“Off An ACL Injury, It Was A Good Season”

January 2nd, 2014

Clayborn falconsNeat little video linked here of Adrian Clayborn talking to an Iowa TV station yesterday before the firing of Greg Schiano. They caught up to the beloved former Iowa Hawkeye during Outback Bowl festivities in Tampa.

Clayborn was upbeat about his six-sacks season in 2012, and it may have been telling that Clayborn felt compelled to reference his 2012 knee surgery before declaring “it was a good season.”

It surely will be a make-or-break year for Clayborn in 2014, his fourth in the NFL. First, he’ll likely have to battle for snaps with whatever edge-rusher talents Lovie Smith procures, and he’s got to produce more consistently.

9 Responses to ““Off An ACL Injury, It Was A Good Season””

  1. JT Says:

    Now that we have a legitimate coaching staff I expect great things from Clayborn. Schiano was such a moron! Everyone could see his misuse of stunts was NIT working but did he change? Did he adjust? Im still angry how we wasted the likes of Clay and GMC for two years under that bafoon. But its ok. Lovies in town and mark my words, this defense will be fierce!

  2. Bobby Says:

    I agree. I think there is a time and place for stunts..most teams run them but my gosh, we seemed to think that they were the end all to getting sacks. I just thought we were so predictable on defense and offense. We should have good coordinators once again and with a little talent in the draft and FA I can see us developing into something respectable over the next few years.

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Coming off ACL’s, both Revis and Clayborn had good seasons. They both, along with Joseph, should be back to form next season and that alone helps this team tremendously.

  4. White Tiger Says:

    Why is it surprising that Clayborn reminded everyone that he had a knee injury?

    Think he’s worried we might draft a DE with the 7th overall pick? I’m just wondering if Clowney falls that far?

    Clayborn at full strength would be a Michael Bennet-like back-up to Jadevion Clowney – don’t you think?

    It’s not like you can flip him to the other side.

  5. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Clayborne is on thin ice. But I think Lovie will like his motor and keep him around.

  6. NY Buc Says:

    Why is anyone still saying Schiano somehow wasted GMC’s talents? Two pro bowl appearances for GMC coincidentally during the two years Schiano coached the team…I’d say he knew how to get the best out of GMC just fine.

  7. Brandon Says:

    Clayborn would be a fine #2 DE. He’s played on the left side a bit, he just doesn’t have a RDE get off and skill set…we bring in Michael Johnson or Greg Hardy and suddenly Clayborn is a player…that being said, I wanted and lobbied constantly for Cam Jordan…look who was right…same guy that lobbied for Kuechly.

  8. Cometowin2 Says:

    I also wanted Cam Jordan over Clayborn but I think the jury is still out on who the better player is. This was Cams best year and any DE is going to get a lot of sacks with Ryan as DC. Also wanted Kuechly. I was screaming for Bowers. Time will tell on him. He has been disappointing but has been injured. Wanted Golden Tate instead of Benn. Was right with Dom on Martin, David and Banks.

  9. Grumpy Old Man Says:

    I want to see how far REAL COACHING will bring both Clayborn and McCoy. McCoy was just named All-Pro (higher honor than just the pro bowl for those who don’t know the difference). McCoy’s talent level is so great it survived both Raheem and Schiano. I can’t wait to see what Lovie’s staff can add to it.