Ryan Mallett?

January 22nd, 2014

The new Bucs GM was with New England when they drafted Mallett in 2011

As a former right hand to Bill Belicheat, new Bucs general manager Jason Licht surely knows what it would take to pry quarterback Ryan Mallett from the Patriots.

Mallett is entering his fourth season, a contract year for the 25-year-old QB. And the 2011 third-round pick probably wants a shot at a starting job.

There was much rumbling about the Patriots fielding offers for Mallett last offseason but their asking price was said to be too high, rumored to be a second-round pick. One would think the price tag on Mallett would be slashed with him only having one year left on his rookie deal.

Will Licht be satisfied with Mike Glennon as the anointed Bucs’ starting quarterback? Joe would be stunned if that’s the case.

A guy like Mallett is intriguing at the right price — draft pick or player. How high could the price be on Mallett, who essentially has no regular-season experience?

Again, Licht will know what the Pats really think of Mallett and what it would take to snag him. It could be a sound risk if the Bucs can’t find the quarterback they want in the first round.

75 Responses to “Ryan Mallett?”

  1. You Go Joe Says:

    Is there any video of Mallet?? Is he a Foles, Cousin, or a Glennon type QB?? Or there’s nothing to base him on and this is just a winging article?

  2. terraj35 Says:

    So you get Mallet who’s the same style qb as Glennon but needs a new contract based on a very limited sample of work. It sounds like Matt Cassell all over again. Let’s hope the bucs don’t make a dumb move like the chiefs

  3. Bobby C. Says:

    Derek Carr will be the choice in the draft, mark it down. Trade down and get an extra pick, trade down to the 10-15 range, grap an extra third or fourth round pick and call it a day. Bridgewater and Johnnie Football will be gone, if Bridgewater or watkins fall then take them, Then Taj Boyd would be a nice fit in round two.

  4. Bobby C. Says:

    No Mallet

  5. Vic Says:

    Mallett is a talent As Joe wrote, Licht will know the real deal on him.

  6. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Rather stick with Glennon, same style. But Glennon has more game experience.

  7. Architek Says:

    I say trade Penn or Joseph and mid this year and 3rd pick of next year to acquire Mallett. He has an extremely strong arm and has functional movement in the pocket and sees the field well. But not sure because he hasn’t been a full time starter.

  8. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Pass. New England has all the leverage. Who knows if Mallet is even good. Just because he backs up Brady doesnt make him a competent NFL QB.

  9. Bucfan77 Says:

    Why do I get the impression Joe that you would be happy with any quarterback than Glennon? Can we back off the campaign and let our new coach make his decision without all the pressure? You do a great job but your bias is showing to this But Fan.

    Joe’s confident Lovie Smith won’t feel any pressure from Joe. Look, the Bucs need competition (at least) at QB. That’s just reality in their situation.–Joe

  10. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Mallet is everything Glennon is but better. He has a stronger arm he’s a Lil more mobile (not much but can maneuver the pocket) and has the i.q. to kno where to go with the ball and when do take chances. But to me the difference he has and it is a big one is that he has that moxie and that will to win. He has a lot of that it factor and I’m sure he has been shown the little nuances of how to b a professional athlete like Tom Brady I say go get him if u can the more competition the better especially if it’s at a reasonable price. I’d love to take Mack n the first round trad down n the second to pick up a third round pick or 2 seconds then trade 1 second round pick to the pats and still grab us a stud te or 3rd receiver wit the extra 2nd pick but it all depends on what voids we fill n free agency. MY BUCS WILL GO ALL THE WAY NEXT YEAR BABY!!!

  11. Seth B Says:

    Derek Carr sucks… nothing but short passes in that system. Don’t be fooled.

    Even Mike Mayock fried him yesterday saying the 1st time he saw him he threw 73 passes in a game… 54 of which were less then 10 yard dink and dunks. He threw 13 intermidiate passes or “NFL throws” and was 5 for 13.

