBs.

    Draft a QB. It is an actual need. You cannot risk sticking with Glennon in thhe HOPE that 2-3 years down the road he will become elite. And in this division, elite is what we need.

    If Lovie improves this team as quickly as many are hoping, we won’t be picking early in the draft for a while. Sovyou use this opportunity to get an elite pprospect, even if it means developing him behind Glennon for 1-2 years.

    At least if Glennon does not work out, you have a plan in place.

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Ask yourselves this…what if Glennon gets injured? What if he pulls a Chris Simms and comes back a worse player?

    Or what if he sucks?

    Best to develop options.

  24. bucemup Says:

    Lovie Smith……..oh boy. It’s gunna be a long season. Horrible hire

  25. Bill T Says:

    Tampabaybucfan – thanks. Ditto on your posts as well

  26. Tomcin Says:

    I agree about L. Smith being a horrible. Just because fans know coaches from the is not going to make them great or even good. I have a bad feeling about this. Seems the Glasers paniced & put all there eggs in one basket. Didn’t help giving Smith full control. But I guess its wait and see.

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m not knocking Tedford, but didn’t we all hear similar type stuff about Sully? That he worked with Eli and made him a great QB. I know Tedford has a stable of first round “college” QB’s on his resume. How many of them of “college” QB’s had great NFL careers?

    Sully was an NFL quarterbacks coach and OC… and he sucked as OC. I’m not expecting much from a “college” coach turned NFL OC, and I would think most others would be just as cautious as me.

    I’m not drinking the kool aid this time around. Nut uh, not me.

  28. adamant Says:

    one glaring weakness I observed with Glennon is when he tries to roll out or scrambles to his left. He can’t seem to contort his body in a manner that makes for any kind of accurate throw from that position. When he rolls out right he is fine.

  29. mike n Says:

    We were dead last in o last year. I am concerned bc we hired a coach who averaged in the bottom 20% in O rankings as a coach in the nfl and he named a OC who has no experience in the nfl. I’m also worried bc the coach has said we can win 10 games a year with great d and great special teams.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Adamant

    Agree….rolling left was a problem for Glennon….and there never ever seemed to be an open check-off to the left.

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    Boy…you must have really “drawn back a nub” with Sully to have such a negative outlook on Tedford….Not like you.

    As for his NFL QBs not turning out so great…I think it actually speaks more about his ability that he was able to get the most out of college QBs to get them drafted in the first round.
    The fact that they didn’t turn out so great in the NFL is not on Tedford.

  32. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Lmao the only person you guys would b happy with is bellicheck lol guy gets fired after a 10 win season an your throwing the Ax at him but was more then willing to give schiano another year at 4 and 12 enough of ya whining and at least give the guy a shot. O I forgot the only way u can b successful is to have been successful n the nfl so I guess they were all born great nfl coaches no one can work there way up u have to have solid credentials to appease to the fans lmao like I said unroll your panties and give the guy a shot if we do worse then schiano …which is close to impossible then u got every reason to bitch or bring out your pitch fork but if u give him a shot an he does great just b happy to b n the predicament where your eating crow because it would mean we’re doing something right jeez Louise it’s like listening to old woman at Sunday school lol the over reactors are comical

  33. Bobby Says:

    I think Lovie is absolutely right about winning with great D. Have you been watching the playoffs at all?? Look what Seattle did to Drew Brees. Who cares how great the QB is if he has no time to throw and none of the receivers are open. Same thing with the 49’rs D. The superbowl will be interesting because it will pit the NFC defense against the AFC offense. You will see a HOF QB, either Brady or Manning, going against one of arguably two of the best defenses in the league. We’ll see who wins but I have a feeling great defense trumps great offense. It’s certainly how teams like the Ravens won their super bowls and it’s how the Bucs won theirs. I’ll take Mike Glennon with more weapons and a top 5 defense all day. Glennon can put points on the board if he has receivers that can get open and an O-line that open holes for the running game.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF..yes at the college level. He made them look great at the college level. There is a difference though, that many seem to overlook.

  35. SAMCRO Says:

    Give Glennon an offensive line and he’ll take this team just as far as any rookie or retread out there. If we are smart, we’ll maybe wait til later rounds to grab a QB. Someone who Tedford can work with along side of Glennon. I feel Glennon has not peaked yet.

    When Denver (Elway) traded for Manning, he knew that the most important, if not the #1 priority was to protect Manning in the pocket. Everything else comes secondary. Well if the Bucs would carry this same mentality into the season with Glennon at the helm, we all may witness the coming of the next P.Manning.

    If it means completely blowing up our existing line, then so be it. Our offensive line should be our #1 priority, worry about the rest later.

    Our first pick should be the best O-lineman available.

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    BucNasty…right Lovie has a year and a half before we bring out the pitchforks. That’s what we did to Schiano by week 6. So Lovie has until week 6 of his 2nd season to make our team a contender. Fair is fair.

