Photos From Super Bowl Media Day In Newark

January 30th, 2014

Yes, Joe was at Media Day at the Super Bowl earlier this week and took loads of photos. It was freaking so cold that morning in Newark, Joe thinks he has just now warmed up back home in Tampa Bay. Hope you enjoy some of the sights of Media Day. Joe will have a diary of sorts of his trip to Gotham and Jersey tomorrow.

medai day 18

The Rutgers marching band entertained folks at Media Day just prior to the first session. No, Greg Schiano was nowhere to be found.

media day 12

TV Azteca never disappoints at Media Day.

media day 2

The NFL Network set

media day 3

Somewhere in there is Peyton Manning.

media day 4

Indefatigable Gregg Rosenthal of’s “Around the League” was one of the few people with a table to work from on the floor of the Prudential Center at Media Day — the perks of working for The Shield.

media day 5

Hall of Fame NFL writer Dan Pompei looks with disdain as Broncos president and Hall of Famer John Elway is grilled on the BSPN set. The BSPN goons hollered at Joe for taking this picture in the middle of a live shot. Neither FOX nor the NFL Network gave a damn if Joe took photos.

media day 6

One of only three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to an NFC Championship game, Shaun King shares a laugh at Media Day.

media day 8

Jeané Coakley of SNY does not like her first take from the floor of the Prudential Center at Media Day.

media day 1

Prickly Pete Prisco at Media Day.

media day 9

Former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss monitors the chaos from the safety of the FOX Sports 1 set at Media Day. When Joe approached him for a few questions, Moss sneered at Joe as if Joe was about to yack on his suit.

media day 10

“The Godfather,” Gil Brandt.

media day 11

Seattle’s 12th Man made an appearance at Media Day. From what Joe had seen in Gotham, Seahawks fans are pretty rowdy.

media day 13

Former Broncos running back and NFL Network analyst Terrell Davis is mobbed by reporters.

media day 14

What would Media Day be without a superhero?

media day 15

Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon listen to a caller intensely as they broadcast their SiriusXM NFL Radio show, “The Blitz,” live from Media Day.

media day 16

SNY’s Jeané Coakley does a standup (standing on a set of aluminum bleachers) at Media Day.

media day 18

The camera loves Melanie Collins of Yahoo! Sports and Big Ten Network fame.

media day 19

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders made an appearance because, well, why not?

media day 20

What would the Founding Fathers say about Media Day?

media day 21

Fans who pay $28 to get into Media Day are given radios that can be tuned to hear any player/coach/network to listen to.

media day 23

Jay Glazer and Joel Klatt scope out their next prey to interview from the FOX Sports 1 set at Media Day.

media day 25

Scott Hanson of the NFL Network makes a point live from the NFL Network set at Media Day.

media day 26

Entertainment Tonight reporter “Rocsi” tries to get fans fired up at Media Day. Joe knows a much better way she could have accomplished this, but Roger Goodell would have likely frowned on the act.

It seems the best asset of the world renown Ines Sainz caught the eye of a passerby at Media Day.

It seems the best asset of the world renowned Ines Sainz caught the eye of a passerby at Media Day.

18 Responses to “Photos From Super Bowl Media Day In Newark”

  1. Joe Dunn Says:

    Damn….and I thought I was gonna go all week without a Toes on the Line update!!

    Pete who?? Havent heard anything out of him in a long time…..

  2. snook Says:

    It’s amazing how fat Shaun King is.

  3. SteveK (MGM) Says:


    Is it possible to stare at TV Azteca, and impregnate her?


  4. bee Says:

    Joe, thank you sir for that pic!

  5. Pinnaql3 Says:

    Mike Glennon is 8 TD passes away from passing Shaun King’s TOTAL TD’s in his career.

  6. bee Says:

    Of TV Azteca that is…

  7. thegregwitul Says:

    Shaun King, one of only two Bucs QB to lose an NFC Championship game in which his defense gave up only 9 points.

    King: 13-29 for 163 yards and 2 INTs for a QB rating of 34.1.

    To say he led the Bucs to the championship game is equivalent to saying Tim Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs a few years back. Is it true? Technically, yes, but it’s a massive disservice to an amazing defense that is the number one and probably even number two factor for the Bucs making it as far as they did that season.

  8. thegregwitul Says:

    Other than that, great pics, Joe. Looking forward to the Gotham diary. Hopefully you stayed away from the ‘party packs’.

  9. dee Says:

    Omg!!!!!!!! That`s my new baby momma.

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    lol Snook I 2nd that.

  11. Harry Says:

    S(p)it, she is freaking HOT! Clearly, she even beats out the sexy Ms. Watson.

  12. Andrew 1 Says:

    lol had to laugh at the guy caught checking out Ines Sainz. Cant say I blame him though.

  13. 911bucs Says:

    If you think those chicks are hot, come check out the Waste Management Open PGA tournament in Scottsdale sometime. It’s just ridiculous on the weekend

  14. McSiD Says:

    Great pic Joe, and Babyhands just needs to shut up.

  15. Ep bucfan Says:

    Hey joe why so much luv for shaun king? Yeah he was qb in nfc title game but he couldnt score 10 points against weak rams d. I almost feel Dilfer is more credible than him on qb analysis. Either way, luv the site and all the radio interviews on 620.

  16. buchead407 Says:

    That blonde is so fine

  17. Mcruzer Says:

    I would ruin her mayans.

  18. Jason De La Torre Says:

    Who is that guy that ate Shaun King? Charles Barkley?