    Mallet would be a much better option. Good Competition for Glennon, Mallet is in the conversation for strongest arm in the nfl… something Glennon doesn’t do well is throw the deep ball in stride. Just my opinion…

  12. mike n Says:

    no one will trade for penn or joseph. Mallett could be interesting at the right price. I think cassell went to kc for a 2nd but he had a full year as a starter and went 11-5. If mallett went for less than that might be worth a shot. One problem is, we have no 3rd or 6th this year. It would be nice to get someone like mallett without using our #7 overall on a qb. I do know this… don’t put much stock on what we saw from him in the preseason.

  13. bwf921 Says:

    Jimmy Garrapolo has already surpassed D Carr at the Senior Bowl practice. This kid looks better and better the more I research him. Crazy numbers his senior year. I know none of them are sure fire bets but it looks like we could get him without trading up. Slated as a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

  14. thegregwitul Says:

    The Bucs will not be trading Donald Penn or Davin Joseph for a 3rd round draft pick. The NFL does not work this way. Teams around the league will look at the contracts on both of those guys and wait for the Bucs to cut the cord on them, or else they’ll submit a lowball offer (6th round pick, maybe a 5th, but honestly that might be a stretch). I think Davin has to restructure or else he’s likely gone, but I don’t think Donald Penn is going anywhere next season. He was inconsistent, but he was in no way a bad LT.

    As for Ryan Mallet, he appears to be a QB in the Mike Glennon mold but with a stronger arm. If the Bucs trade for Mallet, hopefully it isn’t a high draft pick, or else if it is, perhaps the team trades down in the first in an attempt to recoup the pick used to trade for Mallet or the third round pick given up for Revis. Mallet hasn’t played all that much, so I won’t pretend to be an expert on the guy, but he has potential and since the Bucs have a guy at GM that was around Mallet when he was going through the draft process, I wouldn’t be uncomfortable if the trade went down.

  15. thegregwitul Says:

    I also wouldn’t be opposed to Garrapolo or perhaps Carr if the Bucs could land them in the second round or late in the first. Perhaps a trade down to land another second or at least replace the third round pick that completed the Revis trade.

  16. ROBERT6 Says:

    we need to start acquiring draft picks, not giving them away!

  17. Architek Says:

    I actually really like Garopollo early in the second – this guy has the goods. That release and accuracy is laser point and he has a outstanding velocity and spin on his balls.

    I’m not sure of his football IQ and ability to process information or manage the game from the qb position but I’m sure Tedford and Lovie will evaluate. Something tells me he won’t last into the second, he may be a late first pick.

  18. Bobby M. Says:

    I really like the idea of getting a guy that has the desired “tools” and has sat behind one of the best for a few seasons to learn. Much better approach than hoping one of the “top” prospects can convert to the grind of the pros. If they could pull that off for a 4th round pick and acquire a veteran like McCown or even Vick, you’re bound to have quality competition which should lead to solid QB play.

    My personal belief is the Tedford/Carr connection is a huge smokescreen for either a trade down or hoping Clowney falls to them. The team has talent and the ability to sign free agents so I could see this draft being more about adding quality depth than hitting a homerun. This is where a trade down to collect additional picks makes more sense.

  19. Eric Says:

    This Mallett guy was arrested for public intoxication in college.

    We can’t have that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like Glennon 2.0, and we’ve had no luck dealing with BB.

  20. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    Bobby C. “Derek Carr will be the choice in the draft, mark it down. Trade down and get an extra pick, trade down to the 10-15 range, grap an extra third or fourth round pick and call it a day. Bridgewater and Johnnie Football will be gone, if Bridgewater or watkins fall then take them, Then Taj Boyd would be a nice fit in round two.”

    Why would we take Bridgewater if he falls then Boyd in rd2? Or did you mean take Watkins then Boyd in rd2? Either way I’m not sold on Boyd. I do like Jimmy Garrapolo with a later pic(not2d rd) and taking Watkins in the 1st or a DE/OLB depending on our free agency.

  21. Luke Says:

    please no.