  37. Buc1987 Says:

    Actually since MANY Buc fans thought the Bucs were supposed to be playoff contenders this season and Schiano was the sole reason why they were not. Lovie has to make them playoff contenders right out of the gate to them fans. I mean those fans cited all the talent the Bucs have in place and that Schiano had no excuses for the losing. Well then the same rings true for Lovie as well.

  38. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    you have to wait for ” free-agency” and ” the draft” then they all come out of the woodwork. They will claim that winning the division is a lock. Some will call a deep run in the playoffs. Worst off is they cannot be reasoned with. You just can’t talk sense with the senseless.

  39. dmn27 Says:

    I still say move up and go after teddy or manziel. We play in a league that caters to the qb and in a division that has really good qbs. If Glennin remains our starter you look ay the NFC south and Tampa has the worst qb without a doubt. We have to be able to score points to win this division and Glennon is not the guy to do it by barely throwing for two hundred yards a game. Draft a qb, please

  40. Chef Paul Says:


    “I’m not drinking the kool aid this time around. Nut uh, not me.”

    When you said you weren’t getting excited anymore, you weren’t messing around, were you? I don’t blame you. A lot of us were excited and let down about this season, but if I were a gambling man, I’d bet no one was more excited than you. So probably no one was as disappointed as you. I haven’t learned my lesson yet though. I’m bursting at the seams to see this new OC get his ears wet.

  41. Brandon Says:

    I keep hearing Bridgewater’s falling… that would be heavenly if he fell into our laps. That being said, I think Brett Smith of Wyoming would be an awesome low cost high reward project for Tedford in round 2. He’s a lot like Aaron Rodgers physically but a lot like Manziel on the field.

  42. Dano Says:

    I know something that will help Glennon immediately: Better Oline play Better Oline play Better Online play

  43. Tim Says:

    On the QB front, if we don’t fix our O-line no QB will play well. With the #7 pick we need to take:
    A: stud LT (we can play him at RT or release Penn and free up pig $ for FAs)
    B: The best pass rusher available (Barr or Mack) I like Mack because we can use him at LB on non passing downs and let him rush on 3rd and long.
    C: Offensive weapon (Ebron or Watkins) its a bit high to take a TE but the kid is a beast.

  44. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The best way to help Glennon is to give him a pink slip. That way he can be sent back down to reality that he isn’t an nfl QB and he can start to look for his new career while he is still young.

  45. mvermulm Says:

    Sully had never been an OC before. He was a WR coach and then QB coach for the Giants, but that was about the extent of his coaching history. On the other hand, Tedford has been the OC at Fresno St, Oregon (during the rise of Oregon from ’98-’01), and then at Cal. He has been calling plays for nearly 20 years, and has always been successful. He always got the best out of his QBs because he schemed to their strengths, which is something Sully was unwilling to do (whether by choice or direction of Schiano).

  46. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I agree with Bobby’s take up the page a bit. Tedford, Lovie and the whole crew will be winning with Glennon.

  47. PRBucFan Says:


    Sully sounded nothing like Tedford lol.

    This guy was confident and detailed, he was able to answer every question without a second of hesitation.

    This guy is the real deal.

  48. PRBucFan Says:

    And this new negative nancy role doesn’t fit you so please snap out of lol 😉

    It’s not your role 😀

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    PRB…lol. It is what it is. I’ve beaten down by this team.

    mvermulm…great points. I’ll counter with. College, college, and college.

    Bottom line is. I’m going to try to not be so negative but, I’m not going to be like Odie from Garfield anymore. It’s show me, show me ,and show me some more from now on.

  50. Bucamania Says:

    Tedford will be a breath of fresh air. Imagine an offense with some creativity and a QB with strong mechanics. Chip Kelly hadn’t called plays in the NFL before this season. Tedford will do just fine.

  51. PRBucFan Says:

    I hear ya broski

    What also got me excited was when he talked about tempo.

    Glennon excelled when we ran uptempo

  52. Please Says:

    You Glennon haters expect this guy to be the greatest football player in the history of the game (and for some reason believe one of these QBs in the draft is already that). Fill out the roster and fix the gaps, create a winning TEAM. O-line, FB, TEs that can block and dominant Defense. I will say it til the day I die.

  53. Ed Says:

    All that is coach talk, when you hear that, translated that me they are looking for a quarterback.

  54. buc4lyfe Says:

    Glennon is the main guy that has to deal with competition, if new coaches like having their own guy Glennon didn’t show anyone he’s the guy. I’d rather not have a franchise quarterback with the nickname Napoleon dynamite…it’s funny you suggest a specific player to push AC….I’ve heard all kinds of ridiculous trade talk, rumors of moving up on the draft….it screams Glennon= Josh Johnson

  55. lurker Says:

    lmao at please.

    so everything except the qb creates a winning team? or are you saying those other areas are needed to be fixed to create a winning team?

    qb is arguably the most important position on the team and is a weak area for us. we need a better qb to fix the team.

    additional fixes for glennon:
    -make a backup
    -put on “dancing with the stars” to improve footwork
    -bulk up http://www.amazon.com/Fun-World-Costumes-60_05052-Muscle/dp/B001BXVSWE
    -give him duck hunt from the nintendo ent. system (nes) to improve accuracy and not make him feel bad about his lack of spirals on deep balls
    -dress as “Geoffrey” for the kids at fanfest

  56. Cmurda Says:

    I’m not even gonna bust 87’s chops. I get it. I completely get it. As usual, I’m drinking the kool aid and I’ll keep doing it, likely never learning my lesson.