  22. Ryan Baker Says:

    Are you kidding me? . I don’t know if you have ever heard this guy open his mouth, but he sound’s like the second coming of Paul Wall. Come to think of it Joe, you actually might be on to something. If he came in sounding like a thug and won his first few, he would put fans in the stands. Our Tampa Bay, bay loving, ghetto, redneck asses would be in the seats guzzling COLD BEER thinking about how we were going to come up with enough money to buy his jersey on Monday.

  23. stevek Says:

    Mike Glennon is going to be our starting QB this year, that is the reality of the situation.

    We have far bigger fish to fry in terms of Line play, depth, and gamebreaker on offense.

    Freeman was given 61 starts with meh results, the least we can do is see what Glennon looks like this year.

    Don’t waste the #7 pick on possibly the 3rd/4th QB taken, no way, that would be insane.

    Draft BPA, all day.

  24. Eric Says:

    No way is Carr worth the seventh pick.

    Would be an epic reach IMO.

    If the price to move up is too high take best player available and bring in a FA to back up Mike.

  25. sneedy16 Says:

    Taj Boyd has horrible accuracy issues. You’ve seen frustrating Freeman was with his. He’s even worst accuracy, but can run.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No more Patriot deals please….Lets get a younger QB from the draft or a Vet FA & develop Glennon…..Take Mallett only if a player is traded…don’t give up a draft pick (maybe 4th round) for him.

  27. Mumbles Says:

    Glennon and Garrapolo. Just sounds right!

  28. Patrick Says:

    I will vomit endlessly if we take Derek Carr. It would be another horrible reach, just like the Freeman pick in 2009. We’re basically just settling for the leftovers while Manziel and Bridgewater get picked ahead of us.

  29. kgh4life Says:

    Mallet is definitely an intriguing option, however he has a small sample size of games to look at, the bucs would only be going by potential. In the past we saw how trades and free agency of this sort play out: Matt Cassel bust in Kansas City, Kevin Kolb bust in Arizona, Matt Flynn a hot commodity a couple years back, got beat out by a certain 3rd pick after that Flynn was just an after thought. Now people are saying the same thing about Kirk Cousins. Cousins while intriguing also have a small sample size of games in the league. The bucs would be better off drafting a qb and having qb competition with Glennon.

  30. Bucs55 Says:

    Derek Carr won’t even go in the first round so many qbs was were made out to be last year and none went in it except for the one thats no one thought would Glennon was suppose to be a top 15 pick and he went in the 3rd round Smith was the number 1 overall and he went in the 2nd round

  31. Patrick Says:

    Warren Sapp was using cocaine and weed in college. Should we not have taken him either Eric???

  32. Bucs55 Says:

    Love Ryan mallett but why would you trade so much for someone that hasn’t shown anything yet stop making the same stupid mistakes as everyone else that’s y the Patriots keep winning because they make everyone look like fools with trades like this smh

  33. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucs55 – a little punctuation goes a long way brother.

  34. Bucs55 Says:

    On my phone bro sorry lol

  35. Patrick in VA Says:

    No worries man. I’ve been betrayed by my phone a number of times as well.

  36. Eric Says:


    That was sarcasm for the Johnny Football haters.

  37. Pinnaql3 Says:

    Glennon must’ve bullied one of the “Joes“ or took one of their wives or girlfriends out for nice steak dinner or something. This “any quarterback but Glennon “ approach has run its course. From the seemingly wet-dreaming inducing man-crush on Johnny Manziel to the “let’s reach for the 4th year rookie, Mallett“, these pages have hosted the most irrational and unlikely of events.

    Let it go!
    LOVE the work here, by the way.

  38. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Eric – He got drunk in college? What kind of a heathen gets drunk while they’re in college.

  39. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Eric – I didn’t pick up on the sarcasm either. Disregard 🙂

  40. Bucs55 Says:

    Hopefully our new Gm has the same approach as the pats have and that’s building true the Draft .

  41. Lev Says:

    There is no difference between mallet and glennon

  42. Lev Says:

    If anything Glennon is better because he has more starts under his belt than mallet

  43. bucsQcCity Says:

    If Glennon’s girlfriend was Rachel Watson, I’m sure Joe would consider MG as a winner.

    Please don’t trade anymore picks, particularly to the Patriots who robbed us several times lately

  44. Clowney Says:

    I always thought Mallett was the best QB when he was drafted and it was a pretty good group. He dropped to NE because of issues like Sapp.

    Problem is that the Bucs don’t have a 3rd round pick to trade.

    The best QB in this draft is Garropolo. I hope he gets the flu this week at the Senior Bowl otherwise he drops into the 1st round.

  45. Patrick Says:

    I want Manziel

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Buc 55

    EJ Manuel was the 16th pick for the Bills in the first round….

  47. BucfaninMi Says:

    Yes,yes, make this happen!!

  48. SAMCRO Says:

    I agree with stevek unless a QB comes in and totally blows Glennon away, Glennon will get the opportunity to be the starter at the beginning of the season. I don’t think Mallet could overwhelm Glennon in talent. There will be no 1st round QBs available with our 7th pick and it would be irresponsible to reach. We need to infuse our o-line with young talent. Men who can protect a pocket passer like Glennon or Mallet.

    To think it is imperative to draft a running type QB will automatically solve all our problems, is narrow mindedness. No-one could survive the constant onslaught that our o-line gave up last year. A running QB would do just that …run, if this o-line is not fixed this year. We might as well make Doug Martin our QB. At least he would be faster at running for his life on every play.

    Draft a QB in later rounds, there will be several gems available.

  49. Bucs55 Says:

    I know and like I said the qb no one expected to come out in 1st

  50. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    My only concern was the coke rumors. That was why he dropped in the draft.

    And when you consider all the smoke re: Freeman, it’s a little concerning. That said, he’s been in NE for 4 years now, hopefully both maturing, and learning under one of the best ever.

  51. Brian Dorry Says:

    Glennon and Mallett have the same game. Both have very strong arms but displayed trouble putting their deep ball on the money in college. Mallett has a better build…probably slightly better mobility…but Mallett also had a lot of character concerns in college, something that we have no reason to worry about with Glennon. One could assume that Belichick and Brady have rubbed off on the kid, but we have no way of knowing that. At least we know that Glennon will be 100% committed to learning this offense and striving to win football games. There just isn’t enough upside in acquiring Mallett to compete with Glennon. We would be better off grabbing a mid round guy like Garoppolo or Aaron Murray.

  52. Bucs55 Says:

    If funny how everyone is talking about mallett but he wasn’t even in the Patriots when they drafted him ….

  53. pick6 Says:

    trade them d’quan bowers. i know he was a bust here but since the last 2 castoffs the bucs traded them turned into a pro bowler and a record-breaking postseason rusher, maybe they’ll make us regret that one too. honestly, though, how often do long-term backups go on to be productive QBs for the team that traded for them? matt cassel and matt flynn haven’t set the world on fire, i can’t think of too many other recent trades besides the bizarro charlie whitehurst trade by pete carroll which was also a flop.

  54. Patrick in VA Says:

    @pick6 – you normally have a quality backup that is waiting to fill in to the system that they’ve been learning for years, a la Aaron Rodgers. When they go to another team then they’re starting all over with a new system and it rarely works.

  55. MTM Says:

    Stay away from Patriot QB’s. Cassell is the new Munsin. Don’t get “munsin’d”

  56. Solinor Says:

    Joe, your campaign to destroy Glennon isn’t working. I am seeing more and more people onyour page every day coming out in support of Glennon. Tedford loves Glennon and is known for taking qbs with limitations and turning them into stars. Glennon has the football IQ for Tedfords system. Leave it be!

  57. Bucs55 Says:

    Stop sending players to the Patriots point period they are ripping us off

  58. thegregwitul Says:

    I don’t think Joe is trying to ‘destroy’ Glennon. The Bucs need all the help at QB they can get, even if Glennon remains the starter. Competition never hurts and if Glennon ever were to get injured the team cannot afford to have Dan Orlovsky step in. Now that would be a disaster.

  59. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol Yea Glennon is not the answer so let’s trade for a guy who is exactly like him.