  57. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Buc1987, I’ve taken some convincing myself. So I know what you mean.

    As to the QB position, it is not only THE MOST IMPORTANT position on the team, but it alsso takes the longest to develop. That’s why you should start with the QB.

    Granted, the oline is important, but it can be addresssed easier in FA and the draft. But great QBs do not often become Free Agents. And great is what we need.

    Even when Tampa had the best defense in the league, it wasn’t until Gruden made the offense work that we won a super bowl.

    And the rules were not as QB & WR friendly then.

    People want to mention the teams in the playoffs? Sure, the Seahawks have a great defense, but so too did the Panthers.

    The Seahawks are praying the Pats beat the Broncos this weekend, because Manning is better than ever.

    Btw, the Broncos have always had one of the best oline in the league. It’s what they hang their hats on, like we do with the Tampa 2.

  58. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    And I’m not saying Glennon will not be great. But if he comes out next year and has two 4 pick games, everyone here will be wishing we had a first round QB waiting in the wings.

    If we don’t take a QB and that happens, the season will be toast before the 4th game…again.

    Besides, taking a big name QB will show naysayers that the Bucs intend to win.

    I think anyone believing a great defense is all we need is living in the past. EVEN if the Seahawks win the SB it doesn’t change the facts. The NFL is now structuring the rules to cater to offenses. Each year we will see new rules hampering defenses more and more.

    That alone says we MUST get an elite QB somehow. Especially in this division. Brees. Ryan. Newton.

    We don’t have the luxury of waiting out the development of any one QB. We need to develop two at the same time and get a good veteran in here. Double down. Double or chances.

  59. Say What? Says:


    Glennon isn’t terrible. Manziel is small compared to other QBs in the league, yet you think Gkennon is small. He makes Manziel look like a kid. Unless you can get Bridgewater I wouldn’t waste a pick on QB. Need some O-line.

  60. MTM Says:

    Tedford will be good for Glennon but the Bucs should still acquire another QB in the draft. If
    Glennon is the starter and goes down there should be a quality back up in place.

  61. mvermulm Says:

    I hate the argument about the other QBs in the division as a reason we need an elite QB in this one. First of all, a great defense will limit what those QBs can do. Just look at the Saints when they’ve played the Seahawks… or even when the Bucs played them at home this season, with a much less stout defense. Second, Cam Newton is getting a lot of praise for the Panthers’ success this season, but the reality is that their offense is #18 in the league in pts/gm while their defense is #2. The Saints are #10 in offense, but #4 in defense. The Falcons have shown what a pocket QB with no offensive line and limited WR options are going to be (much like the Bucs this season). So the real argument everyone should be making is, how do we get our defense near the top so that all you need is a marginal-to-good offense to compete with the best each week?

  62. lurker Says:

    “glennon isn’t terrible” (I never said he was.)

    that is what I want in my qb for the bucs, right. nope.

    it is a team effort to do well. offense, defense, and special teams. look at the playoff teams. great qb’s, even cam newton did well. brees looked old in the playoffs this year, I didn’t see the defense impacting.

    also, look at the falcons, mvermulm. they had the 27th ranked defense in points allowed. their offense was 20th in points. the yucs had a worse offense than defense. hmmmmmmmmmmm

  63. mvermulm Says:

    Lurker, Cam looked so good that his offense scored 10 pts. The best defense in the NFL made Brees look old. What games were you watching where the defense didn’t make an impact? And yet the Falcons are picking ahead of us because of their horrible defense. The Bucs are 21st in defense, which is nowhere near elite. Their offense was nowhere near competent this season, but neither was their coaching staff.

  64. ed Says:

    How do you think Payton Manning would look with a bad offensive line? Without a Wes Welker to go to when he is in 3rd and 5? Hell no Glennon will never be Manning but the Bronco’s protect him well. He doesn’t get the pressure up the middle that Glennon saw every week. Moreno was a 1000 hard back, 3 hears ago all of Denver said he was a bust. The offensive line blocked well for Freeman during the mini win streak in ’12. They just havnt been good since. They need to be replaced with younger lineman playing for better contracts. Dominick made a huge mistake tieing up so much money in 3 guys. That $20 million could have been spread out to buy them depth in that line. No question when the Bucs played good defenses last year the online was pushed backwards on their asses.

  65. lurker Says:

    time to spend on the qb…in the first round.

    a 3rd rounder in a weak draft for qb’s is not good. we have spent defensive ends and an oline.

    we need to draft a qb in the first. ours is weak and it makes a difference.

  66. lurker Says:

    lmao at the 20/20 hindsight goin on

  67. BoJim Says:

    Any QB picked in the first round will still be a ROOKIE. Bet Glennon plays next year.