    Gotta love it.

  60. Getaclue Says:

    Getting mallett would be like drafting a qb and having him sit behind tom brady for a couple years without waiting a couple years and not having to have tom brady

  61. stevek Says:

    Exactly Couch,

    Let’s trade for a Glennon like QB with less NFL Starting experience, higher paycheck, and only one more year until he is a Free Agent.

    SMH, Glennon is going to get a shot this year to be our STARTER. The last buffoon got 61 games, and thus far Glennon has only received 13.

    Ladies and Gents, Glennon is going to be our guy, sorry Freemadonnas!

  62. Orca Says:

    Yeah. I’m guessing that, if they make a move for a QB, they’ll look for someone with wheels. Listening to Tedford’s PC left me thinking he’d be interested in having mobility at QB, even though he didn’t necessarily talk about that specifically.

  63. investwax Says:

    Didn’t read this full story nor many of the comments. So if this is repeating someone else, my apologies. Only reason I’d be inclined to get this guy is the remote possibility we get him for a cheap price, then he turns out to be gold.

    Then we could say we poached the Patriots like they poached us when we had spineless coach and Gm breathing up Billicheck’s arse.

  64. Brandon Says:

    If Mallett goes anywhere, will likely to be with the Texans to reunite him with Bill O’Brien, who has worked with him in the past. The Texans are a good QB away from contending again… so it only make sense that they trade a #2 for Mallett and grab BPA with their overall #1 pick.

  65. Brandon Says:

    And for those familiar with Mallett, he is definitely NOT a Tedford kind of QN. He is a lot like Glennon only he has a very big arm, not the pop gun that Glennon has. Mallett has feet of lead and great height… it doesn’t matter if Licht is familiar with him, he is here to find personnel that suits the Bucs scheme best… and that is a guy that can move his feet.

  66. Biff Barker Says:

    You still face the problem that he has no NFL starting experience and remains an unknown.
    Licht knows him better than anyone and Tedford knows what to look for in the new scheme. I’d love to roll the dice on Mallett for the right price. Maybe best wait on a draft day move?

  67. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I think we should trade penn and zuttah. In the draft take Greg Robinson in the 1st Jimmy Garoppolo in the 2nd trade back in the 2nd for Cyril richardson

  68. buchead407 Says:

    We should’ve lost one more game

  69. mvermulm Says:

    Mallet was a third-round pick from an average team just like Glennon. The difference is that Mallet hasn’t played in three years, and would most likely be more difficult for Tedford to mold than Glennon or a guy from college since he’s older. Please no to any trade for a backup QB from another team.

  70. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    3rd round? No QB who is drafted in the 3rd round can be any good! (doesn’t matter what rookie records they set, or how they command the huddle…. or if they are named starting QB for the “all Rookie” team… They MUST be no good! WE HAVE OUR QB!

  71. Bucsfanman Says:

    I don’t get the fascination with unproven commodities. At least in Glennon, you have starter experience(for what it’s worth). If you’re going to reach, do it in the draft.
    Why does no one talk about McCarron? He played better competetition than Bridgewater or Bortles.

  72. Kevin Says:

    I’ll take a four year backup that’s never had a chance to start but learned under the wings of Tom Brady. Can’t hurt to acquire him and see what he’s got. I say we get as many QB’s as we can and have an all out competition down to the third preseason game….may the best man win.

  73. mvermulm Says:

    “I’ll take a four year backup that’s never had a chance to start but learned under the wings of Tom Brady.”

    Dan Orlovsky backed up Peyton. Wanna throw him in the lineup? Just because someone backed up a great QB does not in any way mean they are a good QB as well.

  74. mvermulm Says:

    “I’ll take a four year backup that’s never had a chance to start but learned under the wings of Tom Brady.”

    Dan Orlovsky backed up Peyton Manning. Wanna throw him in the lineup? Just because someone backed up a great QB does not in any way make them a good QB.

  75. Joe Says:

    Dan Orlovsky backed up Peyton Manning. Wanna throw him in the lineup?